Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon Gideon Smith #2 PDF/EPUB

Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon Gideon Smith #2 PDF/EPUB

Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon Gideon Smith #2 ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon Gideon Smith #2 Author David Barnett – Nineteenth century London is the center of a vast British Empire a teeming metropolis where steam power is king and airships ply the skies and where ueen Victoria presides over three uarters of the kn Nineteenth century London is the center and the PDF/EPUB ¼ of a vast British Empire a teeming metropolis where steam power is king and airships ply the skies and where ueen Victoria presides over three uarters of the known world—including the east coast of America following the failed revolution of Young Gideon Smith has seen things that no green lad of Her Majesty’s dominion should ever experience Through a series of incredible events Gideon has become the newest Hero of the Empire But Gideon is a man with a mission for the dreaded Texas pirate Gideon Smith eBook ´ Louis Cockayne has stolen the mechanical clockwork girl Maria along with a most fantastical weapon—a great brass dragon that was unearthed beneath ancient Egyptian soil Maria is the only one who can pilot the beast so Cockayne has taken girl and dragon off to points eastGideon and his intrepid band take to the skies and travel to the American colonies hot on Cockayne’s trail Not only does Gideon want the machine back he has fallen in love with Maria Their journey will take them to the wilds of the lawless lands south Smith and the MOBI ☆ of the American colonies—to free Texas where the mad King of Steamtown rules with an iron fist literally where life is cheap and honor even cheaperDoes Gideon have what it takes to not only save the day but win the girlDavid Smith and the Brass Dragon PDF/EPUB ² Barnett's Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon is a fantastical steampunk fable set against an alternate historical backdrop the ultimate Victorianasteampunk mash up.

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  1. Bob/Sally Bob/Sally says:

    The first Gideon Smith adventure was one of my top 3 reads for 2013 Exciting adventurous and exceptionally well told Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl was part steampunk science fiction part old fashioned horror story and part penny dreadful romp around the world I enjoyed every aspect of it from the concept to the characters and came away wanting Fortunately not only was there room for a seuel but the cliffhanger ending absolutely that demanded itHere we are just over a year later and David Barnett has delivered admirably on those seuel demands with Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon This installment swaps out the old fashioned horror for old west adventure but adds even steampunk science fiction to the mix It's a book that surprised me several times with the direction it took avoiding the genre clichés towards which it seemed to be teasing us and of course setting up several plot threads for a third bookThe story opens with a mechanically augmented Charles Darwin marooned in the lost world of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle slowly succumbing to rust and ruin He and Stanford Rubicon are the last survivors of the HMS Beagle II with the rest of the crew having either fallen to their deaths or been eaten by dinosaurs Just when all seems lost they are rescued by Mr Gideon Smith Hero of the effing Empire and Aloysius Bent his chronicler for World Marvels Wonders From there we briefly follow the heroes home to England only to dispatched just hours later to the shores of America where the brass dragon and presumably Maria have been spottedIt's in the alternate history of America that Barnett's second adventure really shines The Mason–Dixon isn't just a line here it's a solid wall to rival that of China's great one The America to the north is one of skyscrapers and dirigibles still loyal to the ueen; while Texas Louisiana and the Confederate states to the south are lawless old west towns full of slavery prostitution and black magic As for California it was ceded to the Japanese long ago with the remnants of Spanish occupation still putting up a good fight around them It only takes a few small twists in the history of the American Revolution to create this world with at least one forgotten hero making a surprise return later in the storyThe fact that Gideon does find Maria and the brass dragon should come as no surprise but the ways in which she has changed certainly do At the risk of spoiling the story I won't say much about her role except to say the Japanese provide a worthy foe and there is an escaped Tyrannosaurus Rex to be dealt with Rowena Fanshawe once again gets to play heroine of the airways while Louis Cockayne's story is brought full circle with a very satisfactory revolution Bent doesn't have as much to do this time around but he's an effing marvelous for sarcasm and comic reliefWhile I didn't enjoy Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon uite as much as the first book it's pacing is slower and America is a distant second to Egypt in terms of setting it's still a great read that has left me hungry for a third helping What further surprises or settings Barnett may have in mind I have no idea but I'll hazard a guess that the oft referenced Jack the Ripper may finally pit himself against Smith and team Originally reviewed at Beauty in Ruins

