Ebook ´ Rising Shadows Epub Ú

Ebook ´ Rising Shadows Epub Ú

Rising Shadows (World in Shadows, #1) [KINDLE] ✽ Rising Shadows (World in Shadows, #1) By Bridget Blackwood – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Labeled an Arcane Rachel Ryan wonders if she’s human any After she’s thrown headlong into the world of The Preternatural Rachel learns Shapeshifters Faeries and Vampires aren’t legends They’ve Labeled an Arcane Rachel Ryan wonders if she’s human any After she’s thrown headlong into the world of The Preternatural Rachel learns Shapeshifters Faeries and Vampires aren’t legends They’ve been living hidden in plain sight among humans In her uest to save a child she will set off a cataclysmic chain of events Her actions will disrupt the carefully balanced political chess board casting once powerful pieces to the floor A werewolf protector a lost princess a mad vampire and an exiled Fae named Winter will rise up to challenge the status uo A war that has been brewing in the shadows for centuries is ready to explode Rachel must choose where her allegiance lies tipping the scales but who is an enemy and who is a friend.

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  1. Jeanny Jeanny says:

    Disclaimer I was kindly provided the eARC for Rising Shadows via NetgalleyCover ArtAn improvement from the original Looks less old school romance UFPNR to mePOVMultiple POVs 3LocationThe timeline is current I was unable to determine the state the story took place Although It was in the USACharactersThe characters could have benefitted from a bit hashing out but with the many subplots POVs to keep up with it's difficult to be interested in everyone's taleI wasn't oeverlu interested in Rachel Ryan or Bastien Bonivillian They felt a bit shallow to me In comparison Varian Caina Winter Summerset had character facets resulting in a rounded relatable interesting individuals Plot The world isn't aware of any species other than humans allowing for a fraction in the know to take advantage of paranormals The overall story arc pacing kept me interested in the story This was a relatively uick easy read; I read this in a couple of hours RomanceVarian Caina Winter Summersun Rachel Ryan Bastien Bonivillian Overall ThoughtsThis was a fun read for me The many POVs got a bit annoying at times but towards the end I got used to them Initially I thought with so many different POVs the characters would feel shallow the story confusing; luckily this wasn't the case I was abeal to connect with 2 of the characters Varian Caina Winter Summersun happily following along their story My interest in characters didn't end there infact I look forward to Cleary Neil Madalaina Bonvillian story in A Scarlet Fury World in Shadows #2 by Bridget Blackwood The author did an excellent job weaving the many subplots into one cohesive taleWarning Cliffhanger endingRating 4 stars I'm intrigued enough in Winter's story to follow the seriesThis book counts towards my 2016 Cliterary Genius A to Z challenge Letter R

  2. Carrie Carrie says:

    Rachel Ryan has woke up in a hospital with no memory of who she is or why she is there She soon finds that she is being held captive by a group of humans that have forced magic into her known as Arcane to try to turn her into a weapon against supernatural creatures Rachel uickly turns the tides on those holding her captive and finds herself in a world filled with shapeshifters vampires fae and many other creatures with the threat of war comingRising Shadows is what I would call and extremely fast paced adventure from start to finish There is somewhat a lack of world building and character development with it going from one thing to another but strangely I still found myself learning enough about this world that with the non stop action I just didn't want to put the book down The story does switch around from multiple characters points of view as it goes on but I always find myself enjoying getting into the head of all involved as I think it adds to a story Some may find the fast pace a bit confusing but for me it helped learn about the world involved as it went I would warn there are several almost instant relationships involved in the book I'm one that is usually tolerant of insta love so with this book it didn't really bother me as with the world of supernatural beings who is to say how they form their relationships? What happened worked well into the story in my opinion but be warned for those that don't tolerate it well Overall fast paced and filled with excitement would definitely continue on with the series I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review For reviews please visit

  3. Melanie♥ Melanie♥ says:

    Unfortunately this was not a good read for me I made it half way before deciding to stopI found myself very confused too many characters introduced too uickly I was thrown into an alternate world but without the world building that would help me make sense of itI didn't feel any connection or empathy with the heroine I want to feel a part of the characters Don't tell me how she feels show meSorry this one was not for me

