Love at Stake Fated Match #1 ePUB ✓ Love at eBook

Love at Stake Fated Match #1 ePUB ✓ Love at eBook

  • ebook
  • 225 pages
  • Love at Stake Fated Match #1
  • Victoria Davies
  • 10 February 2014
  • 9781622664450

10 thoughts on “Love at Stake Fated Match #1

  1. Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠ Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠ says:

    Nice idea but never fully caught my attention I dozed off a few times reading it And I got tired of the back and forth relationship Abbey and Lucien had That sort of dating drama does not interest me it's just absurd Pet peeve there's a love triangle

  2. Barbara➰ Barbara➰ says:

    DNF 23%First of all and I knew this going in the h is trying to find the H's perfect mate even though clearly they are attracted to each other He keeps thinking he just wants a fling with her and get her out of his systemnot exactly what I like in a hero And she hates vampires and doesn't want to be attracted to him even though it's killing her to set him up with datesSecond he had a date with a succubus and sits there looking at her thinking how beautiful she is and how she is totally his type and if he had written out everything he wanted in a mate she would be it while the heroine would score a resounding zeroWTF? I hate that I want the hero to think the heroine is perfect in every way even if she is not his usual typeI'm out of here

  3. Lexie Lexie says:

    On the one hand this reminded me of Jessica Sim's supernatural matchmaking books On the other I'm a sucker for them so it didn't matter at allFor some reason romancesparanormalsurban fantasies that involve a woman being the sole human in a worksocial setting of all paranormals is something I love Maybe its a bit of wish fulfillment but hey that's reading in general LOVE AT STAKE as I mention in my short review reminded me a lot of Jessica Sims' Midnight Liaison books Especially the first one in which the human Matchmaker gets coerced into being the date for one of their high profile clients much to the disapproval of her job her boss and the rules in generalHowever Midnight Liaisons as a series is a light hearted romp through paranormal dating LOVE AT STAKE had a slightly serious edge to it as our dear Abbey is very certain that there can be only one outcome to her and Lucian's affair One very sad very lonely very hurt filled outcomeThe third person POV switches back and forth with Abbey and Lucian though we get from Abbey's POV then his It mostly seemed liked Davies would switch to Lucian so we could see that no he wasn't just toying around and yes he was as conflicted as Abbey Nice to have that confirmation but it also made a lot of what Abbey would fling at Lucian seem unnecessary or as if she didn't understandMelissa Lucian's daughter was an interesting secondary character but we don't get very much from her other then 'I want my father to be happy Also maybe modern' She's pretty instrumental into getting the two together pushing them both to recognizing certain truthsSomething I found to be very important and ultimately made this a better then 3 Star Read for me Abbey makes it clear numerous times that she is happy being human Maybe in the future she'll change that stance but right now she's happy being the way she is thank you very much She has nothing against the transformation in general terms but she lays out her argument to one particularly insistent suitor uite well It basically boils down to the fact she sees no reason to change what isn't brokenIt was also nice to see the woman taking charge of how a relationship would end Abbey faced the problem straight on and didn't flinch She made Lucian understand that he was offering her nothing great sex and some form of affection but she knew she deserved something better She deserved to be loved for all her faults and uirks and humanity and deserved to be told she was loved

  4. Bridgette South Bridgette South says:

    Okay so this book is AWESOME I read it in one night lol I was supposed to be sleeping but I couldn't lol Abbey works for a supernatural matchmaking company called Fated Match When a vampire's daughter decides she wants to give it a try Lucianher father decides that since he wants to protect his daughter that he would give it a trial first in efforts to dissuade her from wanting to try out this company Oh how wrong he was Lucian is stubborn and a vampire and Abbey is twice as stubbornand a human She has a strict NO VAMPIREor anything that eats people or drinks blood dating policy This book was really a great chase for me I loved getting to know Lucan a little at a time and watch the Thirty Minutes get shorter and shorter lol Then after their little hiccup there was my FAVORITE scene in the entire book Now I'll save the scene for you to actually read because me telling it is going to give it NO justice lolHere are the details I will give you however there's this intense sexual scene everything is going as planned I'm reading along and my breathing has hitched in my throat and all of a sudden I STARTED LAUGHING SO HARD I FELL OUT OF BED lol I so recommend this book if you like romantic comedies with a dash of paranormal to it I give this book 5 out of 5 shields

