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Paperback ↠ Vita Maglia MOBI Ú

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  1. Heidi The Reader Heidi The Reader says:

    In Vita Maglia the spiritual realm is just beyond the fabric of the real worldWithin this other world spiritual entities like souls angels and demons are physical realitiesThe story begins with a mystery on a dangerous island called Kadera where reality seems thinned and visitors experience a strange ability to sense other people's emotionsWhy is the island so strange? What is the subject of Zander's father's unending studies?Why does that one person at the start of the book die screaming with her skin torn to shreds? The story answers all of these uestions in a timely and satisfying mannerA warning don't start reading it unless you have time to finish it It's engrossing and addictiveBrit Malorie has crafted an extraordinary fantasy worldIt absolutely hooked me I started to read it in the morning and ended up finishing it in one afternoonI felt that the characterizations were strong for this genre particularly the antagonistMalorie's villain Lynch Katlan is totally believable psychotic and terrifyingI haven't been this frightened while reading about a character since Ramsay Bolten in George RR Martin's series SeriouslyFurther on in the tale I felt that we didn't spend enough time in Maglia Yes we talked about it a lot and the characters were clearly focused on getting there but we weren't thereSo if I had any criticism for this story that's itI wanted to spend time in this fantastic world experiencing the different creatures and environmentsStrangely enough I had the same complaint about Jeff Vandermeer's AuthorityRecommended for readers who long for escape from reality and fantasy fans

  2. Jola Jola says:

    This is a really great book with many twists and turns I was mad when I had to put it down to study ; The science vs religion is always an interesting topic and the Maglia itself is an uncommon place one that I couldn't wait to know about I always appreciate the growing of characters through out the book so it wasn't hard for me to start rooting for Zander Grace And Hadley is such a sweetheart I should also mention Lynch Katlan who is so psychotic and yet still interesting character Though I wouldn't want to meet him The book ends on a very interesting note and I just wish there was already a seuel so I could return to the magnificent world of Vita MagliaThanks to Brit Malorie for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for a review

  3. Louise White Louise White says:

    Brit Malorie's Vita Maglia drew me in from the opening chapter of this well crafted novel I resented having to put it down for any time at all and it is one of the few books that I will definitely want to read againThe characters are interesting and very well developed Drug addicted Zander Grace is a runaway wasting away on an Island of hedonistic pursuits He is rescued and returned to the safety of his home by his father's scientist friend It's interesting that the understated character of Brecker is himself a hero who reuires and receives little thanks after his ordeal With the help of ten year old Hadley and her protective circle of others Zander progresses  through hardship to realisation and finds purpose  Hadley lives with the 'family' at the Grace house and provides lightness as well as a sweet poignancy to this storyWritten from a variety of viewpoints and whilst the reasoning behind uncle Seth's actions are definable the psychotic viewpoint of Island overseer Lynch and the insight into his proclivities gives me chills Bryn's character and the relationship with Zander develops with unexpected turns and the reason for her reservations becomes horifyingly clear The settings are imaginative complex and vivid as  Malorie engages all the senses in every scene and somehow manages even to convey  horror in a disturbingly beautiful manner Though dealing with far fetched concepts and the offered explanation of science versus religion Malory skilfully gives attention to technical and historical detail whilst managing to retain my interest throughout these necessary parts Written  in an entirely believable fashion there are unexpected twists and turns as the plot builds to its conclusion inciting the reader to turn the pages as well as give thought to some of life's ultimate uestions This extraordinary tale incorporates all the negative as well as the positive aspects of human nature and desires all wrapped up in a breathtaking adventure that leaves me anticipating the next book in the series 

  4. Bryan Weaveley Bryan Weaveley says:

    I just read some of the other reviews on here and I can't believe other readers didn't absolutely love the Lynch character What a monster but he's definitely the most interesting man I've read about in a long time Wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley The rest of it was pretty good too I like the perspectives of Seth and the Catholic Church's interest in the discovery but I also understand Zander and the scientists' POV The psychics were interesting but I don't do meditation and spiritual stuff This book sets up for the seuel well so I hope the author gets started on it soon

