Mind Games Cassie Scot #3 PDF/EPUB º Cassie Scot

Mind Games Cassie Scot #3 PDF/EPUB º Cassie Scot

Mind Games Cassie Scot #3 ❮Ebook❯ ➥ Mind Games Cassie Scot #3 ➦ Author Christine Amsden – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Beware your heart and soulEvan broke Cassie’s heart two months ago and she still doesn’t know why She throws herself into family friends and her new job at the sheriff’s department but nothing h Beware your heart and soulEvan broke Cassie Scot MOBI · Cassie’s heart two months ago and she still doesn’t know why She throws herself into family friends and her new job at the sheriff’s department but nothing helps The only thing that Mind Games PDF or finally allows her heal and move on is the love of a new man mind mage Matthew Blair Cassie finds him irresistibleMatthew may also be the only one who can help keep the nonmagical residents of Eagle Rock from Games Cassie Scot ePUB ✓ going crazy over the murder of a beloved pastor’s wife It looks like a sorcerer is to blame but while Cassie tries to figure out who others take matters into their own hands With tensions running so hot a single spark might set Eagle Rock ablaze.

About the Author: Christine Amsden

Christine Amsden has been writing science Cassie Scot MOBI · fiction and fantasy for as long as she can remember She loves to write and it is her dream that others will be inspired by this love and by her stories Speculative Mind Games PDF or fiction is fun magical and imaginative but great speculative fiction is about real people defining themselves through extraordinary situations Christine writes primarily about people and it.

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  1. Christine Christine says:

    Ebook release was April 10

  2. Mayra Mayra says:

    Mind Games is the much awaited third installment in the new adult mystery series Cassie Scot ParaNormal Detective Talented author Christine Amsden keeps delivering a great story filled with interesting characters romance mystery and the paranormal lots of it In this episode Cassie still doesn’t know why Evan broke her heart two months ago and the mystery gnaws at her big time She decides to keep busy and make herself useful at the sheriff’s department She also meets charismatic mind mage Matthew Blairmuch to Evan’s distaste At the same time Eagle Rock is teeming with hate from the religious community a reaction to the recent murder of a much esteemed pastor’s wife by what the people believe was a sorcerer The town is about to snap with tensions between the magical and non magical communities And in the center of all this is Matthew whom Cassie finds irresistible But can she trust him? According to Evan no way But then Evan isn’t the most objective person when it comes to Cassie Evan and Cassie have a history as well as a secret connection that keeps them bound in spite of themselves Will Cassie discover the real culprit or culprits behind the pastor’s wife’s murder as well as the real face behind the anti magical propaganda and demonstrations? Most importantly will she wake up and see Matthew for who he really isand find the courage to face Evan for what he did to her—when she finds out?I love this series and thoroughly enjoyed this instalment There’s something about Cassie’s voice that makes her really likable She has a good heart and is witty too But best of all she is just an ordinary girl next door trying to do her best in spite of everything that happens around her—which is usually pretty remarkable as is often the case in paranormal stories Her relationship with Evan keeps evolving organically and there’s a major revelation in this book about their connection and the secret behind their rival families Matthew is a great addition to this episode adding tension with his charismatic personality and inciting sparks of jealousy from Evan The conflict between the religious and the magical communities is also well done Mind Games kept me reading late into the night wondering what would happen next If you haven’t read any books in this series before I urge you to pick up book one first Cassie Scot ParaNormal Detective The books are best read in order You won’t be disappointed

  3. Kimber Wheaton Kimber Wheaton says:

    I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewI loved the first two novels in the Cassie Scot series These are definitely best read in order as the story continues from book to book I'm going to try keeping this review as spoiler free as possible but if you haven't read the first two books I suggest picking those up they really are great reads Mind Games the latest in the Cassie Scot series delivers nonstop action and great characters in an intriguing story that will keep the reader guessing until the endCassie starts this novel in a dark place She's missing Evan though I think she's angry than sad I love Evan to death but I get so sick of guys who cause problems with their inability to share important things Out of the box I didn't like Matthew can't imagine being in a relationship where I'd be unable to hide my thoughts from my partner Besides Cassie was acting so out of character with Matthew I wanted to scream at her to open her eyesThere's so much hate in Eagle Rock between the magical and non magical residents The crazy pastor at a local church uses his power of charisma to rile his parishioners into a witch hunting frenzy Can you imagine people picketing in this day and age with signs calling for witches to burn at the stake? The level of hate was exhausting at times and I needed to take breaks from reading Frankly I don't know how Cassie didn't just crumble into a weepy messConstant intrigue and action kept the plot moving at a uick pace Once again Cassie manages to overcome despite her lack of magical abilities I was so proud of her actions at the end She is truly a remarkable character The relationship and balance between Evan and Cassie is heart wrenching I want them to be together and yet it seems they face insurmountable obstacles If you've already read the first two Cassie books you'll love Mind Games If you haven't what are you waiting for??