  5. Astha Bhardwaj Astha Bhardwaj says:

    A TOTAL LOVE TRIANGLENice idea a very rare idea of putting the elder first who has a anti relationship personalityThis story begins with a total sorry story of a broken relationship of an client crying over a broken relationship and Abbey the matchmaker who works for a company know as Fated Match is trying to solve her problem The start is not very interesting it made me feel like i should just leave the story in between and just start with a new bookBut the boss is uiet a peace of work in the storyShe forces Abbey to go and meet the famous vampires daughter who is a social lite so that the company can again get some potential client Abbey she has a strict policy NO VAMPIREBut she is forced to take up this job because she is no good for any other jobShe is forced to meet Lucian Redgrave and his daughter the oldest vampire on the eastern coastLucian Redgrave was the oldest vampire and had a very anti social personality and the man who ran the whole east coastBut was against his daughter signing up for match making companyHe was dressed up in a very old fashioned manner when abbey first show himThis story was not uiet as good as the middle portion of the bookBut the story is uiet nice for a short readLucien wanted to have sex with Abbey and then forget about her but her nature always made her resist all the charms Lucien would throw at herLucien uiet did not like his attraction towards Abbey but they could not deny the chemistry between them but abbey was anti vampire and Lucian was anti relationshipBefore allowing his daughter to sign up he made a deal that they had to find him his perfect matchThey have a very contrasting nature Abbey was cheerful and full of bright colours in her life but Lucian was all black and all time seriousAbbey was forced to babysit Lucien until he found his match All thought the story is uite good but Lucien pov is only their for 2 times in the whole storyWhich made it a little disappointing because Lucien pov made the story interestingWith all the chemistry they have they all the time try to diney the fact they could live togetherWhich bring count less numbers of dates for Lucien and a werewolf for Abbey The whole focus of this book was on separating the supernatural and the human worldThe ending was lefty in the middle of the air they did not tell if Abbey chose to be turned into a vampire or not

  6. Deanna from Deanna& Deanna from Deanna& says:

    I chased the ending of this book It has been a long time since I've chased an ending but with this book I did Kudos to you Ms Davies for getting me so deeply engrossed in the book that I read at the stop lights while I was driving and I read in the car while my husband was driving and I ignored him entirely until I got to the endWhen I started this book I thought it was going to be a cute read you know paranormal dating agency matching you with your fated mate and all that Instead I got a lovely story of attraction prejudice heartbreak and reconciliation I mean Lucian and Abbey broke up twice TWICE Sheesh It's the first time I've read a story where the couple break up with each other twice And I was totally okay with it both times and my heart broke for them both times I'm such a sapLet's talk about Lucian shall we? He's delicious Uber old vampire rules a whole bunch of other vampires powerful successful lonely I loved the way he tangled with Abbey when he met her challenging her profession and baiting her at the same time You could tell the instant attraction even if he didn't let on His single minded pursuit of Abbey in the face of her resistance was mesmerizing I love how he manufactured spending time with her even though he was supposed to be dating other women women whom Abbey had set up for him to date Then he got prejudiced or should I say racist? because it was about Abbey being a human and how he felt about a human mate That dropped my esteem of him somewhat but he kept rebounding and making up for it in his super sexy vampire way You see now why I had to race to the end of the book to get to his final declaration?As for Abbey I love Abbey She's spunky and colorful and fun She's good at what she does as a professional and she cares about the people around her She also not a pushover I liked she knew her own worth and she would not settle for less than what she deserved She would not allow herself to be second best or right for the time being when she wanted forever and felt she deserved it Good for her for standing up for herself even though it hurt and it broke her heart And when it did break her heart my heart broke with her too Another reason I was racing to the end of the book I wanted to see her be than enough and I wanted to see her get her forever There's a huge focus in this book about the separation between humans and the supernaturals Ms Davies hints subtly at the supernaturals thinking of the humans as being inferior and then draws a beautiful illustration of why they are not when Lucian makes his final declaration of love to Abbey Racism and prejudice is something we encounter every day and as we see things being posted on social media of events around the world Ms Davies handles this issue with a deftness and subtlety which makes you almost miss it if you are not paying attention It's worth paying attention for since it gives the divide between humans and supernaturals and the relationship between Lucian and Abbey and Christian so much depthI thoroughly enjoyed this story I think I might go glom the series See from Deanna's World

  7. angelblue angelblue says:

