The Accidental Highwayman: Being the Tale of Kit Bristol,

The Accidental Highwayman: Being the Tale of Kit Bristol,

The Accidental Highwayman: Being the Tale of Kit Bristol, His Horse Midnight, a Mysterious Princess, and Sundry Magical Persons Besides (Adventures of Kit Bristol, #1) [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Accidental Highwayman: Being the Tale of Kit Bristol, His Horse Midnight, a Mysterious Princess, and Sundry Magical Persons Besides (Adventures of Kit Bristol, #1) By Ben Tripp – The Accidental Highwayman is the first swashbuckling adventure for young adults by talented author and illustrator Ben TrippIn eighteenth century England young Christopher Kit Bristol is the unwitting The Accidental Highwayman is Highwayman: Being Kindle ´ the first swashbuckling adventure for young adults by talented author and illustrator Ben TrippIn eighteenth century England young Christopher Kit Bristol is the unwitting servant of notorious highwayman Whistling Jack One dark night Kit finds his master bleeding from a mortal wound dons the man's riding cloak to seek help and changes the course The Accidental PDF/EPUB or of his life forever Mistaken for Whistling Jack and on the run from redcoats Kit is catapulted into a world of magic and wonders he thought the stuff of fairy tales Bound by magical law Kit takes up his master's uest to rescue a rebellious fairy princess from an arranged marriage to King George III of England But his Accidental Highwayman: Being Kindle × task is not an easy one for Kit must contend with the feisty Princess Morgana gobling attacks and a magical map that portends his destiny as a hanged man upon the gallows Fans of classic Accidental Highwayman: Being the Tale PDF/EPUB ² fairy tale fantasies will find much to love in this irresistible YA debut by Ben Tripp the son of one of America's most beloved Accidental Highwayman: Being the Tale PDF/EPUB ² illustrators Wallace Tripp Amelia Bedelia Following in his father's footsteps Ben has woven illustrations throughout the story Delightful and charming A swashbuckling adventure in the vein of Robert Louis Stevenson — New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson.

  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • The Accidental Highwayman: Being the Tale of Kit Bristol, His Horse Midnight, a Mysterious Princess, and Sundry Magical Persons Besides (Adventures of Kit Bristol, #1)
  • Ben Tripp
  • English
  • 27 August 2016
  • 9780765335494

About the Author: Ben Tripp

BEN TRIPP is the Highwayman: Being Kindle ´ author of Fifth House of the Heart; Rise Again and Rise Again Below Zero a two part apocalyptic zombie saga for Gallery; he has also completed the first volume of the Accidental Trilogy The Accidental Highwayman which is a young adult fantasy The Accidental Giant will be the next book in the seriesTripp is The Accidental PDF/EPUB or an artist writer and designer who has worked with major entertainme.

10 thoughts on “The Accidental Highwayman: Being the Tale of Kit Bristol, His Horse Midnight, a Mysterious Princess, and Sundry Magical Persons Besides (Adventures of Kit Bristol, #1)

