Kindle Edition ✓ Legacies PDF/EPUB Ú

Kindle Edition ✓ Legacies PDF/EPUB Ú

Legacies (BBS #4) ❴Reading❵ ➷ Legacies (BBS #4) Author Wendi Kelly – Legacies We create them with our lives They tie us to the past and future and sometimes they are the chains we must break to ever find happinessRegina and her Pack now face some difficult choices They Legacies We create them with our lives They tie us to the past and future and sometimes they are the chains we must break to ever find happinessRegina and her Pack now face some difficult choices They stand on the verge of war precariously balanced between the legacies their ancestors left them and the hope of a bright new future—if they surviveThe bonds they forged and strengthened for generations are tested to the breaking pointWill love or power triumph Only time will tell.

About the Author: Wendi Kelly

Wendi Kelly lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her family and two dogs She is an international business and writing coach helping writers entrepreneurs and artists who are ready to take the leap into clarity happiness and success in business and life.

10 thoughts on “Legacies (BBS #4)

  1. R.L. R.L. says:

    This is an amazing ending to a roller coaster of a series The authors brought it all together and in the spirit of Bond of Blood made us laugh and cry the whole way through

  2. Erin Erin says:

    Review to come when I find it I wrote it several years ago but I will say in short that this is a MUST READ series I read 2 3 books per week and forget most of what I read too uickly but I remember every detail and every personality of every character in these books They're all original and REAL Sometimes relationships are unconventional because they're supposed to be just like the animals they mostly are The authors aren't afraid to be true to their characters and that is what makes them endearing and unforgettable We should all be so lucky to have a family like this in our corners

  3. Merissa (Archaeolibrarian) Merissa (Archaeolibrarian) says:

    This is the fourth and final so far book in this series and what a journey it has been I have been with Regina from the very start and hoped for a 'happy'ish ending for her With everything that has gone on previously I wasn't sure if a happy ending would be in the cardsLet me tell you the whole series builds up to the Big Battle climax not just this book The evil dudes that have been causing trouble from the start are still causing trouble only it is now even deadlier than before The Pack and Prides need to figure out how to move this forward to become a single cohesive unit that can face the oncoming battle and have some chance of winningNow unlike the other books this doesn't come with a cliffhanger ending Instead it all ties up nicely whilst still leaving me with hope of a new story I will say at one point I was getting a tad concerned over where the story was going I won't go into details suffice it to say that I've discovered my thinking is Lykous than Tau to begin with How it all came to be though was just so right I can't give you anything else than that but trust me when you read these books my cryptic comments will make sense but I really REALLY don't want to give anything away to spoil your enjoymentI will say that this book had me in tears AGAIN Not only was I ugly crying for the last book but this one got me too All I will say Wendi and Deborah really know how to tie your emotions to a character so if they get hurt you hurt tooThis is one of the most intriguing interesting complex fascinating series I've read If you like an alternate take on things then I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND this series In fact I really can't recommend it highly enough I received this book from the authors in return for a fair and honest review MerissaArchaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books

  4. Carrie Lahain Carrie Lahain says:

    Pack and Pride test their physical and spiritual boundaries in preparation for a final battle that will shape the future for both shifters and humansLEGACIES is the fourth book in the Bonds of Blood Spirit saga This series is a great mix of character and suspense The books do need to be read in order each one digs deeper into Kelly Dorchak's uniue fictional universe and into the characters as their knowledge of themselves and bonds with one another are constantly tested and transformedBy the time we get to LEGACIES the bad guys who've dogged our heroes from book to book to book have assembled an evil alliance that seems impossible to defeat At the same time Regina Harry Cole and the rest of the Pack are still reeling from the events in book three RECLAMATIONS Now the packmates must face personal fears petty jealousies and desires they'd rather keep buried Things are changing Each shifter needs to learn where they fit IF they fit And NOT fitting would be devastating Pack membership is a lifelong bondyou can't walk away without serious emotional and spiritual ramifications On the surface it's the worst possible time to deal with interpersonal drama The shifters know this They understand that there's a clock ticking over their heads and when it strikes the hour all hell will break looseAs it turns out it's the personal stuff that provides the key for the Pack to have at least a chance of surviving the upcoming battle The end? It's satisfying Overwhelming Exhausting All major uestions are answered but enough tantalizing threads remain to lead us forward If you want gripping suspense and characters you'll never forget this is the series for you

  5. Rita Smith Rita Smith says:

    I just finished this series and love love loved it once I became accustomed to the head hopping

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