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Shadow of Temptation PDF/EPUB ↠ Shadow of PDF or

Shadow of Temptation (Asylums for Magical Threats, #2.5) ❴Reading❵ ➸ Shadow of Temptation (Asylums for Magical Threats, #2.5) Author Jessie Donovan – An undercover agent about to crackTwo years of living a double life has taken a toll on Sabrina Ono but if she plays her cards right her assignment should be finished within the week However just as s An undercover agent about to crackTwo years of living a double life has taken a toll on Sabrina Ono but if she plays her cards right her assignment should be finished within the week However just as she starts planning her final moves a man she once called friend shows up wanting revenge A man with an unusual Shadow of PDF or powerJorge Salazar is a Shadow Shifter After being forced to work for a sociopath for nine months he strikes a deal to escape but there’s a price for his freedom—he must capture the leader of a Feiru terrorist group and turn him in Unfortunately the only person who can help him succeed is the woman who not only betrayed his biggest secret but also broke his heartAs the pair work against the clock to bring down the terrorist group and save another group of innocents from dying an unexpected attraction builds Will Sabrina and Jorge’s secrets be too much to overcome or will their feelings be able to heal past wrongs.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 131 pages
  • Shadow of Temptation (Asylums for Magical Threats, #2.5)
  • Jessie Donovan
  • English
  • 18 March 2015

About the Author: Jessie Donovan

Jessie Donovan has sold over half a million books has given away hundreds of thousands to readers for free and has even hit the NY Times and USA Today bestseller lists She is best known for her dragon shifter series but also writes about magic users aliens and even has a crazy romantic comedy series set in Scotland Shadow of PDF or When not reading a book attempting to tame her yard or traipsing arou.

10 thoughts on “Shadow of Temptation (Asylums for Magical Threats, #2.5)

  1. Melanie Melanie says:

    45sReview posted herehttpbookpassionforlifeblogspotcoShadow of Temptation is yet another great read in the Asylums for Magical Threats seriesWe met the characters in book two but Jorge definitely made an impact with his aloofness and his ability to shadow shift He was brought onto DEFEND’s radar when they discovered a new nemesis known as ‘the Collector’ for whom Jorge was forced to work for He would never have been in the clutches of the Collector had it not been for Sabrina Ono the woman he was developing feelings for but who ultimately betrayed him because of his secret latent ability and now they’re about to meet again When Jorge is given the mission to capture the leader of the Feiru terrorist group he needs information and fast this leads him to re encounter Sabrina and it’s not a happy encounter However what Jorge doesn’t know is that Sabrina isn’t actually a part of the terrorists but she is actually an undercover operative and he’s about to land her in hot water by blowing her cover and it becomes a race against time to stop the next atrocity capture the bad guy but most of all – stay aliveI really enjoyed this story and I thought it complimented the series really well As I said Jorge had made an impact and I had hoped we would get his story and this is what we got He is a very relatable character in fact both of them are when you find out their circumstances – both are in places they don’t want to be and doing things they don’t want to do but it’s either that or pay the conseuences and both want their freedom I like when a couple has history and that it has ended on bad terms and what could be worse than Sabrina turning Jorge in for his abilities? But she couldn’t foresee what would happen to him as a result They both have issues to work through in this before they can trust each other again but you could still feel the chemistry between them and I was routing for them to find a way to be together There were a few sexual tension moments that were hot I love the will they wont they feel to it and it makes it that much sweeter when the inevitable happensI thought the storyline was good and a great way to reconnect the pair There is a run and chase ‘feel’ to it as they are stalked by the enemy when Sabrina’s cover is blown Jorge wants to protect his source of information in the beginning but that soon changes and Sabrina knows that it’s become a life or death situation What the terrorist group has planned is shocking and again makes you want them to succeed in their mission Neena also pops up and I have to say I think her character is awesome and would love her story someday I love the omniscient feel to her character and think she definitely has a plan and plenty of tricks up her sleeve There is plenty of action in the book as they are chased and also action in the relationship department but it’s not all about the drama and the sexytimes they both have some deep issues to deal with and it becomes imperative that they do so This also brings them into the DEFEND fold and hopefully into the main series as reoccurring characters because I would love to see these two in action again