  1. Brandon Sanderson Brandon Sanderson says:

    Note For an explanation of my Goodreads policy please see hereI blurbed a book I know I know That doesn’t happen very often these days but Susan my YA editor at Tor approached me with a project she is very excited and passionate about The Accidental Highwayman by Ben Tripp And after reading it I have to highly recommend it—Susan has discovered a gemFrom the back of the bookIn eighteenth century England young Christopher “Kit” Bristol is the unwitting servant of notorious highwayman Whistling Jack One dark night Kit finds his master bleeding from a mortal wound dons the man’s riding cloak to seek help and changes the course of his life forever Mistaken for Whistling Jack and on the run from redcoats Kit is catapulted into a world of magic and wonders he thought the stuff of fairy talesWe’ve seen the story of the servant taking up the master’s mantle before But the twist caught my attention Kind of like becoming the Dread Pirate Roberts only you didn’t mean to and now all England is looking to put you in prison for the crimes your master committed Something in between The Princess Bride and The Fugitive with the charm of Stardust and the snark of Terry Pratchett—if he wrote Robert Louis Stevenson fan fiction The Accidental Highwayman should be judged on its own merits of course but comparing it to those books and authors is the best way to give you the feel of this novel in a way that will catch the attention of those readers who will enjoy it the mostAt the beginning of the book author Ben Tripp purports only to be the editor of notes he found in a chest belonging to one of his ancestors The story begins in an affected voice meant to sound like something from the eighteenth century but laced with enough humor and snark that you feel the author is subtly looking at you from behind the words and shooting you an anachronistic wink Tripp has mastered the balancing act of making the prose sound archaic while at the same time being palatable to modern readers Take a gander at Tripp’s website—you can tell he’s something of a characterSo yes I recommend this book Like I said to my editor The Accidental Highwayman is “Delightful and charming A swashbuckling adventure in the vein of Robert Louis Stevenson”Take a look at what other reviewers have said“Readers will root for star crossed lovers Kit and Morgana and delight in their ‘opposites attract’ romance drawn onward by a rollicking plot Fantasy readers especially fans of Catherynne Valente’s work will enjoy the author’s elegant turns of phrase A first purchase for all fantasy collections” — School Library Journal Starred Review“Spells wishes and fantastical creatures aside this rollicking yarn owes to RL Stevenson than JK Rowling Kit’s wry voice provides a fine pastiche of old fashioned tale telling enlivened by breakneck pacing colorful similes and a sly wit aimed at modern sensibilities Kit himself is as brave clever and good natured an orphan lad as ever buckled a swash The promise of adventures to come provides happily ever after enough They can still write ’em like they used to; hurrah” — Kirkus Reviews“While the journey isn’t uick it never grows tedious—danger magic and intrigue wait at every turn Tripp infuses his story with whimsy humor and derring do and his miniature spot illustrations and handful of lovely full page pieces add to the overall charm” — Publishers Weekly“Tripp builds a richly imagined fantasy world captured both in Kit’s dry witty first person narrative and Tripp’s detailed illustrations The complex political machinations make for a compelling and uietly sinister background thrum that builds until the exciting concluding battle which handily leaves room for adventures in the planned trilogy Fans of classic adventure will find plenty to like here” — BooklistWant to check out an excerpt? The first two chapters are on 's Look Inside feature and you can read chapters three through eight on Torcom

  2. Shelby *trains flying monkeys* Shelby *trains flying monkeys* says:

    I'm not rating it So just calm down I promised myself that I would move on from books that just don't cut it for meSo I can only take so much info dumping world building and I nut up I received an arc copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  3. Heidi The Reader Heidi The Reader says:

    This is the story of Kit a half fairy princess a highwayman a tightrope walker a man who's lost his memory and The Accidental Highwayman is not a swashbuckler I listened to the digital audiobook and didn't see that description of this story until I came to its Goodread page That's a positive thing because I may have felt cheated otherwiseThough it has a large cast of characters the pace is uite slow This is a book that can be savored but I see how it could just as easily be put asideI confess I nearly gave it up when I went nearly four chapters in a row with nothing happening other than the wagon moving onwards But I stuck with it to the endThe style of storytelling feels like a Victorian era book rather than a modern fairytale I believe this was a purposeful choice on the part of Ben Tripp to give it a faux classic feelI feel like The Princess Bride could be an apt comparison if you slowed Bride's pacing way down and remove almost half of the adventure The Accidental Highwayman has charm in my opinion but not a lot of substanceThat being said it contains one of the most over the top romantic lines I've ever heard in an audiobook If I don't kiss you I shall perish pg 269 If you like that kind of thing you might enjoy this book very much Think slow burning wick of a romance Very slow And not graphic but sweetActually The Accidental Highwayman was sort of like The Night Circus but with goblins and less immersive descriptions In that book as in this I felt like the story was reaching for but never uite made itIn conclusion I recommend this book for readers with buckets of patience and a penchant for the fantastical and overly dramatic

