A Tale of Two Kingdoms ePUB ë A Tale PDF/EPUB ² of

A Tale of Two Kingdoms ePUB ë A Tale PDF/EPUB ² of

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  1. Tifinie Henry Tifinie Henry says:

    As the story Victoria Danann has created continues it gets better and better and better and betterThe sixth book in the series The Knights of Black Swan was a wonderful surprise and a rollercoaster journey on my emotionsA Tale of Two Kingdoms reminds me of stories through history weither they be fiction or non fiction of forbidden loveThe two love birds Aelsong elf and Duff fae should be sworn enemies However their attraction for each other which started in the second book of this series The Witch's Dream has not faded but has grown Duff decides that they must be together no matter what Duff painstakingly arranges everything so they can be together but his plans go awry The two lovers are forced back to their native homelands under house arrest by their familiesWill the love birds ever find true happiness? Will their families ever approve? This is something you will have to find out by reading this fabulous bookMy favorite line from this book is There you are Here I am Just six little words but when you read this love story OH what a punch they makeCome join us on the journey that Victoria Danann has so wonderfully created I know you will love it as much as her devoted readers do

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    I loved this book Victoria Danann knows how to tell a story and leaves you hoping she never uits writing A Tale of Two Kingdoms is written about Duff and Aelsong a story everyone has been waiting to hear Their families and their countries do not want them together How will they spend their lives with each other when everyone they know wants them apart?This is the 6th book in the series make sure you read My Familiar Stranger it's free first so you can get the entire story in all its wonder

  3. Shurrn Shurrn says:

    I've been impatiently waiting for the day that Duff and Song would get their moment in the spotlight The wait was worth it and A Tale of Two Kingdoms shines brightly among the other jewels in the Knights of the Black Swan series so far “I know ‘tis damn inconvenient and likely to be trouble than I can guess before ‘tis done But I would no’ change it The only thin’ on Earth I’m sure of is that whatever bother comes she’s than worth it” We had been witness to the little moments throughout the series starting in book two The Witch's Dream where the forbidden love between Aelsong Hawking and Duff Toruil has been steadily building to a crescendo I think I'll always be a sucker for fantasyintelligent female characterslove against all oddsstrong men with soft heartshumor actionand it's just my luck that The Knights of the Black Swan combines all of these elementsI'd like to thank the Author Victoria Danann for her forethought in including a synopsis of her previous books at the beginning As you may know I dislike reading series which are not completed I read too uickly to follow a series piecemeal By the time a new book is published I've already completed upwards of 20 books since the last installment I find myself re reading all of the books which lead up to a new release for the sake of keeping my memory fresh The author's forethought in including the synopsis was a blessing I was able to catch up with all the bits of Duff Song's forbidden love so farI've enjoyed all of the Knights of the Black Swan Books and I make it a point to recommend them often The first book in the series My Familiar Stranger is a free eBook and I've given it five stars Some of My Favorite Moments view spoiler“Why do you think people don’t uestion the status uo?”“Because the thin’ about comfort zones is they’re comfortable”“Speechless are ye? I have a feelin' I should relish these times as they may be few and far between”“‘Tis easy to say when you’re standin' who knows where? ‘Twill be a sight different when I can get my hands on you”Duff lowered his voice “Aye ‘Twill be different when I can get my hands on you”“I did no’ choose her from a lineup of beautiful girls” He looked down at her “Although I would've” She rewarded him with the dazzling Hawking smile he lived and breathed for He pulled his gaze back to Innes “And she did no’ choose me We’re mated”“I know ‘tis damn inconvenient and likely to be trouble than I can guess before ‘tis done But I would no’ change it The only thin’ on Earth I’m sure of is that whatever bother comes she’s than worth it”The fact that he was right didn't make him endearing at that moment Sometimes being consistently right was his most infuriating uality This was one of those times“Vacations are fun Sabbaticals are informative uests are enlightening sometimes cathartic Retreats are rejuvenating Treks are adventurous This?” He stopped and looked at Rosie “This sounds like running away Hard to put a noble spin on running away”“Aye You’re goin' to say she’s my sister and I should bloody well be on her side”“And what will you say to that?”He looked down and to the side “I do no’ think I have any choice but to agree My wife has an invisible but permanent grip on my balls”Duff looked down at his hands The picture of living with Song by that mountain stream had been so vivid so perfectly clear He saw a beautiful feminine hand come into his field of vision and close over his own clasped hands and there it was Even in the midst of bitter disappointment he wasn't alone any It was'’t about the house in BC It was about Aelsong Hawking She was his home wherever she wasThere was no sound in the room other than everyday sounds that serve as the score to contentment or melancholy or despair all relative to the emotions of the perceiver The faint patter of rain a small crackle of fire and an occasional sigh coming from one of the dogs hide spoiler

