The Dark Duke PDF ✓ The Dark eBook ´

The Dark Duke PDF ✓ The Dark eBook ´

The Dark Duke [Ebook] ➠ The Dark Duke By Laura Landon – Lady Amanda Radburn was the most outspoken opinionated impertinent and irritating woman the Duke of Hadleigh had ever met She delighted in insulting him and arguing over the most insignificant matters Lady Amanda Radburn was the most outspoken opinionated impertinent and irritating woman the Duke of Hadleigh had ever met She delighted in insulting him and arguing over the most insignificant matters Yet when helping her was the only way he could restore a world that included The Dark eBook ´ a sister he loved but had driven away with his dominating ways he realized he had stepped into a dark world of danger and intrigue Now he is in peril of not only losing his own life but the life of the woman he realizes he has come to love Regretting his unguarded words that forced her to close her heart to him he pursues her into a future that has turned dangerously dark.

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  1. Katrina Passick Lumsden Katrina Passick Lumsden says:

    So the other day I decided to try and find authors who are similar to some of my favorites So I Googled authors similar to Courtney Milan and got a Goodreads list that included one Laura Landon After reading this book I have to wonder how anyone with even a small modicum of literary discernment could even remotely compare Laura Landon's writing to Milan's This book is terrible Awful I'm having a hard time finding words so I'll stumble along as best I can Starting with what Landon attempted to do might be the best way to go The synopsis describes the heroine Amanda Radburn as outspoken opinionated dominating All true The synopsis also describes her as irritating and repulsive Also true But these are the feelings of our intrepid hero Sterling The Duke of Hadleigh The reader is supposed to believe that Hadleigh just doesn't understand Amanda that she's really an unbelievably strong independent woman intelligent and fierce and capable of taking care of herself I'm sure this was what Landon intended her heroine to be However she failed at creating such a character From the beginning Amanda is loud rude and infantile her brash fishwife sentences punctuated with plenty of exclamation marks and such an overabundance of How dare yous that I wanted nothing than for Hadleigh to cram a cravat down her throat and send her off in a runaway carriage To say I loathed Amanda Radford is an insulting understatement She is the type of heroine that makes intelligent women's skin crawl She was obstinate immature unreasonable irrational and stupid Her repeated assertions that she couldn't trust any man the reader is beaten over the head with this up until the very end of the book were completely belied by the fact that she trusted at least two of her male servants The crux of the story is that Amanda's brother Harry has gotten himself into some trouble and was nearly killed So Amanda amateur sleuth that she is decides she'll investigate entirely on her own and figure out who wants her brother dead Her best friend gets wind that something's not entirely kosher in Mayfair and implores her own brother Hadleigh to find out what's going on and keep Amanda from trouble Hadleigh wanting to redeem himself to his sister after some melodrama of his own making takes on the job even though he can't stand Amanda The reader already knows obviously that their fights are caused by two very domineering personalities and a whole lot of sexual tension so our only real job as the audience is to sit and wait for them to disrobe both the mystery and each other Unfortunately it was uite difficult for me to be even a placid observer since Amanda pushed every single one of my rage buttons When Hadleigh finds out Amanda's been sneaking to the docks in the middle of the night and breaking into shipping offices he's understandably upset and orders her to knock it off Her resultant elouent sputterings of how dare you ensued and I knew I was in for a rough read Sadly as is the case with a lot of books that start out bad it only got worse I don't know who Laura Landon is I don't know what she's like as a person But I do know that her idea of a strong heroine is repulsive and insulting Amanda continually puts herself in danger She is shot at one night while attempting to break into another shipping office and she gets Hadleigh shot in the process and she persists with the how dare yous like the situation is nothing worse than him preventing her from eating another slice of