Paperback Þ Finding Sky Kindle Ú

Paperback Þ Finding Sky Kindle Ú

Finding Sky [EPUB] ✰ Finding Sky Author Joss Stirling – Cuando Sky ve por primera vez a Zed el chico malo de su nueva escuela ya no puede uitárselo de la cabeza Él le habla con sus pensamientos lee su mente Las sombras de su pasado la atormentan y un nue Cuando Sky ve por primera vez a Zed el chico malo de su nueva escuela ya no puede uitárselo de la cabeza Él le habla con sus pensamientos lee su mente Las sombras de su pasado la atormentan y un nuevo mal amenaza su futuro Sky experimenta fenómenos paranormales y pronto se sumerge en una trama de romance y acción ue la lleva a descubrir su verdadera identidad Ahora debe enfrentar la oscuridad y decidir si acepta o no su nueva vida y el amor¿Se atreverá.

  • Paperback
  • 392 pages
  • Finding Sky
  • Joss Stirling
  • Spanish
  • 07 March 2016
  • 9789876127462

About the Author: Joss Stirling

Joss Stirling is a British novelist Her first novel under this name was the internationally successful Finding Sky which is followed by five others in the same series entering into the savant world of young people with special powers Central to the story are the Benedict Brothers seven talented guys from Colorado In a second series Struck Joss begins a new world of detective romance The f.

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  1. Lissa Smith Reads& Lissa Smith Reads& says:

    The Cover Honestly if my reading group had not choosen Finding Sky as part of it monthly read I might not have otherwise have read it Now don’t misunderstand me the art decoration is so simple well not simpleelegant is a better word to use The vine used with what looks like ribbon to intertwine a heart gives no indication as to what lies beneath the cover other that a possible romance of some kind The Characters Every book has them heck without them the story would not have made it print Well then again it might have but I would not be interested in reading it So moving on we dive into the charming and some possibly not so charming characters of “Finding Sky”Guard your hearts ladies first up is the male lead Why you ask?? It’s simple because it’s important to see if “Zed” is book boyfriend material Why else? And the verdict is a solid yes What girl American or British can pass up a bad boy on a motorcycle? And to make him even yummier we find out that he has a heart of gold Yes ladies break out the fans because this is one bad boy we want our bad boys to reflect Don’t worry my fair gents I didn’t forget you I’m sure you want to know if Sky Bright is girlfriend material Being that well umm I’m not a guy or into girls; I would still hand the verdict down as a solid yes Yes she may seem weak and withdrawn at times but who wouldn’t with the shit she has suffered through But when it comes down to protecting the ones she loves I think she has what it takes Speaking of delicious characters and whether they are bfgf material believe it or not “Finding Sky” has other characters besides Zed Sky The thing is if you really want to know if they bring the goods you are just going to have to read it after all I did But I will give you a uick rundownI have to start with Nelson Sky human super hero He is the kind of guy you want as your bff in high school He’s always ready to take the stand for a woman’s honor I was so glad the author found him love I would have been disappointed had he not been rewarded Tina Tina is a first person to friend sky and become part of a side line story that is interesting I was disappointed that it didn’t dig deeper And last but not least The Benedict Brothers Yes you heard meplural— BROTHERS There are six other and I have a feeling they are all going to be yummy Though we only get a peek at few of them as they play important roles in the story line I can’t wait as the series continues and we get a chance to get up close and personal as they find their soul findersIf you were to ask me “Lissa did you like the book?” I would have to respond Did I like the book??? Are you completely mad??? I absolutely loved the book Zed turns out to b absolutely delicious I put my own order for a copy of Zed I’m a bit disappointed he hasn’t showed up yet With my luck it was the answering machine I got and the message was deleted My recommendation Okay woman of all ages and guys who can handle a little chic lit run— don’t walk to your computer and log on to or BN accounts and pick up your copy today Paperback Nook or kindle no matter your vice they have pretty much anything Remember be kind “like” my review before leave

  2. Liz Liz says:

    It is pretty much a Twilight like story Sky is the new girl in school and immediately captures the attention of the bad guy of the school Zed From the very beginning both of them feel the connection and step by step they come closer and finally fall in love But nothing is perfect and soon Sky is kidnapped and Zed is the only one who can safe herOne of the things I like about this book is the write style It is authenthical and girlie and captivating The plot is cheesy and the characters and the development of the book are predictable but still somehow beautiful If you need an easy read and a character you can fangirl about this book is perfect But nothing Oh and the book is perfect for all the Twilight Fans

  3. krisy krisy says:

