Paperback Þ WhipEye MOBI Ú

Paperback Þ WhipEye MOBI Ú

WhipEye [Ebook] ➤ WhipEye By Geoffrey Saign – This edition was previously published under the ISBN 0990401308 An alternate cover edition can be found here and hereWINNER 2015 INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS CHILDREN'S FICTIONWINNER 2015 OUTSTANDING CHI This edition was previously published under the ISBN An alternate cover edition can be found here and hereWINNER INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS CHILDREN'S FICTIONWINNER OUTSTANDING CHILDREN'S FICTION IAN Book of the Year AwardsCharlie a thousand year old wise cracking parrot convinces animal nerd Samantha and her spunky side kick Jake to save him and two worlds The two children are hunted by magical Great Ones and have twenty four hours to decipher the supernatural staff WhipEye and find the courage to stop a traitorous guardian and his enslaved monstrous animals a story about love nature wildlife intuition and trusting yourself.

  • Paperback
  • 312 pages
  • WhipEye
  • Geoffrey Saign
  • English
  • 12 September 2015

About the Author: Geoffrey Saign

The Jack Steel series is now in development for a major motion pictureAward winning author Geoffrey Saign has spent many years studying kung fu and sailed all over the South Pacific and Caribbean He uses that experience and sense of adventure to write the Jack Steel and Alex Sight thriller action seriesGeoff’s love of wildlife led him to write the award winning fantasy series Magical Beasts H.

10 thoughts on “WhipEye

  1. NReads NReads says:

    ☆☆☆☆4 FULLY STARS☆☆☆☆ Another beautiful coverActually the cover is what dragged me to read thisI wasn't really interested on the plot before reading itbecause I am not much of an animal fanBut this coverthis awesome color matching cover made me read thisAnd I am so grateful for that WhipEye is a brilliant adventure fiction with a lot of suspense and thrilling momentsI have read this in 2 days and I was pretty caught up with itIt is a childrenyoung adult fiction and the talking was a little immature to match the characters' age but I didn't mind it The characters are well developedespecially the main characterSamI didn't like her at firstbut she proved me wrong and now I see her as one hell of a badass heroineAlso the evil Magnar is awesomeHe is one of the few villains I really liked reading aboutI also enjoyed the way author described the scenesThe description is so rich and perfectand there were moments I thought I was in the bookstanding beside the characters The story is about a girl named Samantha who spends a lot of time in a pet storetalking with a parrot named Charlie who can actually talkOne day she and her friendJake free the parrot from the prisonand that's where everything changesNow Sam and Jake need to keep the carrot away from the Magnaror he will be the most powerful person in the whole world I recommend this book to every reader out thereespecially the young readersIt's an awesome action pack adventure bookthat you should not miss

  2. Iryna *Book and Sword* Iryna *Book and Sword* says:

    Sadly for me this book is a dnf Life is too short to read books you don't like right?I was 6 chapters into it however I have been pushing myself to read it since chapter 2 when I decided that this book was not doing it for me And I normally love books that are shooting for the middle grade audience The whole setting of the book was so unrealistic it put me off right away The main character Sam was not very likable and she didn't feel like a real girl at all Things were happening way too fast in the 6 chapters that I read the evil guy kept attacking and attacking and attacking them like whatjust stop I felt tired just by reading itAnd the adults in the book were not behaving as normal real life adults would I am talking about parent figures not guardian characters hat were also present in the book Maybe it was the writing style too because it felt as somebody was retelling the story secondhand It was jumpy patchy and not very detailed and it felt like it was not proof read at alluite disappointed as the blurb of the book sounded very good and it had a lot of good reviews This book was provided by StoryCartel in exchange for an honest review Thank you to the author and the publisher for this opportunity My WEBSITEMy INSTAGRAMMy WORDPRESS BLOG

  3. Geoffrey Saign Geoffrey Saign says:

    WhipEye Awards• WINNER 2015 International Book Award—Children’s Fiction US Book News• WINNER 2015 Outstanding Children’s Fiction—IAN Book of the Year Awards• TOP CHOICE—LitPickcom the #1 rated site online for kids reviewing books• BRONZE AWARD—eLit Awardscom• NOTABLE INDIE—Best Indie Book Shelf Unbound5 STAR review By Rosie Malezer for Readers’ FavoriteFrom the very start Geoffrey Saign’s well written adventure had me hooked on every word With a vast cocktail of emotions spread throughout WhipEye was well balanced with humor action adventure tragedy and drama forcing the lead character to lower the walls she had built since her mother had died while also learning to believe in herself again A brief moment of Samantha’s father snapping out of his melancholia in order to protect his daughter was a refreshing surprise especially after he had barely interacted with her for so very long While the story was uite busy each scene blended seamlessly into the next creating the perfect recipe for any great children’s book All of the characters were fully explained enabling younger readers to keep up at all times I very much enjoyed WhipEye which is easily one of the most imaginative tales I have read in a very long time I recommend it to all readers who enjoy the theme of good versus evil in a majestically magical battle which trumps any fantasy tale I have ever read