cake She's an idiot She is yet another character among many who presents the outward appearance of a capable woman unfairly oppressed by men when the reality is she's one of those mewling imbeciles who really does need a keeper Honestly I found it amazing she'd reached the ripe old age of 23 without someone monitoring her every move to be sure she didn't throw herself off a tower just to prove to people she could Amanda is like one of those children who recklessly and foolishly accept dares that could get them killedonly she's supposed to be an adult Sorry not buying it Well seeing as how I was already angry about just how stupid the girl was in regards to her own safety imagine my shock when I found I could actually be made even irate Because it's not just Amanda Turns out everyone in this damn book is a slobbering moron Their attempts at investigating the mystery made Scooby and the rest of Mystery Inc look like seasoned grisly professionals Well we don't know which of these four earls has taken up sex trafficking so I guess we should just sit them down and ask them It's sort of painfully obvious that Landon should not take up writing crime dramas anytime in the near future So how does the other aspect of the story stack up you ask? How about the awe inspiring romance? Well it's awe inspiring all right It inspired a sense of awe in mebecause I didn't think the main character could be any less intelligent than I already believed her to be But somehow Somehow Hadleigh has asked her to marry him They've done the doink dance She believes they don't suit even though they've been getting along great and he's been unbelievably sweet to her and protective and oh yeah they doinked BUT She overhears Hadleigh telling a friend that he would have done anything to get back into his sister's good graces even spend time with someone he can't stand This convinces her that Hadleigh doesn't really want to marry her he just asked in order to do the honorable thing Even though it was glaringly obvious to everyone that he was coming to care for her He even made it obvious to her before they slept together that he was perfectly comfortable with everyone believing they were going to be married None of that matters though because the snippet of conversation she eavesdropped on made it abundantly clear that Hadleigh didn't really want her So what does she do? She runs away to the docks again Yes After getting Hadleigh shot and after getting shot herself and nearly dying she runs back to the docks to start sleuthing again and guess what? She nearly gets killed againSo at that point in the book I'm like ButYou guessed it It got worse AGAINAfter she's been beaten to within an inch of her life Hadleigh scoops her up and rushes her home like the great hulking romantic hero we all know him to be but Amanda shuts him out She refuses to speak to him for weeks afterward And when they do finally speak he asks her again to marry him only to have her refuse He even tells her he loves her but she refuses to believe that even going so far as condescending to tell him he thinks he loves her but he doesn't really She tells him he's perfect he'll always strive for perfection and she'll never be able to live up to his standards So what does Hadleigh do? He walks away Naturally Then Amanda goes to stay with Hadleigh's sister for a while and spends a month catching up with her and avoiding Hadleigh The sister won't even take up in Hadleigh's defense because Amanda has forbidden anyone to mention him in her presence Then Haywood the sister's husband comes to give them the grave news that Hadleigh is in a decline He's been constantly drunk since Amanda left him So Amanda rushes to his side and do you know what his reasoning is for drinking himself nearly to death? To prove to her that he's not perfect The characters are awful The actual writing? Not great There are grammatical errors and it's redundant cheesy and cliched The premise has been executed countless times in the past by authors far talented than this one I wouldn't recommend this to anyone Not a single damn person Unless you want to be angry and fed up The second time Hadleigh tells Amanda he loves her this is her reactionTears streamed down her cheeks when he admitted that he loved her She never thought to hear those words from him and her heart overflowed with joyHe'd already said it once I don't know if Landon forgot there was already a declaration of love or what butGAHAnd thenNow she only had to make sure he consciously realized how much he loved her I will never read anything by Laura Landon again