    Only 35 people apart from me gave this book one star Wow I feel like a special snowflakeI gotta mention that I got this book as a birthday present from my best friends regardless of the fact that I told them not to buy me anything because I wasn't even home for my birthday But they bought me a tiny ceramic tree with amethyst leaves which I loved and this book not so much I assume that they either have no idea what I like to read or simply hate me Maybe bothNow let's get straight to my thoughts on this bookAll in allFor some reason this book pissed me off I guess the main reason is that I had low expectations about it anyway And because it was SO FUCKING UNORIGINAL I would have given it two stars if it wasn't so annoyingly unoriginal and lacked atmosphere I gave two stars to Shiver which felt like over sweetened tea while this book felt like cold noodles And I just really don't like cold noodles No offence for the fans but that's just how I felt itLike I said I found this book pretty unoriginal It sounded like some Twilight rip off Even my cousin who hasn't read a single book in the last 5 years apart from the ones she needed for school assignments read the blurb handed the book to me and hissed 'Do they even have any new ideas?' And if you're gonna tell me that this book is perfect for the Twilight fans um sorry I might have enjoyed Twilight but it doesn't mean that I'd want to read another cheesy book about new girl in new school runs into the love of her lyfGirl moves from far far away and has to get used to the new school? Check Considers herself a freak? Check Said girl sees a mysterious guy and develops a crush on him and is pretty sure he hates her because he ignores her? Check Mysterious guy actually does mysterious things and acts like a confused drug addict? Check Mysterious guy suddenly becomes a sweetheart? Do I need to go on?The difference is that when Twilight came out this storyline wasn't overused and Twilight actually has aura and that haunting atmosphere and feels like chocolate and mint and I accidentally sold my soul to Stephenie Meyer a few years ago so let's not get to this topic because I don't want to get all sappySky was bugging me the whole time Yeah I know that she has this emotional trauma and has to distract her mind somehow but being inside her head was hard to bear at times She seemed too naive one dimensional at times and let's face it plain stupid Why would you believe some creepy guy who hands you a bag that's not yours with the words 'There's a photo of you in it' Um I didn't like Zed that much either I didn't find him as swoony as everyone says Plus I bet he wouldn't even have tried to notice Sky if it wasn't the football game What annoyed me the most is how stalker ish he got when he found out that she's her soulmate wow baby we'll be together for the rest of our lives ehehehe If I were to be in Sky's place I would've stabbed Zed with a fork Oh and the minor characters As much as I like them ALL of them are one dimensionalThe whole thing with the gifts didn't make sense to me at times Apart from the fact that I wouldn't want a boyfriend who can constantly read my mind everything was a little bit over the place I found Zed's 'I can see the future but I don't see it clearly and it's almost never certain and I can't see your future when you're with me' gift pretty useless And I didn't really understand how he could always read her mind when she was thinking about something embarrassingtoo personal but not when she had some actually pretty important thoughts crossing her mindThe FBI thing was simply absurd That's when I said to myself 'there goes your second star' Don't even get me started about the abduction It was so ridiculous JesusAnd now you might say after you've disliked everything else about this book at least you might have liked the writing? No I can't really tell you why but I found the writing style somehow I don't know too ordinary The author never made me tear up go all AWWW feel surprised by some of the plot twists if there were any? or at least feel Sky's pain I don't know if I had lost my ability to get emotional over fictional characters or this book just didn't do its jobI know that a lot of people liked this story but to me it was well too lame

  4. Alexa ❤️ Alexa ❤️ says:

    5 Stars 'And the kissing?' He chuckled 'I have to admit that's for me I'm selfish that way' Page 112 ZedFinding Sky takes your typical new girl moving to a small town and falling for the hot guy with a mysterious family to a whole new level The idea of savants is very uniue and kind of has an X men theme to itI like that Sky and Zed are pretty much complete opposites but they make up one whole At times Sky did annoy me with how much she didn't believe in her self but in the end she conuers her fears and becomes genuinely happy and comfortable with her powers Finding Sky has been a favourite of mine since 2011 Sky's references to manga and superheroes really helped me to connect with her as a character and Zed just sounds completely and utterly hot I need a Benedict brother in my life Discovering your soulmate has never been so dangerous

  5. ~Tina~ ~Tina~ says:

    35starsTBR Reduce Challenge #8 2011 Alexa You have half our gifts I the other Together we make a whole Together we are much powerfulEnglish girl Sky Bright just moved to Colorado since her adopted parents got a new job teaching at an art center in townSky has always had a complicated life She was abandoned at a motorway service station when she was six traumatized and not being able to remember her own name And while life seems to be better now it all changes when she meets Zed Benedict someone that can link her to her past and hold her futureTo be honest I wasn't sure if I was going to finish this one It took so long to get into the writing style and plot line but once things started happening with Sky and Zed and the paranormal elements started taking shape it got really interestingFor the most part I really liked the characters Sky Bright? Okay I hate her name but she's a sweet shy and cute girl but I liked her a lot once she started believing in herself Zed's a pretty complex thing now isn't he? Like Sky it was hard to adjust to his sudden rage to romance but eventually I started to like this Zed much betterTogether they were a very sweet touching couple mind you the dialog was a bit cheesy but it was nice none the lessMy favorite part was the elements laced in this one I liked the idea of Savant how they became what they can do and the twist with the soulfinders was pretty great as well It wasn't overly uniue but definitely different Overall I enjoyed Finding Sky It had some really sweet moments some grip and was a fun entertaining and intriguing read

