The Ark PDF/EPUB Ú Paperback

The Ark PDF/EPUB Ú Paperback

The Ark [Ebook] ➧ The Ark ➦ Ben Jeapes – Michael Gil Captain of the HMSS Ark Royal is part of the Earth delegation invited by alien race to develop their planet Passengers are an ill tempered prince and an inscrutable uadruped alien His Firs Michael Gil Captain of the HMSS Ark Royal is part of the Earth delegation invited by alien race to develop their planet Passengers are an ill tempered prince and an inscrutable uadruped alien His First Officer is on the brink of mutiny the ship’s AI seems to have turned renegade and the neighboring vessel harbors a genocidal maniac.

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  1. Edmond Barrett Edmond Barrett says:

    This is title which for me has some small personal history I saw it in paperback about ten years ago I read the first chapter or so and thought it was interesting Unfortunately since I was an impoverished student at the time I didn't buy it Which since I didn't see it again I sort of regretted So when I came across it for the Kindle I had to buy it and finally see if ten years on it lived up to the memory The short answer is YES First off this is pretty hard science fiction There are no shields or transporters and inertial compensator is a funny name for seat belts The story opens a short time after humanity is contacted by an alien race calling itself First Breed They wish to share with humanity a colony world and the nations of Earth are being invited to make tender to join this colony During the course of the story there really is everything political intrigue misdirection and probably a very accurate take on space combat The writer has pulled off the trick of making aliens actually 'alien' not merely the written euivalent of Star Treks bumpy headed aliens of the week It isn't too say it is perfect The story mentions Earth and you are left with a sense that it is a pretty Balkanised place it would have better I think if the writer had worked in a bit of background Particularly in the case of the UK1 But this is a minor point In short this is an disregarded classic

  2. Caleb Klatt Caleb Klatt says:

    I felt that this book was a pretty easy read as far as science fiction goes it's pretty simple stuff I feel that yes it was a good book and owning a copy is even better but the way i see the book is that I have seen all of this sort of stuff before Though what I really like about it is the fact that the alien race is in about the same age as humans which really doesn't make it boring I really like how Jeapes starts the book with the alarm sounded when the cluster of M type asteroids was two miles ahead it starts you right in the action and gives you a look at the sort of technology we have developed in this time I also like how he puts Gil's idea about the king by saying This man is not in the least bit mad showing that he always felt the stories had a bit of a truth to them but remained skeptical about them Overall it is a great read and I feel that the author really tied up leaving it with a nice hanging ending to set up another book

  3. Bill Bowne Bill Bowne says:

    Loved it Very creative and thought provoking I enjoyed how he built the characters including the AI Plantagenet Nicely written well thought out with The Secret well hidden until it was time to reveal itI'm looking forwards to reading from Mr Jeapes

  4. Eddy Eddy says:

    Fun read with an interesting plot twist and alien race

  5. Jack Sprat Jack Sprat says:

    One of my favourite books of all time still holds upLove my lil rust boisss

  6. An Odd1 An Odd1 says:

    One surprise piles atop another so each feels smaller loses significance Gil is hero saves day than once Manhattan 2149 The First Breed short four legged aliens who hang box translators from their necks are secretly nicknamed 'Rusties' for their flaking red brown 'skin' In 2148 they asked Earthlings to join them spaceships of delegates to settle a planet free from the mistakes both have made ravishing the resources of their original worlds Whoever wins their 'Convocation' Competition will rule the planet view spoiler Earth assumes Rustie planet is new colony really their original home planet Your preconception did the talking p 223 hide spoiler

  7. Neil Neil says:

    OK I'll own up and admit my rating is partly induced by a good helping of nostalgia this is the book that not only convinced me there was to science fiction in general and Space Opera in particular than Star TrekStar Wars but also that printed science fiction was out there In the same way that cannabis serves as a gateway drug this was my Gateway Book to Space Opera in all its many and various formsAs for the book itself what makes it interesting is that not only is a first contact situation with one of the most well alien races I've seen in fiction it also shows the beginning of human interstellar travel We see the contrast between the realistic human vessels centrifugal gravty have to make carefully calculated acceleration burnsetc and the fantastic alien ships And we see the best and worst of humanity as well as how our idiosyncratic tendencies may appear to outsidersAll in all a thorough recommendation from me

  8. Darian Rebsomen Darian Rebsomen says:

    For the longest time in High School this book sat in the back of my English teachers classroom on a bookcase filled with books she thought that might appeal to her students I do not think she had read all of them On one occasion I had glanced at it with a critical eye and deemed it beneath my reading level I'm glad for second glances for if I hadn't I'd have missed out on a uniue book not likely to be matched by many othersJeapes provides a scenario not often found in science fiction; seeing through an aliens eyes Some might say that this happens in other works but I must maintain that this book explores the idea of alien aspects be it their society or their physiue or their POV Logicallyand yet uniuelyThis book isn't like star wars nor like Star Trek nor like starship troopers It is uniue it fits it's own genre And I think it deserves a bit notice

  9. Tessa Tessa says:

    Finally finally the one library in my library system to own this book delivered it Was it worth the wait? I thought it was pretty good—although the author had a tendency to come up with human euivalents willy nilly Apart from wishing that Jeapes had discussed the ramifications of artificial intelligence a little bit I enjoyed the book and will read the next in the series

  10. Nicholas Whyte Nicholas Whyte says:

    returnreturnVarious factions of humans dealing with aliens All good fun if the hero is a little too admirable to be true

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