To the Sea Epub ç To the PDF/EPUB ² Ebook

To the Sea Epub ç To the PDF/EPUB ² Ebook

  • ebook
  • 314 pages
  • To the Sea
  • Deirdre Riordan Hall
  • English
  • 10 August 2015
  • 9781495323119

10 thoughts on “To the Sea

  1. Cassandra Giovanni Cassandra Giovanni says:

    Overall 45 star Book Description 35 Cover 4 Plot 4 Creativity 4 Grammar 45 Simile Use 4 minimal usage Description 3 Show Not Tell 35To the Sea is the debut novel of New Adult Author Deidre Riordan Hall and it will certainly leave you happy and with a smile on your face The book description honestly did not draw me in Perhaps I have a small attention span but with a description that long I got lost somewhere in the middle I like short concise blurbs that draw me in Still something about it caught my attention I wanted an easy read so I clicked buy and that was what I received Not only that but the cover is so pretty Each cover in this series has an easy cohesiveness that draws you in The novels each have warm covers and you can imagine yourself there The plot of this novel is not like one I've read before It was nice to read a New Adult novel that smoothly mixed the physical aspects of relationships working life and captured human emotion so well Many New Adult novels I've encountered focus on sexual expatiates that leave the other interactions feeling emotionless and dull because that's the core of the story That was not the case with To the Sea The one thing that felt slightly forced at times was the word choices for the inner monologue The first chapter was filled with flowery words and while they are a part of my own repertoire and make sense for the MC's background it left me with a feeling of trying too hard It's very clear that Ms Hall is an extremely talented author and in my humble opinion those 'fancy' words aren't necessary In fact they distracted from the story and pulled me out of the novel at times If you like books with a lot of description then this book will be something you will love even than I did I don't personally find a need to know exact details of the salad the character is eating unless it's important to the story line That being said the descriptions were well written uniue and were not similes or cliues; I just found myself skimming over many of them Working directly with show not tell the amount of description led to the lower rating here Overall this book demonstrated Ms Hall's writing skills editing skills and ability to create an easy read the pulls at the heart strings The book was the perfect balance of real life lust and love all which led me to say 45 stars With a bit less description and show not tell this book could be a perfect 5 stars but both of these are uniue to my tastes Now pick up this book and Find Your Bliss

  2. Irene Irene says:

    I think this was a good start for Deirdre Riordan Hall's first published book I liked it for the most part The story itself had a lot of potential I really enjoyed the good chunk of the book that focused on Kira's self discovery She was someone who was so eager to get away from the hippie lifestyle her parents raised her in she easily lost herself on the way She became too dependent on the need for structure and stability and it was nice to see her come to that realizationI did have a few hang ups though In my honost opinion this story could have done without the first few chapters I don't think it was completely necessary view spoilerThere was a lot of grieving from Kira after Jeremy's death As far as I could tell there wasn't much to their relationship They started getting together in college because they found each other a terrific distraction from endless studying She talked about their wedding as if it was a nicely planned event and nothing Jeremy had been coming home late and canceling on their dinners which was a mere inconvenience to her There was even a point in the story where she was sitting in bed at night and suddenly realized she hadn't spoken to her own husband since the night before And after all this she was grieving deeply for him as if they were in love and she had just lost her other half I felt like I read about her grieving than the reason why she was grieving so deeply I knew why she was such a mess after so it was a struggle for me to wait for her to come to the same realization hide spoiler

  3. Tiffany York Tiffany York says:

    Review Contemporary That is the very first thing I need to say about this wonderful book I love to read contemporary books especially ones that can make me feel a lot of different emotions and this book certainly did that for me I took the step up and read New Adult instead of Young Adult and I still really enjoyed it I think that it helped that Kira the main character was pretty much my age Out of college and working her first job I could understand where she was in her life though I cannot imagine dealing with everything that she had The beginning of the book was a tear jerker but for ways than one Kira receives a call that her husband Jeremy who was supposedly working late at his law firm was in a car accident and was in the hospital After getting there she is told that he did not make it but that the woman that was in the car with him did From there Kira finds out that Jeremy was not really a husband at all but a real jerk who wanted to make his parents happy win bets against his horrible friend and still do whatever he wanted despite being married I felt so horrible for Kira and found myself happy that Jeremy died I know that's harsh but I don't care The majority of the book is about Kira trying to get over the grief and anger she feels and to find a way to move on She has wonderful friends in the form of Nicole who helps her come up with ways to let go and Alice who takes her to yoga most days after work in order to get their minds on other things They were both the kinds of friends that a girl would need and want when going through a horrible situation like that To move on Kira decides she needs to get over her fear of the water and try something knew so she decides to take on surfing lessons after running into a surfer Ian on the beach The whole experience teaches her a lot; about letting go of control and allowing herself some freedom but also what love should look like She meets Jamie who makes her feel great but is just interested in sex Then there is Ian Man do I love Ian He is just the thing that she needs; stable kind understanding patient I was SO happy that Kira finally found the guy that she deserved after going through so much even if the thing with Jeremy made her cautious about all of it While the whole book was amazing it was the ending that I loved than anything Yup I'm a fan of the sometimes over romantic happy ending I don't think that there is anything wrong with that either This book gave me just what I was looking for in an ending and I could not have been happier with the conclusion as I put the book down Huge congratulations to Deirdre Hall on her debut novel and thank you again for allowing me to review the bookRating 5050

