Destined to Fall eBook ☆ Destined to MOBI :Ú

Destined to Fall eBook ☆ Destined to MOBI :Ú

Destined to Fall ❴Reading❵ ➿ Destined to Fall Author Tamsyn Bester – When Cassey Emerson graduated high school 3 years ago she packed her bags and left the dusty trailer park she called home in the rear view mirror Since then she has worked hard to give herself the lif When Cassey Emerson graduated high school years ago she packed her bags and left the dusty trailer park she called home in the rear view mirror Since then she has worked hard to give herself the life and career that she always dreamed of As the Publishing Assistant at Knight Media her dreams are slowly but surely coming true But something is missing Kyler Knight is young rich and the heir to the multi million dollar fortune that is known as ‘Knight Media’ – the biggest and most successful media company in Chicago When his father decides Destined to MOBI :Ú it’s time for Kyler to learn the ropes as successor he didn’t think it would include working with someone like Cassey Emerson Their attraction is immediate and Kyler is everything Cassey should stay away from He can’t give her what she wants but that doesn’t stop him from pursuing her When one passionate night changes everything Cassey must decide whether or not she can accept what Kyler is offering or walk away from how he makes her feel Suddenly things change lines are blurred hearts are broken and Cassey is left to pick up the pieces after her hot steamy relationship with Kyler becomes so much Can she move forward or was she always Destined to Fall This is an Adult Contemporary Romance Novel Recommended for readers .

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  1. Chris- Bookaddict Chris- Bookaddict says:

    This is the first book I have read of Tamsyn’s and it will not be the last Cassey Emerson did not have the best childhood Once She graduated High School she packed her bags and left the trailer home she had known her whole life Since she left 3 yrs ago she has worked herself into a career she loves as an Publishing Assistant at Knight Media She is loving her job Her life is slowly coming together with the dreams that she had for herself He became my drug of choice and I'd gone so far out on a limb with my feelings that I didn't know I was out there alone Cassey even though she did not have the best childhood she is one strong independent woman She has her head on her shoulders and knows what she wants out of life After being raised by parents who could of cared less that they had her She vowed to never settle for any less that what she deserved out of life That is until the day that Kyler Knight Son of her boss walks into the company Kyler Knight is young rich and the heir to the multi million dollar fortune that is known as ‘Knight Media’ – the biggest and most successful media company in Chicago When his dad decides it is time for Kyler to learn the ropes as successor he didn’t think it would include working with someone like Cassey Emerson Kyler was sex on a stick He was not looking for a relationship He lived his life and the woman he chose to be with knew right up front what was going to happen with no strings attached He knew what he wanted from the moment he set his eyes on Cassey and he was going to stop at nothing to get what he wanted Is Kyler trying to win Cassey over to become another notch on his bed post? Or did Kyler think Cassey was different from all the other girls he had been with? Will Cassey cave into Kyler? Can she have a no strings attached relationship? Or will Cassey want ? I liked how the attraction between these two was tested I loved how Kyler’s parents were so involved in the story as well This was a fun uick read It definitely kept me turning the pages because I had to find out what was going to happen next Every once in our lifetime we meet someone who sets us on fire and the only thing that will douse that flame is if we give in even if it's just for one night

  2. Becky Becky says:

    This book started with a bang literally Well sort of You'll have to read it to see what I mean It took off from there and was a uick and steamy read definitely for 18 and up though Decent characters Kyler in particular had some good lines both out loud and internalHowever the writing feltunfinished A lot of what the characters said and did felt much younger than they were supposed to be still in collegehigh school instead of people already working in their chosen career Their reactions to situations often also didn't seem to jive with their supposed level of maturity There were than a few very convenient coincidences which made things almost a little too easy for the characters paired with some other situations where the drama felt manufactured than realIt wasn't a bad book but the writing could definitely use some polish I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

  3. Jennifer G. Jennifer G. says:

    I really enjoyed this bookThe characters were awesome except for Jessa couldn't stand her I absolutely loved Kylar he was just awesomeCassey was the perfect match for himI liked her as well This was a wonderful story about trust love loss commitment struggles and learning to fight Thanks for a great read

