Nehemiah LLC Empire Saga #3 MOBI Ë Empire Saga PDF

Nehemiah LLC Empire Saga #3 MOBI Ë Empire Saga PDF

  • ebook
  • Nehemiah LLC Empire Saga #3
  • Michael J. Findley
  • English
  • 28 May 2016

9 thoughts on “Nehemiah LLC Empire Saga #3

  1. Mary Findley Mary Findley says:

    Joan and Tony meet over goats in an underground Martian farm Neither of them uite understands the other but they'd better learn uickly The Sojourner gas collecting ship has to begin harvesting Methane for a business consortium and Joan's group has the job of restoring life support to meet a launch window to Titan The two young scientists become liasons and much There's a little tech talk a little romance and a lot of learning to work together in this SciFi adventure

  2. Brad Francis Brad Francis says:

    I had the privilege of interviewing the author on my blog If you're interested in the book I think you'll find a lot of good info 's the little mini review I posted when I did the interview Since the preface to the book might give any reader a bit of trepidation I'll post my entire pre interview spiel because I also address that Here it isI read Nehemiah LLC based on a recommendation from author Mary C Findley She happens to be married to the author Michael Findley This is actually the second interview I’ve conducted with someone close to Mary as Sophronia Belle Lyon the author of the very enjoyable steampunk literary tribute A Dodge A Twist and a Tobacconist whom I once traveled years into the past to interview is Mary’s grandmother What I’m trying to say is that there is some serious nepotism at play here and we should all be very suspicious At the end of the day I didn’t pick a Michael Findley novel because he’s the author of books such as Empire Saga Sojourner or Antidisestablishmentarianism Disestablishing America’s Established Religion a title I need to send off to my old theatre professor so he can use it as a tongue twister with his students I didn’t pick it up because I enjoy the Elk Jerky for the Soul blog which he runs with his honey bear These would have been perfectly legitimate reasons but no I read Nehemiah LLC because Michael’s beaming bride suggested it to me It’s like I said It’s suspiciousSo I started reading this book and let me tell you the truth at first I wondered if I had made a mistake The foreword scared me as the author explained that this was the third book in a series of six currently and that “there is no attempt to explain things in Nehemiah LLC which are explained in detail in other works” It works even better if you imagine it in a grumpy voice and follow it up with “And get off my lawn” So I was nervous I retorted that I was recommended this book by your wife Michael Findley and she knew I hadn’t read the first two Don’t yell at me So I was pleasantly surprised when the only disorientation I felt was the normal amount for entering into a new world especially in a science fiction book Sure I didn’t understand everything right away but that’s okay; I knew enough to get by and I learned as I read That’s pretty normal But I wanted to preface this interview by saying this because I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the opening note scared other readers away when glimpsed in an sample for instance You don’t need to be scared We can get through this Together And we can ask the author any uestions we have when we interview him on our blogAs I mentioned Nehemiah LCC is sci fi It’s talky Star Trek The Next Generation sci fi than action packed space cowboy Firefly sci fi or Star Trek reboot sci fior y’know Star Wars sci fi I don’t know about you but I’ve got no problem with that We’re thrown into a world that’s both reminiscent of but also beyond our own and it was very clear that the author put a lot of thought into the world the technology and the characters It’s very easy to get the sense that we are seeing just a slice of daily life for these characters that the world continues and their lives continue even when they’re not on the page The environment lives and breathes and that’s great for immersionBut daily life isn’t always terribly exciting The main plot—the Life Support Division of Nehemiah LLC needs to prepare balloon ships for a mission to collect gas from the moon Titan—felt anticlimactic and less engaging than I would have liked Sometimes there would be the hint of something else—for example whether or not there was a saboteur—and I would think Okay That’s going to be the main plot thread for the book but then it would be easily dealt with and I finally realized that no this is the book the team troubleshooting a dozen little problems and preparing for the launch At first I thought a blossoming romance might provide of a hook but it didn’t get enough attention to be a strong focusSo I just want to make this point so that you can judge whether this is a book for you It’s very well written and I enjoyed my time spent in that world

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Nehemiah LLC Empire Saga #3[EPUB] ✰ Nehemiah LLC Empire Saga #3 Author Michael J. Findley – The surface of Mars is swept by violent storms but the Nehemiah Group lives almost idyllically beneath the surface in thousands of acres of Glop dropped parks and sandblasted living uarters Soothed by The surface of Mars is swept by Empire Saga PDF ´ violent storms but the Nehemiah Group lives almost idyllically beneath the surface in thousands of acres of Glop dropped parks and sandblasted living uarters Soothed by the buzzing of bees and chasing the occasional escapees from their small herds of livestock these people actually research and develop methods to protect the lives and welfare of all the people of the Space Empire When a plea for help with their specialty comes their lives are turned upside down Life support has failed on the balloon ship Sojourner Nehemiah LLC PDF \ Critical resources lie untapped on the outer planets until a way can be found to solve the problem Joan bioneural specialist of the Nehemiah Group and Anthony Lewis an engineer and something must tread a fine political and diplomatic line to keep the project moving along toward the critical launch window.

About the Author: Michael J. Findley

Grew up between AZ and IL with Empire Saga PDF ´ a single mother and one brother Attended Bob Jones University in SC majored in Bible Masters in Church History Married years have something children authored commercial and instructional videos taught in Christian School and Church settings currently traveling the country in a Tractor Trailer Check Mary C Findley my wife writing partner and fell.