  5. Rena Rena says:

    Rated 35 starsI received this from GoodReadscom for reviewSo we have a very very reluctant hero Zander who is 25 and a recovering drug addict who just was rescued from a cult on the south Pacific island of Kadera He's smart has a masters in physics I took two semesters of physics in college and I can tell you how difficult that subject is never mind the calculus and all those euations Yet everyone around him treats him like he's 15 or even 5 They talk down to him tell him he's not ready to know certain things can't decide for himself what he wants to do in his life and that he MUST join their wacky group started by his father that explores the subconscious mindsoul world called Maglia OK I can see why he escaped to drugs and ran away to that cult I think their group could also be considered a cult with all that manipulation Seriously he gets it from all sidesBut anyway we do have an intriguing story here There's the evil guy Lynch and the potential girlfriend Bryn Zander and Bryn though never seem to be able to tell each other how they really feel or what they really want So I'm curious to see how that works out There's an interesting cast of characters from the Maglia group scientists and psychics But the scientists are men and the psychics are women I would have loved to see a woman scientist in thereMaglia is really odd the author has a great imagination I liked the science aspect that there was a way to reconcile both science and spirituality I also liked the bit of chemistry in there I'm not sure why the Maglia world initially needed any interference from people Since it supposedly existed since time began why did it need help now? Zander has to go on a super dangerous mission to save an important man's Strand that is dying It makes me think of those nature shows about Africa where you have the deer running from the lion and the lion catches up and eats it So depending on the focus of the documentary you could root for the deer and feel bad that it's eaten Or if the show is talking about the lions you could feel relieved that the lion got a meal and won't starve So that's the issue I have with this business of fixing the life Strands in Maglia If a person is supposed to die even if he's so special why the need to mess with that destiny? Then what about all the other billions of Strands that represent individual people? It's not possible to save all of them That one got singled out since there were thousand of other Strands relying on his good aura but there would be others too Shouldn't everyone matter? Zander can spend his whole life down there trying to keep everyone's Strands healthy At the end we do have Lynch finding access to the Maglia world so there's the expectation he would now make trouble for people that way So now we do need Zander to make things right with the Maglia stuff The book ends without an ending so you have to wait for a seuel The writing was done well And this may be weird to comment on but I really liked the font used in the book It had a clarity that made it easy to read Some hardcovers have a page at the end that says what font was used this didn't so I don't know what it is SPOILERI have to say that I'm really disappointed with Seth Zander's uncle and feel that in a way he's worse than Lynch Seth tries to convince himself that killing is the right thing since god wants it that way Whereas Lynch knows what he is and doesn't fool himself

  6. John Dizon John Dizon says:

    Vita Maglia by Brit Malorie is an exotic thriller set in the South Pacific focusing on the exploits of the Grace family whose research on a remote island leads to frightening discoveries Hale Brecker travels to Kadera Island in hopes of bringing the wayward Zander Grace back into the fold He is well aware of the unresolved issues between father and son largely due to the paranormal research of Jason Grace that defied the religious traditions of their Catholic faith Yet Zander's uest for truth in seeking resolution of the paternal conflict brings him to the threshold of his father's unearthly discoveries He finds himself pitted against the powers of darkness that rule the netherworld his father has discovered in this textured suspense taleThe theme of family resonates throughout the novel as Zander is haunted by his past disagreements with his father and is forced to resolve this conflict in following his father's footsteps along the road to the netherworld The dark realm of Viper epitomizes the shadows of the past as he ends up having to do battle with the Viperas to find both external and inner peace In doing so he crosses paths with Lynch Katlan yet another figure of authority who Zander defies in rejecting the inherent deception of the unknown Although Katlan is the antithesis of what Jason Grace stood for it is their juxtaposition along the threshold of darkness that Zander rejects Katlan's resentment of Zander's rebellion turns into hatred that sets up the climactic confrontation the battle between good and evil that resolves the morality play Malorie also provides us with a female perspective as Bryn Sansa and Hadley Porter are also caught in the conflict depending on Zander to protect them from the psychic hallucinations by which Katlan controls the very minds and souls of his victimsCombining themes of Island of Lost Souls with those of the supernatural genre Vita Maglia by Brit Malorie is an exciting journey into the unknown you won't want to miss

  7. Mati Mati says:

    Disclaimer I received this book from author in exchange for an honest reviewVita Maglia was an imaginative book that explored spirituality relationships and the endless connections in the world we live in It was part adventure romance suspense and maybe even a little mysterious which made it enjoyable and page turningSome of the main story elements were uniue and I liked how the author approached them This idea of a 'dimension' where these connections resided was interesting and Malorie did a nice job of expanding on that place Suddenly ghosts angels and soul mates have explanations in this world There was no lacking of possibility in the world that was createdWhile the prose was wonderful and the characters were engaging I did have trouble getting into this story to be honest There were so many plots overarching it was difficult identifying where the main story was view spoilerFirst we start on the Island and Zander is rescued from the sort of drug like lifestyle it provided We get to know Lynch who is a psychopathic killer then there is a love interest they were rescuing Tomas there is some problems in Maglia psychics hide spoiler

