A Little Learning PDF ñ A Little MOBI :Ú

A Little Learning PDF ñ A Little MOBI :Ú

  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • A Little Learning
  • Anne Bennett
  • English
  • 08 May 2014
  • 9780747258865

10 thoughts on “A Little Learning

  1. Brenda Anderson Brenda Anderson says:

    Enjoyed this storyline but it had not a great ending

  2. Jenny Cooper Jenny Cooper says:

    I had never come across Anne Bennett or her books before but she seems to be a fairly prolific saga writer Apparently A Little Learning was her first foray into this genre first published in 1997 Janet grew up in a working class family in post war Birmingham Her family had very traditional attitudes regarding a woman’s place in society Her father in particular believed that women should get married stay at home look after their husbands and raise children Her mother however was persuaded by her forward thinking sister to take a job in a local factory to earn money to help with the family finances Meanwhile Claire a teacher at Janet’s school saw real academic potential in her and took her under her wing Despite protestations from her father Janet became determined to make something of herself and in the face of adversity but with the support of her mother passed her eleven plus and got a scholarship to the local grammar school She struggled to fit in with the other pupils who all came from privileged backgrounds and she was bullied unmercifully She sticks with it and eventually finds solace by befriending a Jewish girl who is also having problems with her peers at school This book is the story of what happens next Janet’s life is not easy she is surrounded by prejudices of all sorts she falls in love with the wrong people and she has to deal with pain and loss but she perseveres in the face of adversity The book is a very easy holiday read but has little real content For me that was a problem as I found that it dragged at times and even became boring It is a nice enough story but I felt I wanted a bit depth to keep my interest I also found that the language didn’t flow as easily as it might have On the plus side despite the numerous difficulties encountered by Janet in her uest to achieve independence there is a feel good aspect to the story which is never a bad thing as far as I am concerned Janet is also a believable character who is developed well enough to make the reader really want her to succeed Whilst it is unlikely that I will be actively searching for other books by Anne Bennett I would not object if one appeared on my pile of current reading matter Assuming her other books are similar in style to this one I think they will be uite popular with people looking for an easy unchallenging read

  3. Bhargavi Bhargavi says:

    Slow but enticing story

  4. Ann Ann says:

    A good three stars but it did go on a bit It should have been a bit shorter too much angst between Janet and Simon

  5. Clare O& Clare O& says:

    This tale of a bright girl in Birmingham is set just after WW2 and follows her life from the eleven plus to student teaching Janet is determined to follow the example set by her own class teacher and study to make something of herself instead of being chained to a sink with a baby a year like most women Her mother and aunt support her but her father unsurprisingly says education is wasted on girls and should be given to boys A girl will only marry early and stay home Scraping along with a scholarship and a separate grant to help with expensive school uniform Janet is resented and jeered at by other girls in her new class However she works hard at school She befriends another lonely misfit Ruth a Jewish girl whose family has lost everything not once but twice Ruth has a brother called Ben who thinks Janet would be the right sort of wife for a doctor Janet falls for him but she still intends to ualify and teach after school and then there's the fact of his being Jewish and her a Catholic to contend withI would have liked to see what Janet was actually learning but we don't get that; not what Shakespearean play whether she took advanced language classes or whether her course included philosophy for instance The personal side is all we see I thought the first half of the book was the strongest and the latter lost some depth and became a mere recounting of events Janet had all my sympathy at the start but had lost a good deal of it by the end Not that all events were her fault when we can see the different entrenched attitudes in different strands of society Life was very hard and people had to struggle sometimes stepping on other people to get on This book also looks at a child with what was then called mongolism the early efforts of Montessori teaching and their effects on these children A Little Learning was the first story from this author and you may also be interested in Chocolate Girls by Anne Murray about the chocolate factory workers in Birmingham

  6. Tania Tania says:

    Started this one last night wow imagine a time when secondary education for girls was not a given However a little voice inside me says there are still parts of the world which have this idealogy

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