    Abbey Sinclair is a matchmaker at Fated Match which is a dating service for the paranormal They use scientific methods to help couples find their fated mates faster than traditional dating methods Business has been slow so Abbey's boss has decided that they need to land a high profile client to help bring in people to widen their dating pool And it just so happens that the popular vampire socialite Melissa Redgrave is interested in using Fated Match's service However there is just one tiny problemher adopted father Lucien Redgrave An ancient he is basically considered the king of all the East Coast Vampires and he doesn't believe that science can make up for instinct and fate To prove that the service is a waste of time he agrees to let Melissa to join on one condition that Abbey sign him up first and personally find his mate in one monthAbbey reluctantly agrees and attempts to bring him into the 21st century by updating his wardrobe and hairstyle Lucian goes along with her reuests but he has an ulterior motive he wants Abbey and has no plans of giving any of his dates a chance Abbey is attracted to Lucian as well but refuses to give her heart to someone who considers humans as playthingsLucian pursued Abbey relentlessly and like a true alpha male he refuses to see what she truly is to him until it's almost to late Abbey is stubborn almost too much so She believes that Lucien considers her inferior because she's human She's feisty and doesn't take crap from him She brings color and life to Lucien's rigid and ordered world which he doesn't know how to handle at times The chemistry between these two is explosive And to spice things up even further there is an intriguing love triangle going on with a yummy werewolfI really hope we are going to see books set in this world I love the whole dating agency for supernaturals I loved Abbey's friend Chloe and I would like to find out if Christian and Melissa ever find their fated mates as well If you are looking for a sweet love story about a stubborn hot as hell vampire and a feisty too stubborn at times human with a funny witch friend and a hunky werewolf looking for his forever mate thrown in then this is the book for you I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

  8. Danielle (Danniegurl) Danielle (Danniegurl) says:

    This for being 200 pages was super easy and uick for me to read I really dove into it and really enjoyed it I definitely liked the dynamic between Abbey and Lucian and I was irritated with Abbey's boss Once again in a story I found myself wanting to know what her boss thought once they finally got together and how wrong said boss was I hated how she was treated by her boss and look down upon just because she was human I really wish we could have seen something relating to thatThere is a bit of a love triangle For my friends who have issues with OWOM please read on to see if this is for you be warned I may spoil it a bit for youview spoilerOK So Abbey knows that due to Lucian being a vamp that this thing is going to be a fling He eventually ends it with her so as to not hurt her Abbey has had a werewolf who's been interested in her because they have a 96% match He told her to call when the vamp gave up or whatever so she does that night She hangs with him for a week or so and they are kind of dating You know that he isn't who she is ultimately going to end up with There is a mixer for new matches and she gave Melissa an invite naturally Lucian comes with his date the weretiger Long story short Lucian corners Abbey when she left to be away from him and starts to make out with her Christian the werewolf comes and sees them and asks whats going on she doesn't make excuses or explain it away Being supernaturals they get into a huge fight in the middle of public Abbey wants to intervene and stupidly puts herself in the middle leaving herself vulnerable and thus Lucian having to shield her taking a big wound to the back Thats the extent of the OM being in the book though he does show up again to try to woo her and she says no They give a chaste goodbye kiss to which Lucian barges in on For me this isn't an issue but for others it may hide spoiler

  9. Amy Amy says:

    45 for a short fast read I really enjoyed this I enjoyed the characters and the writing I think my only problem was that I wanted of a ending It wasn't a cliffhanger but it did leave me wanting I have uestions about what will happen in the future and where their lives will go so I feel a bit unfulfilled So that's why I'm not giving this a full five stars

  10. Danielle Marks Danielle Marks says:

    Smut level expert The naughty scenes are great Aside from that it was a little mehbeen there done that Taken at the surface level though it was fun and entertainingEmpty calories if you will I could do without the overuse of the word “lover” though Like who even says that any? Or ever?

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Love at Stake Fated Match #1[Reading] ➸ Love at Stake Fated Match #1 Author Victoria Davies – Abbey is the lone human working for Fated Match a company that pairs members of the supernatural community with their eternal mates  To snag a young vampire socialite as their next client Abbey jour Abbey is the lone human working Stake Fated Epub Ù for Fated Match a company that pairs members of the supernatural community with their eternal mates  To snag a young vampire socialite as their next client Abbey journeys to the home of Lucian Redgrave the oldest vampire on the East Coast But he's not willing to allow his vampire daughter to use the agency unless Abbey can first find his perfect match in a monthAs Abbey coaches Lucian through his dates she can’t deny the chemistry between them But humans are toys for vampires and risking her Love at eBook Ê heart isn't a part of the plan.

About the Author: Victoria Davies

My love for writing started young Stake Fated Epub Ù Luckily I had a family who encouraged believing in magic and embracing imagination From stories uickly scribbled in bright pink diaries my love of storytelling developed Since then my characters may have evolved and my plots may have grown decidedly steamy but I never lost my love of the written word Writing is not only a way to silence the wonderful vo.