  4. Kristen Johnson Kristen Johnson says:

    First I have to say that I don't think I've read an introductory book that is uite as WOWing as this one Rising Shadows pulls you in from scene one full of uestion and anticipating outcomes The world building is almost seamless each little piece of information given feels like it fits right in The mysteries and secrets add to the story and pull you into the the world of the Shadows and encourage you to dive in head first When first reading I worried Rachel would be a character I'd loathe She was confused and seemed kind of naive at the start of the book That doesn't last to long though as slowly Rachel comes back to herself While she adjusts to her new circumstances she definitely isn't wallowing in self pity or feeling woe is me She longs to fight back and when she gets her chance she does I absolutely love Rachel's snarky sarcasm It's palatable It comes off the pages whether it's in her head or outwitting her captors She might be trapped but she's not giving up or giving in It's strong heroines like this that really fit into a paranormal world Bastien sigh oh Bastien I kind of fell in love with him from the get go Before he speaks Before he meets up with Rachel just the description of his first sighting and I digress He's a great character Hard Core Alpha Male when he needs to be and uite the opposite much of the time when he so chooses He feels an instant connection to Rachel though that's something you read into based on his actions throughout their initial meeting and afterwards The true nature therianthropy was great I love how it all ties together The different twists to certain things add a uniue layer to this World in Shadows Rising Shadows introduces a bevy of characters so its is a lot to take in but I think that each new character brought up is important and has their place From Claude and Madalaina to Cleary to Winter and Varian you get a feel for how each species connects to and interacts with each other in this world Though things happen suddenly the relationship between Bastien and Rachel does not feel forced rather it is fitting They continue to grow as a couple throughout the book I am fascinated by this new World and look forward to reading of the books centered in it The interactions between certain characters build up uite an anticipation for future stories that I am hopeless to ignore If you are looking for a sometimes steamy often Hilarious full of Kick Butt Fun characters look no further than this series

  5. Leanna Leanna says:

    Being new to paranormal books I was a bit worried how I'd like this book and Wow was I very pleasantly surprised It grabbed my attention right away as the first chapter was exciting and full of action Filled with love drama action family issues and Humor it actually is the perfect book Besides being well written the details put into each character are admirable and impeccable I absolutely adored the uniue and fun characters as they all were entertaining and deep in detail and personality Imagine the movie Gladiator done up paranormal style and that is this bookWith mind blowing fight scenes full of blood and action this is definitely a book you'll read in one sitting I plan to read it again very soon as I'm left still thinking about these characters and missing them uite a bit I was taken on an exciting and action packed adventure while reading this and I cannot thank you enough Author Bridget Blackwood What is even better is that there are books in this series woohoo thank goodnessThe story starts off with Rachel who wakes up in a hospital with an iv in her hand clueless as to why and how she got there She instantly has to deal with the nurse from hell Janice; I possibly wanted to kick her many times Rachel notices right away that some things are strange and confusing about this hospital and doctor Mr Richland Plus her body is now going through new and strange unexplainable changes which brings a whole new set of obstacles for her to overcome When asking them uestions Rachel is pretty much ignored and left to her own will to figure out what is really going on Luckily with the help of Bastein the sexy strong werewolf Rachel stands a chance The friendships she makes with many different interesting characters are beautiful fun and very necessary for her sanity and survival But just one problem she is human and this causes her some stress and problems Will she finally get the answers she needs as to why she is stuck in a hospital? Will she adjust to her new skills or give up and run? Will the evil doctor continue to cause her problems? These and so many answers to come as soon as you read this excellent book

  6. The Gypsy Emmy The Gypsy Emmy says:

    Title Rising ShadowsAuthor Bridget BlackwoodSeries World in Shadows #1Publication Date February 2014Genre Paranormal RomanceMy Rating 2 StarsMy ReviewI can really see why people would be hooked by this story and the way the author portrays the characters For me personally it was all together too much and not enough all at the same timeI just felt like I wanted world building and a deeper background to the characters so i could really get behind them and what they were going through I wanted to know of what was going on and I felt like the story lacked any real depthWait maybe depth isn't the right word but I just know that I was given a tiny taste of greatness and I needed to know It was completely frustrating and put most of the book into a bad light for meMy other problem was that there was too much going on too uickly The kindle version of the book is a little over 100 pages and we were slammed with almost six different point of views with uneven narration and the flipping back and forth of perspectives gave me whiplash It was just so much trying to happen all at onceSo yeahBasically a fantastic and intriguing idea with not enough detail and a rushed multi person perspective Kind of like this run on sentence

