No Fear Pace of Love #2 PDF Í Fear Pace of eBook

No Fear Pace of Love #2 PDF Í Fear Pace of eBook

No Fear Pace of Love #2 [PDF / Epub] ✅ No Fear Pace of Love #2 Author Heather Allen – Greylan Pace believed fighting was everythingHe thought making it as an MMA fighter in the pro circuit was the ultimate of goals Now he faces the ultimate betrayalHe realizes goals and dreams never st Greylan Pace believed fighting was everythingHe thought making Pace of PDF º it as an MMA fighter in the pro circuit was the ultimate of goals Now he faces the ultimate betrayalHe realizes goals and dreams never stay the same No Fear PDF \ and loyalty is fleeting His life has taken another turn and he finds himself fighting for entirely different reasons Against a new opponentThe mobThis battle isn’t for a title but a fight for his life and his Fear Pace of eBook ↠ ‘family’ who are important to him than anything else Against an opponent who doesn’t play by the rules.

  • No Fear Pace of Love #2
  • Heather Allen
  • 08 September 2015

About the Author: Heather Allen

Heather Allen is the author of The Just Pace of PDF º Breathe Trilogy Feeling This The Sound of Shooting Stars Storm of Ekkos and The No Regrets Series Heather realized her dream of becoming an author with her mermaid No Fear PDF \ trilogy She savors every moment on her author journey and the wonderful friends she has met along the way She has many books planned More ideas pop up than she has time to write about.

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  1. ✿ ✿ says:

    ☆ I received an ARC HEA Bookshelf in exchange for an honest review Thank you ☆375 4ish starsLife doesn’t always go as you plannedThis is prime example of what happens in No Fear as Greylan Pace finds himself in yet again one of the biggest fights of his life that encompass of dealings with the mob From life’s ups and downs we see Greylan battle through it all With lies deception in the midst and his perceptions on things and people dramatically altering we journey with Greylan as he tries to make sense of things while trying to stay afloat with dangerous liaisons which could mean his demise Now faced with his preeminent challenge on the rise and a sh# storm on his backGreylan must be in tip top shape on top of his game and sort out his priorities on focus on what really is importantor watch as everything that's ever meant to him fall apart#A pretty solid read that showcased the good and ugly of what drive treachery deceit and determination can do to the human spirit and the choices you make for the better of you and the people you love and care about Can’t wait for bk 3

  2. Coco.V Coco.V says:

    💝FREE on today 8172018💝BlurbGreylan Pace believed fighting was everythingHe thought making it as an MMA fighter in the pro circuit was the ultimate of goals Now he faces the ultimate betrayalHe realizes goals and dreams never stay the same and loyalty is fleeting His life has taken another turn and he finds himself fighting for entirely different reasonsAgainst a new opponentThe mobThis battle isn’t for a title but a fight for his life and his ‘family’ who are important to him than anything else Against an opponent who doesn’t play by the rules

  3. Anke Zweel Anke Zweel says:

    I got a copy of NO FEAR for the Blog Tour I am hostingNow the trick comes giving a review without giving spoilers But be WARNED there might slip a SPOILER or TWO or THREE through but with everything that has happened there's no way I could have known what was in store for all of usOuch What #% nooooooooo GASPING YES YES YES AWWWWThis is my reactions through out NO FEAR NO Regrets was a good book but NO FEAR was a mind blowing book that had me on the edge your your seat the whole time no fear of what's to come; face it head onNo Fear starts of pretty much near where No Regrets ended Poor Grey being knee deep in the Mafia Meyer and Mollie made decisions for Grey that he is not fully comfortable with and now He has to live with the conseuences You also learn the awful truth of what happened the night 6 years ago Grey is still haunted by the nightmares but this time around his mind is playing sick tricks on him and that freaks Grey out even I did feel for Grey and understand why he tried to keep everyone away from danger but sometimes one does need your loved ones to help you get out of what you dragged yourself into#Spoiler I am so happy that Grey and Christina finally got together she is his person And everyone deserves to be happy Look the road to finally having each other is not easy with Christina almost losing Grey and then again and again and againYou also learn about Meyer and the shitty deal he made and someMolly what can I say she is not my fav but you do feel for her in the end#Spoiler There was a part where tears filled my eyes and although this guy was an ass he still felt for him I do have to say in the end of the Book where Grey gets the letter it made me do my #happydance and so everyone did get their Happily Ever AfterThe Fight scenes is written perfectly and it places you right there in the middle of the action I take my hat of to Heather for doing this so perfect This gave the No Regrets Series a total different feel and put this series and books apart from the rest I was never on the market after I met you Somehow you mad me tap out very early No Fear and this series is one of the few books I do would love too see being made into a movie I think it will have you the edge of your seat the whole timeThe love scenes is perfectly written which makes this book perfect for anyone who isn't really comfortable with the whole graphic love scene thingI give No Fear 5 Fighting Stars