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Psychocat Reads Review of TO THE SEA by Deirdre Riordan HallComing off of Harry Potter and a few other fantasy type books I found myself excited to start Deirdre's Follow Your Bliss series I've been tempted by her books since she showed up for the Sassy Summer Book Party offering up an adorably uniue guitar pick necklace for one of the other books Let's see how things shook out when Psychocat and I dove into the first book The Characters Kira goes through uite a transformation through the course of the book I found her character While she was a relatively naive doormat in the beginning I really enjoyed following along on her journey through the pain of betrayal and her path of self discovery Though we don't spend any huge portion of time with her friends or sister it was great to see three different women and the way they fit into Kira's life As far as the guys in the book go they represent three very different guys You'll want to bring Jeremy back from the dead just to beat the hell out of him When it comes to the surfer guys Jamie and Ian share little aside from their affiliation with the surf shop I pretty much adored Ian's character from the start The Relationships Relationships in TO THE SEA range from completely screwed up to amazing and a few combinations in between Outside from the romance my favorite relationship is Nicole and Kira While Jamie and Ian both played a role in her path to fully recover from everything that happens or she discovers early in the book it's Nicole that is with her all the way Seeing that kind friendship always makes me happy When it comes to Kira's relationships with men she covers an amazing amount of ground She starts the book believing she has the storybook marriage but uickly finds out it was anything but the stuff of fairy tales Then we we see her understanding and involvement in romantic entanglements evolve as she finds herself Too Perfect or Perfectly Flawed I'm pretty sure Kira would jump out of the pages of the book and kick my ass if i said the story was too perfect She goes through no small amount of hell in an effort to find her HEA Jen's Final Rating 4 STARS The story was emotionally engaging sweet and easy to read There were some minor editing issues but based on this first novel I'm looking forward to reading of Deirdre's work Psychocat's Final Rating She's been all claws since the truth about Jeremy was uncovered She may be evil and sadistic sometimes but even Psychocat has her limits of acceptable behavior

  5. Christie72 Christie72 says:

    I was given a complimentary copy by the author in exchange for an honest reviewI really enjoyed reading To The Sea I thought it was a great debut novel for the author I am a huge fan of the New Adult genre but some of them follow the same pattern of angst and drama While there was plenty of drama and heartbreak this book was fresh and different Kira believes she has the perfect life She has a great job a lovely new home and a wonderful husband But Kira will soon find out that this is all an illusion She suffers a devastating loss when she loses her new husband in a car accident As she is grieving she comes to see that her life was a lie especially when she finds out her husband was not at all the man she thought he was With the support of her best friend she tries to rebuild her life One day she drives to the ocean to spread her husband's ashes but she finds she can't Even though she has always feared the ocean she finds herself drawn to it and keeps coming back One day she meets sexy soulful surfer Ian who offers to teach her how to surf She decides to take a big step and get over her fear of the ocean and agrees During her lessons she feels drawn to Ian but then she meets another surfer Jamie He awakens lustful feelings in her that she has never really felt for someone She is attracted to both men for very different reasons but this is than a story about a woman torn between to very different men It's about a woman's journey in discovering what she wants in life and who she really is And what an incredible journey she takes readers on I loved Deirdre's style of writing It's so incredibly descriptive I felt like I was in the ocean surfing with Kira and on her trip to Africa hiking the mountains alongside her The author's love of the ocean is apparent in her writing as well It is as much a character in the book as Kira is and it's as much a healer and supporter of her as her best friend You feel her strong connection with the sea I have always been a lover of the ocean There is something calming and peaceful hearing the crashing waves and feeling the salt and sand drying on your skin Again this sentiment comes through in her writing Anyone who isn't a lover of the sea will be after reading this book I see that she has a seuel coming out and I am very excited to read it

  6. Michelle Michelle says:

    I am really impressed with this book I was so excited to read it because I'm a beach girl I love the sea I love the idea of surfing and above all I LOVE guys This book incorporated all my loves into one spectacular story I really had no idea that this book would take me on such a deep heartwarming journey This is a great debut novel Kira has gone through unimaginable pain She's a widow at a very young age and is completely lost having experience the unexpected as such a young age The pain that she encounters is so heart wrenching Kira is broken and can't seem to get over her disappointing loss Her loss in not only in a person but also in her dreams and expectations She eventually comes to the realization that life goes on This is something that I loved about the book The journey the character takes is inspiring and completely relatable The Sea Kira's fear for the unknown is such a crucial role in this novel I loved how the sea was incorporated in this novel I seriously went to the sea while reading the book because I wanted to feel that connection Kira had with the sea It made me related to her by looking at the daunting unknown The sea perfectly portrayed her growth as a person BOYS TWO SURFER BOYS LOVE THEM kind of I really loved Ian The connection he forms with Kira is such a special bond There was just something in the way he felt Kira's pain that made me love him for being so understanding I just hope that men like him really do exist because I really need an Ian in my life Jamie was HOT and I would totally love to have a fling with him Although they two distinct roles in Kira's life Jamie and Ian are completely swoon worthy I have a BIG thing for surfer guys This book is not about physical relationships but about a woman trying to find herself I usually don't like reading these types of books but there was something about this one that made me read it nonstop Do I recommend it? YES You must read this book it speaks to you on some levels So relatable so real so perfect LOVED IT