  4. Teresa Teresa says:

    I sadly had to DNF this book Despite its overall good reviews this just isn’t for me I know I know Theoretically it has most everything I love in a story fantasy friendship a reminder of the importance of nature and adventure But it didn’t uite agree with me You see I need than just these elements I need to believe in the world to be immersed in the story even if only a little But in the 175 pages I read that was impossibleIt all begins with the fact that the fantasy world itself doesn’t feel credible – and I don’t say that only because the book seems to promote and demote evolution all at once Indeed it says nature is “its own person” and it claims mankind is horrid for enacting change However nature itself has always been about change It’s not static like the book assumes it to be Mankind had nothing to do with the appearance of amphibians for one I get what the author wanted to do but the execution left much to be desired After all when writing MG one should be especially cautious with information Children often learn from fiction than schoolbooks and there are enough misconceptions about nature and evolution as it isBut no It wasn’t just that I just couldn’t buy the settingread

  5. Bret Bret says:

    Before I start let me first clear up that I am close to 40 years old I read YA books so I can help my sister and brother in law keep my niece and nephews interested in reading If I can talk to them about what they are read or have read and engage them verbally it brings us closer together and really makes them excited to readLet me start out by saying this is NOT what I expected when WhipEye was handed to me Over the last several years we have seen time and again authors trying to follow the successful format of the Harry Potter books This happens with varying degrees of success That's what I was expecting with this just another YA book set in magical world designed around the concept put forth by Rowlings' efforts Instead I got something totally differentThe author has set forth first and foremost to write a good story He very obviously wants to engage the reader make them care about what happens to the characters While every author hopes for this in WhipEye it is done with great success The main character a young not tough not popular girl is immediately something special But here's the crazy part about that The author writing from the point of view of the main character doesn't tell you this He shows you over the period of several paragraphs You also learn uickly about her love for animals and nature You learn about the huge heart Samantha has the terrible pain she's been through and the longing she has for what was or what could be Then you are introduced to her compatriot through the story a neighbor boy she doesn't care for at the start athletic popular everything Samantha is notAnd then the book kicks it into high gear and never looks backThis is an adventure book through and through Yes it has magic but that is the setting then the genre Like Firefly is a western set in space I really enjoyed this book and CAN'T WAIT to start talking to my Niece and Nephews about it I am stunned at strong the characters and how deep the world is I am not big on writing reviews but for this book it had to be doneDo yourself a favor old or young read this book It is very good

  6. Erik This Kid Reviews Books Erik This Kid Reviews Books says:

    Summary Samantha knew nothing good would come of her stealing the Congo African Gray Parrot named Charlie from the Endless Pet Store But the parrot ordered her to do it Apparently Charlie is a magical powered animal called a methuselah animal – an animal born every 1000 years lives for a thousand years and it will then give its energy to the Earth when it dies – and Charlie’s 1000th birthday is coming up Magnar an evil man who has found a way to trap the methuselahs’ energy and has been using it for nefarious reasons has been holding Charlie captive for almost Charlie’s entire life When Sam and her neighbor Jake rescue Charlie from his prison at the Endless Pet Store Magnar is fast on their tail Will two kids one ancient parrot and one even ancient er ; magic staff be able to stop Magnar from being the most powerful man on Earth?What I thought This was amazing When I started the book I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this story but then it really sucked me in I couldn’t put it down I thought that Sam was a little stand offish and hard to like but her character develops through the story and she becomes a great character She plays a great female hero Magnar is an awesome villain You despise him Because he is at least 10000 years old Magnar is like Moriarty just add a magical touch and evil shadow monsters the trapped methuseleh energy Charlie is very likeable fun character It was cool to have an animal character in a story that is a bird He is a great friend to Sam I like how Mr Saign describes the setting It is very realistic I felt like I was actually there This was a wonderful story for middle grade kids Bonus points for a cool cover too I am looking forward to the second book in this seriesNOTE I got a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  7. Jonathan Vine Jonathan Vine says:

    This story had every element a good story should haveAttention to details best of all fleshed out well written and well rounded character development There's an abundance of well illustrated scenes that actually make you feel like you are right there in the story or at least wish you were and that's something I really look for in a good bookThis captivating and praiseworthy effort had me immersed from the beginning The story flows from scene to scene with ease and the author shows exceptional skill when it comes to storytelling There are twists and turns in this fantasy tale that will take the reader on a thrilling and uniue journeyIt's one of those rare books that come along that makes you want to read it non stop until you get to the end I'm giving nothing further away here And this I hope will only add to the mystery A highly recommended read and not just for middle graders but also tweens and young adults

  8. Chris Chris says:

    Fun fantasy with a girl as the hero Then it turned dark scary NOT for the lower age range very intense with monsters and evil people chasing the kids The parrot is a fantastic idea and the message of the book to take care of the Earth is great I liked the writing style and the characters are well developed and very believable For older kids and adults this is a thrill ride into a mystical world of talking animals and kids rising to the occasion to save the world Well done just not a book for the younger kids Also have to mention the cover WOW beautiful and perfect for the book I received a copy of the book the review is my own opinion

