Paperback Þ Auamarine ePUB Ú

Paperback Þ Auamarine ePUB Ú

Auamarine [PDF / Epub] ☉ Auamarine Author Alice Hoffman – Hailey and Claire are spending their last summer together when they discover something at the bottom of the murky pool at the Capri Beach Club There in the depths is a mysterious and beautiful creatur Hailey and Claire are spending their last summer together when they discover something at the bottom of the murky pool at the Capri Beach Club There in the depths is a mysterious and beautiful creature with a sharp tongue and a broken heart a mermaid named Auamarine who has left her six sisters to search for love on land Now as this mythological yet very real being starts to fade in the burning August sun a rescue is begunOn the edge of growing up during a summer that is the hottest on record.

  • Paperback
  • 104 pages
  • Auamarine
  • Alice Hoffman
  • English
  • 03 July 2014
  • 9781405203630

About the Author: Alice Hoffman

Alice Hoffman is the author of than thirty works of fiction including The World That We Knew The Rules of Magic The Marriage of Opposites Practical Magic The Red Garden the Oprah’s Book Club selection Here on Earth The Museum of Extraordinary Things and The Dovekeepers Her most recent novel is The World That We Knew She lives near Boston.

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  1. Bren Bren says:

    “They were beautiful shells as white as the surf in the sea When you held one up to your ear you could hear the sound of your best friend talking to you even if she was a thousand miles away” ― Alice Hoffman AuamarineI can't believe I have not reviewed this yet This is really best read bu children and young adults but any age can enjoy it I love the concept of two best friends who find a mermaid outside and befriend her Sometimes one just needs to jump into a book that is at once whimsical and fun That is exactly what Auamarine is and man did I enjoy itI also have always had a fascination with the sea and yeah mermaids are pretty interesting as well Even though this is a young adult book Cmon adults Treat yourselves Plus after all the dark and disturbing mysteries and literary fiction I read I like a fun sweet ethereal book like thisAuamarine is at once an homage to the ocean to what and who live in said ocean and to the power of friendship and its bonds I'd really recommend itOh and FYIthis lovely little story is also a movie and works just as well on screen so if you are ever flicking around TV stations and find it one nightit's a pretty fun movie as well Four stars

  2. Dana Al-Basha دانة الباشا Dana Al-Basha دانة الباشا says:

    Back in 2006 when I was younger I was obsessed with this movie I had no idea it was written by Alice Hoffman I loved Auamarine and wanted to be a mermaid with those adorable starfish earrings do you remember Jojo? The singer? And Emma Roberts? Sara Paxton was gorgeous always reminded me of Rory Gil Such a cute movie must get the book I'll just go watch the movie right now