  4. Judy Fox Judy Fox says:

    I know there are grouches out there who don't enjoy a story that ends with love conuering allbut I'm not one of them Ms Danann introduced us to both Aelsong and Duff Toruil back in her second book The Witch's Dream We knew there would be a story coming later and her fans couldn't wait for it to be told In book six she does just that In this gripping story Duff and Aelsong finally get their chance to be together even though they know their families friends heck even their countries are going to have a problem with them being together Duff thinks he's got it all worked outbut as with anything worth having it's not going to be easy His plan goes awry the lovers are forcibly separated and everyone is out for blood Ms Danann creates such a wonderful story I read it all at once I absolutely could not put the book down until I reached the end My sleepless night was totally worth it I got my happy ending as well as being able to revisit all of my favorite characters The characters in this series are so interesting and their lives are completely compelling You just can't help but want to read about them This author is so very good about letting us revisit the people we've grown to loveIt's best to read the serial saga in order The first book My Familiar Stranger is free everywhere You've really got to read this saga in order to really enjoy the experience of the intelligent creative worlds Ms Danann has created

  5. Nelta Nelta says:

    Victoria Danann has engaged us in a love story that in their respective worlds is all but forbidden but with the help from a few friendsand their patience perseverance and love Aelsong and Duff find that love knows no boundariesI enjoyed book 6 of The a Knights of the Black Swan series very muchactually one of my favoritesyes I'm a sucker for love stories Thank you Victoria for giving us Song and Duff's story and I look forward to what comes next in this highly entertaining series

  6. Pam James Pam James says:

    A Tale of Two Kingdoms A True Love StoryI thought Gathering Storm was the best She Topped it again Be Still My Heart Love Story Romeo Juliet Cleopatra Mark AntonyCinderella Prince Charming You may have thought Those were the greatest Love stories ever toldWell Think again Good thing I was sitting Made me week in the knees She brought out all my emotions again again “My love” He closed his eyes when he heard her voice like a lick of honey “There you are” “Here I am”He pulled her into his arms and stared at her face like he’d never seen her before She did the same with himThey stepped onto a grass path in front of a thatch roof cottage next to a stream with blooming flowers that would put most botanical gardens to shame This is The dimension spot I would love to get lost in for awhileThese are a few passages from the book Made me melt a bit If you are looking for a true love Story this is it I was spent when I got done reading this Soo Gooood Now If My review of this book has not convinced you to get this book Get the book anyway you will love itFrom a Victoria Danann Forever Fan Pam James

  7. Gina Whitney Gina Whitney says:

    CANT GET ENOUGH OF DUFF That's right you heard it from me Duff had me hotter then a fox in a forest fire; Honestly I needed to crack my window Loving this book is putting it mildly Lusty enthralling and a sexy love story is what Victoria Danann gave us AGAIN I was captivated from page one I read this in one sitting having to perch my kindle on something because the freaking thing was burning the hell out of me Holy hell Yeah that kind of read We bookies live to be transported to some fantastical out of this world preternatural place Look no further Books 1 6 will have you believing in love again laughing your ass off and wishing there was a way to interview for Black Swan's A team Not to mention we get to visit with our favorite character's Yep this one's a 1 CLICK CHICK'S XX

