The Supreme Moment Kindle ✓ The Supreme ePUB

The Supreme Moment Kindle ✓ The Supreme ePUB

The Supreme Moment (Fractured Multiverse, #1) ❴KINDLE❵ ❁ The Supreme Moment (Fractured Multiverse, #1) Author C.G. Garcia – A New Adult Urban Science Fantasy novel in the spirit of Beauty and the Beast What would you do when there are no good choicesThe moment a bunch of men with guns kicked in the doors of her house Avery A New Adult Urban Science Fantasy novel in the spirit of Beauty and the Beast What would you do when there are no good choicesThe moment a bunch of men with guns kicked in the doors of her house Avery Morgan knew her estranged father's gambling addiction had finally caught up to her family in the worst way On the brink of doing something unspeakable to save her little sister from being taken The Supreme ePUB Ò she is interrupted by the sudden arrival of Darrien Stathos a business mogul whose true persona is rud to be the lord of the criminal underworld known as Kairos Darrien announces that he is also there to collect on a contract with Avery's father—for AveryAs she struggles to find some normalcy within her life while living with an alleged crime lord and dealing with the constant harassment of two FBI agents several disturbing observations about Darrien's eyes and the frightening inexplicable ways he stops a couple of would be assassins make Avery rethink her initial dismissal of some of the outlandish gossip that uestioned his humanityAvery thought she wanted answers but the truth of Darrien’s identity will not only shatter the foundation of her understanding of reality but also reveal a disturbing and dangerous truth about herself.

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  1. Nicole Nicole says:

    I received this book from the author and the Paranormal Fantasy Dystopia and Romance Reader Writers and Reviewers Group in exchange for a honest reviewMy Thoughts I really liked this book I would describe it as a science fiction romance with an alpha hero reminded me of Lynda Chance's alpha heroes who is so caring and protective of the heroine that he will do whatever he can to see that she and her family are safe I will admit that some of the background of the hero and the explanation of the universe sort of confused me but it did not distract from my overall enjoyment of the book I definitely will read the next book in the series This book was unlike anything I have read before The Hero Darrien Stathos is a business mogul and reputed lord of the worldwide underworld known as Kairos Sometimes he is called Lord Kairos There are widespread rumors as to what he really is but they are all wrong In reality he is an entity from another universe with considerable powers There are numerous echo universes Mages can open portals to travel between echo universes Resonantiae are beings that have traveled from echo universes to Earth Darrien rules over the Resonantiae He keeps the dangerous ones in line and also makes sure that humans are never aware of their presence He also helps Resonantiae who need protection The Story Avery Morganheroineis planning to go out with her friends for her birthday Her estranged father is deep into debt with gambling As she is getting ready men with guns burst into their home and claim that her little sister Ella is to come with them as payment for her father's gambling debt As this is happening in comes our hero Darrien Stathos and his men with guns drawn Darrien gets rid of the other men and has Avery Ella and their mother Emily come with him Darrien is there to collect Avery Avery's father had sold her to Darrien two years ago Darrien has been waiting for her to grow up but because of these circumstances his hand is forced into acting earlier Avery is separated from her mother and sister She pretty much accepts her fate as long as they are safe She has secretly had a crush on Darrien Stathos Her friends teased her about this He is not what she expected at all He is kind and protective towards her He takes her to eat and an assassin tries to kill him It is then that she begins to think that things are not as they seem After a few days she meets him at his office and another assassin tries to kill him Avery witnesses the whole thing and now Darrien is forced to tell her who he really is They do get their HEA in the end after some twists and turnsThe rest of the story deals with Darrien and Avery's relationship Also Avery's hidden nature is revealed and the mystery of why the assassins have come to Earth is solvedOverall a great science fiction romance with great characters and a plot that kept you guessing

  2. Dina Roberts Dina Roberts says:

    This book was a page turner for meespecially towards the end I stayed up late readingIt's science fiction It deals with alternate universespeople traveling from one two another It was a bit confusing for me Went over my head a bit but I could follow for the most part Wellwhat I'll say is my confusion over the deep thought stuff didn't detract from my enjoyment of the story I'm not sure how I feel about the romantic relationship in the book What happens is Avery's younger sister is threatened by some awful people who want to use her as a sex slave A rich and powerful business man Darrien who is rud to be either a crime lord vampire or demon comes and rescues them There's a catch though Avery has to come live with him now It's as if Avery becomes his property He kisses her and it seems kind of forced on her; though she doesn't fight back Later he has sex with her and it's as if she has no choice in the matter She doesn't fight it Nor does she seem to feel it's really wrong It's like she's accepted her fate of being owned by this man I respect Avery's choice to be okay with it all but it made me like Darrien a little less

  3. Toni Toni says:

    Avery her sister Elle and her mother are home when there;s heavy knocking on the door Before they can bolt down their rabbit hole the doors are knocked down and lots of men with guns enter along with her father Seems that her father owes lots of money to the wrong people and to repay he;s offered them his 10 year old daughter to them Then another man arrives Kairos and after some tense moments Avery along with her sister and mother leave with Kairos He has waited for Avery for two years since her father offered her to him in payment for his debts For Avery what comes next is so alien and out of all human contact that her life feels like a science fiction storyWOW This story will draw you in and keep you totally mesmerized as the story unfoldsFantastic story and readI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

  4. Carole Carole says:

    I find it very hard to express in words my thoughts on this story as it wasdifferent from what I usually read I loved the stories of the Elven realm that the author has written under her othername Cristina Rayne but this series dealt with concepts that I found hard to graspThe story moved at a good pace and had lots of plot intrigues I probably wouldn't havebeen as confused if I was familiar with uantum physics and such mattersOverall I was able to get wrapped up in the story and I look forward to reading thenext in the series to get some answers to the uestions I haveA must read

  5. Claudia Claudia says:

    A young girl is beginning to live with a man who is said dto be the crime lord of her town on her 18th birthday to protect her sister and mother But things are very different from what they seem Reality changes for her and her friends and family in a short time while they go through threatening situations and life altering experiencesI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a reviewA riveting book entertaining well written and difficult to put away as it was full of surprises I am definitely looking forward to reading the next book in the series

  6. Janet Janet says:

    This story has been something else It starts out easy then gets crazy real fast Who would do something like that to there kid I don't want to say to much and give away something The story is so good At first I didn't think that it would be good then it turned into and awesome story It is unbelievably awesome I was to lazy to check it out about the name Kairos but if the explanation is anything like it is in the book Yeah baby Yeah Crazy out of this world good book I received a complimentary review copy of the book and I am voluntarily leaving a honest review

  7. Nancy Nancy says:

    This was a very interesting book that takes place in multiple universes so not one that is on my normal reading list but I though why not This is a very engaging read but I found it slightly lacking I do feel there is definitely room for improvement and will be very interesting the reading the next installmentI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

  8. Tanya Tanya says:

    she knew as soon as they kicked in the door that her fathers gambling debts were the cause she is about to do an unspeakable thing to save her little sister he comes in and saves her just one problem he is after a debt her father owes him things will get complicated what will happen with them? follow their storyI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

  9. Lucinda Lucinda says:

    This was a fantastic book I am a sucker for urban fantasies There is so much room to think completely outside the box And The Supreme Moment is far outside of the box The book is really well written with the potential of a lot novels being developed from this world created I loved it and would keep my eyes peeled for I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

  10. Molly Molly says:

    A special young woman finds herself about to be destroyed by her father's gambling debts as well as her sisterA very mysterious man steps in and everything she thought she knew changed Is long enough to span time and space? Can it save everything? Or will only loss take its place?I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

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