Kindle Edition ✓ 4 Horsemen Epub Ú

Kindle Edition ✓ 4 Horsemen Epub Ú

4 Horsemen ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ 4 Horsemen By Ava Bonde ✸ – “Do you know what the penalty is for a woman touching a Horsemen's colors without his permission Penny” Jacob didn’t wait for an answer At once his hands were pressing me downward forcing me ont “Do you know what the penalty is for a woman touching a Horsemen's colors without his permission Penny” Jacob didn’t wait for an answer At once his hands were pressing me downward forcing me onto my knees Penny is thrust unexpectedly into a world of violence and crime when the Horsemen motorcycle club invades her happy suburban life With hell broken out in the city she has no choice but to flee for her life with Conuest the MC President Surrendering herself body and soul to the fearsome and sexually dominating leader Penny discovers there is to becoming a Horseman than simply wearing the colors Climb on hang on and let the open road take you on an erotic thrill ride like nothing you have ever seen A little taste My hands were shaking as I let my fingertips trace over the little sewn on patch Just to the left was a small symbol pressed into the leather I stared at it uizzically lifting the vest up to inspect it closer “One percent” The voice startled me It was strong and sensual almost like an embrace I spun at once staring at the man from last night the man who had captivated my thoughts “You know what it means don’t you” he asked stepping closer I inhaled sharply taking in the faint scent of whiskey and leather and oil A familiar tingle ran up my spine Excitement “No” I whispered demurely trying to turn away from his piercing gaze The deep pools of blue drew tried to draw me back in as he smiled his wide jaw softening ever so slightly as the cheeks creased “People used to say percent of all bikers are upright law abiding citizens” I winced as his hand wrapped around my shoulder pulling me back to face him again My whole world was lost in blue “I’m the one percent” I whimpered lightly as his other hand wrapped around my waist pulling me close My whole body trembled against him He was hard chiseled with muscle rippling beneath cloth My breasts pressed into him my mouth angling upward in a fearful pout “What’s your name baby girl” “Penny” I whispered.

10 thoughts on “4 Horsemen

  1. Spoiler Whore-Momoa Spoiler Whore-Momoa says:

    15 starsIt could have been better if there wasn't a mother daughter connection How you gonna fuck someone after he dicks your mom? Ummm no thanks

  2. Alpha Possessive Heroes Alpha Possessive Heroes says:

    This was a short painful read The book was poorly delivered There is no real depth to the story because it's too damn short Everything didn't make any sense No build up no angst no character development and to top it off the sex scenes wasn't even sexyH humps heroine H humps heroine's mom Hh love each otherYeppp That sums it all up

  3. Lu Bielefeld Lu Bielefeld says:

    It's disgustingMother and daughter having sex with the same guyYuckand she has sex with a woman Double yuck

  4. Fre06 Begum Fre06 Begum says:

    Read this awhile back and found it disgusting

  5. Beverly Beverly says:

    Big disappointment I don't think I've given one star than a few times if even thatPlot Summary view spoiler Biker #1 fucks the mother all night Wakes up later and demands the daughter suck his cock Mom and daughter then leave with said biker and his buddies total strangers Biker #1 leaves on some uestionable mission Biker #2 in charge of protecting daughter states he's gonna fuck her in the ass He then takes her to a whore house massage parlor same dif and locks her into some strange fuck chair She puts up absolutely no resistance After said ass fucking she is returned to clubhouse where Biker #1 is back from aforementioned mission He then proclaims his love to her I seriously thought my copy was missing a big chunk of pages It was perplexing how a bad ass biker falls in love after one blow job I mean the daughter JUST had Biker #2 take her anal virginity and she's instantly down with being Biker #1's bitch??? WTF??? hide spoiler

  6. Raj Raj says:

    No real depth to this the story was just too short to understand how Jacob and Penny could love each other the scenes were hot and fast paced but I just couldn't get past the part where he fd her mother in the next room for votes whilst Penny could hear it all especially after the fact he'd just been physical with her that was just disgusting and a big hell no he didn't I thought the heroine might prove her worth and not stand for crap but she just came across as weak and pathetic after considering how she was portrayed at the beginning as being focused and a woman with standards but then she was behaving like a whore herself to get votes from the henchmen so she could be Jacob's lady seriously did she forget that her mother had him first? No self respect evident here or confrontation with her mother Jenna over her behaviour with Jacob why would any woman want a man like that and her mother was the worse role model ever she needed than a good slap totally disgraceful I was left with a wtf moment after reading this what a big let down

  7. Rhonda Rhonda says:

    I have to agree with many of the other reviewers The idea of sleeping with someone that my mother just slept with is just nasty I also did not understand why the H slapped her not once but twice and she still kept going downtown and seemed to like it He was a big d He comes to the house getting ready to give the mom his vote and meets up with the daughter and tells her when he finishes with mom he'll take her She listens to them having sex and is turned on WTF The whole thing was just so unbelievable not to mention the thing with Death That was strange as well I'll just say read it for yourself and you be the judge It really wasn't for me but others may really like it I am reading Kayla's story I read in a review that there was no sex with other members

  8. Crissy Crissy says:

    I wish I could give minus starsThis 'book' is terrible It was so bad that it made me laugh and I don't think the author intended the book to be a comedyie my life was good til Jenna came into Umm Jenna is your mother and has been with you the whole timeThis book is terrible terrible terribleAfter a day meeting someone you ask to be their wife after you had to sleep with two other members to be acceptedBest I use this term loosely is that you just happen to know how to shoot a gun really wellAll in all such a bad book that it made me laugh

  9. Jessica Gomez Jessica Gomez says:

    This is going to be a rant sorry in advance if anything offends you No stars at all I hated this story Seriously I truly hated this story First of all that brief interaction between them before he goes off and f% Penny's mother To have degrade herself before him and actually lick his balls right after he slapped her I mean come on Can you please and I mean please not write something that degrading towards a normal woman If that have been me I WOULD HAVE SLAPPED HIM RIGHT BACK THEN I WOULD HAVE BITTEN HIM OFF See how he would use it in the future for the votes End of rant

  10. Tate Tate says:

    So 4 Horsemenhuh?so 4 stars? maybe 35imageIt as really short and uick read and I really liked it they were really bad ass as in really bad outlaw it's pity it wasn't a proper full length novel because it was also uite uick to say I love yous probably would be better without it

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