Tales from the Secret Footballer MOBI ☆ the Secret

Tales from the Secret Footballer MOBI ☆ the Secret

10 thoughts on “Tales from the Secret Footballer

  1. Kieran Duncan Kieran Duncan says:

    Not as good as the first book to be fair the secret footballer I think I know who it issounds like a bit of a arrogant prick There is much better football autobiography’s out there they tell better stories and don’t have to hide behind a secret name

  2. Joe Joe says:

    When The Secret Footballler came along he plugged a real gap in the market for warts and all opinions from inside the world of football His columns were often fantastic and timely polemics on the state of the game and those within it At other times they were deeply personal accounts of his own troubling experiencesThe problem is that this brand of revelations and insight really do work better in that newspaper column format – where there is a sense of newsworthiness about the subject matter and a strict word limit reigning in some of the excessive and tedious talesLoosely speaking the book is divided into three parts the first dealing with his lifestyle the second his plans for after he retires and the third his reflections on his mental health and familyIt’s marketed as TSF sharing other’s stories from within the game but in reality this boils down to little than drunk lads doing stupid things crashing yachts getting booted out of nightclubs and TSF using his platform to settle old scores with former chairman former teammates former clubsThere’s a fairly pointless introduction from TSF’s wife that really should have been expanded on and some utterly baffling chapters including one on physics that references Schrodinger’s cat that any decent editor surely would have cutThe chapter on his experiences with drugs an amusing encounter with Fabio Capello at the San Siro and some of the personal sections on his battle with depression offer interest but these are the exceptions The rest is just dull Vacuous and dullNow TSF’s identity has been revealed – I won’t post it here but a simple Internet search will unmask him – there is I’ll admit a certain amount of fun in working out who all the characters he describes here are But it’s not enough to warrant picking up a copy

  3. Rhea Rhea says:

    Nothing outside the box For someone who appreciates football this book is just a standard analysation of everything we already know about football featuring some extra Barcelona suck up An ex Man United player wrote this book without a doubt

  4. Stuart Brady Stuart Brady says:

    Utter rubbish written by a self centred idiot do not bother reading this

  5. Huw Rhys Huw Rhys says:

    The second in the series from The Secret Footballer the high spots of this book as well as the usual anecdotal tales of high jinx are his take on where technology and football could converge particularly in spotting talent giving real time coaching and in injury prevention and treatment; the inner dealings of the business side of football there's a lot to a transfer than just the fee the signing on sum and the wages; and a lot insight into his struggles with mental health These parts especially the latter one take us to places you never think a football book will take you but still the uestion remains is this really the work of a slightly cynical footballer or a synthesis of ideas put together by a clever journalist?Who knows but it's still an interesting enough read for any sports fan so I'll be picking up the next in the series very soon

  6. Tim Corke Tim Corke says:

    With the World Cup finals drawing to a conclusion it seemed uite apt that I was reading a renowned book that offered a behind the scenes insight into the world of professional football The 'secrecy' and claims to that effect could have been a fantastic opportunity to open the lid of what goes on in the most lucrative sport on the planet but unfortunately for me didn't uite cut the mustard or the proverbial 'blasted over the bar' chance Admittedly this is the second installment which is always a risk but it seemed like it was written as an anonymous biography and a poor one at that rather than a expose It's got enough going on to finish it but not a great deal

  7. Fritz Fritz says:

    It's midly interesting to read a footballer who's not spouting the usual banalities but in the end he doesn't reveal anything that I didn't suspect already The writing is what you would expect from someone who's both untrained and not a happy man That and the combination of him playing for teams I don't care about and him not being able to name names meant that I skipped whole chaptersThe above is the review I wrote for his first book and it works here too His books are pretty interchangeable to be honest I only hope that it spawns a new genre and later on we'll get Rooney's or Terry's version of it

  8. Filip Olšovský Filip Olšovský says:

    Once again the story is not very cohesive but it can still make for an interesting read The Secret Footballer has hired good editors and book never gets boring Although some stories smell of bragging the other are often very insightful Manily the chapters on depression which are extraordinary and add another dimension to the whole story of an intelligent footballer that opened the door we were not able to see through

  9. G M G M says:

    The first book was ok with the odd interesting thing about behind the scenes football I ended it not really liking the guy as he sounded pretty awful All I can say is this book was much worse less about football and about his personal views on society He clearly writes for the Guardian for a reason I intensely disliked him by the end pretentious patronising and some of the antics he did sound awful eg kicking sand into holidaymakers’ faces Bad book terrible author

  10. Dario Dario says:

    As with the previous book of his I've read a fun illuminating peek behind the curtain of being a professional footballer in the Premier League I especially liked the story at the end of the book about his kid starting to play

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Tales from the Secret Footballer ❮Download❯ ➶ Tales from the Secret Footballer Author The Secret Footballer – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk The Secret Footballer is back And this time he's not alone In his bestselling book the Secret Footballer shocked the world with his no holds barred account of life as a professional footballer His ide The Secret Footballer is back the Secret MOBI ð And this time he's not alone In his bestselling Tales from MOBI :Ú book the Secret Footballer shocked the world with his no holds barred account of life from the Secret PDF ´ as a professional footballer His identity was never revealed Now in his new book he gathers together the best stories he has heard during his career as a professional footballerThese are stories of players teams and tactics banter fights and escapades yachts champagne and girls They belong to a side of football that most players wish to keep private some take place on the pitch but most are a long way from the glare of the TV cameras But they have one thing in common they all happenedThe identities of the players are protected but few will be able to resist trying to guess who told them.

  • Paperback
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