  9. Renee Renee says:

    WANT A FREE COPY OF THIS BOOK Visit Mother Daughter Book ReviewsAfter her mother passes away twelve year old Samantha finds solace in her regular visits to the Endless Pet Store where she talks to a Congo African Gray Parrot named Charlie Her life forever changes when to her surprise Charlie talks back and asks her to bust him out of the pet store explaining that he is a methuselah – a thousand year old magical creature being held captive by the evil pet store owner Magnar When Sam stuffs Charlie in her jacket and walks out the store she sets into motion a chain of events that leave the future of Earth and the mystical world of Kiraku where animals and nature exist in peace hanging in the balanceWith the evil Magnar giving chase using his army of “shadow monsters” magical creatures he has captured in rings on his fingers Sam joins forces with Jake her next door neighbor to protect the final methuselah’s ie Charlie life force from being imprisoned by Magnar thus giving him complete power Along the way Sam inherits a magical staff named “WhipEye” which has the power to summon the “Great Ones” powerful beings from the land of Kiraku who are the protectors of both Earth and Kiraku But as the Great Ones perceive that humans on Earth do not care for the environment animals or nature they no longer heed the call of WhipEye It is up to Sam and Jake to demonstrate to the Great Ones through survival sacrifice and love that Earth is worth savingThis book sucked me in from the first page and had me tearing through to the ending until one in the morning I could not put this book down The last 75 pages in particular contain fast paced non stop edge of your seat action seuences that made it impossible for me to find an appropriate place to pause One of the things I really loved about this book is that the “bad guy” was really bad Magnar reeked of evil and he was relentless in pursuing the children and Charlie He was a fantastic villain The author wisely makes Charlie a joke cracking parrot who provides some of the comic relief necessary to release the tension built up from the action seuences and chase scenesAside from this what really raised the bar for me was that the plot was wholly unpredictable There were things which happened that were completely unexpected For example I was genuinely surprised when the Great Ones did not heed the call of WhipEye I also did not foresee the introduction of Kiraku a peaceful parallel world nor the introduction of mysterious characters such as Lewella and Uncle Biggie who play key roles in the story Additionally for many of the characters I could not guess if they were evil or good This wonderful book was full of surprises and the world building and character development was excellent Of note I felt that the way Sam’s grief was woven throughout the story was very well doneA final word of caution At times I forgot that WhipEye is intended for a middle grade audience Some of the action featuring the scary shadow monsters chasing the children and the fight scenes between the animals were uite intense and in some cases uite brutal Some sensitive children may be frightened by some of the violent passages in the bookMy Bottom Line WhipEye features a sophisticated multi layered plot touching on many themes including grief environmentalism friendship trust and courage The fast paced non stop action drew me in until I found myself staying up until one in the morning not being able to put the book down until I was finished I highly recommend this middle grade fantasy adventure to children ages 10 and older as well as adults I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion All opinions expressed are my own

  10. Leigh Leigh says:

    A classic good vs evil story WhipEye bursts out of the gate with wall to wall action and adventure introducing characters and setting the stage along the way Author Geoffrey Saign puts an original spin on the tried and true epic battle for the future of the planet genre; a storyline packed with a constellation of wild animals mythical beings and a smart aleck parrot Twelve year old protagonists Samantha and Jake along with team mate mentor and louacious parrot Charlie put themselves and those they love at risk as they struggle to save the Earth from arch villain MagnarA superbly crafted and smoothly flowing book WhipEye opens with the introduction of lead character Samantha Green Struggling with the awkward tween years Sam has the added burden of coming to terms with her mother’s recent death and the effect its had on her grief stricken father New neighbor Jake offers his friendship and Sam accepts Together they tumble at breakneck speed into a crusade against the evil Magnar who in return pursues the two children with a vengence Hanging in the balance is the future of millions of people who Magnar hopes to eradicate in order to return the planet to its original natural state for the sake of the world’s animal population The chase moves to the parallel world of KiraKu where the children are introduced to marvelous mythical beings and healing water Sam has been given the gift of a staff of elaborately carved wood which holds otherworldly and magnificent power Known as WhipEye the staff protects the children and Charlie as they launch offense after offense at Magnar trying in vain to extinguish the astounding power of the malevolent forces at his commandWhipEye is a non stop magical thrill ride from beginning to end An exciting journey this book is great for middle grade readers Although the writing style is superior there is little character development which for me was just a shade disappointing For most readers however it should not be a problem A little distracting for me as well was the lack of dialog and the almost overwhelming amount of chase and battle details I also felt that the “save the animals” ideology became somewhat preachy at times but only I think to a dusty and jaded old reader like me Kids will love WhipEye and further enjoy that this wonderful book is the first in a series My kids love chronicle style stories and I know others will tooI was provided with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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