Kindle Edition Þ Wild Need eBook Ú

Kindle Edition Þ Wild Need eBook Ú

Wild Need (Chiasson, #3) ❮Reading❯ ➻ Wild Need (Chiasson, #3) ➳ Author Donna Grant – In this third thrilling story in the Chiasson series New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant delivers a fiery tale about a man who embraces his heritage and a woman trying to escape evilSTALKED In this third thrilling story in the Chiasson series New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant delivers a fiery tale about a man who embraces his heritage and a woman trying to escape evilSTALKED BY DEATHDavena Arcineaux would like nothing than to put her past of tragedy and magic behind her and stop running Maybe even find a great guy to share her life with and start a family But an evil Voodoo priestess who will stop at nothing to get her hands on Davena has tracked her to Lyons Point And time has run out for DavenaFIGHTING FOR SURVIVALBrave protective Beau Chiasson was prepared to live his life alone but when fate puts the lovely Davena in his path he realizes that there has been a part of him missing that only she can complete Engaged in the biggest fight of his life Beau must not only save the parish from evil but also win Davena’s heart – if he can keep them both alive.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 164 pages
  • Wild Need (Chiasson, #3)
  • Donna Grant
  • English
  • 08 May 2014

About the Author: Donna Grant

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10 thoughts on “Wild Need (Chiasson, #3)

  1. Vanessa theJeepDiva Vanessa theJeepDiva says:

    Running from the powerful voodoo priestess that killed her mother sends Daveva right into the arms of the incredibly sexy Beau Chiasson Her attraction to the man makes her long to keep him out of her mess of a life The desire for him makes her want to keep him near her Lyons Point offers no reprieve from the evil that is chasing her and she soon finds that Beau and his family is the key to surviving another dayAs a Chiasson Beau is no stranger to the supernatural that is present in the world especially the small town that he calls home What is completely new and unknown to him is the pull he feels to the new woman in town He is drawn into her life in a way that he never knew possible Even though he has sworn off any long term relationships with any female forces unbeknownst to him keep putting Davena in his life When an evil force brings trouble to her door he does the only thing he knows how to do protect the innocent The paranormal element in Wild Need is a little greater than the one in Wild Fever I am enjoying the series They are the perfect short read that I need for killing time while I am at work Yes I read a work between clients and I like those books to be novella length and light pleasurable reads I am looking forward to Donna giving her LaRue’s their own stories The little she has shown of them makes me think they will have great tales to tale

  2. sherry smith sherry smith says:

    Wild needdonna grant does it again with a uick paced story that leaves you wanting always a good read anytime all her books are great keep them coming

  3. Bobbie Bobbie says:

    Davena and her sister have been on the run since the night of there mother's murder Tired of running Davena just wants a normal life Beau's a hunter fighting the supernatural when he learns Davena is being hunted by something evil he'll stop at nothing to save her

  4. Tania Tania says:

    Wild Need by Donna Grant Book 3 in the Chiasson seriesI really liked this novella about Beau and Davena Even though it's part of a series it can be read as a stand alone but I would recommend reading the series from the beginning to familiarize yourself with all the characters This book may be a novella but it's twice as long as the first two novellas in this series A lot story is given about Beau and DavenaBeau Chiasson is determined to stay single He doesn't want to put a woman's life in danger because of what he doeshunting paranormal creatures Besides his two brothers have women in their lives and can carry on the Chiasson name But his plan to stay single is blown out of the water when he meets Davena When he finds out Davena is in trouble he'll do everything he can to make sure she stays aliveand becomes hisDavena and her sister Delia have been on the run for years from an evil Voodoo priestess named Delphine A relationship is not in the cards for her but ever since she saw Beau Chiasson she's wanted to get to know him But when the threat of Delphine puts Beau's family in danger she has to protect him and his family If that means sacrificing herself then so be itI really enjoyed this story line in this book It's fast paced and flows very well The plot was interesting and easy to follow The romance between Beau and Davena well done but I found it a little too uick ie everything happens within two days Regardless their chemistry is very passionate A tiny teaser at the end gives the reader a glimpse at to what's to comeOverall I really enjoyed this addition to the series and look forward to reading the next book about the Chiasson's cousins the LaRues Moon Kissed Book 1 of the LaRue series

