Sironia Texas 2 volumes PDF/EPUB ✓ Sironia Texas

Sironia Texas 2 volumes PDF/EPUB ✓ Sironia Texas

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  1. Wes Allen Wes Allen says:

    45 starsIt's been a while since I finished Sironia Texas but I want to say a few words on the book as it seems to have gone under the radar for the most part Since I completed my reading experience about eight months ago the details have uickly become fuzzy for me so please excuse my nebulous comments If you have uestions on the book there is a 50% chance I can answer themMadison Cooper did not write many books and his writing is sometimes cumbersomeverbose However what he lacks in technical prowess he makes up for with his passion and penchant for detail The scope of Sironia Texas is broad and not to misuse the word epic It covers decades of events in the small town of Sironia supposedly influenced by Waco TX with a fine tooth comb Cooper's characters are believable and their motivations real He has a knack for portraying grief that many scholarly authors never acuire Sironia Texas is emotionally stirring at times and there were a handful of scenes that left me feeling like I'd taken a punch to the gut perhaps I was teary eyed now and then While this is a substantial work at over 1700 pages the length rarely makes itself felt I think I spent around eight weeks with this novel but I don't recall being tired with it Cooper keeps the story engaging and lively throughout its many pages As a final note Sironia Texas is out of print and conseuently expensive While it doesn't come close to the asking price of books like Vollmann's Rising Up and Rising Down or Schmidt's Evening Edged in Gold it still isn't cheap coming in at around US100 for a set sans dust jackets For what it's worth my recommendation is to spend the money and get yourself a copy Lovers of long books will find plenty to enjoy here Sironia Texas deserves to maintain a readership

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