  4. Gavin Gavin says:

    I'll keep this brief as I do not want to waste any of my time on this book It was a total bore I did not care for either the characters or the happenings Even the humor fell flat I'm very disappointed as the synopsis and the title both made this sound like it would be a very fun read It was a book that I fail to see appealing to either adults or younger young adults Rating 2 starsAudio Note This was narrated by Steve West I was not really a fan I'm not uite sure why as his accents were fairly accurate and his reading was competent

  5. Rashika (is tired) Rashika (is tired) says:

    You like me might scoff and roll your eyes at how this book is being compared to The Princess Bride It’s understandable to be wary considering what a masterpiece The Princess Bride was but that said don’t be This book isn’t The Princess Bride but it’s definitely written in the fashion of it and that’s why I adored it so much This book isn’t at least to me trying to be The Princess Bride but it instead is trying to invoke the same humor and the same fun adventurous feelingObviously they aren’t wrong in making that comparison because this book lived up to what you would expect when a book gets compared to a beloved book It was funny it had witty comments and it had fantastic charactersKit is a great main character and someone you cannot help but root for He is also a bit of a stereotype but that ties back into the whole fact that this book may or may not be a satirization of a typical fantasy That said Kit isn’t really annoying his fascination with a certain princess can be but that aside he is a fun hero who is loyal to those he cares about and will fight for what he believes in What else can you want from a hero? Princess Morgana is fun too She is a typical princess but with all her princessiness she also manages to grow and become someone who thinks not just of herself and her selfish reasons for doing things but also thinks about the rest of her kingdom and what she could be doing to help them win this warWhat I really loved about this book was the secondary characters They really did add to the story and made the already fun adventure a lot funnier I do mean funnier and not funner since the adventure was already fun You cannot imagine how many times I burst into laughter just by the actions of these bizarre secondary characters My favorite character was in fact Lily’s uncle His cluelessness always did me in He had a way of messing things up but at the same time if it weren’t for him they wouldn’t have gotten as far as they hadThe romance was alright I say alright because even though I know that there is a bit of satire involved in the book instalove in this case wasn’t done as well as it could have Remember the romance in The Princess Bride? That was fantastic The romance here? Not so much I loved some of the moments involving the two but other mushy ones did not work for meThe plot on the other hand did It was so all over the place and so exciting It was definitely an adventure and there was a circus involved CIRCUSES ARE AWESOME There that’s a selling point A circus one the characters formed Why must I be so vague you ask? ‘tis because I am trying to sell this amazingly fun book and if I were to take away the mystery of what actually happens in the book it wouldn’t be as intriguing would it?What really works for the book is its uirkiness I love the way the narrator inserts random tid bits in the notes as he tries to define the meanings of certain words that are ‘beyond our understanding’ and also manages to contribute to the world building aspect of the novel It makes the book original and it also manages to separate it from The Princess Bride so that while it is written in the fashion of the great novel it isn’t trying to copy itI am incredibly excited to see where Tripp will take us with the seuel and I only hope it’s to better places since there are two books left in the trilogyI’d definitely recommend this book to lovers of The Princess Bride and really anyone who just wants to read a fun fantasy that involves the fae If that isn’t reason enough here is another one the author is the son of the illustrator for Amelia Bedelia That worked for me I hope it'll be enough to convince you to pick up this fabulously fun book