  2. Zoe Zoe says:

    Laura Landon writes lyrical proses and her writing is a joy to follow All the books I have read from her confirms that The Dark Duke is no exception I love Sterling Randolph and Amanda Radburn the lead characters in this book as much as I did all of Landon's main characters As is my usual practice when I am between stars I go lower If Goodreads allowed half stars my real rating would be 35 sweet stars But because it is Laura Landon whose stories always bring a sense of peace to me I am going up which rarely happens The Dark Duke is a soothing book with unrealistic plots but it is a perfect feel good book The Dark Duke is the seuel to The Most to Lose and I think it is a better story Sterling Randolph in an attempt to reconcile with his estranged sister the heroine from The Most to Lose agreed to find out what was going on with Amanda Radburn his archenemy but his sister's best friend The story features a mystery to solve Sterling and Amanda reluctantly worked together and realized that they have outgrown the hostility that had defined their relationship for so long The book features Laura Landon's signature style calming and soft hearted Her characters are always lovable and relatable I very much appreciate the level headedness of her characters who even in rage act with dignity Landon even managed to redeem Sterling which is no small effort I love her heroines even though I know it is my personal preference I still love them unabashedly This would be my 5th or ? I cannot be sure book from Laura Landon and the same issue remains she really needs to work on her intimate scenes She likes to skip the sex scenes which actually worked in her Betrayed by Your Kiss featuring a very strong pair of lead characters Damien and Olivia With her less prominent characters I think a little heat would help Ms Landon if you are reading the reviews please consider that Your characters are so wonderful They deserve some great sex DI also think the plots are a bit thin So for readers who like plot driven stories they may be disappointed In conclusion I love Laura Landon's characters and the tenderness she always writes her stories with I would really love to see depth in the relationship and if possible substance in the plotline I usually think the romance writers overdo sex in their novels but seriously Ms Landon unless you create another pair of Damien and Olivia show us a little skin

  3. ⭐Richelle ⭐Richelle says:

    This is a follow up to the book The Most to Lose with the focus of the story on Hadleigh and Amanda The Duke of Hadleigh desperately wants to mend things with his sister Cecelia after he ruined things between them with his antics and obsession with revenge Hadleigh was a real jerk in the first book so it took some time for me to warm up to him However once I did I really liked him a lot The fact that he has fallen for Amanda is than just a surprise to him but he soon finds he cannot live without her I LOVE how he takes care of her when she gets hurt I won't spoil it for you and I wish she could see for herself how tender and loving he was in his care for her She is so obsessed with proving she doesn't need a man in her life that she misses what is right in front of her This had a good bit of mystery tied in with the story which was a great plot element I enjoyed the story and watching these two finally get together for their HEA CONTENTRomance Sketchy CleanViolence ModerateLanguage Moderate

  4. Booklovinglady Booklovinglady says:

    Cute 😉 Although in my opinion it wasn't uite as good as the first two I'd read by Laura Landon I liked this one too

  5. Christine Blackthorn Christine Blackthorn says:

    The style and language of the book are well crafted and still this book pressed pretty much all my dislike buttons Aside from some historical inaccuracies and inconsistencies there were issues with characterisation I hate it when a backstory tells me a woman is intelligent and independent but the character itself during the books turns out to be anything but This book does NOT do this instead she simply lacks intelligence The characters remain from beginning to end selfish All of these reasons made it impossible for me to empathise with the character But worst was that I just felt like I had read this book a thousand times before The story line is so typical and predictable it bored me to tears The only saving grace is that the male character at least shows some form of rational intelligence though from his backstory that again seems inconsistent

  6. InD& InD& says:

    2550The Dark Duke embraces classic historical romance formula but is rife with credibility issuesRead full review in the 2014 April issue of InD’tale Magazine

  7. Bridget Lewis Bridget Lewis says:

    There is a thin line between lovehateSterling is a Duke steeped in perfection Given the charge to get back in his sister's good graces of looking after Amanda He and Amanda spar constantly and even draw blood When Amanda's brother gets hooked up with some evil men she tries to help Sterling runs interference and tries to stop the dangerous sneaking around that Amanda is involved in to find the ship and the Earl Well midnight dock trips turn to kisses and shootings Will love win or is the Duke too perfect?

  8. rob rob says:

    Good It was a good story I wished the characters valued saving sex for marriage especially during the times they lived in But the plot was good and it was good to see the characters evolve

  9. Melissa Chapman Melissa Chapman says:

    Book 2 much betterThe second book in this 2 book series is much better than the first With characters while still predictable we're enjoyable to know and a story line that was fun to read

  10. Isabelle Isabelle says:

    Enjoyable regency romance with a strong but often foolish heroine and a very straight hero They know each other since childhood and had wits battles since he became a duke Their romance is believable and you experience them changing towards each other

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