Ebook ´ Blind Mercy PDF Ú

Ebook ´ Blind Mercy PDF Ú

Blind Mercy (Blind, #2) [PDF / Epub] ☄ Blind Mercy (Blind, #2) By Violetta Rand – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Amazing E Book Blind Mercy Blind #2 Author Violetta Rand This is the best favorite book with over 268 readers online here Amazing EBook, Blind Mercy Blind, Author Violetta Rand This is the best favorite book with over readers online here.

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  1. Carol Cork *Young at Heart Oldie* Carol Cork *Young at Heart Oldie* says:

    This is the second book in Violetta Rand’s Blind series and once I found myself swept back to the Viking erato a story of adventure and romanceTyr is everything I would expect of a Viking warriorarrogant proud strong and courageous but vulnerable in ways that make him very human It shows in the guilt he feels over his brother’s death and tenderness and compassion he shows when he prepares his brother’s funeral and in the scene in the woods when he talks about the significance of Odin’s AltarIt was easy to visualise Tyr in my imagination particularly in the scene on the ship where he strips off his wet clothes in front of Rachelle and exposes his tattooed body and indulged in some male preening Tyr gave an exaggerated stretch accentuating the rippling muscles that formed his perfect bodyI was relieved when Tyr didn’t succumb to the wiles of his former mistress Frida because I lose respect for a hero who sleeps with another woman after he has fallen for the heroineStrong willed determined passionate and stubborn Rachelle is the perfect heroine for this Viking warrior I can sympathise with her feelings of loss after the death of her parents and the fear that she has lost her Uncle Henry who took her in and loved her like a daughter Vikings and Saxons were as incompatible as fire and waterThe enemies to lover’s trope is a favourite of mine and I loved Tyr and Rachelle’s heated sparring the delicious sexual tension and the sensual love scenesI enjoyed the fast paced plot with all its twists and turnsthe greed the jealousy the betrayal and the political mascinations Once again Ms Rand provides a fascinating and well researched insight into the Viking worldI’m intrigued by Aaron who is willing to betray his cousin Tyr He deserves the punishment meted out to him but I can’t wait to see how Ms Rand will redeem him in the next book Blind RedemptionI must be bloodthirsty but I was glad the ‘priest’ and all those who dealt so cruelly with Rachelle met a suitable sticky endI enjoyed the reunion between Rachelle and Uncle Henry who I grew very fond of I also enjoyed the surprise wedding present a lovely touchA passionate and sensual love story memorable characters and an exciting plot made BLIND MERCY an enjoyable readREVIEW RATING 45 STARSThe Blind series so far click on the cover for details I would like to thank Violetta Rand for kindly providing me with a copy of this book in return for an honest review This review is also posted on my blog

  2. Regan Walker Regan Walker says:

    Another Fast Paced Viking Tale from RandThis is Rand’s second novel and book 2 in the Blind series The story begins in York in 1058 as Rachelle Fiennes’s parents are killed and her uncle Sir Henry Fiennes becomes her guardian Years later in the aftermath of the Battle at Stamford Bridge in 1066 where King Harold defeated the forces of the King of Norway Rachelle searches the battlefield for her uncle worried he may be dead and stumbles over a Norwegian warrior Tyr SigurdssonTyr a powerful half English jarl wants to recoup his losses from the failed invasion and so takes Rachelle back to Norway thinking to ransom her but his passion for the English girl leads him in another direction Tyr has his enemies however and soon the bastard son of the fallen Norwegian king decides to claim Rachelle as his own All of which leads to an exciting finishThis is a novel that takes you to the very end of the Viking Era Rand writes very well and the story is uite entertaining As with Rand’s first novel BLIND ALLEGIANCE at times the story seems a bit modern in the choice of some words and phrases and the behavior of the heroine And of course they didn’t use surnames in the 11th century But the story will hold your interest And if you ever wondered what happened to the Vikings this will answer that uestion