  5. Teresa Teresa says:

    Another winneThis book was so damn good A real page turner for me I enjoyed the love story between Beau and Davena immensely and the action suspense and drama was just as good as the first 2 books Looking forward to the next one

  6. Stacie Crews Stacie Crews says:

    Another hitI loved this storyline Donna Grant is brilliant My only complaint was that I would like there have been of a fight at the end

  7. Katrina Katrina says:

    Love all her books

  8. Kristin & Sue Ellen ~ GirlyGirlBookReviews Kristin & Sue Ellen ~ GirlyGirlBookReviews says:

    As always another marvelous read by the talented Donna Grant Fast Paced Action Packed Sexy Seductive Those are just a few of the many wonderful ways to describe Wild Need I love this series and all the characters in it I was hooked from the beginning and stayed up late into the night because I just couldn't put it down I love reading stories set in Louisiana because there is so much history and magic there The Chiasson Brothers are just too awesome They are loving compassionate and major bad asses Swoon worthy for sure They have all sworn to protect the bayous from all kinds of things that go bump in the night For years the hope of having a family was almost lost How could they even explain or hope for someone to understand the life they live Not to mention being with any of the brothers could lead to certain death It will take strong and persistent women with a backbone of steel to face what lies ahead with their menBeau has watched several of his brothers find their other halves He longs for the same but he is afraid for the past repeating itself and losing her to the monsters they fight night after night When he first laid eyes on Davena he fought the pull to be by her side but all that changes when he realizes that she is a target and running from an evil the likes they have never seen  Davena just wants to have a normal life A place to call home She is tired of looking over her shoulder waiting for her past to catch up with her Beau makes her want things she thought would never be possible Maybe there could be a future together if she can only find the courage to take a stand and stop running Tough decisions will be made and eye opening secrets will be revealed but only if they can survive the wrath of a revengeful voodoo priestess

  9. Kelly at Kelly at says:

    Review will be posted at wwwbooks n kissescomNUMBER OF HEARTS 4 14REVIEW Beau is the youngest of the Chiasson’s brothers While he has always taking the stand that he doesn’t want or need love in his life except for his family he finds it hard to not notice the beautiful and mysterious Davena Arcineaux But Beau is determine to do just that Right up until evil touches his dreams The smell of smoke and the taste of pure evil spars Beau into facing that fact that Davena needs him But does she Davena is one tough chick even if she doesn’t know it yet She has an amazingly heart breaking story that only get worst But when she things she is down and out for good her night with beautiful blue eyes comes in to rescue her Davena is not willing to risk anyone else’s life ever again But can she win alone Wild Need is book 3 in Donna Grant’s Chiasson series And I believe that each story has gotten better and better I loved Beau and Davena’s story My only grip about this story is how long it took for Beau Davena to come together But it was necessary you will have to read to find out Oh and a little surprise at the end of the book had me saying “Look out world Everything just changed” I can’t wait for the next installment in this novella series Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of the book as gift from Donna Grant in exchange for an honest review This review is my own opinion and not a paid review

  10. Michelle Leah Olson Michelle Leah Olson says:

    Our Review by LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha ChelleCopy gifted in exchange for an honest review Actual rating 45 SkullsWild Need was another great Chiasson installment Beau is the softy of the Chiasson bunch and his heart shown through like crazy in his story We meet some new and awesome characters to the world in Wild Need Beau's love interest Davena has one heck of a story herself and there was plenty of action and intrigueWild Need is book 3 in Donna Grant’s CHIASSON series and I have loved every book thus far I've read some reviews where readers think they're too mainstream I completely disagree I love the supernatural hunter brothers theme a la Supernatural and while I complain that there isn't to read each and every book the romances are thrilling My biggest complaint always about PNR novellas is the instalove While I know it's necessary it always bothers me For some reason the uick relationship resolutions in these books never bother me Donna does an amazing job of building them up and saves me from the shock of 'really' I'm enjoying the ride and there's so much to come with this series There's a little surprise at the end of this one and we know that the LaRue's are getting their own spin off series as well I'm so excited for

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