A Valentines Surprise Kindle Ì A Valentines PDF \

A Valentines Surprise Kindle Ì A Valentines PDF \

A Valentines Surprise (Seasons of Love, #1) ➠ [Epub] ➚ A Valentines Surprise (Seasons of Love, #1) By Melanie James ➪ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Adam is a local police officer who has never been interested in finding romance or love He spent the last ten years raising his kid sister after their parents were killed by a drunk driver When his se Adam is a local police officer who has never been interested in finding romance or love He spent the last ten years raising his kid sister after their parents were killed by a drunk driver When his seemingly uiet morning patrol takes a deadly turn Adam starts to think about life and love a little differently He sets his sights on the A Valentines PDF \ beautiful yet guarded Amanda Can his fire burn deep enough to unlock her innocent heart This is a novella approx words.

10 thoughts on “A Valentines Surprise (Seasons of Love, #1)

  1. Angela Ford Angela Ford says:

    Loved this sweet Valentine romance It was a perfect Sunday read in one sittingjust how I love themBeautifully written story by debut author Melanie James Ms James style of writing of bringing the characters into your heart keeps you turning the page Both Adam and Amanda have scars in their hearts and reasons for not loving before But their chemistry is unstoppable A story of falling in love at first sightor fate that brings these two souls together And what a pair they make Sweetness and Steam and a SurpriseA must read Looking forward to of Ms James writing An author who is definitely on my TBR list

  2. Tammy Choate Tammy Choate says:

    I loved this book is was so good It was hot It was funny and sexy as all get out Adam was a such a sweetheart but so closed off for letting anyone love him besides his sister Amanda Angel as what Adam calls her bless her heart she hates Valentine's Day she can't stand the looks of people being all gooey eyed and getting flowers and chocolate Then Adam comes along from a terrible accident and now he's being cared for by Amanda when he first see's her he calls her Angel he can't explain it and sometimes Cupid is there the shoot you in the ass whether you believe in that type of thing or not Amanda isn't sure either what is happening but she can't suppress herself from him and with a little help from these sneaky friends well let's just say holy hotness Tiffany one of Amanda's friends at the hospital cracked me up I can't wait for another book to see how Jenny and Jake unfolds you get a small snippet at the end so even though this is NOT a cliffhanger I can't wait for the next oneI so have to put my favorite crack up that managed to make me spit my drink outSo when Amanda is done doing her job she comes back to the nurses station and there is a bunch of co'workers standing there just waiting to say something to herAnd leave it to Tiffany when she says Did you enjoy that fine slab of beef? And all the nurses started to chuckleAmanda could tell her face was on fire Leave it to Tiffany to be the first one to grill her on the subject Uh yeah he was good She replied when everyone started to laugh even harderOh my God NoI didn't mean it like that It was a complete slip of the tongue She tried to explain but no matter what she said they laughed even harderYeah I bet your tongue slipped right into his mouth Tiffany teasedI loved Tiffany holy moses that woman she tries her best to push Amanda in the right direction but will Amanda make the right choice and give Adam a chance? I don't know you have to read it and find out Excellent job Melanie James

  3. Donna Donna says:

    This was the first time I have read this author and wont be the last I really enjoyed the story and thought the writing was good I love that when Adam and Amanda meet they knew they had something and even though Amanda was not use to having someone want her or her wanting someone they were honest with each other and said what they felt I really liked that they did not jump into bed right away and got to know each other This is a very sweet story and think you should read it

  4. Renégade ♥ Renégade ♥ says:

    2 12 to 3 stars

  5. Staci Simmons Staci Simmons says:

    Author Melanie James did a wonderful and amazing job with her first ever bookThe innocent young nurse Amanda who despises valentine's day gets blind sided when she receives a patient named Adam A young officer who was shot in the line of duty Will he be the one to change her mind on love?I recommend this book You should grab your copy today I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot wonderful things from Melanie James Great job Melanie Thank you for such a wonderful story

  6. Karina Copus Karina Copus says:

    It was a great story that kept you reading to see what would happen next you fell in love with both characters and wanted when it was at its end cant wait for the next one to come out definitely a must read you wont be disappointed

  7. T.M. Payne T.M. Payne says:

    Book A Valentine’s Surprise Author Melanie JamesPublication Date 212014 Reviewed by Tammy Payne Rating 5 Stars REVIEW Brand New Author and Brand New Book and It simply ROCKSWe have Adam Jennings a young guy cop who has been raising his sister Jenny for about 10 years since the death of their parents by a drunk driver Adam and his partner and best friend Jake are out on beat one morning and stop to grab some coffee but something just isn’t right After entering the store shots ring out and Adam has been hit and of course all goes dark for him A nurse named Amanda who is young doesn’t believe in the hype of Valentine’s Day She has spent most of her life caring for her ailing parents who both now have passed on She has never dated really Enter one sexy injured cop who is going to sweep her right off her feet  And that’s all I am giving you as I don’t want to give it all awayGo buy this short but OH so sexy and HOT book and read for yourself The book is well written the story line flows very smoothly Its very tastefully written Review copy provided by ARC provided to me by the Author for my Honest Review Buy Links B N

  8. Jennifer B Jennifer B says:

    Wow this was such a great book The second page into the book and I was already on the edge of my seat with a tear getting ready to fall and talking to myself asking What? Why? And of course I just had to read This had me hooked from the first chapter heck even the first page Adam is a police officer and Amanda is a nurse neither have been in love with anyone or even given the chance to find love as they both took their previous individual responsibilities seriously Once they had no excuses other than being afraid to take a chance on love an accident happens Will they have the guts to take what they want and find love for Valentine's Day?Ms James certainly knows how to write an excellent book It was sad sexy and funny in all the right spots I loved all the characters the book was really well edited and the cover is beautiful what could you ask for? Oh I knowhow about the second book coming out soonHappy reading and I hope everyone picks this up you won't be let down

  9. Robin Robin says:

    The storyline grabs you from the beginning and draws you in Adam is a young man who is a cop took on the responsibility to care for his younger sister Jenny after their parents died in a car crash Amanda is a young woman who has suffered a share of losses She has never been in love and thinks Valentine's Day is for people who've been dropped on their heads Adam ends up in the hospital as one of Amanda's patientsand when the two of them meet it's like they are in their own world Adam comes to me as a closed off person but very much a sweet heart very loveable character I love how these two start to slowly connect and you can feel the love growingTHIS IS A MUST READ BOOK Loved this book

  10. Jean Cantor Jean Cantor says:

    Great first book A sexy love story with engaging character and a well plotted storyline Would recommend this to anyone who loves romance A short read perfect for lunchtime or an evening

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