  2. Andy Andy says:

    We start with a scene straight out of the lost world Insert Jurassic World for you youngsters I eagerly anticipate Doug Mc Lure to save the day instead we are introduced to a coal fired hydraulically adapted Charles Darwin Such wonderful imaginings And we’re offThe gang returns with Aloysius Bent red top tabloid journalist personified much to enjoy about his “direct” mannerisms whilst Gideon Smith the hero is a little reserved reluctant thrust as it is into the limelight in this adventure – you’ll have to read the preuel to see why And there’s Rowena the dirigible pilot who thrusts herself repeatedly at the blind naive Gideon Smith at just about every opportunity much to Mr Bent’s chagrin if I were 30yrs younger Very much in a carry on film kinda way I would say which is all good fun as the mood takes you It does mine as does so many folklore characters events places et al that slip into the lines of text that makes you stop grin when you come across them adds to the allure of the bookThere’s much world building in this but it’s covered neatly via introductions at the start of the opening chapters New York is at the heart of the British Empire on the new continent after the revolution was uashed at source in Lexington with the collaborators rounded up dealt with you can even see the traitorous Sam Adams pickled head on display in Boston God Save the ueen Japan has extended her empire on the West coast seized what was once called San Francisco poses the biggest threat to the Empire in the New world which is also represented by the French New Orleans the Spanish the confederacy AWI never happened the Texans who are a lawless trigger happy bunch living by their own rules Hmmmm I did say alternate reality didn’t I?Folklore characters appear if not be name than by a remarkable similarity Zorro – YES really Jim Bowie too YES the man with no name Clint eat yer heart out I’ll let you discover the restFor lovers of steampunk there are many characters that fall into automatons those fans of alternate realities’ this is a very enjoyable series to follow recommendedWe also start with a monster we end with another fiendish More adventures to come

  3. Fantasy Literature Fantasy Literature says:

    Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon is David Barnett’s steampunk follow up to Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl and continues that first book’s solidly entertaining plot even as it shares a few of the same missteps As this is a direct seuel there will be spoilers for the first book so readers bewareIn book one Gideon is proclaimed the Hero of the Empire for his part in saving London and ueen Victoria from an attack using a magicaltechnological marvel shaped like a dragon it also flies and belches fire His companions includedMaria a mechanical girl with a human brainBent a cynical journalist with a love for alcohol and spiced sausageRowena Fanshawe the “Belle of the Airways” airship pilot Read More

