Faiths Temptation PDF Ú Kindle Edition

Faiths Temptation PDF Ú Kindle Edition

Faiths Temptation (The Dueling Dragons, #1) ✯ [PDF] ❤ Faiths Temptation (The Dueling Dragons, #1) By Angie Sakai ✼ – Faith Landon has always lived a simple life as the coal miner’s daughter Growing up with two brothers she was always taught to never back down and never give in to anything Then one day something ha Faith Landon has always lived a simple life as the coal miner’s daughter Growing up with two brothers she was always taught to never back down and never give in to anything Then one day something happens that changes her life forever Now faced with the choice of fight or flight she leaves home and doesn’t look backRyder Porter was born and bred to take over the DDMC but one choice of a patched member fifteen years ago sends Ryder and the whole MC into turmoil Now left to clean up the mess Ryder finds himself alone and wanting in his miserable life than the ‘Lolly’s’ and whores He sets his eyes on Faith Ryder loves a chase and Faith is not his usual easy conuestFaith’s never been one for giving in but will Ryder be able to persuade Faith to give in to this temptation.

10 thoughts on “Faiths Temptation (The Dueling Dragons, #1)

  1. Angie Sakai Angie Sakai says:

    Well naturally I give myself a 5 star rating but it is like a 45 star Reading this book from front to back with it being finished I think I could have gone a little bit into detail of the subjects a little bit But honestly for my first book I think I did a pretty kick ass job ; So in all reality damn good book Hot truckers bikers oh sounds like a yummy time to me Buy the book read it You won't be disappointed

  2. Julie Ruiz Julie Ruiz says:

    Ok Ummm THIS BOOK WAS HORRIBLE I don't understand why people thought it was good I just don't get it I couldn't for the life of me get into this story is like romance for pre K or something Did I mention it was horrible

  3. Serena Jaxon Serena Jaxon says:

    I had high hopes for this book when reading the description of it but boy was I let down Faith raised a coal miner's daughter with 2 older brothers She ends up falling for her best boyfriend and ultimately betrayed by him with her best girlfriend Make sense? Hope so Anyway we spend most of the book wondering why in the hell Faith is being so standoffish with Ryder aka hot ass bikertruck driver She doesn't want to open her heart to that kind of pain again Mean while Ryder's sister is warning her off of Ryder cause he is bad news WHAT? Yeah We don't find out until over half way through why she is warned off because he is VP of a MC and running illegal wears with his big rig that his FATHER president of MC got him into Long story shortRyder has to finish paying the Russian Maffia off the debt his father left behind when he died So he has this last run he needs to do and he's free and clear Can we see the set up here???? yes something bad happens on this last runcan I tell you it all ends up well in the end? NO cause you have to wait until the next installment SUCKS Overall while I found it hard to believe that a VP of a MC motorcycle club womanizer illegal outlaw type trucker would fall so easily for Faithhis character does grow on you Faithnot so much She sets off to find herself by leaving her home and taking off to parts unknown She learns her trust fund has been frozen calls home and finds out her father is ill and they need the money for his treatment Does she go home??? NO Then when she finally does go homeshe blasts the family for NOT contacting her to let her know that her father was so ill COME ON YOU told them NOT TO CONTACT you Faith came off as a immature female that I had a hard time remembering that she was 22 yrs old She just got on my nerves throughout the book Steamy ScenesOverallthey were just ok Ryder being from a MC that we don't see or hear from in the book comes off as a romantic type that changes into a dominant in the bedroomIt seems false and forced IMO His demeanor outside the bedroom does not match up with how he is inside the bedroom I was like wait a minute hereAnd even then I was conflicted He is patient with her in the beginning to all of a sudden popping of the ass while they are scrumping Him demanding her to come on demand If the book had been set up from the beginning of Ryder being a hardcore alpha dominantthen maybe I could believe the later scenes But it wasn't set up like thatThe book was just ok for meWill I read the novella about them? PRobably not It just wasn't enough substance there to keep me coming back for

  4. ❥ KAT ❥ Kitty Kats Crazy About Books ❥ KAT ❥ Kitty Kats Crazy About Books says:

