Dantes Unexpected Legacy MOBI Ç Dantes Unexpected

Dantes Unexpected Legacy MOBI Ç Dantes Unexpected

Dantes Unexpected Legacy [Read] ➬ Dantes Unexpected Legacy By Catherine George – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk To secure his heir The night that Rose Palmer met enigmatic Italian tycoon Dante Fortinari she threw caution to the wind allowing him to sweep her off her feet and into his bed But by the next morning To secure his heir The night that Rose Palmer met enigmatic Italian tycoon Dante Fortinari she threw caution Dantes Unexpected PDF \ to the wind allowing him to sweep her off her feet and into his bed But by the next morning Dante was gone leaving Rose heartbroken aloneand pregnant Two years later Rose comes face to face with the father of her daughter and can no longer hide the truth of that night She knew he'd be angry but never expected him to demand marriage She longs to accept but can her heart withstand life with a man who might never love her back.

  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Dantes Unexpected Legacy
  • Catherine George
  • 20 February 2014
  • 9780373137367

About the Author: Catherine George

Catherine George was born in a village on the Welsh English border where the public library featured largely Dantes Unexpected PDF \ in her life Her mother who looked upon literature as a basic necessity of life fervently encouraged Catherine's passion for reading little knowing it would one day motivate her daughter into writing her first novelAt Catherine met a future Engineer who had set in a pendant a gold.

10 thoughts on “Dantes Unexpected Legacy

  1. Naksed Naksed says:

    This almost made it to the Gloriously Bad shelf because the author used the word glissando during a sex scene EwwwAnyhooFour years prior to the beginning of this tale the English heroine and Italian hero met at the wedding of their mutual friends That very night they had a one night stand Our freshly graduated from college heroine thought she was in luuuurrrvvee Unbeknownst to her hero was engaged to a girl back in Italy the Big Fat CheaterHero left heroine the morning after their ONS His excuse was that he had to immediately return to Italy to attend his sick nonna but he would call her later implying they will continue their relationship Heroine has to find out through mutual friends that he had a supermodel fiancee waiting for him in Italy Predictably he never called the heroine as promised Also predictably he married the fiancee shortly after his return home In a SHOCKING UNPREDICTABLE TWIST Heroine found out two months later she was pregnant and decided to raise the Seekret Baybee aloneFour years later the now single mom heroine is set up by her extremely annoying and flaky friend to reunite with the hero in ItalyAfter years of complete silence and no attempt to contact the heroine or even find out through mutual friends how she is the hero now all of a sudden seems eager to resume their romance His supermodel wife has dumped his hiney for a richer guy and he is totally feeling sorry for himself For some unfathomable reason the idiot heroine dates him Eventually the cat or rather the Once Seekret Baybee now Annoying Preschooler is let out of the bag Immediately the hero proposes so they can be a family Everyone from heroine's family to his relatives to their mutual friends to the plot moppet herself and probably to the postman and milkman too browbeat the heroine into rushing into matrimony uprooting her stable life selling her house and self made business and moving away from her family to another country to be with this guy of very dubious moral compass that she made a baby with four years ago but that she really doesn't know beyond that Well in another SURPRISE SHOCKING TWIST she agrees to marriage In order to do that she had to swallow a lot of bullshit that he kept spoonfeeding her as if it was the most delectable Tuscan dish Since he was aided in the process by every other secondary character in the book the poor girl gulped it all downLook the guy had a slick answer for everything but whatever he was selling I wasn't buying Numero Uno heavily flirting let alone having a one night stand with the bridesmaid of your best friend's bride while being engaged to another woman is the peak of tackiness and was never explained satisfactorily by him He was a liar a cheater a selfish prick a user and he did wrong not only to the heroine but to his best friend whose wedding he attended to his fiancee and to his family Everyone went to great length to drive the point that the fianceefirst wife was a witch who made their marriage miserable but as we only get his pov on that I am weary of accepting that as the absolute truth He actually sounded much like a bitter and regretful ex still pining for the wife who dumped him than a guy relieved that his witchy wife gave him back his freedomHe also said that when he went back to Italy after his ONS with the heroine he tried to break things off with the fiancee but she hoodwinked him with a lie that she was pregnant and now all of a sudden he felt the urge to do the honorable thing and marry her I love how selectively honorable he was Not honorable enough to stop from cheating and lying obviously Just honorable enough to forget about a meaningless ONS for years and to instead marry the woman who he admittedly fell for heavily due to her pretty packaging and her considerable bedroom skillsHe also says he never loved the wife never slept with her after the wedding and was glad she left him But if the only reason he married her was because of a baby who turned out to be a hoax why didn't he divorce her right away and run back to his true love the heroine? He and the ex didn't even have a church wedding If she really was a disappointing gold digger he could have easily bought her off to get rid of her Instead he suspiciously stuck in a miserable platonic loveless marriage until she actually left him for a wealthier man? Really that's the story? Naaaaaaah I think a much plausible scenario is that he forgot all about his meaningless ONS once he got back to Italy and met up with his fiancee's hot bod again I don't think there was any baby hoax They simply got married as planned and had a totally consummated marriage I am sure he kept hoping to change his wife's mind about having a baby and enjoying all those bedroom skills in the meantime He may have been frustrated that she didn't get pregnant and he probably drove his wife away when he didn't respect her decision that she just wasn't readyinterested in motherhood But I think if she had caved in to him and gotten pregnant he would have been super happy to play hubby and papa indefinitely and he sure as hell would never ever have given the heroine another thought The wife finally left him for another man who was not only wealthier but already had grown up children and thus he wouldn't pressure her to get pregnant when she didn't want to And hero still didn't make any effort to seek out the heroine No he was too busy feeling sorry for himself and walking the streets looking for a glimpse of his wife's face on fashion magazines which is the only way he could ever see her again LOLThe poor dumb dumb heroine of this story accepted the fairy tale of a platonic marriage of convenience to the ex wife and all his tales of poor me woe is meHeroine also suspects the hero proposed only because he found out about the Seekret Baybee Well yes He did How many clues did you need to figure that out? The man was obsessed with babies He literally told you he dumped you the first time cause the fiancee said she was carrying his heir and his priority was the baby He supposedly got super angry that his first wife lied about being pregnant and then expressly refused to have babiesHe kept mentioning how lucky his siblings and friends were to live in blissful matrimony with a passel of babies each but he was depressed to be single and with no prospects of becoming a father anytime soon He also was uite content to have a long distance affair with you until he found out about his daughter Only then did he spring a marriage proposal backed up by threats of a legal custody battle Yes he married you because he wanted an heir and a broodmareNot to say that he won't be a good provider and father but honey you will always be third best after the first wife with her supermodel looks and bedroom skills in first place of fantasy followed by the real love for his children Hope that works for you

