Moon Shine Takhini Wolves #4 eBook ↠ Takhini Wolves

Moon Shine Takhini Wolves #4 eBook ↠ Takhini Wolves

10 thoughts on “Moon Shine Takhini Wolves #4

  1. Ellen Ellen says:

    Bit disappointed really Amy was not very likeable if you ask me and so much of the conflict was her instigation and she didn't have a good reason at all

  2. Frances Frances says:

    Sep 4th '14 I CAN'T BELIEVE IT This is the first time out of all the books from VA that I've read that I can't continue to read it I've already started it and stopped twice and I'm not even to the middle of the book yet I just CAN'T STAND AMY Evan deserves someone so much better if he really couldn't have Caroline then he deserved someone as good if not better than her Not some know it all who doesn't really know anything that matters bent on a revenge that didn't even need avenging in the first place The worst part of all so far? Even though she says to Evan that she's sorry for putting her revenge plan into action I know that deep down she isn't really sorry at all And the way Evan keeps bending backwards hoping to appease her so she won't reject him even after finding out all she's done wrong against him is just plain wrong I can't continue to read this right now I just can't I'll have to put this book on hold until I almost forget what's happened so far and start from where I left off with the hope that the second half of the book is better I'm so disappointing right now oNote to self Stopped reading on page 85

  3. Helyce Helyce says:

    Reviewed here was so excited to learn that we were finally getting Evan’s book As the alpha he’s had secondary roles in the previous books and I was than a little in love with him and was looking forward to his story In the previous book Diamond Dust Evan sniffs out his mate but she proves to evade him at every turn Initially I was okay with this tactic It provided a bit of suspense or mystery and I looked forward to the woman who would be Evan’s mateUnfortunately I never warmed up to Amy She grew up under a huge misconception of events that occurred in the past involving Evan and Amy’s brother For years she’s suffered the loss of her brother and and she blames Evan for everything She’s made it her sole purpose in life to destroy him as she feels he destroyed her family Amy is very intelligent and her plot to destroy Evan is uite successful The one thing she didn’t count on was finding that Evan was in fact her mateThe revenge plot in this story just did not work for me Not that it wasn’t well thought out and and written really well I just didn’t like Amy and I really disliked all the nasty things that she set up to hurt Evan his pack and his businesses While she strikes out at Evan others are affected Mate or not this is not the type of woman I wanted for Evan I kept thinking she was a bitch and with every additional horrible thing she slung against Evan I just hated her Even when the mating urge takes over and Evan and Amy are forced to look at their relationship or at least the possibility of it and make important life decisions that will affect both their packs I just disliked her Mating urge or not I wanted Evan to get mad and hold her accountable He too easily forgave her and everything kind of worked itself out too easily with Amy never really redeeming herself in my eyesThis story is well written The plot in and of itself is well done and show’s Amy’s intelligence and strengths This is fact What she does and how she does it proves how capable she was and why she succeeded in taking a bunch of packless wolves and creating a community where she is respected and accepted in an alpha capacity On paper she’s seems exactly the type of female you’d want for a alpha I just didn’t like her for Evan

  4. Pam Pam says:

    I've been looking forward to Evan's book for some time In some ways I wasn't disappointed It's well written fast paced has lots of action and the plot has plenty of surprises Unfortunately I didn't like Amy the female lead I had a huge problem with her underhanded devious personality Just because they are mates Evan overlooked her destructive actions and too readily accepted her Truthfully I was very annoyed and disappointed I'm not saying Amy didn't change or do anything positive as the plot progressed but it was too late for me Even at the end I still didn't like her

  5. Abra Abra says:

    I HATED the heroine in this book While the previous books had a nice feminist slant this one did not Making the heroine the alpha of her pack does not balance out the stupid classic useless female actions Amy takesShe and the hero are the alphas of their respective packs and need to work together now that they're mates What does Amy do? She gets mad at him refuses to tell him why and pushes him away until he figures out what her problem is She does this multiple times Amy gives him no clues or hints but instead refuses to see Evan while he tries to guess what he's done wrong Why not act like an adult and just tell him what he needs to know so you both can address the problem? This goes on and on until the last uarter of this bookEvan isn't much better Amy has been trying to sabotage his life as revenge for killing her brother She hates him but Evan doesn't tell her why he did it until the 75% mark Why not act like an adult and tell your mate what she needs to know?

  6. Mary-Anne Mary-Anne says:

    My first reactionSo far I'm hating the female lead so much I'm not even sure I can finish this bookEven villains usually have some redeeming uality that makes them bearable Amy is detestable and I'm disappointed Evan would even tolerate herAnd thenOK after my initial tantrum I have finished the book whilst I enjoyed it in the end and liked Evan's character I still had trouble with Amy view spoilerI just couldn't find their HEA believable her actions were just something that was hard to forgive due to her lack of remorse and little effort to make things right I felt as though Amy was stubborn and wanted it all her way hide spoiler

  7. Karen Karen says:

    I was really looking forward to this book However it kinda sorta sucked I never liked Amy And who just magically forgives people like that Don't get me wrong Evan needed a strong female character but the author took it too far with Amy And Evan was wrong about some things but Amy did a lot of bad things to Evan and his pack