  4. Ash Ash says:

    SighI don't know what happened with this one I really don'tBeneath Your Beautiful was good with some editing errors but still a great read Precious conseuences was fantastic still with a couple of errors but considerably less than Beneath Your Beautiful I absolutely loved it But Destined to FallIt felt like the editingformatting progress went backwards Was there editing done on this one at all? For God's Sake I really hate to lower ratings due to editing mistakes but it was so distracting in this book I really feel like I have no choice There was punctuation errors again either missing or used incorrectly but by far the most irritating thing about the editing on this was the fact that I had to keep guessing at who was supposed to be speaking THERE IS A RETURN KEY FOR A REASON when the speakers change there is this idea that you hit the return key for a new paragraph so your readers can tell that there is a change of speakers instead of leaving them to guess because honestly if it's the wrong guess it could change the entire perception of a situation andor characterEx Nice to hear from you too mom What have you done this time? Borrowed money from the wrong people and now your daddy and I are in a pickle 54%How it would have been if edited Nice to hear from you too Mom What have you done this time? Borrowed money from the wrong people and now your daddy and I are in a pickle As for speakers this one's a pretty easy guess but that doesn't change how distracting it is to decipher it This is why professional editors have jobs so they can catch these kind of mistakes and fix it before the books gets published Anyway there was some pretty good things about this one too The main character was pretty cool she wasn't weak by any means and it was nice to read a heroine that wasn't jumping into shit before thinking about the conseuences There was definitely improvement on how the characters were developed the men in particular were much believable for one Kyler was a little controlling but some guys are like that so I suppose that's okay Rating three stars should have been 35 or 4 if the editing was fixed up a bit Hopefully the next books by Ms Bester will be

  5. Kendall {Book Crazy} Kendall {Book Crazy} says:

    45 starsI first discovered this book when I saw the Cover Reveal on the author's Facebook page I thought the cover was smoking hot so I really wanted to read the story behind it I then read the synopsis and knew I needed to read it so when I saw the author offering e ARCs I uickly signed up I have also read one of this author's other books and I really enjoyed it so I was excited to read this one This book was amazing I loved it The plot was sexy with some twist and turns to keep it interesting I was sucked right into the plot from the first page It was soooo good and I read this book in two sittings The plot was like a few other books I've read before but the author did add her own twists to it to make it different I have to admit that I wasn't expecting the twist and turns in this book I was obviously expecting some but not the ones that were in the book I like being surprised though The plot also had plenty of seriously hot and steamy scenes which were SO hot I also loved that there were loads of them lol I hate to bring this up because I read an unedited ARC but there were so many grammar errors in this book that I actually found it a bit hard to read There were words spelt wrong as well I tried so hard to ignore them and I really hope they're all fixed in the final version The characters were amazing Cassey was the main female character and I just loved her She was so genuine and such a normal everyday person I also liked how she played her love interest at his own game Cassey was never a shy character in this book but at the end she was so kick ass when she was dealing with Jessa a woman who tried to put the moves on Kyler I connected with Cassey the whole time I was reading this book which I was really happy about because she was such a good character Kyler was the main male character and he was seriously hot As soon as he entered a room every woman turned to look at him I also loved the way he was with Cassey The two of them wanted a friends with benefits type relationship but obviously that didn't last for long ; My heart did go out to Kyler when he went through a very difficult family situation in this book My heart broke for him I loved that this book was written from both Cassey and Kyler's point of view as it made it interesting and also a certain length of this book focused on a situation in Kyler's life than Cassey's but Cassey was still there I'm kinda annoyed that this book is a standalone lol I loved reading Cassey and Kyler's story Their story did end beautifully though and it had a Happy Ever After which I loved I'm super happy with how it ended for all the characters as well As I said the cover is smoking hot I instantly wanted to read the story behind it as soon as I saw it and what a story it was The model on the front really suits the description of Cassey as well Big thank you to Tamsyn for an ARC of Destined To Fall