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  5. Julie Julie says:

    Mind Games by Christine Amsden is a 2014 Twilight Times publication I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewEvan breaks things off with Cassie after he learns a shocking secret that changes the entire dynamic between them He can barely cope with the knowledge himself and he knows once Cassie finds out things could never be the same between them For all intents and purposes their relationship is doneCassie has no idea why Evan suddenly turned on her but no matter what the reasons are she's done playing games with him A suspicious fire that kills the pastor's wife has the magical communtiy in an uproar Cassie and her new partner Wesley are on the case and trying to keep the people in the community from letting their emotions override their common sense She doesn't have time to think of Evan and besides that Matthew Blair has developed an interest in Cassie Although she is very cautious around Matthew it's not long before she finds herself leaning on his protection Are her feelings for Matthew real or is she being manipulated? And why oh why does Evan INSIST on protecting her all the time? In the previous installment of this series we get an idea of why Cassie's family has such an animosity towards Evan's family This book leaves us with no doubts whatsoever as to why they feel that way The big secret is finally out of the bag and it's just terrible Imagine if you had wealth your entire life and thought the money was yours Then you found out it didn't belong to you after all The person it belongs to wants it back How would you feel? Well this situation is even worse Evan has had magical abilities since birth He doesn't know any other way of life To lose it would be a physically painful process of transferring it to someone else But that isn't what scares him What scares him is that his magical abilities are a part of who he is it's what has defined him his whole life How could he possibly make such an adjustment? Cassie doesn't know any of this as the story opens She's in the dark just like she has been from the beginning Although Cassie hasn't the magical abilities her family and many others in the community has she is one smart cookie it won't take her long to figure it out and when she does Well it's a conundrum Cassie does want her birthright it is rightfully hers after all Wouldn't you? Cassie has been scorned her entire life because she doesn't have magical abilities Now it looks as if that wasn't just some fluke For the first time in her life Cassie could stop feeling like an outsider This is something she has longed for than one could possibly imagine It's the reason she is in constant need of protection because she doesn't have the abilities she should have With all that big drama going on the case of the pastor's wife dying in the fire takes on a life of it's own The pastor and his church blame the death on sorcery causing a panic and emotions to run high Some in the community have decided to take advantage of that situation Cassie could find herself a pawn in deadly game especially since her new boyfriend is a powerful mind readerThis series just keeps getting better I know I said that after I finished the last book but this one was just as good I could understand Evan's feelings although I was rooting for Cassie I think Cassie is really the stronger one of the two Don't you? She has lived with this issue her whole life and is better euipped to handle it than Evan However if I had suffered all that Cassie had I would want what was rightfully mine to begin with The really sad thing is this has caused two people who love each other to have to end their relationship The tensions are high and the danger level is off the charts as Cassie absorbs one shock after another This is a great mystery novel there is humor love emotions good and bad people and the still emerging strength of Cassie who continues to amaze I loved it This one is an A 5 stars

  6. Sheila Sheila says:

    Third in the Cassie Scot Normal Detective series Mind Games ups the ante of the overarching story with Cassie broken hearted falling for a powerful mind mage while Evan the cause of her heart break still strives to get her backWhen the pastor’s home burns locals turn against the witches in their midst uoting the Bible and lighting fires Condemnation overrides kindness and their ire might burn even those who are merely guilty by association But Cassie’s job is to find out how and why the first fire was set Her mind mage friend works secretly to calm the storm while Evan works with a powerful new magician who plans to unite all of magic under one governmentBig government didactic churches love rejection betrayal—it’s a heady mix well brewed and scarily told There’s just the right amount of serious soul searching in this novel to leave readers wondering how easily societies start to fall apart Then there’s action and relationships an excellent underlying mystery good police work wonderful characters magical and otherwise and ideas that invite serious thoughtThe novel would stand alone uite well but readers would be well advised to start at the beginning With so much going on it’s clear now this series has beginning middle and end Now as the end game approaches I’m eager for book fourDisclosure I’m hosting the author on her blog tour and was given a free ecopy for review

  7. ~ Rose ~ ☯Desert Rose❀ ~ Rose ~ ☯Desert Rose❀ says:

    After the intensely emotional roller coaster of Secrets and Lies I had no idea what the third installment in this series would reveal about Cassie's life This book picked up right where the second one left off and pulled me right back into the emotional turmoil between Cassie and Evan With the addition of a few new characters this dramatic story gets even twisted and intense Matthew is a character I really wanted to like but in the end it just made me like Evan even I felt so bad for Cassie getting pulled in so many directions and having to deal with so many different tricks and manipulations The writing is just as good as the first two books and easily drew me into the world Cassie lives in The ending left me even hopeful for a reunion between Cassie and Evan and I am looking forward to seeing how this drama ends I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who's read the first two in the series but only if you're prepared to read the fourth book as well I was given an eCopy of this book from the author to read in exchange for an honest review

