Destined ePUB Ú

Destined ePUB Ú

  • 222 pages
  • Destined (Parish Secrets, #3)
  • Megan White
  • English
  • 21 September 2014

10 thoughts on “Destined (Parish Secrets, #3)

  1. Echo Echo says:

    This is officially one of my favorite series' ever The first two books were amazeballs I felt everything while reading them and after the ending of Obsession book 2 I was beyond giddy to read the third and final book in this fantastically original series And I am happy to declare that Destined doesn't disappoint it was AWESOME Everything and I mean everything comes full circle in such a wonderful way I really loved it I cried I laughed and by the last page I was filled with bittersweet feels mostly because I am sad to see the series endLiz deals with the fallout of her decisions in the previous book She is basically a recovering addict learning to trust herself again I love that Liz comes full circle in this book she's experienced her first love and her first heartbreak all in the form of Dylan She's been betrayed lied to and kept in the dark about her true heritage She's found answers to the secrets of her past and given herself over to immense evil only to be pulled back from the edge Then she found Sean the most perfect book boy ever well he's perfect for Liz Basically Liz has been through a whole crap load of crazy and she's come out stronger I love this series and this book Holy moly This book I am so sad that it's over and honestly I was so thrown into a book funk that I have had the hardest time even writing a review for this wonderfully awesome last outing with Liz and her crazy friends and family I love these characters so much Liz is so freaking awesome sarcastically hilarious and painfully honest with her struggles and I adore her relationships Her relationship with her Grandma is awesome it was great that after 18 years of no family she finally found it with her Grams Then you've got Liz's relationship with Sean which wow I was sueeing and grinning like a crazy person during every single one of their interactions I love love love them together Her friendship with Samantha is beyond cool complete awesomeness And surprisingly even her stilted frayed and tattered relationship with Dylan really comes to a good place By the time I reached the epilogue which is one of the most perfect epilogues for a series that I've ever read I was ugly crying and smiling like a crazy person suffice it to say I'm just glad I didn't read this book in public I really honestly can't recommend this series as a whole enough It's truly one of my favorites I love everything that Megan White did I cried I laughed I sighed with absolute happiness as my bookish heart exploded with all the feels This is definitely a series that I will be going back to re read they have a permeant place on my shelf If you haven't read Megan White's books yet you are missing out I for one am a reader of hers for lifeComplimentary copy provided by the Author for an honest review Originally posted on Me Myself Books

  2. Cheree Castellanos Edits Cheree Castellanos Edits says:

    ohmygoshwhere do I even start I love this whole series but this book It is perfection Elizabeth finally gets it She has to go through hell to figure it out literally but when she does it is magnificent A beautiful story of growthlove heartbreak and finally peaceElizabeth found herself drawn to a darkness she couldn't even fathom but the love of her family saved her In Destined she finds herself but first must be broken She finds a love so strong and powerful it is world altering Everything comes full circle and leaves your heart warm and swelling Amazing job Megan White

  3. Kelly Marie Kelly Marie says:

    The conclusion to Parish Secrets is so full of intense emotions Liz still has a lot to learn about everyone and everything around her but most of all she figures out who she is So full of turmoil and overwhelming emotions But the best is overcoming the past and being able to move forward This has been an awesome series dealing with crazy family and friends that everyone has with a lot of magic intertwined Definite Must Read

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Destined (Parish Secrets, #3)➤ [Epub] ➞ Destined (Parish Secrets, #3) By Megan White ➮ – Betrayed by love consumed by a demon and drowned in the fires of hell Elizabeth Parker found herself broken by her own hands To save herself she must pick up the remaining pieces of her shattered life Betrayed by love consumed by a demon and drowned in the fires of hell Elizabeth Parker found herself broken by her own hands To save herself she must pick up the remaining pieces of her shattered life and venture deeper into a world that has done nothing than pine for her destruction.

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