The Lost Souls The Holy Trinity #25 eBook Ò The Lost

The Lost Souls The Holy Trinity #25 eBook Ò The Lost

The Lost Souls The Holy Trinity #25 [Download] ➾ The Lost Souls The Holy Trinity #25 ➼ Madeline Sheehan – The Lost Souls A Holy Trinity NovelHoly Trinity 25Tahyra Petros tried desperately to save herself and her sister and instead ended up forever changedShandor Asenov battled with death and lostHockey Sa The Lost Souls A Holy Trinity NovelHoly Souls The ePUB ↠ Trinity Tahyra Petros tried desperately to save herself and her sister and instead ended up forever changedShandor Asenov battled with death and lostHockey Sava in a valiant attempt at saving his friends vanishedCaroline Andrews lost her brother during a violent attempt at survival and was subseuently left alone in the hands of an unknown fateAnd Marko Siwak disappeared in the middle of the night and was never heard from againThese are the stories of their journeys lost in a world where devastation knows no boundaries where enemies The Lost Kindle - await them at every turn and where heartache loss and death supersede happiness peace and loveand the destiny that awaits them all.

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  1. Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞ Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞ says:

    I absolutely cannot wait for the last book of this series to come out and when I heard this was coming out instead and we would have to wait for the last book well I was a tad unhappy The good thing isthis book is worth the wait even if we're left in limbo with everyone There was a lot of juicy information and some crazy things happening But the mainand my ONLY concern was Xan and Trinity Their scenes killed me Marko and Carrie? I was shocked she went thereand I'm still not sure how I feel about it And should I even get started on Nico? Shandor and TahyraI don't know if I should be turned on or turned off Hockey? Please tell me it isn't so Beckididn't see that comingand what about Gerikis that even a possibility? And whatever I thought might happened before I'm totally riveted to things that will happen now If you love Madeline Sheehan's Undeniable series I really recommend this one especially if you like paranormal books It has the same kind of feel just with Gypsies instead of Bikers I love the feature of how you're able to click on the RomanianSlovenian language and it takes you right to the definition Not uite as good as having the translation right after but a great feature nonetheless

  2. Jennifer Kyle Jennifer Kyle says:

    375 4 Stars What if all of it was is and will always be an inevitability or a foreordination utterly uncontrollable by us? Would life still be worth it? This novella is not to be skipped by fans of the series it tells the further tales of Marko Hockey Becki Shandor and yesTrinity Gerik and Xan This story also gifts readers a lot answers as to what the Skins are and what is needed to save our world and Trinity Trinity's soul she whispered It's inside of me Looking forward to the conclusion of this series due 2015

  3. Virginia Virginia says:

    This book blew me away And I’m not just saying that because I’m friends with Madeline I mean REALLY BLEW ME AWAY LIKE HOLY SHIT This is the best book in the series I swear to God I cannot express how much I loved this book Click this sucker RIGHT NOW I am serious The Lost Souls is book 25 in The Holy Trinity Series It continues the story of a world left in disaster The skin eaters are still around There are very few humans left; they are struggling to survive What happens to people who are trying to survive a world left in ruins when there are creatures who can attack at any moment?? When food supply is low and they are starving? When there is no heat and it’s winter? When they get sick and there’s no help? What happens to them physically mentally and emotionally? It’s crazy Really freaking crazy In this book we are told the stories of what happens to Hockey Becky Xan Trinity Marko Shandor and some others Told in alternating point of views which I always love Madeline’s writing is brilliant I became so invested in all of the characters This series has it all gypsies a dragon skin eatersvampires love surviving the end of the world And of course some steamy scenes too So many things happen both good and bad you MUST read the entire seriesThis series is completely different from Madeline’s UnDeniable series but it is eually as great Madeline’s books are unlike anyone else’s They are MUST reads Make sure you read books 1 The Soul Mate and 2 My Soul to Take in the series first I can’t wait for book 3 My Heart and Soul Now that you read my review GO ONE CLICK

  4. Duchess Crystal Duchess Crystal says:

    “Not all those who wonder are lost” JRR TolkienIf you haven’t read ‘The Soul Mate’ and ‘My Soul to Take’ first do so now Hurry up Chop ChopThe Lost Souls sucks you right in from the synopsis We get multiple POV’s from several of the characters throughout the book which I thought was fantastic Not once did I get confused or lost about what was happening or who I was reading about The flow from each POV and character was done perfectly We get Tobar Becki Nico Shandor Xan Trinity Hockey Marko Carrie Mira Tahyra and a few from other characters We find out who survives for now who doesn’t ue fuckin' tears Who falls in love who falls out of love What’s happened to characters after being separated from a group andor who left the campThis book had me shouting at my kindle intrigued mesmerized grabbing my hair thankful that it’s not the end of the world thankful for soap shampoo and conditioner thankful for shaving cream and razors which I might go and get the laser hair removal donejust in case the end of the world should happen ya know At several spots it had me doing the Home Alone face because I was shocked when a certain someone dies Then I was shocked but not really because I had a feeling that something was going to happen when another fell Then I was guttedyet again by the hands of MS Madeline needs to stop making me cry my own damn tearsI love how in the beginning everyone was scattered or alone then slowly they join other survivors then at the end it all comes together I see certain people in a different light Makes me wonder what’s going to happen in the next book like how is it going to play out? Will everything go back to normal once they do what they have to do to live? Will they succeed? Who will survive? Who will fall?My favorite sceneslines “You know” He said amused “Waiting used to drive me crazy It was all I could think about as a teenager But waiting for her was worth it Personally I’m glad I haven’t been with anyone else I couldn’t give her very much you know but I could give her me all of me” Hockey“Do me a favor” He said choking back his sudden rising emotion “And try not to judge so harshly that which you don’t understand” Shandor“Are you from another country?”What the fuck? Did he sound French?“No” he bit out “I’m Romani I’m not from any country I’m from everywherenowhere” Marko Carrie“I miss her””I feel like I’m gonna miss her for the rest of my life” Xan40%beautiful and so heartwarmingI’m ending my review with this This series is one of my favorite paranormal series out there Why? Because it’s different It’s fresh It’s uniue There are Gypsies a dragon whispers softlywho likes to eat tacos magic Hot guys Trinity vampires not your normal vamps either love hate humor sexy time soul mates and end of the world doomsday who will survive and who won’t suspenseI’m off now to be a part of a Hockey Shandor Xan and Gerik sandwich with a slice of Marko on the side for dessertUntil Next TimeHappy Reading