  4. Tiffany Readz Tiffany Readz says:

    Yum Another beautiful cover from Heather Allen and yay Greylan grows a pair in this second book Exactly what I wanted to see from him This review may contain slight spoilers for No Fear book one in the seriesMan the opening scene breaks your heart and shows you what condition Greylan's mind and body are in I hated even reading it He is working with his new trainer Jackson in Vegas still but the rules are all different now The fights are controlled by the mob with his family being threatened at every turnI absolutely love Christina and HATE Mollie Ugh that woman is nothing but a waste of skin and the same goes for Meyer Page after page I kept hoping they were going to get what was coming to them It irritated me to no end that Greylan actually felt sorry for him so many times Things are a confusing mess for everybody There is something brewing with Parker Trinity's boyfriend who is also a fighter The mob is in control of him but needing a winning outlet Grey finds something else to occupy his timeBecause the guy has the worst luck ever Grey's latest plan backfires and turns to crap pretty fast Jimmy is in deep with the mob while still managing Grey Parker may be too Jackson is really the only person Grey can trust and he doesn't want to tell Jackson the truth because he doesn't want to drag him down tooThe book reads like a who dunnit as you are constantly trying to guess who is up to what and how are they all going to stay alive if they cross the mob Heather Allen kept the action on high this time and gave Grey the back bone he was missing in the first bookWell written and Greylan is still sexy as hell We get all uestions answered and certain people get exactly what they deserved while we are rewarded with a sweet epilogue and a slight sock in the gutReviewed for Renee Entress's Blog

  5. Spunky N Sassy Spunky N Sassy says:

    Zarah's ReviewsI'm so in love with Greylan PaceAfter the cliff hanger we were left with at the end of No Regrets this story picks up with Greylan Pace making his way back up in the fighting worldA sponsor would usually be a good thing for a professional fighter except then they are linked with the Mob Now Greylan not only has to deal with still trying to rebuild his life and career but also the betrayal of his best friend and the woman he has dreamt about dubious deals and the world of underground fighting all the while keeping secrets and making plans to get himself out of what has become an impossible situation I worried about the sexy fighter a few times throughout the story as I wasn't uite sure he was going to come out the other side I mean how much can one person cope with But he is tough and determined to come out the other side without any of those he loves being hurt But the Mob's spy's are everywhere and how do you know who he can really trustAgain we have another fast paced action packed story with a lot of detail in the fight scenes and we are left with another cliff hanger I am really enjoying this authors work and I wonder what Heather Allen will come up with for the next instalment of the No Regrets series ARC received for an honest review

  6. Mandy (I Read Indie) Anderson Mandy (I Read Indie) Anderson says:

    When we last left off with Greylan he had found himself in a whole mess of trouble As the book starts things haven't gotten much better His career is in the crapper thanks to his unwilling participation with the mob in Vegas his love life is nonexistent and the future looks bleak What has he gotten himself into? Or better yetwhat has Meyer gotten Grey into?In NO FEAR Allen gives us readers an intense look at the dark side of Vegas and fighting Greylan has a lot to deal with and it is not pretty And Meyer is not helping matters by being cryptic and flighty On top of all that he has to try and protect his sister from seeing the sinister side of his career The stress builds and builds until he feels like he is going to explode I was none too pleased with Mollie in the last book but I gotta say I am happy with where the romance went in this one I won't say with whobut I think readers will definitely be happy for Gray in the end Fabulous read that once I got reading I couldn't put it down I am a huge fan of Allen's and this one is just proof of why I am 5 Whoa Whoa Whoa Stars

  7. Romance Romance says:

    Greylan oh man do I feel for himBetrayed in the worst possible way Everything was a lie everyone needed him for something and wanted something from him All he wanted was to fightThe mob are evil and controlling Everything he did was scripted and he was told what to do and when He had to do it to protect those he loved if he didn't there would be a price to payHe hated what this world was doing to him and how it was robbing him of himself He wanted to win He was a fighter and a winnerWell he found a way to be on top again but there was a price to pay and it was very short lived due to the conseuencesIn his dilemma he did finally discover one thing LOVE He let himself see feel and want those four letters and it was with someone that had ALWAYS been there The downside to this is that she was also exposed to the mob and he needed to keep her safe after all she owned his heartWhat will happen with Grey and those he loves? Will he continue to let the mob control him? Will he finally become the fighter he was meant to be? A good read and a recommended read

