Hardcover ☆ The Nuts ePUB Ú

Hardcover ☆ The Nuts ePUB Ú

The Nuts ❮Ebook❯ ➠ The Nuts Author Eric Litwin – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk It's bedtime at the Nut House but little Wally and Hazel Nut aren't ready to go to sleep We're Nuts We're Nuts We're Nuts Why go to bed when you could be singing and howling at the moon But Mama Nut i It's bedtime at the Nut House but little Wally and Hazel Nut aren't ready to go to sleep We're Nuts We're Nuts We're Nuts Why go to bed when you could be singing and howling at the moon But Mama Nut insists All little Nuts need to go up to bed Who will win this bedtime tug of war In an unforgettably catchy bedtime adventure Eric Litwin author of the best selling and beloved Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes and artist Scott Magoon invite readers to chime in and join the nutty fun.

10 thoughts on “The Nuts

  1. Lily Lily says:

    We met Eric today and he readsung this adorable book He got the kids moving and singing My girls loved him I can't wait to get a copy of The Nuts Eric is so groovy

  2. Brenda Kahn Brenda Kahn says:

    I was lucky enough to be at a Little Brown preview at Midwinter where the special secret guest was Eric Litwin who sang read this deliciously delightful bedtime book to us Arcs were available at the Fall Preview yesterday and I gleefully grabbed one to revisit This is sure to be a story time favorite and a noisy one at that as nearly every page invites participation of the dancing yelling sort The digitally produced art is humorous cartoonish and energetic Scattered throughout the scenes of bedtime mayhem are funny items that play on the word 'nut' such as a bowling alley called the Nut Bowl Open Late or the ball pit labeled dipped nuts Not to mention the main characters names Hazel Nut and Wally Nut Definite must purchase

  3. Jana Jana says:

    Cute story about a couple of youngsters who would rather play and sing instead of going to bed Mother starts off gently reminding them that it's time for bed but Hazel and Wally aren't listening Finally Mother has to be direct The illustrations are hilarious including Wally's nut butt on page 10 It would pair nicely with Power Down Little Robot by Anna Staniszewski It also has a sweet loving message So Big Mama Nut said 'No matter what you will always be my sweet little NutsThere's also a nice lullaby Good night little Nut good night Good night little Nut good night I love you the way you are You're my nutty shining star Good night little Nut good nightYou can download the free song and lullaby and have a nutty sing along at TheNutFamilycom

  4. Jason Jason says:

    Finally got to the library in the new city we now live in so we can resume reading new books at bed time I like stories like this one Stories that are fun and convey a message kids identify with This one was about kids getting pretty wound up at bed time and Mama getting angry because they would not listen This scenario had just played out before we read the story with me in the Mama role Anger is a tricky emotion for kids and parents I'm glad the book emphasized you can be angry AND love someone

  5. Megan Knippenberg Megan Knippenberg says:

    Cute punny book with vivid illustrations I like that you can download the voice recording to put a melody to the song parts My son is a little to young to appreciate it yet as he can't make the connection between the audio recording and the book itself

  6. SB SB says:

    The Nuts are my new favorite I flipping love their rhyming stories that are hilarious My 4 yo and I love to sing their refrains too Eric Litwin is a genius at writingsinging with kids Love this series

  7. Benji Martin Benji Martin says:

    Yes Thank you Mr Litwin

  8. Michele Knott Michele Knott says:

    I enjoyed the story but loved it combined with the video of Eric Litwin performing it with a group of children

  9. Erin Gunderson Erin Gunderson says:

    35 stars I love that Eric Litwin is back with another series and I love that it includes the songs like Pete the Cat but I'm going to mention something that just drives ME nuts And this issue also appears in Litwin's Pete books Why is it that whenever the song has a song with a phrase repeated 4 times the textword bubbles in the book only show it 3 times? It is so frustrating to use the audio track or to sing the same tune and words as the song when using this book for storytime with preschoolers I am trying to teach print awareness but where did this other line of text come from it's not on the page If they try to read the book along with the audio track following the words with their finger where do they go?It may seem insignificant but it really annoys me Other than that I think Litwin's books are great

  10. Cindy Dobrez Cindy Dobrez says:

    And what is bedtime like at YOUR house? If you have little ones or have raised little ones or read picture books to little ones you are going to want this nutty bedtime book I would start a half hour before bedtime with the music link to the book trailer and song and a longer review is in our Bookends blog post here you've danced and sung to the song you can snuggle in for reading time and enjoy the zany illustrations There are plenty of puns for adults to chuckle at too as Mama nut gets louder and frustrated at trying to get the little nuts to bed an arrow pointing at mama’s now red cheeks says “Roasted Chestnut”Big bedtime fun with song and adorable illustrations

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