  4. Alasdair Stuart Alasdair Stuart says:

    Gideon Smith is a hero of the Empire now after his role in saving London from the Brass Dragon That’s the official version anyway The truth is far complex; Gideon while trained now is still untested More importantly he’s a hero Of The Empire meaning he goes where he’s told But when he’s called to assist in a matter in New York Gideon finds himself crossing paths with the treacherous Louis Cockayne once againMechanical Girl is a fantastically smart fun piece of steampunk and here with the worldbuilding out of the way David rolls his sleeves up and cranks every presumably brass dial all the way up to eleven As well as a continuation and resolution of the cliffhangers from the first book we get a detailed look at this universe and it’s far complex vibrant and realistic than even the first book suggestedThe key to that is the relocation to America In this universe it’s a patchwork of foreign interests with the Spanish British and Japanese all holding the parts they want and doing their best to ignore the parts they don’t This leads to the book’s first big idea; The Mason Dixon Wall Ostensibly a barrier between the North and South of the US it’s actually barely than six feet tall and sparsely patrolled The centre of America in this world is a blank canvas but it’s one that’s far less romantic than Wild West movies tend to favour Instead It’s a country where political systems clash and individuals are faced with the choice to stand and fight or compromise themselves for survival That idea; personal freedom versus survival echoes up and down the book and it’s never stronger than in the sections dealing with the West and the mysterious figure uniting those overrun by the lawless forces of San Antonio aka Steamtown This is the first and only place the book skews openly supernatural and it works beautifully; simultaneously evoking exactly the old west tropes you want but laying them out in a very different and hugely fun way The Zorro analogue we meet here El Chupacabra is the most fun I’ve seen and I’m hopeful David’s not done with them or any of the other characters that aide Gideon Bent and Rowena in their missionAnd there’s plenty of them too The uneasy split on the American continent gives him the opportunity to not only place Gideon in a larger context but create a far nuanced world than the traditional ‘Britannia rules the waves’ approach some steampunk leans on Instead the Empire here is not only a powerful force but one that’s far from unopposed and may very well not be entirely altruistic The conflict between Gideon’s desires and his assignments is a clear moral dilemma that’s being set up as a major thread of the series and it makes the books something truly uniue There’s steampunk derring do by the ton certainly but there’s also a healthy dose of moral complexity and ambiguity darkness when reuired and a lot of beautifully done character work The payoff to the Louis Cockayne plotline in particular is fantastically powerful and like the end of the first book spins the entire series off in an entirely different direction and at a much higher speedPlus no one can do mayhem like David Barnett As well as the gunfights fistfights and chases he throws in a bracketing plot that is just joyously done When Darwin being kept alive by an exo skeleton is a minor plot point you know you’re in for a good time and the big finish here is a wonderful immense action scene that yet again is grounded in the characters at its heart This is another great entry in one of my favourite series It balances elements of espionage action science fiction horror and steampunk to explore a world that’s both entirely different from ours and refreshingly morally complex It’s a world that needs Gideon Smith even if sometimes it may not deserve him and a world I look forward to returning to very soon

  5. Paul Paul says:

    Dinosaurs heliostats and mechanical girlsIt's got everything you could want but there's a point in this book where it's just too much It's like if you loved candy and somebody fed you candy until you were sick Steampunk dinosaurs cowboys Egyptian magic and ninjasI enjoyed it at first and would still read it again but yeah too much of a good thingOh and a note on the ebook version the formatting is terrible Just awful It's not just that sometimes people are talking in the same sentence or occasionally a sentence gets a new line for the last word it's the freuent jump in perspective to an entirely new character in a different place and time with no indication very unprofessional proofing on this

  6. edifanob edifanob says:

    The steampunk adventure of Gideon Smith and Maria the mechanical girl continues with action and mystery in an alternate America and the Lost World of Sir Arthur Conan DoyleI liked it as much as the first book Now I look forwad to book three which seems to take place in England and the mentioning of Jack the Ripper in the title is promising

