Wanting Him Needing You #2 eBook Ó Wanting Him

Wanting Him Needing You #2 eBook Ó Wanting Him

Wanting Him Needing You #2 ➶ [Read] ➲ Wanting Him Needing You #2 By T. Renee Fike ➾ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Can a person really fall in love in only a few short months Does distance really make the heart grow fonderNatalie a confident strong individual who has had her fair share of pain and loss has found t Can a person really fall in love in Needing You MOBI ð only a few short months Does distance really make the heart grow fonderNatalie a confident strong individual who has had her fair share of pain and loss has found the one thing that truly makes her happy Parker Thomas Parker is living his dream on tour with his band mates King Dread He’s making a name for himself Wanting Him Kindle - and his band wanting nothing than for Natalie to join him on this new adventureUnfortunately due to life Nat cannot go with him Between going to school working and taking care of her sister her plate is fullDuring the months apart Nat and Parker are able to grow as individuals and reveal who they really are and what’s importantThough distance is hard on both of them; there Him Needing You PDF ✓ are people out there who want nothing than a piece of Parker When they are put to the test will they be able to prove their love for one another or will others step in and take their placeThis contains graphic sexual content and situations suitable for readers .

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  1. Heather Heather says:

    How in the world does one describe this book without giving away spoilers There is so much going on that has a lot to do with how I feel that made this book what it isWanting him is a sweet yet sexy love story with a rock star one of my favorite topicsNat and Parker have to decide if they can handle the distance of a tour Both of them are ready to do this thing but like the blurb says someone always wants something from somebody Even in real life there are people who have to do their best to come between to people happily in love when you add fame to the mix it’s 1000 times worseI really liked Wanting Him I thought the drama that played out was pretty realistic of what could happen when a rock star tries to have a romance with someone back home I also think if it wasn’t for their friends if it wasn’t for them having mutual friends things might not have turned out the way they did Those friends were awesome I loved all the characters in the book I loved the side stories and I’m really glad someone took care of BradNatalie was a great character stronger than I could have ever been in that situation Parker was amazing in his persistence and love for her I’m going to bring their friends up again I really loved them all This book wouldn’t have been the same without such a dynamic group of people who always had each others backThere was love romance spicy scenes heartache heart break friendship I think Wanting Him had everything to make a wonderful story and it totally was I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to see what comes next from T Renee FikeThank you so much for my copy

  2. Candi- Candi- says:

    OMG I loved this book Once I started reading it I was hookedNatalie and Parker have only been together for a few months before Parker and his band mates leave to go on tour Parker wants Nat to join him but since the death of her mother all responsibilities including her younger sister Nora fall on her so she can'tThings between Natalie and Parker are going really well Nat knows she loves Parker but doesn't want to scare him away but when she travels to one of Parkers concerts and things heat up between them HOLLLYYY CRAP my kindle was smoking these two were so hottt it's Parker who tells Nat firstI love Nat and Parker I was rooting for them so bad but of course you know something bad is going to happen to drive them apart Will Nat be able to forgive Parker? Will they ever make their way back to each other and get their HEA?I loved getting on Harper and Tucker from book 1 I was on pins and needles when it come to Tuck but I am so glad everything worked out with himI LOVED Declan He was sweet and caring when it came to Nat I can't wait for the next book on him and Rowan I have a feeling cold showers will def be needed with their book

  3. Joecool Review Joecool Review says:

    This is another one of those books that tries really hard to get that vein in my head to POP Holy smokes the intensity of feelings bwtween these two is such that nothing else seems important They are trying so hard to continue on with their lives and yet keep circling back Even if they know it can't lastI don't want to talk about the parts that really hit me between the eyes because you should experience them yourself as they come It's tricky but I can guarantee you will be hooked on this book very uickly You don't have to read the first one to understand this one but I highly recommend it That book knocked me on my rear end as well Grab this book up RIGHT NOW

  4. Rochelle Parker Rochelle Parker says:

    Loved the story of Parker the bad boy rocker and Natalie the independent girl who is raising her sister after her mother died They hadve great chemistry and glad they glad they happily ever after

  5. Karine Karine says:

    DNF about 35% I don t understand the high rate on this book Though it was promising at the beginning I just got bored Plus I really don t like the author's writing I guess this was not for me

  6. Jdm74aol.com Jdm74aol.com says:

    Really goodI cried a lot during this book I still think there were some places that dragged like the first one but this one flowed better

  7. The Book Fairy Reviews The Book Fairy Reviews says:

    Fabulous Fantastic She has outdone herself This book was a demonstration of strength and weakness Weakness because she couldn't let Parker go But is it weakness??? Really??? Strength because she told him it was best for them to go there separate ways and still be friends Strength Nat was able to hang around and be friends with him even though it was killing her inside Yes this book is about both side of LOVE STRENGTH WEAKNESSI give this book and what I have read of the series Wanting Him continues where Needing You left off so we still get Tuck and Harp She also introduces us to Rowan and we all know Declan We will get of that couple in the next book I CAN'T WAIT I give this book 8 stars You will go through the gamut right along side Natalie I know you are going to want to kill Park and then you are going to kiss the ground he walks on and then kill him again But hey that is why I loved this book Keep em coming

  8. Missy Missy says:

    A good readNew found love tested by fame and distanceParker and Natalie are a sweet couple that seem to really care about each otherthey think about each other daily and call or text each day They really seem devoted to each other so that you really believe their relationship will go the distance But fame and other people get in the way of their love testing it to the exteme I loved how strong Parker was in confessing to her even knowing that would be the end of them Natalie was strong too but I was hoping she would give him that second chance What Parker does next kind of pisses me offdon't want to give it awayI do like how their friends help them out and try to get to the bottom of the scandal but still try to support both Natalie and Parker individually tooThis was nice easy read

  9. Tracie Redmond Tracie Redmond says:

    review to comehalos and horns book blog

  10. Sabrina Sabrina says:

    Good book uite a bit of drama and threats of cutting off the balls lol but really good read

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