Find Me Life After the Outbreak #2 PDF/EPUB Ü Life

Find Me Life After the Outbreak #2 PDF/EPUB Ü Life

Find Me Life After the Outbreak #2 [Read] ➵ Find Me Life After the Outbreak #2 Author L.J. Baker – Against the odds Andi is not only surviving in a world where flesh eating undead hunt the living but has managed thrive When she first went through the gates of the military base with Will she thought Against the odds Andi is not only surviving Life After PDF ✓ in a world where flesh eating undead hunt the living but has managed thrive When she first went through the gates of the military base with Will she thought it was their chance for a normal life Well as normal as they could have during a zombie apocalypse But life on the military base was nothing like she expected Training takes every ounce of energy she has With few Find Me Epub / friends and Will gone than he's home she's left to wonder was staying the right decisionWhen Will doesn't return from a mission Andi knows her only choice is to go look for him Her chances of finding Will with a pulse are slim but worse she knows what she'll have to do if she finds him without one But Andi has to try She clings to the tiniest shred of hope even though death and heartache await her Me Life After PDF ↠ on the journey What she finds in the end may destroy her idea of the future and force her to rethink everything.

10 thoughts on “Find Me Life After the Outbreak #2

  1. Brandy Rivers Brandy Rivers says:

    I loved Save Me but Find me is even better LJ brings you into her world where zombies have killed off so many people Things aren't always as they seem In the safety of a compound there's too many weird things going on but no one wants to listen to Andi There are new characters who I want of and all of the old favoritesAndi is still a tough girl who is still figuring things out Still she's observant and she doesn't trust the base the wound up in Will is still the same sweet guy and I get why he wants to stay but damn it boy listen to your girl I like Janet even better this time around And who can forget Dan? He's still my faveNew players to love were Jack and Hadley I won't tell you too much other than Jack is an wizened old cynic He's still pretty awesome for missing a leg Hadley is a very intriguing character but it's better to read and find out whyThere are some twists and turns that are sure to keep you turning the pages It's a great ride and ends in a cliffhanger Can't wait for

  2. Vanessa Marie Vanessa Marie says:

    Once again I got sucked into Andi's world I was warned there were going to be zombie and guts beforehand It made me Leary because I'm a wuss However this story is so good and moves at a fast pace I was dying to see what happened next Dan is my new book boyfriend Can you say SWOON? I don't want to give any spoilers because I personally hate when reviews do that But I will say is HOLY SHIT BATMAN I did NOT see that coming I am pretty upset I have to wait for the 3rd book Can you say book hangover? This was a fantastic follow up to SAVE ME

  3. Jacqueline Jacqueline says:

    Hands down an excellent conclusion to the trilogy So sad to say goodbye to these amazing characters and storyline Wish there were books to the series This book had it all Tugged at your heart strings for sure Loved the way the story wrapped up

  4. Abbie Abbie says:

    Actual rating 35

  5. Nykki Mills Nykki Mills says:

    wow wow I cannot say enough about this book It was such an amazing follow up to Save Me I literally couldn't put it down this is one of those books that you ignore all the chores just to finish Andi is adjusting to life on the base and we see her and relationships grow new awesome characters are introduced Baker has a way to suck you right in and make you fall in love with even the secondary characters I don't think I've yelled laughed and cried yes ugly crying this much in a book ever I about died when I realized it was the end and I would have to wait for the next

  6. Dena Dena says:

    I fell in love with save me it totally drew me in However this one is just a filler novel for me It fills in the blanks of what we didn't know in the previous book plus started a whole new storyline Which got cut off before it got good I am all for a cliffhanger when it is done right The plot was weak and the characters seemed unorganized In the beginning I felt like could we get to the point It was slow and it drove me crazy I am hoping the next book is better because save me was wonderful

  7. Staci Hart Staci Hart says:

    I really enjoyed Save Me but Find me was even better Follow Andi as she searches for herself and the man she loves and get ready because this cliffhanger will sting in the best way It's too hard not to give spoilers so I'll uit while I'm ahead If you enjoyed Save Me definitely check Find Me out

  8. Summer Summer says:

    I've decided I love this series It has enough romance to keep me interested and enough life threatening adventure to make it all work I've already started the next one I went through a whole zombie book phase about a year or so ago I have no idea how I never noticed this series when I was searching I would think it would pop up as similar to warm bodies at least

  9. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I think Find Me was a definite read I was lucky enough to be one of the winners from LJ'S character contest What she did with Jennifer the zombie housekeeper was hilarious As for Andi and Will I am anxiously awaiting the next book to find out what will happen

  10. Kathy Kathy says:

    I have been waiting to read this series for what seems like foreverI started this series 3 days ago and now I am on book 3yes this series is that good The characters in this series are lovable and upsetting at the same time Many of them die that makes it all that much better

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