  6. Wendy Wendy says:

    An engaging novel of a smart business woman who overcomes her past Cass is a self driven character Determined to show the world she has come far past her childhood in the trailer park and neglectful parents Her strength and determination will draw you into her story She is embarrassed and keeps her past hidden from most people Especially her parents they only call when they need her to send them money Torn between helping the people who neglected her and letting them do without drug money is a moral dilimina she has to face A man was not on her agenda or in her goal setting plans Until she meets Kyler She wants him but believes she needs to deny herself to keep herself safe emotionally and professionally Kyler is not one to take no for an answer This character is not your typical Alpha male He is compassionate and seems ready to settle down Going from playboy to heading his father’s corporation he does a complete turn around Cass is what he wants He explains it in detail to her in a way that leaves her breathless “I want to do every ungodly thing imaginable to that tight little body of yours and leave you utterly breathless I want to be buried so deep inside you that there is no way of knowing where my body ends and yours begins And no it won’t be for just one night because once I taste you once I’ve been between your legs I’ll want of you and you’ll want of me” Kyler to Cass expressing his desire for her Cass is not so easy She’s worked too hard to get where she is and won’t destroy it for any man Even though Kyler is doing things to make her hot She has a relationship with her employer Kyler’s parents that is unusual They adore her and have taken her into their hearts She looks at them as the parents she wished she had all along Having Sunday lunch with them she is surprised when Kyler shows uphe’s never been there before His motives become clear soon enough “We’re at your parents house It’s disrespectful” Cass “No” he replies holding my chin with his hand “The things I want to do to you are disrespectful” Cass trying to thwart Kyler’s advances This is a heartwarming storyline with characters that will have you smiling and hurting for them You will be drawn into the storyThe RatingsHero 4Heroine 425StoryPlotHEA 4The rating system is based on 1 5 5 being the best and 1 the worstHero The main male character of the story Heroine The main female character of the story StoryPlotHEA Happy Ever After The over all story line and culmination of the main plot or theme

  7. Mandie Foxylutely Mandie Foxylutely says:

    ARC received from the author in exchange for my honest reviewFrom reading the blurb I knew I would like this book even though it is not an original plotline it was an enjoyable read with likeable characters you wanted to learn about Oh and intermingled with a whole lot of smut and sex – yes this was a book made for me It’s the classic tale of girl from wrong side of the tracks meets boy born with a silver spoon in his mouth well sort of Cassey has had to do a whole lot of growing up to do coming from a trailer park with parents whose only concern is getting their next drug fix So she pulled herself out of the gutter and worked her way into a publishing career at the mighty Knight Media She has an amazing boss who sees the promise in her and takes her under his wing But then he brings in his son Kyler to work towards taking over the Knight conglomerate Then things start to hot up with her new boss Mr Knight jnrKyler Knight is a total player in the media spotlight and has women swooning at his feet but he knows himself it’s time to take on responsibility at the family business which brings him in contact with the little hellcat that is Cassey Emerson Cassey is a strong female lead and that’s exactly what I like to find She doesn’t take no shit from anyone well after living with parents like she had she has learnt to develop a second skin and not let anyone push her around She has been single for over a year so when she comes face to face with her new sexy alpha boss man Kyler her reaction is to be expected But I liked that she played it cool and made Kyler do the chasing Kyler is the typical sexy rich and alpha tooting specimen of a man and instantly a love button magnate for the reader I like the bit of angst that is brought in with the ‘has been’ hanger on Jessa causing havoc for the budding romance Although both Kyler and Cassey initially started out as a casual hook up their feelings changed and the lines not to be crossed got a little blurred until they eventually got erased This was a fairly short ish read for me and it kept me entertained on a freezing cold Sunday afternoon The hot factor certainly kept me fanning myself There were some areas where things happened a little too convenient and some of the behaviours a little immature but I didn’t let that detract me from enjoying this steamy read It felt of a New Adult genre rather than Adult contemporary It has definite adult scenes though YumSo overall a good enjoyable four star read for me

