Whiskey, Youre The Devil PDF/EPUB ✓ Whiskey, Youre

Whiskey, Youre The Devil PDF/EPUB ✓ Whiskey, Youre

Whiskey, Youre The Devil (An Addison Holmes Mystery, #4) ➽ Whiskey, Youre The Devil (An Addison Holmes Mystery, #4) Free ➳ Author Liliana Hart – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Things are looking up for Addison Holmes She's about to take her PI exams she's living in sin with the man of her dreams and she hasn't had a phone call from her mother in three whole days But she sho Things are looking up for Addison Holmes She's about to take her PI exams she's living in sin with the man of her dreams and she hasn't had a phone call from her mother in three whole days But she should have known things Whiskey, Youre PDF or were too good to last When Rosemarie Valentine's fingerprints are found on the murder weapon used to kill a sex shop owner it's up to Addison and the gang to clear her name before Rosemarie is thrown in the pokey with no hope of getting out again With the help of Nick Savage Kate and Addison's mom and sister what could possibly go wrong.

10 thoughts on “Whiskey, Youre The Devil (An Addison Holmes Mystery, #4)

  1. Petra Petra says:

    This was my shallow hilariously funny listen for Sunday Full of completely over the top characters with wonderful Southern charm sexual innuendos and a minor mystery that is second to the characters and their relationships and dialog I'm a fan of this series and listen to it whenever I need irreverent light entertainment

  2. Kjen Kjen says:

    Wellhell I still can't pick a guy That is so unlike meThe true blue Babe side of me from Evanovich's Plum series wants to root for Savage but I just can't dislike Nick the way I did Morelli Sighprobably I'm not supposed to mixing my triangles I'd really like to read book 5 nowbut there isn't one yet

  3. Mariko Tsubaki Mariko Tsubaki says:

    I am little disappointed with this book I love this series and have been eagerly anticipating the next book but I am not thrilled with the authors inability to bring closure Please Ms Hart do not make this series into another wishy washy noncommittal type of series This book should have been longer the ending felt rush and I dislike the fact the murder mysteries was solved in the matter of paragraphs

  4. Rosie Rosie says:

    I just finished the much anticipated Whiskey your the devil and let me start by saying I do love this series and this author The series is super funny it's about a women who is a bit insecure but at the same time empowering in her own right Addison Holmes is your typical women she loves retail she loves ice cream and she can appreciate a good looking man but she tends to stumble into trouble here and there Although I do love this series this particular book had me asking a lot of uestions at the end I did feel a little robbed over the family dinner Nick should have been there he always adds to the family dinner conversation and I love when him and Addison's mom go back and forth I do hope for the best for Addison and Nick as I think Savage is becoming dangerously bold I was hoping Nick would punch him out because that man is still messing with his woman Savage is your typical douche I mean really he was trying to creep with another man's girl not cool but typical dog and douche move I was actually surprised Addison didn't check him that girl is feisty when she wants to beThe author had me again addicted to Addison Holmes However I do agree with the majority of the reviewers on this one the book was too short mystery solved too fast and going backwards on a relationship that was already established with Nick and Addison in the prior book was just ODD

  5. Tracy Tracy says:

    I loved the first two books in the Whiskey series they were jam packed with flirtatious humour and action that kept me completely gripped but they were forming a noticeable pattern and as much as i love a easy to follow plot i felt i needed The third and fourth books in this series pretty much cemented my decision to not read further I'm sorry Liliana but i found these books very similar to Janet Evanovich's Plum series and the love triangle was it for me Again sorry i adore all your other books but i wasn't impressed with the Whiskey series

  6. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I was disappointed by this one as I worry about similarities between this series and Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum I like the snarky offbeat heroine and have enjoyed the craziness but also her growth This book seemed to have her take a step back with the author undoing some previous paths in order to add unnecessary conflict I hope Ms Hart doesn't go down the same predictable road in the future

  7. Jodi Pomerleau Jodi Pomerleau says:

    Another one bites the dust If you want to know about sex toys anal beads and the porn industry this is the book for you I thought Mr Incredible was bad enough in book 3 but now we have super duper battery operated vibrators that cause hardship and woe Geez these books gets stupider by the number The same old same old rivalry between Nick and Savageand I don't now about you but isn't a prologue supposed to be something that happens before not after? It's like a little trailer of what is to come The mystery in this story is really very banal and when Rosemarie's house gets tossed it's clear to me why The ending like in all the other books is abrupt and like an afterthought It's like a train wreck though and I have to keep reading them I'm already halfway finished the next one which is a very short one and not much changes with it

  8. Teena in Toronto Teena in Toronto says:

    Addison is working part time at her friend Kate's detective agency and studying and training to become a full time PI Kate said against her better judgement that if Addison finishes in the top of her class she'll hire her on full time The case she is working on involves the theft of a replica of the Star Trek Enterprise Kate suspects the owner Spock who is Addison's former neighbour and friend is trying to scam for the insurance money Spock asks Addison to find the replica and points her in the direction of who he is sure stole itNick a police officer and Addison have been dating on and off and are now living together But that doesn't stop FBI Agent Savage who is attracted to her from trying to entice her awayRosemarie Addison's friend has been arrested for the murder of a former porn star and now owner of an sex shop As crazy as Rosemarie is Addison doesn't think her friend is capable of murder and tries to find out who did it This mystery wraps up very uickly at the end I was buying the whodunnit but it didn't make sense why the victim had involved Rosemarie in the first placeThis is the fourth book I've read by this author and I liked it Though it is the fourth in the Addison Holmes series it works as a stand alone It was a light fun book to read It is written in first person perspective from Addison's point of view I liked the writing style it was amusing There have been typos and lazy grammar in the previous books but this one was really bad the editing could have been a lot tighter As a head's up there is swearing and adult activity I look forward to reading the rest in this series in addition to other books by this authorBlog review post

  9. Dayna Hauschild Dayna Hauschild says:

    Love this series because of the humor set in the midst of a mystery Truly entertaining

  10. Bette Stanek Bette Stanek says:

    4 Reluctant stars I love this series but this one just didn't uite live up to the previous books It hooked me from the beginning as all of Hart's books do There were laugh out loud moments But this one just didn't have the spark that the others have had I was also disappointed in the ending Talk about bad timing I'm a little afraid that Ms Hart is going to turn this into a Stephanie Plum like series where things keep stringing along and every book becomes the same 'ole same 'ole I certainly hope not Addison Holmes has so much potential Indecision isn't always what keeps the reader interested

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