  7. Vanessa Vanessa says:

    After the exciting events of GIDEON SMITH AND THE MECHANICAL GIRL Gideon has been dubbed the Hero of the Empire by ueen Victoria and sent off on uests that only heros can accomplish Gideon isn’t uite sure what it means to be a hero other than his stories end up in the penny dreadful World Marvels Wonders as recounted by Mr Bent the journalist who follows Gideon aroundThe one assignment Gideon is waiting for is the one that means he can search for the missing brass dragon Apep and the clockwork girl he loves Maria He gets his chance when Apep is spotted over Texas and Gideon heads toward AmericaHowever America is not the one you and I are familiar with the Japanese run California the Britisth defeated the rebels in the Revolutionary War the South is firmly ensconced behind the Mason Dixon Wall And Texas is an entity unto itself where Steamtown is lorded over by Thaddeous Pinch part machine part human and completely insane The only law is Pinch’s law otherwise the townspeople do what they want–unless you’re a woman then you work at the brothels are Negro and work in the coal mines or have somehow earned the wrath of Pinch and his henchmen then you’re probably deadGideon is his usual honorable self but now he has some training under his belt and can handle himself However fighting skills doesn’t necessarily mean he’s improved as a strategist and his plans usually involve running headlong into the fray Rarely do ‘strategies’ like that end well even if he means well Along for the ride is Aloysius Bent the reporter from MECHANICAL GIRL that I couldn’t stand and I still can’t There’s the pilot Rowena who remains as cool as when we first met her although her pining for Gideon picks up steam We meet some new interesting folks though such as the nameless man Inez Hart and Chantico And of course the evil PinchThe setting is interesting as far as steampunk goes the world a different place than we know it It’s these dynamics of politics change in history and technology that drives the story forwardbecause otherwise the narrative would fall flat Barnett writes with so much filler that I ended up skimming than usual Sure I get that if readers haven’t read the first book there’s back story they’d need But otherwise there’s so much blather lots of navel gazing etc and I just wanted to get on with the story It’s the same as in the first book where I complained about the pacing Here the story doesn’t really get going until almost halfway in That’s a huge build up timeframe where a few events happen but it takes a long time before threads start connectingFinally everything comes together in a cohesive way than in MECHANICAL GIRL even if it gets pretty zanywhich isn’t a bad thing Both books use impossible scenarios with our heroes getting out alive despite the odds Not that there aren’t casualties In all Barnett tells an exciting story and is clever enough about it to keep readers entertainedRecommended age 17Language Yes lotsViolence Fairly freuent although not gruesomeSex Referenced several timesFind this and other reviews at ElitistBookReviewscom

  8. Wendy Wendy says:

    What a cracking readI knew I'd set course for a rollicking adventure of epic proportion from the get go when I read that Charles Darwin had shipwrecked the Mayflower on a Jurassic Park style Island and I discovered he was fuelled by a furnace in his abdomen fed tiny bits of coal Yes this is a tale where imagination knows no bounds And that’s only the beginningVery soon a magnificent woman in her flying machine will ferry a team across the globe to complete a uest to save the girl a mechanical girl oh and maybe a brass dragon too Well it would be rude not toHere Gideon Smith the Hero of the Empire will cross paths with a Nameless Stranger in the Wild West but not as we know it He will protect the innocent right the wrongs of wicked villainy from a half man half machine called Pinch while battling his henchmen who terrorise anyone that enters their town and beyond it But things don’t always go according to plan and our good guys will find themselves in all kinds of hot waterEach chapter finishes with a suspenseful pause making you crave the next The re writing of historical events was first class just casually dropped into conversations as if these were the authentic versions This tale is packed to the brim with bizarre and uniue characters But the journalist wind breaking champion and king of the one liner Aloysuis Bent took centre stage for me I’d have loved to have seen much action from Gideon whose name is featured in the title of the book Then again Bent was a tough act for anyone to follow Right I’m off to have a nosy at the other books in the series as that one was uite a rideMy thanks to the publisher for providing a paperback copy of this book for review

  9. Bad Cookie Bad Cookie says:

    This was an exciting story When I read the synopsis on the back of the book I wasn't sure I'd like it That was mainly because of the idea of a human being in love with something that with the exception of her brain isn't human It seemed a little odd to me but as I read I found myself warming to the idea In the world these characters live in it seems that this kind of couple though not accepted by everyone is likely to be tolerated than they would be in our reality Sometimes I'm not enthusiastic about the presence of romance in the books I read but it didn't overwhelm the story It was just the right amount mixed with loads of action gunfights mechanical dragon fights versus headless mechanical being a dinosaur and a grotesue man who fancies himself a king and many lives saved from the clutches of evil I look forward to the next installment in this series and find that I must go back and read Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl When I randomly selected this off the new book shelf in the local library I didn't realize it was a part of a series Well I'm glad that fate and the book gods brought it and I together

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