  5. Karinna Karinna says:

    The Lost Souls is the best in the series so farEver wonder what happened with the supporting characters from books 1 2? What happened to Hockey after the raid? Is Shandor dead or is he a Skin Eater? Where did Marko go when he left camp? Lost Souls answers all these uestions and leaves you wanting In The Lost Souls the world is still shit and no one is safe The story covers mostly book 2 but it follows Hockey Marko Shandor and Nico with multiple POVs and story lines that are all woven together Madeline does an impeccable job keeping the story together with a continuous flow between all the character and not making the reader uestion once as to who's life you are followingNever in a series have I been invested in all the characters but in Holy Trinity not only do I love Trinity Xan and Gerik but I want to know how all of the character's lives turn out I care to know who lives or dies Who is safe and who is in harms way Who falls in love and who get broken hearted and Lost Souls gives me all of that and Some of my reactions while reading I love ShandorDude the dominance scene is still hot even the third time reading lolOMG WHAT HAPPENED TO GARIK??WHAT THE FUCK Nico has lost his shitNow I'm not getting any sleep tonightI know in this last 10% my emotions are going to be everywhereThe next day Dude I'm so tired but it's was so worth itI'm still thinking about Lost Souls It's was just so good I'm so excitedLol I'm silly I know ^^It doesn't matter if you love Paranormal books or have never read a Paranormal novel before you will fall in love with this clan of Gypsy trying to survive the end of the worldCheck out the first two books in the series•The Soul Mate Holy Trinity book 1•My Soul to Take Holy Trinity book 2

  6. ~*~Princess Nhya~*~ ~*~Princess Nhya~*~ says:

    WTH? That's how it ended?Ms Sheehan Where the heck is the final book? I have been waiting for the past 2 years almost for the final book It took me forever to bite the bullet and read this one Now I totally hate myself for caving I am ruined UTTERLY RUINEDI thought Books 1 and 2 jacked me up I was wrong My Gawd READ THIS TRILOGY PEOPLE I urge you start from the beginning be smart don't do what I did Wait until all the books are out You will thank me later for this adviceThis Novella is a rollercoaster ride of emotion Fear romance love lust Hell intrigue hate hurt death galore I no longer have a voice cos I have screamed and cried so much while reading this I can't go into any type of detail without giving you a spoiler So I will say this journey this trilogy takes you on is beyond uniue Beautiful Heart pounding all the way through I have been knocked on my a and dragged through the mud reading this trilogy No I take that back it's like I've been driven through a brick wall with no airbags I seriously cannot wait for the conclusion any longer I need that book Ms Sheehan So give me what I need dang itI would HIGHLY recommend this readTrilogy Read in order read when ALL the books are released

  7. Claire Riley Claire Riley says:

    I loved this book Every single page left me eager and begging for like a dirty girl looking for a cheap date My fevered fingers couldn't flip those pages uick enough as I went from eager to desperate in my search for the answers The answers? The answers you ask? Yeah the answers The mystery of where book two left off all leading up to this I'm talking about the stories 'inbetween' the pages of book two and all the things that have happened up until the point that book three is released Some might be dissapointed that you don't get to find out about the lead characters Trinity and Xan me I was just an eager and willing participant in the slow torture of the other characters I say slow torture because that's what it is Madeline Sheehan deliberately and intentionally worked those characters and me into a frenzy of love lust pain and destruction And after reading it there was only one thing that I could do I went back and read it again just to be sure that I read what I really read Did she really Why would she How could she Jesus fucking hell what the fuckity fuck just happened?I can't wait for the book three the final the complete story to be fulfilled but I have a feeling that as with every other novel I read of Mads I will be left holy unfulfilled in my constant search for from her from her characters and from her world Her stories don't just fill you up they take over your soul

  8. ♡Esra♡ ♡Esra♡ says:

    Oh the angst OhTheFuckingAngst???If you think you'll get some happy endings in this one you are utterly wrong Because I was And if you think just because it is 25 it couldn't possibly be gut wrenching think againyup you are wrong I thought because of the blurb maybe we won't get to hear from any of our main characters but you really shouldn't skip this I think it is a must read before the 3rd book comes out Otherwise you'll have blank spots I admit there are than a few freaky events in this one but still you gotta read it I loved it that Marko felt what Gerik was feeling even after view spoiler he was a full grown dragon I'm glad that he was aware that he was hurting for some reason hide spoiler

  9. Keighley Keighley says:

    Excited to finally have this novella I love the world of the Holy Trinity series But I could seriously do with a recap I always struggled to keep these oddly name characters straight in my head I need a whos who

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