  2. Dianne Dianne says:

    Once again Jessie Donovan raises the bar and it’s a novella that packs an entire story between its pages Sabrina is coming to the end of a two year undercover assignment that has cost her nightmares self doubt while causing her to betray someone she cared about Has it been worth it to dismantle the Federation League and their uest to end the all beings with magic? One last mission to save the innocent lives of children and she is finished As the clock counts down to that day the man she betrayed a man she loved and trusted has escaped his tortured imprisonment only to hunt her down in an act of revenge Jorge was once a powerful member of the Federation until he awoke with his own magical powers making him the enemy and Sabrina had to turn him in unaware of the pain and suffering he would endure at the hands of “The Collector”Will Jorge get his revenge or will they first team up to stop the school bombing? What about after? His pain runs deeper than the physical he lost any hope that the woman he cared about ever had been honest with Will the tension and chemistry between them become a force that will make them stronger or will lingering doubts cripple any chance for their success? Can love be trusted?Shadow of Temptation by Jessie Donovan dumps us full force back into the world where the magical are feared targets for the “human purists” who want them erased from the world I think this may be her best work yet as she fills each page with tension energy and that dark feeling that something big is just around the corner This does not feel like a novella the plot is complete detailed and full of life Ms Donovan has fleshed out these characters with so much realistic emotion sometimes I forgot this was “make believe” This is a perfect little addition to the Asylums for MagicalThreats seriesSeries Asylums for Magical Threats Book 25Publication Date May 26 2014Publisher Jessie DonovanGenre Paranormal FantasyPrint Length 131 pagesAvailable from | Barnes Noble

  3. KathyAnne KathyAnne says:

    I am such a fan of this series and this author This is a 130 page novella so just a teaser while waiting for the next full book in the series It is a stand alone and doesn't end on a cliffhanger yay I'm not sure if I would recommend this if you haven't been following the series if you do read it as a stand alone bear in mind that there is an on going story that it is attached too and you might have a lot of unanswered uestions The reading order for this series is In Shadow of Temptation we get a chance to meet Sabrina and Jorge Both of them have had their lives hijacked by the secret organizations that are behind the scenes in this world of the Feiru the author has created They are both on the same mission but have to move beyond betrayals of the past and an undeniable attraction for each other so they can successfully accomplish their mission They are a great couple with great chemistry and are very likable characters I hope we get to learn about these two in future installments This is a well written novella engaging and story focused which is something I prefer as a reader Romance and attraction is definitely in the air but it is of a side dish instead of the main attraction If you love paranormal romance then this is a good series to pick up I've been following since book one and I'm hooked ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewwwwktbookreviewscom

  4. Jonel Jonel says:

    Donovan’s upbeat and fast acting writing style draws you in to this novella right from the first page There is a dark undercurrent to the entire story It not only highlights the plot and action of the story but also draws you towards the main characters and how they view themselves Donovan’s use of acronyms and agents speaking in code really make you feel like you’re in the middle of a secret op Donovan’s characters are so inviting that you feel as if you’re part of their lives Both the recurring characters and the new ones spark your interest as well as your compassion and sometimes your ire I also appreciate how they are than human but strive to be themselves Family and friends are intensely important to everyone and Donovan makes you feel like you belong And I mean honestly how can you not love a cameo from Neena?Overall this was a fantastic addition to the series I loved getting to know the characters better as well as DEFEND This is a phenomenal read for anyone who enjoys the supernatural but wants a bit of a different take on the subjectPlease note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review

  5. Sabrina Sabrina says:

    Third book of the series and though it is probably considered of a novella because it is shorter than the others it was still a really good addition to the story Jorge is brought back and a new character Sabrina is introduced We learn a little bit of Jorge and his rare shadow abilities as well as see another organization's that Sabrina is part of role in this world Reunited after betrayals and secrets Jorge and Sabrina work together to put away the leader of a Feiru terrorist group And though they try to ignore their connection with anger from their pasts they eventually realize that you can't hold onto anger with the life they live Adventure danger and romance their story is just another piece of the Feiru world and in uniting everyone in a cause that will lead to peace

  6. Alyssa :::Riverina Romantics::: Alyssa :::Riverina Romantics::: says:

    My Rating 4 out of 5 Heat Rating 35 out of 5 3I had been interested in Jorge ever since he first showed his gorgeous self I knew there was such a deep back story to him and I wanted to know I felt there was enough room to make his and Sabrina’s story much longer there is still so much I want to know but it was still satisfyingI though Sabrina was a wonderful heroine She felt so real to me I related to her She was very intelligent and resourceful and she had enough determination to rival even the most stubborn of living things But she also had weaknesses and I think that is where she really won me over She was strong but vulnerable and the mix of it made her beautiful and enchanting She could touch you with the simplicity of it She also had the right amount of emotion for everything that was happening She flowed smoothly from one state to the next And her love for Jorge was true and passionate and it felt like it developed at just the right paceI loved Jorge I just wish we have learned about him and his life He was impulsive and wary but that is what has kept him alive and ahead of those who are after him His anger and attitude eual that of his love and passion The hell he has gone through has changed him for the better if you ask me His mind often made him think differently than his heart but his heart always won out despite how much he warred with himself He trusted his instincts even when he consciously hated or disagreed with it His was almost animalistic in his instincts and absolutely amazing and always had me wanting The only issue I had with this book is how little we got to know the main characters They were both so beautifully done that I was kind of disappointed it was over I hope we get to see them much in the future and learn about them Although the sex between them is perfect for who they are and where they’re at in their lives it was not scorching And that was okay with me With their pasts and the ripples between them an all consuming passion fest would not have fit The tension was breathtaking and their love was beautiful This is turning out to be a very interesting series I’m thoroughly enjoying it