  8. Denise Bartram Denise Bartram says:

    I was gifted a copy by the author in exchange for an honest reviewThe Cassie Scot novels are easily one of my favourite series Each book has a mixture of action romance mystery and suspense I love a good story and not one of these books has let me down yet If you haven't read books 1 2 then there's no point in reading this book These books need to be read in the correct order so you know who is who and what is what'Mind Games' brings us into Cassie Scot's life once again and things have changed uite a bit Evan dumped Cassie and she's no closer to understanding why He's adamant that he still wants to protect her and Cassie is eually as adamant that she doesn't need his protectionEnter Matthew into the mix and Cassie has herself somewhat of a love triangle Chuck in a couple of murders a pastor who preaches hatred for magic users and Cassie finds her hands very fullThe main thing I love about Christine Amsden's books is that the woman gives you a STORY 'Mind Games' drags you in so that you worry about characters and what's happening to them There are moments that are heart stopping One part even had me doing an impression of Rachael Green's Friends 'Noooooooooooo'I am now an avid fan and I honestly cannot wait to read the next part This series hooked me from the start and book three cemented my love for Cassie's character Another 5 Shamrocks from me with the hopes that book 4 can keep up the excellent work D

  9. Sadie Forsythe Sadie Forsythe says:

    I don't know I'm seriously torn on this series I like Cassie and the actual writingtone of the books I really do and the narrator is great But I'm just constantly frustrated with the decisions Cassie and the author make The last book had me all but enraged and this one didn't But I just wasn't happy either I'm sick of the constant reminder that women are sexually enslaved as breeding stock and the endless stream of men trying to get Cassie for this reason can't figure out why only women are ever spoken of being drained of magic seems to me it would work just as well on men and the Cassie never pushes for the information I want her to or tells people the things I think they should know SPOILER I mean I really feel like that if she had a true heart to heart where she told Evan how much it hurt her to not have her magic and see him refuse to give it back I feel like he'd relent But she asked once didn't push and didn't tell him her actual feelings Similarly I feel like her family sold her out AGAIN in this book but she never said a word about that It's so frustrating to repeatedly watch her walk away with things unaddressedHaving said all that I really do like her I like that she's gaining strength even without her power I like that she protects people And I like the side characters I just find the decisions she makes and the plot lines the author utilizes frustrating as hell

  10. Van (Short & Sweet Reviews) Van (Short & Sweet Reviews) says:

    Disclosure I received a review copy from the author in exchange for a honest reviewMind Games is the highly anticipated third book in the Cassie Scot series In the same vein as the previous two books Mind Games start off with a bang and continues that way till the end The action starts immediately from the moment readers open the book with a murder involving the McClellan one of Eagle Rock Magical family a pastor on a witch hunt and an out of town sorcerer new to Eagle Rock with the hope of unifying the magical community all across the continent And like before Cassie is on the case for every problem that pops up in Eagle Rock whether it is magic related or not Mind Games had so many plots going on at once that I wonder how Amsden kept everything straight There was a lot happening in the Magic community as a new sorcerer comes to town promising to create a legal and fair governing system for anyone with an ounce of magicbut the magical families of Eagle Rock built their homelives in the town for precisely one reason freedom; to live their life by their rules and no one else human and nonhuman alike Then on the human front a pastor who has been preaching against magical folks for year is finally acting on his word when he accuses witches of killing his wife when she dies in a fire He riles up his parishioners and the community to boycott the witches in the town and goes even farther by suggesting the witches to be burn at the stake like in the medieval times The hypocrisy of the entire situation was kind of annoying especially when readers find out the pastor’s somewhat relations to one of the magical family and as man of god how can he condone violence against the unprovoked and the women and children? There were a lot of old and new characters introduced this time around For the old characters readers learn something new that they didn’t already know in the previous books and it’s like peeling an onion as we get to see the different layers of the characters I enjoyed seeing glimpses of each of the magical family as well because while they are all powerful they are very different from one another In the book Cassie’s boss gives her a task of interviewing all of the magical family in regards to McClellan’s murder and in the short interactions she had with the families readers learn a lot of history between the families; especially with the Blairs Blackwood and Cassie’s family the Scots With the recent breakup with Evan Cassie has two ‘new’ men in her life one a partner and another love interest Cassie’s new partner is an out of Towner who transferred from St Louis I knew something was off when Wesley showed up in Cassie’s life but I couldn’t put my finger on itand when the big reveal came at the end I was super surprised because like Cassie I should have seen it coming from a mile away LOL Then we have the love interest who happens to be Matthew Blair a sorcerer and a councilman Matthew I’m sure rubbed everyone the wrong way his character just screamed scumbag I wasn’t keen on the addition of his character because it created a weird love triangle using this term loosely as it isn’t really a love triangle but felt almost like one And like Cassie’s family and friends suggested is bad news Matthew is a mind mage meaning he can hear anyone’s thought and can influence one’s action without them knowingAll in all Mind Games was another stellar addition to the series I swear each book just gets better and better You’d think with a series with books written less than 5 6 months apart that it wouldn’t be as good or well written as say the first book but it is definitely not the case with Amsden Amsden is a talent writer that knows her craft If you enjoy character driven novels and amazing strong female protagonists that don’t necessarily need magic to be kick ass then you seriously NEED to pick this series up I guarantee you will not regret it I can’t wait to read the final installment in the Cassie Scot series especially since reader are left with another shocking ending not really a cliff hanger; crossing my fingers that Evan and Cassie gets a happy ending

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