  3. Katherine Katherine says:

    ”She dreams of the ocean late at night and longs for the wild sea air” SettingCapri Beach Club state not specified; 2001Cover Thoughts?MER MAID In the shadows But it’s kind of boring I like my mermaids to be sparkly and bright instead of dark and in the shadows Plot ”Both Hailey and Claire had the feeling that something was about to happen in spite of how much they wanted their lives to remain the same” Hailey and Claire have been best friends since birth They’ve done everything together and spend their summers at the Capri Beach Club admiring the cute lifeguard Raymond But that’s all about to change when Claire finds out that she’ll be moving with her grandparents to Florida A lifelong friendship on the line Hailey and Claire are desperate to keep Claire from moving Even worse the Capri Beach Club is getting demolished All these events have been leading to one sucky summer That is until they spy something strange in the water Her name is Auamarine and she’s a mermaid Needing to get back to her own world but wanting to find love in the human one Hailey and Claire do everything in their power to help their newfound friend Will they be able to help her? And will they be able to maintain their friendship despite living so far away from each otherIf I could describe this in one word it’d be cute Fluffy a uick read and cute Yeah there’s no actual real plot and the holes in the story are as big as Swiss cheese but it was a nice slice of life book It reminded me of lazy summer days spent by the pool when I was younger When I pretended to be a mermaid swimming through the water and was obsessed with The Little Mermaid The friendship aspect of the story was SO CUTE even if the romance was severely lacking You could probably finish this in a day and I dare you not to remember your own summer days as a kid while lost in the pages Characters ”For although Hailey thought nothing or leaping the highest diving platform or swimming so far out to sea that she disappeared from sigh she was easily frightened by other things a future she couldn’t control for instance or the notion that a lifelong friendship might be lost at the end of the week when the Capri closed down for good and Claire moved away” Well since these two are attached at the hip I’ll include them both here in my summary ”As for Claire she was uiet and shy and as afraid of the water as Hailey was drawn to it” Hailey and Calire represent the innocence of childhoodpretween friendship When they’re not too old to believe in magic and bonds of friendship and mermaids They’ll remind you of you and your own best friend as you read about their escapades ”The mermaid’s name was Auamarine and she was much ruder than most creatures you might find at sea She’s been indulged and cared for and allowed to act up in ways no self respecting mermaid ever would” Auamarine is like a petulant version of Ariel but she does mellow out in the end in the short amount of time of this book Of course she’s the youngest in a family of mersisters who wants to see the human world And she does but she needs to find her handsome man to love her back not necessarily to become a human ”Raymond was packing his books when they found him He’s read one hundred and twenty books during his time at the beach All the same he wasn’t sure he’d read uite enough to go to college ” You see this sentence right here? This is pretty much the only thing that describes Raymond This is Raymond in a nutshell He’s a VERY flat character Nice enough I guess but he’s just not all that interesting to be honest Though I do admire his love of reading And can he please tell me his secret to reading two hundred books over the course of three months? That’s just not fair ProsThis was a super cute readConsAll the characters were pretty much one dimensional and flat affect with no real defining characteristics So it can make for a bit of a dull storyline Love Triangle?NopeInstalove?Yes I mean Raymond and Auamarine go on ONE DATE and then they’re a couple who will be together forever Really?A Little Romance? ”No mermaid wants to fall in love with a human but it was already too late for poor Auamarine to be sensible” Well this is a bit hard to explain since this isn’t your typical “mermaid must fall in love with a human or she’ll disintegrate” type romance In fact the reason for this romance isn’t clearly explained I’m just assuming this is the case since Auamarine seems so desperate for Raymond to love her But it’s not defined at all Blink and you’ll miss itConclusionI definitely thought this was a cute mermaid story and this would definitely appeal to younger readers guestimating 8 13 Keep in mind that there’s no plot whatsoever with no direction in mind But it’s an easy breezy read for the summer or anytime You’ll blow through this book in about an hour Watch ThisBack in the Golden Age of innocent teen movies the early 2000s Hollywood decided to make a movie version of this book Starring Sara Paxton Emma Roberts and Jojo it’s considerably different from the book so you’ve been warned I would say that unlike the book this is targeted at older teens but it’s also suitable for families to watch But be sure to check it out if yu want to be transported back to a time when teen movies were full of cheese and dystopian genres of teen movies were unheard of

  4. Abigail Abigail says:

    Best friends Hailey and Claire spend their last summer together before Claire moves away at the old Capri Beach Club where they discover the mermaid Auamarine in the unused pool one day Their efforts to return her to the sea before her demise parallel their struggle to come to terms with their impending separationHoffman whose adult work seems to straddle the line between fantasy and chick lit made her first foray into the world of children's literature with Auamarine which is short and unremarkable I understand that mermaids hold a strong appeal for a certain segment of our young population for me it was dragons but surely there are better works out there? The Emily Windsnap series by Liz Kessler for instance or Mollie Hunter's The Mermaid Summer

  5. Allison ☾ Allison ☾ says:

    I don't think that's possible Raymond shook his head He'd read so many books that he thought he knew how every story endedAnything is possible Auamarine told him and when the girls looked at her face they knew that this was true This story is short and sweet This makes me nostalgic I read it when it came out like in 2001 I still wish it was about three times longer like an actual novel but it's a cute story with some beautiful imagery

  6. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    I got this with Indigo by Alice Hoffman at the elementary school book fair for 2 Loving other Alice Hoffman books I grabbed this without a second thought It is meant for a younger audience which I didn't realize at first It is well written for younger girls to whom friendship and love mean everything As an adult I didn't find it a wonderful thought provoking story It was a very uick read and not entirely boring either though

  7. Vidya Palepu Vidya Palepu says:

    Was incredibly attached to this movie as a tween Had 2 read the OG jojo I love u I actually did love the book as well even tho it's so different from the movie It's like dripping with this visceral childhood sadness that is v melancholic but real

  8. Lindsay Cummings Lindsay Cummings says:

    I read this like 10 years ago in middle school and I thought it was the CUTEST book ever I loved it

  9. Kayla Kayla says:

    I never knew this was a book? I loved the movie growing up and tbh I didn't love this book In this case I enjoyed the film adaptation than this

  10. The Story Girl The Story Girl says:

    This was a middle grade story that takes place over one summer where two 12 year olds come across a mermaid who with one glance decides she is in love with the guy who works at the run down beach club they are at And that's all that I have to say about that Although with that said unlike Hoffman's adult novels that I've read so far this isn't all doom and gloom and depressing so there's that

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