  8. Monica Monica says:

    I really enjoyed this series

  9. Lydia H Lydia H says:

    45 starsLet me start off by saying that No Fear is the seuel to No Regrets so you MUST read book one before this one While this review will be spoiler free for book TWO it will include spoilers to book one After that messy ending in No Regrets I was heartbroken for Greylan His life was just thata mess After everything he had gone through shit just kept happening to him He could NOT catch a break The things he thought to be true to be real were all a liea very bad illusion So what was he supposed to do now?Working with the mob – agreeing to fight for Luciano – wasn’t a plan he was okay with but then again it’s not like he had a choice Heather Allen took us for one heck of a ride with this book There was action and suspense with the turn of almost every page Grey had anything but a boring life that’s for sure From fighting in the ring to struggling to keep everyone safe outside in the real world Greylan had his hands FULL Poor guy My heart ached for him I felt like I wanted to give him a hug and tell him that everything would work out I mean it HAD to He deserved a damn breakAt first when I started reading this book I was slightly nervous where Heather Allen would take us regarding Greylan’s love life I honestly never wanted him to end up with Mollie I never really liked her in book one nor did I connect with her AT ALL And then seeing him struggle so much to keep everyone safe while he kept paying the price made me flat out hate her in No Fear Suffice it to say I’m extremely happy with what ended up happening Ever since we met Christina in No Regrets I wanted her to end up with Grey I felt like they had such a strong connection and chemistry that they just needed to be together If only Grey would realize itAnd then he did and I was an extremely happy reader This made an even sexier side of him come out to play – his alpha male ish side He was so protective of Christina Anyone could tell he treasured her He realized how much time he had wasted and now all he wanted to do was make up for it This gave him of a reason to find a way OUT To get out from the Luciano’s trap Not that it would be easy FAR from it actuallyLittle surprises kept popping up and curveballs were thrown into the mix I honestly did not know what to expect next in this book There were times where I felt like I was on the edge of my seat rooting for Grey to make it out okay The plot line was definitely action packed There was drama suspense and of course than a few steamy scenesAs the story developed I found myself really enjoying it and It started out as a 4 star book for me but as things picked up as the romance side intensified I ended up getting really into it I’m very happy with how this book ended where Grey and Christina are concerned They deserved every ounce of happiness together However I’m very curious to see if Heather Allen plans on writing a third book because plot wise I feel like this book did end in a cliffhanger I mean come on Heather I need to know what happened with that character Or better yet HOW did THAT happen I recommend you one click No Fear and No Regrets if you haven’t if you’re anything like me and love novels in the romantic suspense genre 45 stars A great read

  10. Stefanie Kral Stefanie Kral says:

    ✯✯5 Fearless Stars✯✯ Man oh man what a book No Fear is the second book in the No Regrets series Heather Allen is a geniusWhen I finished the 1st book No Regrets my jaw was on the floor I felt the whole book Grey was getting half truth's from the people closest from him I was right He best friend Meyer had gotten mixed up in the mob Molly was the mob boss daughter That night 5yrs before had been a set up gone wrong Now that he's moving up fast and he thinks he's going to get a title match against Parker his baby sister Trinity's fiance think againNow Poor Grey is working for the mob boss Luciano He is forced to throw every fight Grey has found a new gym to train at Parker is also part of it When Grey went to jail Parker got his spot and his sister Grey must be very careful for his sister sake Trinity and his best friend Christina mean the world to him The mob knows that and using them as leverage Meyer he can't even look at But still unfortunately needs him Grey has no say about anything in his life Until he finds out about an underground fight club Where like the movie The 1st rule about the fight club is you don't talk about the fight club Grey loves it because there are no rules He can fight the way he wants can win And most importantly he has nobody telling him what to do Until Meyer tells him they know They know every move he's making Grey doesn't 12 believe Meyer 12 doesn't care Until an example was made Then Grey realizes just how deep he's inGrey has Christina by his side Grey finally realizes how truly he cares for her And her as well I was def doing a dance because I loved them together before And was really upset when their relationship was cut short before it got a chance to take off Now they are back and ready to fight for Grey';s life back They also were fighting for Trinity because she was in the dark Getting married to a man deeply involved with the mob There was a few people that Grey was fighting for It wouldn't be easy and would be very hard very dangerous People's lives were at stake and would everyone get out alive? My heart stopped about a dozen times Grey is such a good guy who got dealt a crappy hand by someone who was his oldest friend trusted 100% You will be on the edge of your seat for most of this book You'll find yourself laughing at other times Heather was good at showing you how much he would do to protect his sister Christina Those 2 woman he loved with everything He had new good friends he trusted that were putting themselves on the line to help him Grey never took that for granted Meyer Molly too After what Meyer did he couldn't stand to look at him But still wanted to save him Molly at the beginning of the book I wanted to get inside of the steel cage with her beat her But by the end not so muchNobody but Heather could give us Greyland Pace and the rest of the characters They could try but would fail Heather is that good And I'm looking forward to the next book that she is writing

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