The Zeuorian Awakening MOBI ☆ The Zeuorian ePUB

The Zeuorian Awakening MOBI ☆ The Zeuorian ePUB

The Zeuorian Awakening (The Zeuorian, #1) ❮Download❯ ➾ The Zeuorian Awakening (The Zeuorian, #1) ➹ Author C. Zablockis – Lexi’s no ordinary teenager She was born with the ability to read minds and sense danger But on her seventeenth birthday she realized how different she was after transforming literally that is Now s Lexi’s no ordinary teenager She was born with the ability to read minds and sense danger But on her seventeenth birthday she realized how different she was after transforming literally that is Now she’s developing powers stronger than a superhero The Zeuorian ePUB Ò But she’s no superheroFar from itShe has no control over her abilities and causes accidents every time she’s nervous or upset which being a teenager is hard to avoid especially when the most popular boys in school are fighting to be with herIf that isn’t bad enough a stranger is following her She doesn't know who he is or what he wants yet he knows all about her abilities and that she’s developing And he’s her only hope of understanding why she’s changing and others are after her What she learns will send her life into overdriveA romantic and suspenseful story with several unexpected twists The Zeuorian captures the struggle between wanting to survive and longing to know the truth even if it means risking death.

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  1. Cassie Cassie says:

    Wow I couldn't put the book down I read it in one sitting I thought Untamed Powers was great but this version was so much betterAt first I was hesitant to buy the book since I already read Untamed Powers and Awakening was the first part of the book but I'm so glad I did Several back story uestions I had were answered The love story between the two lead characters had been spiced up considerably sigh and the ending had been changed from Untamed Powers as wellIf you like a fast pace suspenseful paranormal fantasy romance story similar to Vampire Academy Series you should read this book

  2. Alisha Tarran Alisha Tarran says:

    Okay so this was out back in March and before you all go crazy thinking I have the worlds biggest TBR I mean mine is pretty hefty but I prioritise review books I've been having Kindle issues My Kindle is kind of old and for months now it's not been working and I have no other way to read Kindle books because I kinda prefer like actual books you know so I was pretty screwed The NetGalley piled up and now it's June and I'm about to start working my way through all of my NetGalley books from March Some are going to be hella late but I'll still review them anyway Now that my Kindle is fixed and has finally decided to cooperate I thought I'd delve in to what was next on my list Just looking at the book on GoodReads it seems to get a lot of negative reviews but I actually really enjoyed this book along with a few others Alright yeah there were a few bits that were a bit like really but to be honest I'm in the kind of mood were a bit of cliche and a bit of cheese is exactly what I need and everyone has times like that so I'm not counting it as a negative Towards the end I will admit it did get a bit much towards the end trying to work out who the Watcher was out of these two boys because boy one was convinced he was this boy and I'd like to know why so hopefully we'll find out in the next book especially as boy two is so obviously him but there was a lot of back and forth between who it was and did get a bit repetitive at the end but it was when the suspense was building so I was like whatever This book is all about aliens which was a nice surprise as I wasn't entirely sure what her deal was and it's always great to read a book with a creature shall we say that you don't really see much The book had a really cool thought out mythology to go with it as well and a great background for these people and complex politics and yeah It was pretty damn easy to delve in to the world and the politics But all this background on Lexi and what she is is saved until nearer to the end and you still get a lot of information about her and her people without it being an info dump I couldn't really put the book down to be honest because once I started to read and started to connect to Lexi and got sucked in to the plot and the whole who is the Watcher who's after her what's going to happen with her powers and various other intrigues I was hooked and couldn't get the pages to turn fast enough on my Kindle I mean that literally like my Kindle is really slow right now because it's still being a pain in the ass even though it's fixed and so I'm clicking next and waiting and then clicking it a million times like MOVE FASTER SHIT'S GETTING REAL and then I have to go back because it suddenly decides to move it's ass and goes too far forward and I have no patience when it's all tensiony and suspense and everything There was so much backstory that's gradually revealed to you as you read because Lexi has some memory issues shall we say and each time you learned a new thing it added to the intrigue especially if like me you were trying to work out who the hell the Watcher was what the hell she is and what the hell was going on Literally I was totally wrong on all counts and I literally had no idea who the Watcher was I mean I suspected but then I suspected everyone and his dog If it was male it made my suspects list So I was surprised but also like oh yeah at the same time The main chunk of the book is all about Lexi and her powers and who's after her and her trying to come to grips with everything but there's a nice little romance plot going on Lexi has like three guys after her and rather than it being annoying it was actually just funny especially with two of them being Watcher suspects it made the whole thing interesting and complicated I enjoyed the romance to be honest I felt like it wasn't the main focus I wouldn't say it was entirely subtle but it wasn't all up in your face every five seconds and it did keep you guessing I actually really liked Lexi like I said I found her easy to connect with and root for and sympathise for I was entirely on her side as I was reading and I can't wait to see of her in the next book I liked Everett he's an interesting character and I'm excited to see and learn about him in the next book and I loved the chemistry between him and Lexi Tyler I actually liked and I ALSO enjoyed his relationshipchemistry with Lexiright up until he started being shady af and literally being the epitome of dodgy I mean I shrugged it off in the beginning because he was a great character but then he went straight to creepy town and I was like woah okay Having said that I can't work out what his deal is because at the end it just made me go hang onwhy are you so convinced but at the same time I think Everett is who he says he is so I'm just like I KNOW SOMETHING IS GOING ON BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT so I kinda need the next book likenow I meanit's going to be an interesting love triangle from what I can tell I'm just hoping the next book explains why Tyler is so cray cray because I'm really hoping he's actually still a nice guy Now I'd like to make a little mention here As I said I scoped out some other reviews and there were plenty negative sorry to keep mentioning it but what really got me is the ones that are saying this is a rip off of Obsidian Now I LOVE Jennifer Armentrout We all know it because I mention it every time I get to review one of her books or a book that's like hers Have you noted how I have not yet mentioned how much I love her and how much this reminds me of her Lux books? That would be because it doesn't It's entirely different I mean yeah there's aliens pretending to be humans and everything but unlike in Lux Lexi knows about her powers she just doesn't know what she is It's entirely different Anyways the plot was fairly complex the narrative was entertaining and I'm looking forward to seeing of Lexi because she does undergo some development over the course of the book not much but some like I don't think she's going to be as gullibleeasy to pull the wool over her eyes because so many people have lied she's got wise to it and everything The Zeuorian Awakening sorry I'd have mentioned the actual title but it's really tricky to spell because my Mac keeps changing it without me realising and then I'm like whaaaat is a fast paced paranormal story that will grab you and keep you in the throes of suspense and intrigue until you finish the book You'll actually be racing to finish it and then be totally gutted it's over because of how much you liked the world and characters and how much there still is to find out There's a decent dose of romance but there's also lots to that plot that isn't romance so it has something for everyone I for one am super excited for the next books and to see what happens

