Trusting A Tiger eBook ☆ Trusting A eBook ✓

Trusting A Tiger eBook ☆ Trusting A eBook ✓

Trusting A Tiger (Alaskan Tigers, #5) [Reading] ➶ Trusting A Tiger (Alaskan Tigers, #5) By Marissa Dobson – Felix Grady’s world came crashing down around him when he received confirmation his twin brother was torturing women One of the victims was none other than his destined mate Torn between his twin an Felix Grady’s world came crashing down around him when he received confirmation his twin brother was torturing women One of the victims was none other Trusting A eBook ✓ than his destined mate Torn between his twin and protecting his mate and clan Felix must make the ultimate choice between the two Harmony Kirk suffered for years under her former Alpha and Henry Now in Alaska under the protection of the Alaskan Tigers she’s expected to forget everything that happened and commit herself to the clan Destined to be the mate of one of the top members of the clan doesn’t make things any easier It doesn’t help that the destined mate is the identical twin to the man who spent years abusing her Will eliminating Henry make things easier or harder for Harmony Can she move past Felix’s face and see him as a different man than the one who abused her for years Will it free her from the past she’s locked herself into allowing her to be with the man who is her destiny.

10 thoughts on “Trusting A Tiger (Alaskan Tigers, #5)

  1. Margaret Margaret says:

    The Alaskan Tigers just can't catch a break everyone seems out to get them They just get past one threat when the next one comes along Felix and Harmony's story just goes to prove that love comes even when you least expect it and family can be cruel Henry was a victim as well as a monster and he should have been protected first by his parents and second by the Alpha So many uestions yet to be answered will have to read the next book to see how it all pans out

  2. Jo Oehrlein Jo Oehrlein says:

    Read as part of a Book #1 #5 bind upThere are several grammarword choice issues; the book would have benefited from editing In particular she doesn't know how to use the verb to run correctly in anything other than simple tenses and she doesn't appear to realize that peak doesn't mean piue or peekAgain we have the repeating story This time we have Harmony who was found injured and brought into the compound After she's healed she ends up mated and has to learn to trust this Alpha when the last Alpha she knew gave her to a mad man to be repeatedly raped and tortured and she has the scars to prove it The elders of the clan seem to feel Get over it They have little sympathy for her lack of trust Even the consumption of her mating must be rushed because her animal causes her pain because it hasn't occurredAlso her abuser is the identical twin of her mate Lovely yes? And the solution to his illness is to kill him Shifter life is toughAlthough these are shifter books we rarely see any of the shifters change They usually fight as humans They live as humans They live in isolated areas so that they can change but we never encounter anyone as a tiger normally It seems oddThe solution to being afraid in these books is always one or of the following Stay in the compound Stay with your guards Trust your mate Learn to fire a gun learning almost instantlyThere are guards but no regular training is mentionedBecause of the mate bond which you discover when you touch skin to skin there's not really any romance

  3. Kim Kim says:

    I’m Not a Tiger but You Can Trust This is a Good ReadI am loving this series It has twists and turns than a world class roller coaster The characters continue to build on the previous book which allows the reader to check in on old “friends” My only complaints come in two forms 1 By the time I read the new book I don’t always remember who the former minor characters were A list with brief description may be helpful to add if there is ever an edit 2 Speaking of editing the books could stand a good editing The main issue involve misspelled words homonym errors and missing or repeated words While it doesn’t usually affect the storyline it a drastic manner it sure does drive this former English teacher crazy

  4. LeeAnn LeeAnn says:

    I've read this entire series and most of them I like The 1st was not great but nowhere near as horrible as this one Poor Harmony is just expected to adjust and deal with the hand dealt her Her former rapist is her new mates twin brother how would you like to have to live with THAT every day? Forever having to live with the face of the man who tortured you?I've never cared for Tabitha the tiger ueen and in this book came to despise her I almost hoped the bad guys would take her out along with Ty Tabitha's mate The entire council puts Harmony in a bad place emotionally and does NOTHING to help the poor girl

  5. Lynn Smith Lynn Smith says:

    Trusting a TigerHarmony had been kept as tortured by Henry After being rescued she was afraid of everyone Except Robyn Felix looked like his twin Henry which made getting near Harmony hard Discovering they were mate's Felux wondered how they would ever get past what had happened Love the series I can't get enough of the characters

  6. Jane Elizabeth Jane Elizabeth says:

    ThereThere are too many threats coming at the tiger clan They are being pulled in too many directions with not enough manpower It seems they no sooner eliminate one problem another pops upThe excitement continuesand so do I

  7. Natalie Natalie says:

    Trusting A TigerI think I will be giving all these a five star rating I have nothing but praises for all the books in have read so far and I'm sure it will be the same for the others

  8. Marsha Marsha says:

    More tigersThe Alaskan Tiger series just keeps getting better Harmony and Felix have a rough road to travel as mates Tabitha is closer to announcing herself as the ueen of all tigers A great paranormal romance series

  9. Charlotte Hodrick Charlotte Hodrick says:

    wonderful story for the series

  10. Kimberley Kimberley says:

    Each book i read in this series just keeps getting better

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