  7. Laura Hernandez (TheVoluptuousBkDiva/YABkDivas) Laura Hernandez (TheVoluptuousBkDiva/YABkDivas) says:

    An action packed story full of mystery and fun characters I was uickly pulled into the storyline and remained within its grip until the end

  8. Jessie Jessie says:

    The plot is fascinating and is what kept me reading Unfortunately the writing just wasn't for me The book is fast paced which is good because a lot happens But the author doesn't go into very much detail The idea was laid out but instead of expanding on it it was skimmed over That's one reason why I took a star away The other was the reactions to the events weren't realistic But I think it says something about the plot when even with everything I still didn't want to put the book down I was going to give the book two stars based on the underdeveloped writing but the fact that I didn't want to put the book down must count for something With that said this book has almost every paranormal creature it has romance fate torture revenge and kick ass characters I'm looking forward to the next book in the series

  9. Jamie Sadler Jamie Sadler says:

    This story took me a bit by surprise When I first started reading it I thought it was going to be some dull medical experiment story After a few chapters I was pleasantly surprised I love a good shifter love story and Rising Shadows delivers Racheal and Bastien are hot together The love for Livia is amazing I am looking forward to the next book in this series This was my first book by Bridget Blackwood and I will certainly read her again The story moved very uickly moving from one characters POV to anothers and bringing various stories into the whole This series has great potential and I will be watching to see which direction she take it

  10. Reviews from the Heart Reviews from the Heart says:

    This is an incredible start to an action packed and highly adventurous paranormal series full of shifters vampires witches fae and so much I loved every second of reading this and it was so much than I expected from reading the synopsis and to say I was pleasantly surprised is a serious understatement This story switches back and forth between all of the main characters and by the end we get a broad and detailed look into each of the several relationships going on while being able to see the emotions taking place from several different perspectives and I found that I really enjoyed this writing style since it’s not something I come across often while reading The story starts off with Rachel who wakes up with a complete lack of memory in a medical research facility where she’s apparently been being experimented on for uite some time She’s had her memory wiped by these same people and has to figure out very uickly not only who she is but what exactly they want from her She has several things happen to her and eventually ends up meeting the super sexy shifter Bastian and the two have an immediate and intense attraction that is off the charts explosive While all of this is taking place another character Winter has her own story going on as well with the lethal vampire lord Varian Winter is an exiled fae who is half Seelie and half Unseelie and has been rejected by both courts even though she is technically the rightful heir to both of the thrones I could literally write pages here and not even cover half of what takes place within the pages of this book and there’s so many stories going on within this story that it’s impossible not to stay completely engrossed in this book I read every single page of this in one single sitting and was shocked when I realized that I was finished Then I immediately went and purchased the next book in this series since I need of this series right now I was delighted by the way to discover that there are two other books in this series after this one I need to hurry up and finish this review so I can get started on reading the next book This is an intense thrill ride full of non stop action and danger around every corner I absolutely loved the fact that not just one but pretty much every branch of paranormal creature was included in this book This is a well written paranormal story and I loved how at the head of each chapter we are shown which perspective we are reading from since this made it very easy to follow along with all of the action taking place This is a uick read without even one second of boring moments and I literally could not put this book down to save my life The world around me disappeared and I literally became completely immersed in this fascinating world created by this author I wanted this book to go on forever and was actually disappointed when it didn’t I loved the character interactions not only within the individual relationships but within the supernatural society as well and all of the characters were extremely relate able and easy to fall in love with very uickly I can’t wait to see of Winter and Varian’s story since at the end of this book their relationship was just beginning to develop into something I can’t wait to see of the characters introduced here but hope even are brought into this world as well in the next book Overall I highly recommend this book and this entire series to anyone and I personally will be reading every book written by this author right now

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