  3. Destiny Brown Destiny Brown says:

    Excellent YA Dark FantasyThe Zeuorian Awakening is an excellent young adult dark fantasy tale Engrossing entertaining and electric the story really draws the reader in and keeps a hold until the very end Great Great YA Fantasy Read

  4. Cyan Cyan says:

    n I received this book from NetGally for free in lieu of an honest review I'm a huge fan of mysteries thrillers and fantasies This book combined all three I was hooked from the moment Lexi discovered others were after her I couldn't put the book down until I reached the end I can't wait to read the next book in the seriesThe book did have a minor romantic plot but not a big one I had hoped to have learned about her romantic past with her Watcher But after I visited the book website wwwthezeuoriancom it looks like the love story between them will grow over the seriesI really liked Everett's character I can't wait yo learn about him in the bext book Tyler I didn't like so much At first I liked him until Lexi figured out he had been lying to herI liked how she had three boys fighting over her so you didn't immediately know who was her Watcher I almost wished she had even boys in the book chasing her as a reminder she turned into a major hottieI would recommend this book to anyone who loves to read fast pace fantasy thrilleraction books with a little mystery but if your looking for a slower pace romantic suspense I wouldn't recommend this bookI also wanted to note before I read the book I reviewed some of the other reviews I'm bad like that I was shocked one claimed the book was a rip off of Obsidian I read that series and it is good but it's not even close to Awakening Obsidian is a romance with a little action and suspense The storylines were completely different The only similarity was that Lexi and Daemen lead love interest Osidian were extremely attractive aliens pretending to be humans with green eyes and powers They're being huntedSpoiler alertUnlike Daemen Lexi doesn't know the truth about herself She believes she's a gifted human since her late parents and aunt had been lying to herShe discovers through her memories a group of half aliens want her dead because they believe she is a monster and that she dated one He could be her WatcherFrom what I read on the book website there is a reason her aunt lied hint a half breed used mind control on her Lexi isn't going to be fooled as easy in book 1 She learned her lesson not to rely on her telepathy and premonitions to guage if someone is telling the truth Tyler and Dillon will be in the next story but it won't focus on them that much It'll focus on stopping the half breeds from finding her