  6. Vicki Keire Vicki Keire says:

    Amazing This was one of those stumbled upon gems of a book It's even hard for me to pinpoint exactly why I love it so much because so much of this book is very standard fare these days paranormal girl meets boy with a wonderful family who saves her romance type stuff It just has that extra kick that makes you fall in love with a book Loved Sky vulnerable tough sweet I want the Benedicts to adopt me Please please I loved the way Stirling gave Sky a difficult past without making her into a pitiable victim The romance was well done too which surprised me because normally I wouldn't find the male romatic lead character type very compelling Her mythology is very well rounded and uniue too But she does an excellent job here A really worthwhile read I will definitely read the next one

  7. Jessica Jessica says:

    You weird weird bookI think this annoyed me to the same extent as I liked itBUT first off I want to say THANK YOU dear JoJo for sending me this book Thank you so much ♥Now what did I think of this? I must say Finding Sky felt like a rather clumsy attempt at paranormal YA romance Clumsy because there were just so many things that didn't make any sense to me at all I'm sure I've got additional wrinkles on my forehead now because of all my frowning and an attempt becausewellthere wasn't any chemistry whatsoever between the two main characters Every potentially steamy moment was cut off and this rather bluntly by the author which frustrated me beyond all measure Unfortunately I can't even give any brownie points for the bad boy He just wasn't swoon worthy enough The change from YOU CAN ROT IN HELL FOR ALL I CARE to OMG I LOVE YOU SO YOU ARE MY LIFE MY DESTINY MY EVERYTHING was so abrupt I almost got a whiplash This wasn't completely horrible; I finished it fairly uickly and it did entertain me but as much as I would have loved to love this seeing as I got it as a gift and I feel bad about ripping into it I just couldn't

  8. Meg Moggs Meg Moggs says:

    When I first saw this book I wasn't going to bother reading it The blurb makes it out to be cliché and over the top and I didn't fancy another Twilight But still I gave it a try and bought it So one rainy afternoon while I was still feeling lost after finishing my beloved LJSnith novel I decided to read this I was gripped from the first chapter It had an intriguing start and had a nice feeling of normality to itIt starts off by warming us to the characters Sky her adoptive parents and her new friend Tina at her new American school It follows Sky through her day to day school life as she tries to fit in Then Zed Benedict is introduced At first he seems like just another wannabe tough guy He's cool rebellious and a jerk But then at a football match Sky replies to the voice she hears in her head Zed's This is when he realizes she is a Savant and his Soulfinder the perfect match Savants search for all their livesI like the way Sky finds it all hard to believe; too often in paranormal romances the girl is usually taken by the guy staright away and believes ever word he says Well that's not realistic at all is it? But Zed gives up trying to convince her and after some time asks her out They are just a normal couple for a while but then they get shot at in the woods This is when the Benedicts a family of 7 brothers and their parents Zed is the youngest realize the danger they are in Someone is out to get themZed and Sky don't get to see eachother that often but when Sky is taken by an evil Savant she starts to unlock her true powers and realizes exactly how much Zed means to her Together they uncover her dark past and face the co operation that wants the Benedicts dead All in all an exciting realistic novel full of twists I hope there is a seuel but if there isn't one I'm happy in the knowledge that there was a satisfying ending Zanthie ;

  9. Bungle Midnight Reads Bungle Midnight Reads says:

    WOW Just WOW Why didn't I read this book sooner?I think the above taken from goodreads tells you enough about the book and I kinda wish something similar was written on the back of the book itselfI will admit this is a book I looked at over and over in work and for some reason I never bought it But then one of my customers couldn't stop talking about it and we have very similar tastes Before I had chance to buy the book she had come back into the shop and said 'read it you'll love it' and boy did I love itFinding Sky is a story that pulls at your heart strings as you are dragged into Sky's world and the journey she is on to find herself and understand her past Her past is locked deep in her mind and only her Savant and his family can help her unlock the doorsI really like Sky sure she has troubling dealing with what Zed has to tell her who wouldn't and yes she may have trouble dealing with her past but she isn't weak and I love how she grows throughout the story She allows herself to finally let go and trust Zed and his family as they help her on her path to discoveryrecoveryAnd now for Zed swoons a little sorry I couldn't help myself He is everything I want in a leading man He is strong protective and arrogant as well as loving and caring He would do anything to protect Sky But Zed also has his own demons to deal with and he needs his Savant just as much as she needs him The relationship between Zed and Sky develops at a nice pace and I hope to hear from them throughout the other brother's booksSpeaking about the other brothers Zed comes from a large family he is the seventh son and his brothers are all great characters You feel each of them has a real purpose and I can't wait to read each of their booksI think that is actually what I'm going to love most about this series each brother is going to get his own story but we still get the rest of the familyStirling has created a world I would happily get lost in Let me know if you feel the same

  10. Tink Magoo is bad at reviews Tink Magoo is bad at reviews says:

    This was a slow building romance with a who dunnit side plot that was well done I enjoyed itClean from swearing and any mentions of sex

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