Sons of Mayhem ePUB ↠ Sons of ePUB Ò

Sons of Mayhem ePUB ↠ Sons of ePUB Ò

  • Kindle Edition
  • 246 pages
  • Sons of Mayhem (Sons of Mayhem, #1)
  • Nikki Pink
  • English
  • 06 December 2016

10 thoughts on “Sons of Mayhem (Sons of Mayhem, #1)

  1. Deb Decaro Deb Decaro says:

    I find it hard to believe that I'm the only person who thinks the writing and way this story is playing out is horrible I'm only in about 30 pages and Im Thankful I only spent 3 on this although had I known how bad it was I wouldnt have spent fifty cents

  2. Liloshadow (ReNee) Liloshadow (ReNee) says:

    Liked it at Firstbut that uickly ChangedExtremely Racist among other thingsOut of the hundreds of books I have reviewed this is only the second time I have given a one star to a book I don't like giving or writing negative reviews But with this book I feel its a mustWhen the book first started I liked it I thought it was going to be a nice steamy read with a bad boy I was wrong It got weird uicklynames changing going back and forth between first and third person I noticed other reviewers have already mentioned these things so I am not going to in depth with that stuff The most major thing I had a problem with was the racism I kept thinking as I was reading is this book extremely racist or is it just me? Im usually not sensitive about these type of things I read a lot of hardcore or naughty books not just meaning the sex erotica but the themes in general So I thought I would check out the reviews and see if anyone else felt the same way or if it was just me imagining it Guess I wasn't the only one I thought well whatever I might as well finish it and I thought the plot was fairly good so I continued on From there the racism got worse and worse Keep in mind that this is the 'good guys' saying this stuff I mean the bad guys would be understandable but the good guysreally??? The author got creative with with her Mexican food I will give her that By the time she used the very offensive term faggot I had enough I mean can't you write a book with out using such offensive and derogatory terms Swear words don't bother me at all Swear away If you want to call a bratty woman a bitch fine But it does get old and offensive when you just keep referring to women or that girl in general as 'bitches'By the middle of the book I also didn't like the heroine Nicole Her inner dialogue was ridiculous and Lucy the other girl isn't even worth mentioning I did like our hero Jase for the most part until it got to the endMAJOR Spolier aheadThe story ends with the 'gang' killing the bad guy Everyone has to shoot himeven Nicole The 'good girl' turns into a killer basically over night Doesn't feel any remorse and has no lingering aftereffects from helping kill someone Shortly after her and Jase are ready to have sex and during the middle of the act Jase says to her You like getting it from the big bad killer? Seriously Any like able feelings I had for Jace killed it for me right there Oh and I cant forget Nicole responds in her head I'm a killer now tooI'm sorry to say I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone I do feel bad for leaving such a negative review but I thought this book had so many positive reviews that the other side to be heard a bit Potential readers also need to be warned that this book is racist and can potentially be very offensive to othersespecially anyone that is hispanic If you ended up liking this book that is PERFECTLY all right We don't all like or love the same things and I thinks thats great Different views need to be out there It is especially helpful in leaving well rounded out reviews

  3. Chappy Chappy says:

    This was a DNF at 13%Just couldn't do itGives the biker book genre a bad nameso cheesy

  4. Pamela(AllHoney) Pamela(AllHoney) says:

    The first book in the Sons of Mayhem series by Nikki Pink College student Nicole decides she wants to walk on the wild side like her roommate Lucy and gets on the back of the motorcycle belonging to Sons of Mayhem gang member Jase But she gets than a night of partying Someone has it out for the motorcycle club and it appears they are targeting JaseA little darker than I normally like but I did like it Written in both first person from Nicole's point of view and third person from Jase and others' point of view

  5. Danielle Choffrey Danielle Choffrey says:

    Talk about unbelievable nonsense Not one ounce of this book felt like it could ever really happen So you are bored with life so you ask your roommate to take you to a motorcycle gangs party When they come to pick you up things fall part fast They are attacked and shot at but have no fear cause they are invincible they just need to take a detour You aren't scared beyond belief This is kind of exciting You end up at a safe house and wait it out I'm sorry I just couldn't stomach this book I don't mind make believe stuff but this was beyond that I not only that but what is the storyline??? Where is the meat I can sink my teeth into?? I want to follow the story wondering what is going to happen but that isn't possible with this book No desire to even continue on with the series

  6. Maria Leonardis Maria Leonardis says:

    I didn't love this book and I didn't hate this book What I liked was the twist and turns of the story and that there was story I read this as a novel rather than individual books because that just frustrates me At the end all the uestions were answered as to the plot twists however there were some areas that I feel need further writing on It just doesn't seem completed So if there is another novel coming out hopefully it will be just one book rather than several 20 something pagesWhat I didn't really care for was Nicole I couldn't get her going from really good girl from good family to jumping in to a MC club and experiencing what she did so suddenly It was a little too much too soon Honestly if I was on a Motorcycle with someone I just met and someone was shooting at me um not seeing that guy again It was a little far out for a character to change so uickly I think that should have been developed a little There are also points in the book where she has to make some and ethical decisions and I'm pretty shocked that a girl with her background makes the decisions she doesAnyway the book has a good story some humor lots of MC club activity and over all it was good but if the realtionship between Nicole and Jase went a little slower and was developed I would have liked it much betterAgain some things seem unfinished so I'm wondering if there will be another book

  7. Rachel Rachel says:

    No chemistry predictableI downloaded this as a free read so I wasn't expecting thing too much There was actually a story here which was refreshing in a way but predictable There wasn't chemistry between the two main characters and the sex scenes weren't great Bad editing in many placeswouldn't recommend and doubtful to read the rest of the series

  8. Ilene Ilene says:

    A decent take on a biker storyfor the most part At first I liked the talking conscience but then it took over the whole storyCould have been a great story but there was just a lot going on That and the fact the story went from complete chaos to solve in a few mere pages

  9. Nichole Nichole says:

    Reads like a bad porno with a TSTL heroine

  10. Vedrana Vedrana says:

    not so beliveble situatations sorry but even I can sometimes rate biker story 2 stars

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