  8. Esraa Bassiouny Esraa Bassiouny says:

    ARC copy provided for an honest review          This book might be my guilty pleasure because it got all the reasons to make me hate it but I loved it I really enjoyed reading it from the first scene It captured me and didn’t let me free until the end of the book The writing style is perfect I really loved it the most in this book             Cassey is a sweet girl who worked hard to be in a good place after living her entire life in a trailer park with shity parents She wants to stay in the place she worked hard to get She is perfect Something that I loved about Cassey that she didn’t forgive her parents who had done the worst job to be parents It felt so natural to me because everyother story they always gives a great example about how to forgive even when people hurt you Cassey didn’t and I respect her for this                Kyler is a total womanizer who changes after meeting Cassey He wants her and even when his dad told him no he did it anyway I didn’t like Kyler so much; I felt he was so cliché and that he was pushed I didn’t feel anything he felt and I didn’t understand him               For the secondary characters; I loved all of them; except Jesse They were written in a beautiful way Even Drew was written in an amazing way; I felt his ego It gave the story bad characters between all the angels I would like to love Jesse every story needs the villain but she was also pushed She didn’t feel natural jealous ex but I felt that the author done a very hard job to make her that and she failed I love uinn and her boyfriend They were nice touches to the story             Here are the things I didn’t like about this book The characters weren’t well developed; I felt that they were pushed to love each other Kyler’s personality weren’t that great; it wasn’t natural I felt that the author has done a hard job to get him to be like that unlike Cassey who was so natural to me I found some scenes in the books that resembles to Beautiful Bastard I know that might be okay for some but I don’t like it when I find scenes in the books that resembles to any other book                Overall the book was good and I enjoyed it as I said it is my guilty pleasure I hope you like it than I did

  9. Bianca Bianca says:

    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewCassey Emerson grew up with a rough life in a trailer park with her awful parents Fast forward years later after a lot of hard work she left that behind and is now a publishing assistant at Knight Media The day Cassey meets the heir to the Knight Media throne Kyler Knight sparks fly The attraction between them can be felt immediately This was such a great story and I enjoyed it from beginning to end Kyler Knights is than your typical womanizer Not only is he handsome but he is a hard worker and goes after everything and everyone he wants I love that this story has a strong female lead She is intelligent resilient and knows what she wants out of life Finally a female lead that I can truly relate to This story was than your average fall for your boss story It was heartwarming genuine and truly a great story The chemistry between Cassey and Kyler is undeniable While they seem to have a friends with benefits arrangement going on it turns in to so mudh With love there is also drama and heartache Cassey and Kyler were no exception There were some twists and turns in the story I was not expecting It was refreshing to read a story like this one in that the storyline was different than what is out there Watching Cassey and Kyler surrender to their feelings was beautiful Love was never easy for either but together it made sense I love the underlying message of this story That with love all things are possible In all things choose love Cassey and Kyler are proof of thatI really loved that this book was written in both Cassey and Kyler's point of views It allowed me to connect to them on a deeper level It also gave us a lot of insight into their feelings about each other I enjoyed the writing style as the story flowed nicely and it was very easy to keep up with the dual povs as it went back and forthI am hoping that their story continues While this book is a standalone I don't feel like their story is finished and would love to know what happens to Cassey and Kyler If you are looking for a sweet and steamy romance then this is for you

  10. Heather andrews Heather andrews says:

    Kyler's mind is something else my mind unwillingly drifts back to uinn's friend Why the eff can't I remember her name? Dammit Maybe I should try and see her again? Cassey that girl has no problems giving Kyler sass don't eff with me Kyler I whisper harshly I don't have time for your games and I sure as s don't want to be another notch on your bedpost Kyler has issues waking up alone well Ms Emerson I grind out It is urgent You weren't in my bed when I woke up this morning and it's a problem Kyler likes to make sure his terms and conditions are met the only term and condition I need is that I get to eff you whenever and wherever the mood strikes and you of course have the same privilege I love the relationship between Kyler and Cassey That's good I reply giving him a cheeky grin Because I happen to think you have a very sexy a I know he grins You've left uite a few nail marks for me to find I always love reading Tamsyn's book so it was no surprise that I fell in love with this one right off

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