  5. MiaHammond MiaHammond says:

    I'm a huge fan of action or suspense books with tough female main characters I happened across this book on paperbackswapcom and decided to give it a try I don't generally read YA but the cover intrigued meI'm glad I read it Once I got past the beginning I couldn't put the book down I stayed up all night to find out who her watcher was and why others were after herI really liked Lexi She isn't your typical teen character She is gifted with special abilities determined to figure out what happened during the time she forgot and idolizes her late father He drove for NASCAR and designed high performance engines She chooses to keep her distance from everyone to avoid anyone discovering her abilities so the wrong person won't find out and try to kill her but she befriend Angie Despite her fear of being killed she still longs for friends like she had with her parents This plays into the story grounding her and explaining why she befriends the different boys chasing after herHaving so many boys interested in the main character at first bothered me but as I continued reading it added to the mystery of her watcherI was happy Lexi didn't end up being one of those characters where she thought of herself as not being good enough for a boy in this case boys and shocked they actually liked her She understood from the get go they were interested in her new appearance which she despised Except Tyler who had a crush on her but she decided not to talk to because of her fear revealing her abilities to himI wished she spent a little on the secondary characters especially her love interest but I have a feeling that's going to happen in the seuelspoiler alertI was pleasantly surprised Lexi turned out to be an alien I'm so sick and tired of vampires and other urban fantasy creatures I liked she ended up with Everett the computer geek instead of the popular jock He seemed believable as a love interestAlthough I still wonder about Tyler and if he really is protecting her instead of stalking herI look forward to the next book and seeing what else happens I hope Everett doesn't end up being the liar and Tyler being her real protector I really liked his character

  6. Beth Ann Beth Ann says:

    A friend recommended this book to me She told me don't pay attention to the bad reviews It's a great book Truth is I'm not a big fan of fantasy so I was a little hesitant at first but I really enjoy thrillers so I gave it a try I have to say I totally agree with her This book is greatI couldn't put it down from the point Lexi discovered someone broke into her house until the end I did wish there was a little information about Zeuorians and the Community but I get a feeling that will be discussed further in the seriesI didn't have the same issue with the three boys fighting over Lexi as other reviewers did It made determining who her Watcher was harder and added suspense to the storyI liked that the author didn't dwell too much on the love story as others do I'm not a big romance reader They sort of bore me I suppose that's why I like thrillers They focus on the story and trying to avoid dyingI can't wait to read the next book and find out what happens next I'm curious as to why Tyler and his father are protecting Lexi Why both Everett and Tyler claim they dated Lexi at the same time in Colorado where the Community resides If we get to find out about Everett's father the head elder of the Community and why he's helping Lexi when it's against their law

  7. EndlessReading EndlessReading says:

    Firstly I want to thank the lovely author and NetGalley for approving me to read and review this titleThis will be my first time ready anything by Cindy Zablockis but I no I shall be hooked to read This is the story of Lexi who is a very gifted teen She has one friend Angie who is also the only other person who knows about her abilities apart from her Aunt whom she lives withLexi is attractive and popular even though she doesn't want to beBut she wasn't perfect it's one unfortunate incidence after another as she begins and continues to make her transformationAfter falling hurdle after hurdle Lexi learns that she is being hunted because of the power she yields withinIn order to protect herself and those she lovesa around her Lexi must remember memories she has lost of her past Engrossing entertaining and electric the story really draws the reader in and keeps a hold until the very end

  8. Melissa Melissa says:

    The Zeuorian Awakening by Cindy ZablockisAmazing Entertaining YA Dark FantasyThis is a great read Definitely hard to put down once you get started This is the story of Lexi who is a very gifted teen You see she can read minds If that was her only problem maybe she could handle it Unfortunately Lexi starts changing into what she's unsure The only people who can explain her situation her parents died in a car crash As you follow Lexi along her journey it's one unfortunate incidence after another as she begins and continues to make her transformation I dare you not to try and solve the mystery that is Lexi's complicated existence This book grabs you from the beginning and does not let go until the final words I can't wait to see what happens nextI was given this book free in exchange for an honest review

  9. Claire Z Claire Z says:

    I really really enjoyed this book From the first page to the last I was involved in the story It wasn't the best story I had ever read but I really enjoyed the plot character development and action I love that I'm still not certain she is with the right guy I'm also wondering what role the fathers of the respective male leads will play and how her best friend might figure into the storyline in any seuelsOverall the book was exciting enough to catch my attention from the beginning and interesting enough that I didn't feel disconnected since it is a Young AdultNew Adult novel I would very much like to read a seuelI was given this book free in exchange for an honest review

  10. Cinlu Cinlu says:

    I got this book through netgalleySo in the beginning it was a little hard to connect with Lexi But as I keep reading I couldn't put the book downNot giving too much away Lexi is a powerful being She is starting to develop abilities while trying to learn how to control them all the while trying to figure out which guy she can trust Could it be Tyler? Dillon? Everett? The only other people who know about her abilities are her aunt and best friend and the people who are hunting herThis book has scifi romance magic and action I'm going to continue to read the rest of the series

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