Cam Girl Epub Ú Kindle Edition

Cam Girl Epub Ú Kindle Edition

  • Kindle Edition
  • 18 pages
  • Cam Girl
  • Sage L. Morgan
  • English
  • 24 July 2014

10 thoughts on “Cam Girl

  1. Thom Swennes Thom Swennes says:

    When Arianna was asked to participate in a new business venture she pictured it as a chance to kill two birds with one stone The first bird would concern Jackson a man she dreamed of As a young healthy and sexually active woman her hormones often dictated her actions She has a soft spot or maybe to the point wet spot for Jackson and now she could have her heart’s desire The second bird was money As a university student she had a constant need for money she suffered from financial anemia and desperately needed an infusion of cash to make life bright and bearable again In this day and age the internet provides a multitude of opportunities for making money Jackson discovered that men and women would pay money to watch him take off his clothes With Arianna’s participation they assured to make a killing This book is a literary uickie related in form and the potential satisfaction to its sexual counterpart Easily read and temporarily satisfactory but soon forgotten never to surface again this book isn’t for everybody What can I say? It was short and free and vastly entertaining than reading the labels on all the products stored in bathroom medicine cabinets

  2. Emma Lindhagen Emma Lindhagen says:

    Some hot action but the setup felt a bit awkward and rushed

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Cam Girl[BOOKS] ✯ Cam Girl ✴ Sage L. Morgan – Arianna is a regular college undergrad uietly lusting after classmate Jackson until one fateful day when he approaches her with two surprises 1 He is the star of his own webcam show 2 He needs a femal Arianna is a regular college undergrad uietly lusting after classmate Jackson until one fateful day when he approaches her with two surprises He is the star of his own webcam show He needs a female partner to rake in cash Book in the Cam Girl series Warning This story contains adult language and sexuality Not intended for readers under the age of Excerpt She grabbed Jackson's face and pushed her mouth against his She felt his shoulders tense beneath her hands Then he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in His lips parted and his tongue probed her mouth swirling around her tongue and dancing over her teeth She explored his chest with her hands and pinched his nipples She felt him growing hard against her Damn Jackson whispered when she pulled away His pupils were dilated He stared into Arianna's eyes his expression unreadable What was it Surprise Fear Jackson tugged at the waist tie of Arianna's coat She could feel his cock now rock hard throbbing against her ass Fuck Jackson murmured when he pulled the coat off of Arianna's shoulders revealing a black demi bra and matching crotch less panties His eyes fell to her nipples peeking over the lace edge of the bra They hardened under his gaze Arianna’s stomach heaved as she watched him lick his lips He threw the coat aside and forced her off of his lap She sueezed her eyes shut as he ran a finger over her slit His bronze neck was just inches from her mouth perfectly smooth except for his pulse which was much steadier than her own Stacy is naughtier than I thought he told his viewers And naughty girls get punished don't they Approximate length words or pages SHORT STORY.

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