  8. Ni_kii Ni_kii says:

    reviewed at I bought this bookI have been looking forward to this book ever since we met Evan in book one I love the Takhini Alpha and I’m not sure what I expected from his book but I’m sure this wasn’t it Did I like it? Yes I truly did but it took me a while for me to forgive Amy for the rather childish pranks that she played on Evan in the name of revenge Did I understand her motivations? Again yes but that didn’t mean that I thought she could go from his malicious prankster to mate without some serious work Amy sets out to destroy Evan personally and it made her seem manipulative and even a little sly so I wasn’t sure she was the heroine I wanted for Evan Then I started to see the things that she did as an Alpha and I had to admit she was an incredible AlphaThe two packs in this were incredibly different and the one thing that made this a truly lovely story is that BOTH of the Alpha’s had to learn from each other to try to make a joining of the packs possible Alpha’s in PNR tend to believe that they alone know the best thing for their pack and these two were no exception To be fair they did know what is best for their own packs; Amy knew that her pack was full of broken souls and needed nurture and protection whilst Even knew that his pack was boisterous and needed a firmer hand Unfortunately they both thought their way of handling pack would work with the other pack without realising that Alpha’s seem to be skill matched to lead a particular group of individuals They needed each other if they were to join the packs but there was a lot of emotional baggage stopping them from actually cementing the mating It was touch and go whether they would actually be together as humans or whether they would each break their wolfie hearts by staying awayThis is a different kind of books to the rest of the Takhini books; the set up is different the emotional angst is much stronger and the issues didn’t really stem from themselves as people but as Alpha’s Evan has to realise that he can still learn as an Alpha and also as his mate is also an Alpha he had to learn to allow Amy to fight her own way which I was very impressed he tried to do I have never read a book where the hero and heroine were Alpha’s of different packs and it was interesting to see how things played out I think one of the main reason’s I was so affronted by Amy’s behaviour at the beginning was because it was very juvenile and she proved herself to be better than that over and over in the following chaptersA big mention to Sean in this book; he is one of my favourite characters in this series and he was awesome in this book again I want Justin’s book like yesterday too BEARSThis is not the place to start with this series but I do recommend that you pick up the Takhini pack books This is not your typical Alpha wolf story With respect and compromise being the main lessons that the lovely Evan had to learn it really was full of angst and tension Alpha’s aren’t known for accepting that they don’t know everything; can Evan do it for his mate?

  9. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews says:

    KcLu‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewMoonshine is book four in Vivian Arend Takhini Wolves series It centers on the Takhini pack’s Alpha Evan Stone He thinks he is in a good place He has just gotten a sniff that his mate has been around his town and he is ready to meet her and settle down Before he can do that though he is thrown in jail his banking goes crazy and he has absolutely no idea what could be causing this run of bad luck His “what” is none other than his mate Amy Ryba a female out for vengeance who has waited a long time to make Evan pay for the sins of his past Can she forgive him for the wrongs she thinks he has done her and accept him as her mate or will she do the unthinkable and reject her mate??The tension and passion these two have between them make for a really great read I love all of these books in this series but I think Evan has a chunk of my heart He really is the Alpha with a heart of gold He really only wants to do what is best for everyone in the pack and for the woman that is his mate This is not a uick slam bam ok I forgive you kind of story Both of them have to learn to work together to build trust and a relationship that will not only bring happiness for them but their two packs

  10. Tanielle Tanielle says:

    I enjoyed the read but I really didn’t understand just what the problem was with Sam I understood the background mess but every little thing seemed like she was picking for a fight with Evan It seemed like she really didn’t give him a chance to show that he was not as bad as she figured Evan seemed to always be running behind her and letting her get her way which of course caused problems I just didn’t like that she was acting like her pack was so weak and at the same time way important than Evans pack I liked she could handle her own though You don’t get many stories where the females can and this one did and every second I wanted to read what she’d do next Can’t wait for the next one

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Moon Shine Takhini Wolves #4 [KINDLE] ❅ Moon Shine Takhini Wolves #4 By Vivian Arend – When the past hurts it bitesTakhini Wolves Book 4Meet Evan Stone Laid back in control Alpha of the Takhini Wolves Life’s not perfect but he’s got a good handle on his world At least he did—until Takhini Wolves Kindle × When the past hurts it bitesTakhini Wolves Book Meet Evan Stone Laid back in control Alpha of the Takhini Wolves Life’s not perfect but he’s got a good handle on his world At least he did—until the night he ends up in jail soaking wet and wondering what the hell just happenedThe Moon Shine PDF or “what” is Amy Ryba a vengeful female who’s decided it’s long past time to make Evan pay for his sins Amy has spent years tracking him down and the last nine months working in secret to destroy him She’s ready for anything—except discovering the shifter she hates is her mateSuddenly Evan’s not so Shine Takhini Wolves PDF Å very in control of himself or his pack And unless Amy can learn to forgive and forget she’ll have to do the unthinkable reject her mateWith two packs watching one thing is certain Their personal issues won’t stay personal for long If Amy and Evan can’t find a way to work together there won’t be a happily ever after for themor any of the wolves of WhitehorseWarning Contains angsty wolves Lots of angsty wolves causing explosions of all sorts playing bad pranks hacking computers and having angry sex against a wall or two Not all at the same time though because that would be silly.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 234 pages
  • Moon Shine Takhini Wolves #4
  • Vivian Arend
  • English
  • 10 May 2015

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