  2. Nikki ღ Navareus Nikki ღ Navareus says:

    I usually LOVE a decent secret baby story but I hated everything about this one Rose was one of those mom's who believed in punishing the father of her child by never letting him know of their child's existence Yeah yeah I know he screwed Rose when he was already engaged to another woman and then married that other woman but that does not mean Dante should have been denied the knowledge of his daughter Especially when he came back into Rose's life years later and meets the child face to face Rose still refused to let Dante know he was a father Now that I think back on it Dante was a bit dense in this story He should have clued in on the whole She was conceived after a one night stand speech but I digress I didn't enjoy any part of this story or any of the characters really Rose was a total asshole just for the sake of being an asshole The child was kind of a brat Rose's friend was kind of a dick as well Dante was the only character I semi liked and the bullshit he took from Rose the pissed I became My advice? Only read this story if you are in the mood for a really boring story with an extremely frustrating and bitchy heroine

  3. LIA Kh. LIA Kh. says:

    25 Stars truthfully this story kind of nice with a sweet hero and acceptable heroine but the plot kind of bland Dante slept with rose 4 years ago and resulted in baby what Dante didn't tell rose that he was currently engaged to another woman at that moment in the morning after Dante need to left in hurry because his nonna was dying and later rose learned that Dante had a fiancee so she went back to England with broken hearted and found she was pregnant but too late to told Dante because he's already married

  4. Kiki Kiki says:

    25 starsLook it wasn't half bad To be honest I am a sucker for hero's celibacy And I THINK hero stayed celibate book was so damn boring to remember so I am adding it to that pile BUT to be honest he DID cheat on his fiancée The fact that she was a bitch doesn't change the fact that it was cheating and abso fucking lutely NOT ok I'd like to see him suffer but to be honest whatever

  5. Alex is The Romance Fox Alex is The Romance Fox says:

    Very average story uninspiring forgettable charactersThere was nothing new or fresh about this book It felt as if I had read something similar beforeAlmost gave up half wayI am having some bad luck lately with Mills BoonPlease please let the next one be exciting

  6. Jenny Jenny says:

    The characters have no real depth or development

  7. Maura Maura says:

    Rose had a one night stand with a guy she fell in love with at first sight only to learn he was already engaged By the time she found out she was pregnant he was already married and she made the decision not to tell him She learns 4 years later that his marriage is over and sticks to her decision But it seems Dante is now determined to win her love and when Rose finally caves and tells him he's a father he has all the ammunition he needs to keep the woman he loves in his life This is a case of my not connecting to the writer's style It's a very on the surface tell the story without depth sort of style There wasn't anything wrong with the characters per se In fact I like heroes who know from the start that they love the woman they're chasing and the sort of desperation they feel to win them over That's definitely the case with Dante who while sympathetic is also as clueless as a rock It seems to take him forever to figure out that Rose isn't upset that he left to be with his dying grandmother but that she's upset that he was engaged when he slept with her Duh Nor does he realize that you don't win a woman's love by forcing her to pick up her life and move to a foreign country Unfortunately we don't get into the emotion of this with Rose her frustration at being steamrolled into marriage or even in feeling Dante's guilt in his actions It's glossed over This story just didn't allow me to connect to the characters in any meaningful way Also just saying view spoiler I know the author sort of used a trick by having Dante's first wife reveal her lies on the wedding night thus allowing Dante to refuse her physically and remain faithful to Rose who he supposedly loved and was willing to cancel his engagement for However if said woman hadn't turned out to be a liar Dante would have had sex with his wife and gotten on well enough in his marriage despite being in love with Rose So I totally see why she was pissed and Dante's little sob story does not negate what he did to her He totally needed to suffer for that hide spoiler

  8. Zenki the Hermit Zenki the Hermit says:

    Hmmm I found the dialogue stiff and sometimes awkward It was annoyingDNFed at 321%

  9. Rgreader Rgreader says:

    Could not finish Storytelling was underwhelmingLikeable hero and heroine but not enough oomph to encourage me to finish readingI've read better secret baby plots

  10. LoveRomance LoveRomance says:

    Sterile No chemistry Stilted Boring Finishing only because on long car tripFinished but likely worst HN Presents I've ever read

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