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Foundations for Superior Performance-trumpet This Method Book Helps To Organize The Daily Rehearsal And Improve The Overall Performance Level Of The Ensemble From As Little As Five Minutes A Day To Forty Five Minutes A Day, This Book Offers The Flexibility And Options To Fit Any Particular Band Situation For Year Two Throughout High School It Also Provides The Director With The Resources To Meet Each Student On His Or Her Own Level While Challenging Them To Reach The Next Level Foundations For Superior Performance Includes Warm Ups Articulation Exercises, Long Tones, And Progressive Brass Lip Slurs And Woodwind Exercises To Be Played Simultaneously.Chorales And Tuning Exercises Interval Tuning, Chord Tuning, And Chorales In The Eight Main Concert Band Keys.Technique Major And Minor Scales, Mini Scales, Scale Patterns, Scales In Thirds, Interval Studies, And Triad And Chord Studies In All 12 KeysPlus One Octave Scales And Arpeggios, Full Range Scales, Chromatic Scales, Major Arpeggios And Inversions, And Advanced Fingering Charts.Percussion Book Practical Exercises For Mallets, Snare Drum, Auxiliary Percussion, And Timpani 96 Pages By