  8. Jaime K Jaime K says:

    I won this book in a goodreads giveawayThis is one of my most confusing books I've read The truth the worldA dream the island KaderaA young man Zander GraceLiving a lie drug addictionThe secret our soulsThe center psychics and scienceAnother dimension Vita MagliaThe truthZander Grace's father had begun to discover the source of where mind body and soul meet It's a discovery that Lynch Katlan is determined to learn no matter who he has to hurt in the process Zander is brought back to the world by his father's friend Brecker is to be drained of his addiction and finds himself in a Circle of psychics With the girls he learns how to balance evil with good; good with evilIn Vita Maglia the light and dark have different names Lusha and Vipera; angels and demons Despite their names Zander is loathe to admit that religion has a place in Vita Maglia He is blind to what he has learned heard and witnessed His family and friends need to lead him away from absolute science or else he will be lostAfter the first 10 20 pages where I was so lost I didn't know if I wanted to keep going I was drawn in to wanting to know about Vita Maglia Jason Grace's past and how Kadera tied into it While I'm not as confused as I was before the book ended on a cliffhanger okay with uite a few loose ends also okay that still make me feel a bit like I'm hanging in mid air I guess that was the purpose of the book

  9. Angel Angel says:

    Add on Here's what you need to do You need to go buy this book read it and then set it aside Trust me it'll wiggle around in the back of your brain for a bit and then you'll be compelled to go back and read it again It's that good and it makes you think Original ReviewI won this book through First Reads I entered the giveaway thinking the description sounds like it might be interesting and if it turns out to be boring at least it was free The book is wonderful In the book there exists a dimension outside our everyday world One with it's own rules landscape and inhabitants There's a great nexus of strands or vines each of which is the soul of a person interconnected to many around it Some of the creatures in Maglia feed off these strands some try to help them and some try not to take sides Of course things get worse as people get involved travelers including our main character Zander start exploring Maglia trying to learn about it and to help turn the Great War to the side of good Naturally some not so good travelers are popping into the realm with less noble intentions and possibly disrupting the whole dimension There's one character Lynch who I would never want to meet much less cross who's out to get Zander and his knowledge to help the bad travelersMy description doesn't do it justice It's definitely a must read with a great plot and well defined characters

  10. Amanda Amanda says:

    I was lucky to be a winner of this book from the Goodreads giveaway I really enjoyed reading this book and it is unlike anything I have read in the past Vita Maglia is located at a layer that majority of people cannot see Vander Grace happens to be an exception since he can travel between the two layers His father has discovered a way to travel and put his entire life towards the research of learning about Maglia But this causes a rift between him and Vander and shortly runs away and does not come home until he was taken from an island Kadere after his father’s death To read of my review visit my book blog staycalmreadonwordpresscom

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Vita Maglia [Download] ➾ Vita Maglia By Brit Malorie – Recovering from addiction and a lonely childhood Zander Grace resented his physicist father for years But as he delves deeper into the man's insane experiments he finds much than he ever knew was poss Recovering from addiction and a lonely childhood Zander Grace resented his physicist father for years But as he delves deeper into the man's insane experiments he finds much than he ever knew was possible A discovery that reveals the science behind psychics ghosts and soulmates the source of our most powerful emotions and closest relationshipsOverwhelmed by fear and doubt Zander must grow into an unlikely hero one who fights to protect millions of lives caught in an eternal war we can't see Overwhelmed by love and longing he fights for the heart of Bryn Sansa a spirited Japanese dancer who won't let go of the wounds from her past But Zander can't fight what he doesn't know His uncle a beloved priest feels compelled to bring the discovery under the control of the Catholic Church Even if he must trade Zander's life Yet the greatest threat looms on the horizon An island lies hidden in the South Pacific a place where invisible creatures roam and kill where emotions are passed through touch and where bizarre experiments toy with the fabric of reality Lynch Katlan is a psychopath beyond mercy a man who drenches the island's tunnels in screams and blood He hunts Zander Grace determined to find the route to this vulnerable new worldSimilar to The Passage this book combines rich spirituality with the thrill of an adventure story From the first page the reader is nearly devoured by an island paradise that's not what it seems then drawn even further into a scientific discovery that will make you uestion the very nature of the human soulNote This book contains some violence Reader discretion advised.