  7. Eva Millien Eva Millien says:

    After years of living a double life Sabrina is close to finishing her assignment but then the man she once betrayed returns and she will have work with him to bring down the terrorists and save innocent lives in this thrilling paranormal romanceWith a fast pace and smooth flowing plot this story keep readers hovering on the edge of anticipation with lots of suspense excitement and passion Jorge is sent to take down the terrorists and he has no problems exacting his revenge against the woman who betrayed himright? The reader can’t help but get caught up in all the sparks flying around Sabrina and Jorge as they come to realize that no matter what their heads think their attraction to each other burns hot and their desire will not be denied The well written scenes and details bring the story and the strong compelling characters to life with and the well orchestrated action and suspense draw the reader in and ensure that the reader can’t put the book down until they have read every last word Spine tingling excitement builds throughout the story as the two try to overcome their issues and make plans to bring down the enemy all while dodging bad guys with powerful abilities and both Jorge and Sabrina have secrets to spice things up even The fascinating and complex world has lots of interesting elements lots of enemies and captivating heroes and heroines with intriguing abilities which all works together to ensure that the reader doesn’t have a chance to get bored I was completely caught up in this story from the beginning and I just wish I didn’t have to wait so long to read the next one

  8. E.A. Turley E.A. Turley says:

    Shadow of Temptation Asylums of Magical Threats #25 by Jessie Donovan5 out of 5 starsThis book was released last year and I reacuainted myself with it ready to read the next book that's just come out This particular series are standalone books with a common theme and I have to say that I've loved each of themSabrina Ono works for the Feiru Liasion Office and is undercover working at the Federation League Jorge Salazar works for DEFEND He thinks she betrayed him and sold him out to the collector A mysterious woman who is 'collecting' an army of magically talented beings to work for her She gets their obedience by torturing the people that they love the most In Jorge's case it was his sister and he was forced to kill and kidnap for the collector until an organisation called DEFEND was able to help her escape As soon as that happened he escaped himself and has been working for them ever sinceThey soon find that they have a common goal and need to work together to achieve it Slowly they each find out that things didn't happen as they had both thought and find out a startling truth The love they once had for each other was still there deep down it's never gone away The only thing is that they aren't the same people that they used to be So will they be able to accept the changes in one another? They have a lot of secrets still to uncover and a school to stop from being blown up while they find outI recommend this book to read and will be reading the next installment A Flare of Promise after this so watch out for the review on that too

  9. Book Junky Girls Book Junky Girls says:

    45 StarsWe met Jorge in Frozen Desires when he found out DEFEND could be his way to freedom Now we see his stroy how he got into the Collectors clutches and what he does to escape it And who he blames for everything that happened to him the last 9 monthsSabrina is at her end everything shes done undercover for the last two years is getting to her but she finally sees the light at the end of the tunnel Never did she expect to see the one person shes called friend in the last few years or that he would blame her for what hes been through in the last few monthsThey both have their share of problems and secrets they should hate each other So why is it everytime they touch the sparks fly between them? If they ever want a chance at being together they'll have to come clean about their pasts and their secretsJorge might have been a sweet boy once upon a time but his recent experiences have changed him He's tough and strong he'll take charge and do what he has to in order to complete his missionSabrina has done what she has had to in order survive She knows when to keep uite and listen and how to get informatio She's had to be tough and knows how to take care of herself but likes being taken care of tooThese two have their ups and downs between their missions and secrets but once they figure each other out it could be a great thing if their open to it I enjoyed this one and can't wait to see of this series

  10. Linda Levine Linda Levine says:

    This is the third book in the series about magical users working to combat those who destroy lives and seek to control other magic usersI have enjoyed the series and the various characters that are involved in the fightIn this book we meet Jorge Salazar again who is a Shadow Shifter and learn about his past Sabrina Ono is a woman he worked with an considered a friend until she turned him in as a magic user and he suffered greatly for that treachery Sabrina has many secrets As they have to work together to stop a tragedy he learns that there is much to her past than he suspectedThey were friends in the past and he wanted from her She kept him at a distance but doesn't feel the same need now that he knows about her They have great chemistry It is fun to see them work together and try to ignore those desires so they can complete their missionI look forward to reading books in the series I would recommend reading all the stories in order but you don't have to do so to enjoy them They are pretty uick readsI received a copy in return for a honest review

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