  3. Victoria Vane Victoria Vane says:

    45 StarsHaving suffered a humiliating defeat at the Battle of Stamford Bridge and the death of his king Tyr Sigurdsson only wishes to return home and do what he can to help his fractured country Hiding amongst the dead he’s accidently discovered by a beautiful Saxon Thinking to hold her ransom Tyr is surprised to find his captive is not as reluctant as he would have expectedOrphaned at a young age and taken in by her Uncle Rachelle Fiennes now fears she has no one With nothing to lose she accompanies Tyr trusting him without even understanding why but the fierce Norseman fascinates her like no other man This is a story of reluctant enemies In Rachelle Tyr sees courage and spirit In Tyr Rachelle sees a hero and protector Although knowing they should hate one another they instead discover a growing respect and admiration as well as a burgeoning passion I found the heroine of the story very likeable and sympathetic and Tyr was a fantastic hero well developed complex and everything a Viking warrior should be Their developing romance felt very real and I was thoroughly engaged in this well written Viking romance

  4. Ivyd Ivyd says:

    35 starsThis is the second book in the Sigurdsson family series Rachelle Fiennes is searching the battlefield for her uncle after the Battle of Stamford Bridge when she encounters Jarl Tyr Sigurdsson Is their meeting Tyr’s punishment by Odin for surviving or God’s answer to Rachelle’s prayers all those years ago when her parents were killed? You’ll have to read BLIND MERCY to discover which if either it isThere were many aspects of BLIND MERCY I really enjoyed There was a definite sense of déjà vu occasionally that reminded me of the historicals from the ‘70’s Those were the start of my love affair with the genre The history and settings were wonderful From York to Norway the settings and times were so descriptive it was easy to imagine yourself there with Tyr and RachelleWell developed characters that were easy to relate to Onetooth was my favorite He was Tyr’s champion but rather than intimidating he came across as a teddy bear at least with the fairer sex He was a good friend to TyrBLIND MERCY sports a properly reprehensible villain in Tyr’s cousin Aaron Jealousy and greed are the roots of his evil He’s not alone in his efforts The old adage “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” is certainly applicable when it comes to Aaron’s accomplice This pairing is part of what reminded me of my past reads because the treachery was usually very close to the hero or heroine in those earlier talesGood flow and pacing allowing for uick smooth readingMy issues were with the relationship between Tyr and Rachelle its development and on occasion Rachelle I had a hard time believing given the situation and times she’d leave the battlefield with the enemy simply giving up the search for her uncle I read it several times wondering if I was missing something and couldn’t find it if I wasRachelle was educated and intelligent but there were times I doubted both of those attributes In a nutshell Rachelle was alright for the most part but she caused a lot of her own problems and there were times I’d have gladly throttled herFor Tyr the physical seemed to be the predominant force Most of Tyr’s time with Rachelle was spent trying to seduce her Personally speaking time spent developing a mental and emotional connection that at least kept pace with the physical I do admit though that when Tyr finally let his emotions fly it was all you could hope for However these aren’t make or break issues for most The wonderful history and writing combined with that reminiscent uality make BLIND MERCY worth readingReviewed by IvyD for Miss Ivy's Book Nook

  5. Lori Lori says:

    Find this review and at Lusty Penguin ReviewsBlind Mercy the second book of the Blind series is an amazing and thoroughly enticing historical romance by Violetta Rand The author’s lush attention to detail captures the imagination and draws the reader into this love story between a Viking and SaxonThe battle between the Vikings and Saxons directly affects Rachelle Fiennes’s life because Uncle Henry her guardian is missing and presumed dead While Rachelle searches the battlefield for her uncle she finds Jarl Tyr Sigurdsson Attracted to his immense size and stunning looks Rachelle a Christian wonders if her childhood prayers for a true protector have been answered Tyr mesmerizes her with his pagan practices as he builds a pyre for his twin brother Rachelle bravely stands by Tyr while he consecrates his brother’s body Drawn to Rachelle Tyr is also confused by his fascination at the same time especially because she is Saxon as well as Christian In the end attraction wins out and Tyr takes Rachelle with him to Norway Even though Rachelle is in no way prepared for what awaits her there she adapts to her current situation which I loved about her Unfortunately Tyr makes it virtually impossible for Rachelle to adjust to her new life by isolating her from others lying to her and rejecting her in all kinds of ways Rachelle shows incredible strength as she prays constantly for her uncle’s safety and protects her virginity which makes her a thoroughly enchanting character Occasionally Rachelle disobeys Tyr to explore the grounds but he misinterprets her actions which in turn leads to him isolating Rachelle even Slowly Tyr begins to realize how deep his feelings for Rachelle are and knowing he has hurt her he makes amends by providing Rachelle with a special space to pray which really endeared his character to me Despite everything Tyr has done Rachelle recognizes that she is falling love with him I couldn’t help but cheer when Tyr finally declares his love for Rachelle More importantly Rachelle for all of her suffering really receives the happily ever after that she deservesUtterly appealing characters and stunning plot twists keep the pages turning making Blind Mercy an entertaining addition to a fantastic seriesI received an eBook copy of the book for the purpose of an honest review I was not compensated for this review and all conclusions are my own responsibility