    4 stars from meI liked it's uniueness loved Faith's no filter mouth the things that popped out were hilarious My name is Faith and I am 21 years old; a fire cracker redhead with a fierce attitude NO SHIT She is feisty sassy and funny as hell I actually liked her characterAnd like her I wanted to bitch slap her best friend and kick the ex in the nutsBut she did it so much betterlolAll things Ryder was hotness overload He was a hard bugger at first to work out and his back ground kind of threw me a curve ball which was totally unexpectedA nice easy read

  5. Elizabeth (Perusing Princesses) Elizabeth (Perusing Princesses) says:

    Ok my lovelies You al know I love my MC books Well this was a twist of one It was an MC clubtrucker story Very SOA in theme Guy inherits the club due to dead father Has to clean up dad's mess with the Russians Runs guns and drugs in the truck All was good Meets the girl The ONE She plays hard to get He fights hard for her LuvvvvvvvThen A freaking cliffie Nooooo no no no no I mean a huge cliffie Grrrrrrrrrrr Knocked it down a star Luckily book two is out in the spring Is it spring yet???

  6. CasPerfitz~SLiTsReaD CasPerfitz~SLiTsReaD says:

    It was alright Just the way it's written almost always saying the name of the person you're talking to in a conversation kinda gets irritating Story was okay Female's character Faith Anne I couldn't relate with Ryder is a hot alpha drives a truck but is doing this job for the biker club he belongs to Sorry Sex scenes was so so But this is just my take on the book I hope book 2 is better

  7. Jess Jess says:

    DNF 68% ARC provided by author for an honest review

  8. Irene Irene says:

    OMG Can I get a Ryder please???Faith left home because she thought if she stayed she was going to go crazy She left and ended up at Layla's door step She met Layla when she went to see about a job at Layla's diner On her way to fill out the application Faith was almost run over by a Truck LOLA few hours later she returned to the diner and ended up with a job As she was leaving she literally ran into Ryder Yum He has tanned skin tattoos and is built eve yummyRyder declared he was going to win Faith and her trust Faith had a horrible break up and she swore off men Well that was until Ryder showed upThey really couldn't talk like they wanted to because Ryder is a truck driver so they have to work on his schedule I will say that the first time they had sex you knew he was a dom and she liked itRyder took Faith home so she could visit her dad who she found out was sick When she got home it was worse than she though Oh boy was she pissed Let me tell you what I wouldn't want to cross faith You know that saying don't mess with a Latina? Yeah well don't mess with a girl from the south Faith is a spit fire hell bent wild chick I am not going to get into to much I will say I loved the southern twang that was in the book I am from the North so it was cool to read it I can imagine her saying it to with her little ol' self I loved how Ryder took his time with her how understanding he was of her needs How he got along with her family and put it out there that she was it for him I do have to say I was left with a HUH and How could you at the end OH and What in the hell is going on I can't wait for the next installment though

  9. Sue Sue says:

    Wow Loved it loved it loved it This is the authors FIRST book I cannot believe how GOOD this isLet me tell you this is professionally written format superb edited fantastically The front cover is great It fits into the story so well I am sure the author gave a lot of thought to the presentation of her book Its like sitting down for a meal you feast with your eyes first Smell it taste it then you like the look of it and devour it That is just what I did with this bookTruly professionalRyder what secrets are behind him? Why did Faith Anne's heart get broken from her boyfriend of 6 years that made her leave her family and home town?Read it and find out Truly loveable people in this story I loved itI am in awe to think this is her very first book Can't wait for I'm not going to go further into the story as it will spoil it and I don't like that myselfI was given this by the author as an ARC I am so glad I she did

  10. JadeShea JadeShea says:

    The book is about Faith deciding to leave her hometown because of stuff that happened with her ex boyfriend She now finds a new place to live and has a new job She's finally taking care of herself But things change when a trucker comes through who shows interest in her He has a relation to an MC and wants her as his but fears she won't accept the true him I really don't have a whole heck of a lot to say about this book I just didn't like and it wasn't for me I wasn't a fan of the writing and the dialogue between the characters just seemed forced and cheesy Not only that but I wasn't a fan of any of the characters either I couldn't connect with anyone in the story Then there was the fact that I felt there wasn't any real emotion in the book None of the characters had much depth to them and I was really frustrated with the whole thing So I won't be continuing this series

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