  7. Jayna Jayna says:

    This novel is about the protagonist Kira finding herself We begin with her married to Jeremy but she is soon widowed I don't want to give away spoilers but after her world is shattered she is on a uest to heal herselfI liked this novel and I didn't like it I honestly can't remember ever feeling so conflicted about a book before I liked the concept I liked Ian But something just didn't click for me I sympathized with Kira a lot but I just never connected all the way with her I also hated the length of time spent on the storyline with Jamie I feel than the relationship between Kira and Ian was only a small part of the book in comparison to Kira and Jamie and obviously Kira and Jeremy Some other things just didn't work for me view spoiler Kira is way too oblivious if she didn't pick up on the infidelity problems with both Jeremy and Jamie it was far too predictable Ian asked Kira to move in after one date? the thought that Kira is set for like on 500K amongst other things hide spoiler

  8. Heather Heather says:

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewKira and her husband Jeremy are living the perfect life When Jeremy suddenly dies in an accident Kira's life is obviously turned upside down After finding out that their perfect life wasn't so perfect after all Kira needs to find a way to work through all these emotions In Kira's uest to grieve for Jeremy she gets some tough uestions answered After some soul searching she meets two very sexy men Jaime and Ian Both men help Kira realize she can love trust and be happy again Even when sometimes she doesn't think it will happenI thought both Jaime and Ian were both great characters Just in different ways Kira is a strong woman who I was wanting to find true happiness through the entire story I loved this book I'm very excited to read book 2 in the series I recommend this book to ALL womenThank You Deirdre for letting me read your beautiful book5 'I love those triangles' Stars

  9. Books On Fire Tours Books On Fire Tours says:

    To The Sea by Deirdre Riordan Hall follows a naïve young woman after the death of her husband Kira or as her family calls her Summer not only deals with issues from her past but secrets she uncovers about her late husband Her future hangs in the balance as she tries to start over at such a young age when all she knew was her husband and her life with him What kept me reading is the fact that just as one issue was resolved another would crop up You feel for Kira and her situation but at the same time the new possible love interests in her life really grabs your attention I was dying to see who she would end up with but the twists and turns in the book made that impossible to guess I also loved how Kira grew through out the book as she went from naive and weak to strong The only thing I didn't enjoy was the pace of the book in particular It would've been nice to see her single and independent after the death of her husband but I think that is a story for another book This was a all and all a great read I highly recommend it worthy of 45 stars

  10. Medavis66 Medavis66 says:

    This is a really good book It has three parts In the first part you get to know what a pig her now dead husband is and his best friend is too Kira is a weak woman during this time She has become a doormat Part two has appropriate choices and growth for the timing in Kira's life Things are looking up with the additions of both Ian and Jamie in her life She begins to surf The descriptions involving the surfari make me jealous Part three makes the entire book worthwhile as her growth as a woman is wonderful She has a new solid relationship based on honesty and respect Surfing has become a central part of her life Several minor characters are great Nicole her best friend is so supportive and awesome throughout the entire book Alice from work becomes a really good coworker and friend Winter her sister is supportive and becomes important later in the bookARC provided in exchange for honest review

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To the Sea➽ [Download] ➺ To the Sea By Deirdre Riordan Hall ➸ – Fresh out of college and newly married twenty something Kira plans the perfect future with a house in the suburbs ski getaways and fancy dinners When her husband Jeremy dies in a car accident loss cas Fresh out of college and newly married twenty something Kira plans the perfect future with a house in the suburbs ski getaways and fancy dinners When her husband Jeremy dies in a car accident loss casts her adrift but her heart cracks wide To the PDF/EPUB ² open when she uncovers the secrets he left behindDespite her dislike for the ocean with the whipping wind and itchy sand Kira seeks solace in salt tears sweat and the sea helping her move beyond the myth of perfection and guiding her toward the truth of who she really isShe takes surf lessons to overcome her fear of the water and her well of grief In the local surf scene she meets sultry Jamie with a hot Australian accent He’s eager to spend time with her but mostly between the sheets Then there’s soulful Ian her surf instructor who helps her get on her feet and ride the wavesDuring a transformative trip to South Africa on surfari she learns the best way to be loved yet when she returns to the shores of New England grief continues to haunt her She must let go but how Torn between the tides Kira discovers strength and courage navigates loss lust and love taking readers along for the plunge.