  8. Bleumoon Bleumoon says:

    The latest chapter in the Knights of Black Swan is yet again a wonderful surprise and fun and thoughtful read As with all of Danann's Black Swan stories A Tale of Two Kingdoms takes the reader on a wild ride with surprises at every turnThe multi dimensional world created by Danann and shared with us is breathtaking and always relevant to our current worldThe characters we have come to love and care about are there but some minor characters finally get their time in the sun It is a wonderful tale of love and perseverance and thinking outside the box to find a resolution I cannot wait for the next book in the seriesThis whole series is so worth any price and need to be read over and over That is how great they are Victoria Danann is a master story teller and she takes us all with her on these awesome rides Thank you Victoria

  9. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    While this is a fantasy with a dash of romance thrown in it is also a story of how prejudices rule societies It also shows the triumph of reason and passion over the unfounded prejudice A wonderful moving story that brought me to tears at the end While the romance is at the base of this part of the whole story there are elements that in this part as well as the whole that are universal to men and women to society as a whole

  10. Merissa (Archaeolibrarian) Merissa (Archaeolibrarian) says:

    The story of star crossed lovers has been around for a while and if asked most people would say that Romeo Juliet is the most famous one Well think again because Duff and Aelsong are about to take that crown This story has been a long time coming as we met Duff and Aelsong in Book 2 The Witch's Dream but it is well worth the wait Duff has decided that he has waited long enough and makes a plan to ensure that he and Aelsong are together He enlists the help of some friends new and old and along the way you get a glimpse of what the royal lives are like for both the Fae and the Elves Are they really that different? How do you fight prejudice that is so ingrained no one can actually remember why it all started in the first place?This is a romance primarily but it also deals with issues like prejudice history war and even all of the above in one family This book does not disappoint on any level and the standard of Victoria Danann's writing just keeps on getting better No this isn't as long as the others and NO this definitely doesn't affect the uality It just meant that I was able to sit and read this in one sitting with no interfering habits like sleeping getting in the wayThis is part of a series and I would highly recommend that you read them in order As a taster the first book The Familiar Stranger is FREE Get this one take a deep breath enter another dimension and never look back

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A Tale of Two Kingdoms [EPUB] ✶ A Tale of Two Kingdoms ✻ Victoria Danann – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Winner BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE Series four years is a row Reviewer's Choice Awards The Paranormal Romance GuildDuff Toruil is heir to Scotia the kingdom of Fae who have been at war with the Elves for Winner BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE Series four years is of Two Kindle Ñ a row Reviewer's Choice Awards The Paranormal Romance GuildDuff Toruil is heir to Scotia the kingdom of Fae who have been at war with the Elves for two A Tale PDF/EPUB ² thousand years Fae and Elves are both species who have evolved to respond to one fated lover with whom they will mate for life Duff Toruil’s predestined mate is perfect for him in every way beautiful smart Tale of Two Kindle Ö polished strong willed and a talented psychic who works for The Order of the Black Swan The only problem is that she happens to be Aelsong Hawking talented Black Swan psychic younger sister of vampire hunter Sir Rammel Hawking AND the only daughter of the royal house of Elves After escaping together to establish a uiet obscure life away from both families and the politics of elffae differences the young lovers are captured separated secluded and left to die as mated pairs of their species tend to do when permanently parted Fortunately an angelic intervention persuades the unlikely powers that be to get involved If you love a grand mix of romance scifi fantasy paranormal tears laugher and complex stories this series is right for you .

  • Kindle Edition
  • 244 pages
  • A Tale of Two Kingdoms
  • Victoria Danann
  • English
  • 08 August 2016

About the Author: Victoria Danann

OVER ONE MILLION COPIES SOLDNew York Times and of Two Kindle Ñ USA Today Bestselling Author Victoria Danann is the author of over thirty eight romances paranormal scifi fantasy and contemporaryHer Knights of Black Swan series won BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE A Tale PDF/EPUB ² SERIES FOUR YEARS IN A ROW Reviewers Choice Awards The Paranormal Romance GuildShe also won Paranormal Romance Novel of the Year FOUR YEARS IN A ROW.