  6. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    25 I'm torn on this one Basically good writing but bogged down in an annoying romance that becomes and central to the plot as the book goes on The author cannot write women interestingly at all and the plot is sadly about bland fairy rebellions than highwaymen It operates as total wish fulfilment fantasy on the part of the unremarkable main character who nonetheless does everything important ever thinks of every plan saves everybody is the only active character and serves as de facto leader despite everyone being older and experienced than him in various realms of life There's very little input from other characters in this way which robs the book of a fun roadtrip with friends feel and forces Kit's main character status down your throat constantly He has a few endearing traits particularly his awfulness with love which is rendered ineffective by the fact that all pertinent female characters nonetheless fall for him His fascination with Morgana is entirely about her beauty; he even admits being irritated by her and they both confess they have literally nothing in common but they're in love because he's the main and she's beautiful he talks about this trait of hers far far than anything else about her The romance as a result is SO well trod and unearned so insistent on boring old fashioned gendered stereotypes that involve the beautiful girl being freuently saved by a good guy man who is then constantly validated by her emotional investment in him while he just keeps going on about her beauty It's tedious and frustrating because there's no chemistry between them and I was so conscious of the fact that they were only in love because it's a rule that a man and a woman when brought together must fall in love especially if they're attractiveThe book is self conscious about the sexism of the time period it's working in while simultaneously constantly referring to the female characters as emotional and representing them as fainting or easily offended or a number of tiresome tropes Morgana's personality is beautiful and high born and while she has a few moments of awkwardness that were endearing she also exists solely to validate Kit as a plot device to further the fairy rebellion plot I did like her friendship with Lily and appreciated that there were no jealous women fighting over man subplots Lily herself I also liked but I felt again like her romantic interest in Kit was totally arbitrary and while I think her journey to self confidence has potential it also comes to us through Kit's unobservant eyes so it feels really vague and background yThis book has excellent writing but the most frustrating characters in terms of how evident the flattery of Kit is I didn't dislike Kit but I did feel like the entire book revolves around him to the detriment of literally everyone else in the novel It's a funny criticism in a way to complain that the main character has too much focus but when everything seems designed to flatter him and when he seems to be the only character capable of productive action at all times it really takes me out of the book and reminds me of the author's machinations behind the scenes Which is jarring So I found this book had gads of potential but found it really underdeveloped in key areas mainly in the romance and character department But I think that someone less fussy about characters might be able to readily overlook these things so 25

  7. Jacob Proffitt Jacob Proffitt says:

    My opinion of this book wavered greatly while reading it It started off amusing but sank almost to boredom around a third through Indeed I let it sit for nearly a week and only cracked it open to retrieve my bookmark That point happened to be particularly engaging though with a few laugh out loud moments that pulled me back into the storyIndeed that middle third is fantastic—a great deal of fun lots of good humor and a kind of light absurdity you find in the best YA I lost myself fully in the motley crew but particularly in Morgana and Kit's friendship Their growing trust amidst their insecurities and fundamentally different natures was delightful and rewardingCome to think of it that first third and the last third have them mostly apart Kit on his own is alright I suppose but the real warmth the real engagement for me was them together Which is a shame because Ben Tripp is a talented author with a great feel for the place and history and for making those things fit snugly into his tale of adventure So this may be my idiosyncratic reaction that I latched onto what little romance there was as my entre into the story