  6. Cassia Cassia says:

    Hurray for a worthy medieval romance writer Violetta has the power to entertain the reader with interesting characters and excellent dialogues It’s easy to forgive her few indulgences to contemporary language “He’d have to realign his priorities” is not very appropriate for a Viking jarl ; Mercy is definitely the pillar of the story “Grant me courage to be merciful The greatest value her parents had impressed upon her was a charitable spirit” This is Rachelle the Saxon heroine “MercyPlease God have mercy on my family” she prays desperate to be reunited to her family There’s a lot of violence in England in times of the Norman conuering Tyr is a different kind of Viking warrior learned just caring “He exuded confidence and exercised mercy” thinks Rachelle of him “Wisdom was valuable than gold” is Tyr’s philosophyRachelle fears Vikings when she is forced to live among them “Vikings appeared as untamed as their lands” In time of war she is frightened by Vikings predisposition to war; in time of peace she is scared by their lewd behaviourThere’s a powerful unusual starting in this romance Tyr and Rochelle meet on a battlefield among corpses They both mourn someone they lost in the massacre Attraction is immediate palpable but attraction doesn’t work for women if trust lacks Rachelle will give herself to Tyr only when she can trust him while Tyr’ll conuer her heart only when he shows his true feelingsThe beginning of the story on the battle field and the voyage to Norway are the best parts of the story The prosecution is not particularly original but the writer masters the art of retelling stories already known betrayal kidnapping rescue falling in love Everything is told in an irresistible and utterly pleasureable style Difficult not to read this story but in one solution

  7. C.D. Hersh C.D. Hersh says:

    Violetta Rand has created a very enjoyable interesting fast paced and sizzling story In most cases Rachelle and Tyr seem to be real people as you get to know them and their actions seem to be authentic The story really carries them along I especially liked the starting premise of how they got together as it is different from others where the Viking kidnaps the English ladyTheir journey from being enemies to lovers is one that many will want to read The descriptions of the battle aftermath put you there as did the descriptions of Tyr’s home and homelandTyr seemed throughout the book to be a very strong individual with his own demons to deal with as he came to grips with his background and realized that Rachelle was the only woman for him Rachelle’s journey was even twisted as she grew up with many false notions of what Vikings wanted as well as dealing with loss of family and no real stability in her life Running away with Tyr sure showed her strength as she stepped out of her comfort zone Many other characters intertwine in the story and furnish the rich color to the cloth that Violetta Rand has woven for a storyI was provided an advance copy to read for an honest review

  8. Louise purfield-coak Louise purfield-coak says:

    Compassionate Passionate Love 💘I loved this story It fired my imagination Even when I wasn't reading I was thinking about the storyline The story was original and walked a fine line between between clean and sweet and passionate softor adult soft porn Unlike so many romances this left just the right amount of sex to your imagination In no way Prudish I would highly recommend this book to all ages of adults

  9. HEA Junkie HEA Junkie says:

    Giving this a 4 even though I didn't overly enjoy it I used to love the historic genre but can't get into it any I struggle with the limited choices Our heroine feels she has Her constant battle of I want him but can't have him because it's not proper drove me a little batty Nonetheless the story was well written

  10. Vicki Vicki says:

    He came with the Normans to invade England She was a Saxon walking the battlefield looking for her Uncle She found the Viking bloody and under a dead body She tries to help him They have a lot of problems to solve besides she is the defeated enemy and a Saxon Really good book I've already put #3 #4 on my KU

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