  8. Cori Cori says:

    What a conundrum of a little gem What was this? Who writes like this any?Collecting thoughts in 321Okay This book was essentially Stardust if the fantasy elements had tumbled over the wall So many of the book's elements were incredibly appealing The premise was fantastic The writing style was astounding Like I said who writes like this any? The vernacular does slow down the reading pace a bit but the style is absolutely adorable It's a blend of old English nonsense Eldritch and almost a CS Lewis vibe And some of the wording is laugh out loud rubbish in the best way possible a few uses of thee thou and gaol instead of jail Also no big deal but the use of words like slubberdegullion kippage and tatterdemalion Thank the stars above they were complete with a little definition at the bottom of the page because dangI can't say I've ever used them thar fancy words in a Scrabble game But you better bet your sweet cheeks I will now I LOVED Willum and Gruntle Their banter was hysterically precious Why would a doctor hang a fellow? What sort of doctor would he be?A Hippocratic oaf said Gruntle I made a jokeTo which I promptly spit out my water Also 'Oo's got it' Lily shoutedGot what? Uncle Cornelious askedMy comb My good tortoise combYou can't comb a tortoise Gruntle said Bain't got no hairs on 'emThe manlings have a very famous story about a tortoise and hair Willum pointed outTo which I promptly choked on my Twizzler This kind of wit and dialogue made the whole book very endearing Also the treasure trove of fantastic pictures was just delightful I mean come on even us cold calloused adults like pictures in books sometimes But I also had a few drawbacks Earlier I said this book was like Stardust if the magical elements tumbled over the wall But only a tad bit of the fantasy elements LikeI wish much like Jericho the walls came tumbling down Because it took a bit for me to even realize this was going to be a book with magic elements And then they came slow at first Eventually it picked up speed a bit but I really hope Ben Tripp capitalizes on this even in the next book Also because of the writing style the reading pace was slowed just a bit A lot of people complained about the heavy romance element I guess to me it was what it was It wasn't obnoxiously overdone in my opinion but definitely a get the girl kind of story My biggest drawback with this book was having a bit of difficulty getting into it but to be totally fair to the author this might have been due to me being pulled to night shift several times recently and being pretty tired I'll probably read the next book I really appreciate an original uniue story and this was definitely different from anything I've read for a long time I'd rate this book a PG Even the violence and moments of peril were mild enough I don't think a child would have issue with it Although a good portion of the humor would go over a child's head I believe

  9. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    Overall I really liked the book I liked Kit and I liked that he remained honorable and all throughout the book I don't feel that we got to know a lot of the things that made him really uniue but I did like him and think of him fondly I felt that the story could have been developed a lot in certain places especially as regarded the details of the fairy revolution and magical realms and rules but I enjoyed reading it and feel it was a good yarn with a fine tone for the time period while striking a fitting balance between gravity and humor I was concerned it might be too dark or violent but I didn't think it was either well I had to skip over the parts on the prison ship but that might not bother most people I'm just really sensitive and find such things disturbing The blend of history and faerie magic was great and I really loved that Tripp created a fairy story that males or anyone not into the typical Tinkerbell fairy types could enjoy I would consider reading of the series and was sorry to see that the seuel hasn't been released

  10. Taylor Knight Taylor Knight says:

    I'd seen this book in a little indie book store sometime last year and I thought the cover mine is black not red was so beautiful I loved the font and the title I loved everything about it So I had to get it right away And even though it sat on my shelf for months I never really forgot about it A few months ago I read Rise Again by Ben Tripp and I really enjoyed so I had fairly high hopes for this book I assumed the writing style was going to be the same because why wouldn't I However I was extremely surprised to find that The Accidental Highwayman and Rise Again are nothing alike Both books have vastly different styles But because of that Ben Tripp is now one of my favorite authors Each book had a writing style that fit perfectly with the main character I'm not going to go into Rise Again but style of The Accidental Highwayman fit the main character really well and that's something that I never noticed or thought about until now But Ben Tripp really showcases how each main character of a book needs their own writing style I don't know how Tripp did it but he's such an amazing writer The concept of this book is really original and fun I really liked how different it was I did find it a little boring at times and I felt like if I had read this book in one sitting I could have gotten into a lot I've seen that this book is compared to The Princess Bride but I've never seen that movie so I can't say if the comparison is accurate or notI felt like the world building could have been spread out a little At times I felt like as the reader I was getting a lot of info all at once This book is only 304 pages so maybe if it was a little longer there could have been times to spread out all the world buildingOverall I really enjoyed The Accidental Highwayman It was a fun uick read There were a few flaws for me but nothing major I wish I could have sat down and read this book in one sitting because I think I would have liked it a lot If you're looking for a uick fantasy read and that's different and original I'd recommend The Accidental Highwayman

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