Paperback Þ Sentinel PDF/EPUB Ú

Paperback Þ Sentinel PDF/EPUB Ú

Sentinel [Read] ➬ Sentinel ➵ Tom Glover – A decade ago Dr Frank Carver was reluctantly thrust into a daring rescue mission in outer space Saving NASA’s space shuttle Discovery and her crew he was hailed a national hero After years in seclus A decade ago Dr Frank Carver was reluctantly thrust into a daring rescue mission in outer space Saving NASA’s space shuttle Discovery and her crew he was hailed a national hero After years in seclusion coping with the haunting memory of his encounter with the enigmatic alien named ‘Sentinel’ Carver soon discovers that history does indeed repeat itself as circumstances propel him once again into an adventure far extraordinary than any he could imagine This time the stakes are much higher.

  • Paperback
  • 270 pages
  • Sentinel
  • Tom Glover
  • English
  • 16 February 2016
  • 9781494791742

About the Author: Tom Glover

Born in California Tom spent most of his childhood in Washington state traveling freuently throughout the American Southwest with his parents and gaining an appreciation of travel and the outdoors A childhood ambition to work at NASA led him to seek a Mechanical Engineering degree at the Oregon Institute of Technology where he graduated in Tom’s professional career path took him instead.

10 thoughts on “Sentinel

  1. Kathy Kathy says:

    2095 Contact has been made with an alien species who claim to be a peaceful community Three people have been chosen to be trained as emissaries of communication between worlds But when a rouge species decides that the Earth and humankind must be destroyed as revenge for the destruction of his own planet the choice must be made to help save the Earth or remain passive observers of human evolution Even though I rarely read Sci Fi this story is well written and kept me reading to the last page

  2. Kaleena Rheeya Kaleena Rheeya says:

    This story is a seuel to a novella written by Mr Glover I have not had the pleasure to read the first book but I found this one a pleasure to read regardless The book makes one contemplate What if alien life forms really exist and the only reason why they have not engaged with us is because of the violent tendencies of our world?The science and technology referenced seem plausible in the distant future The writing style also had a nice flow I found myself breezing through the chapters because of how well written everything was I will probably read the first book at some point but this book stands pretty well on its own although with some spoilers about the first book I highly recommend this book for other fans of Sci FiBook won through Goodreads First Reads

  3. Vykki Vykki says:

    This was a great Sic Fy I love the plot I'm looking forward to read of this author I won this book on Goodreads thank you

  4. Brian Mounsher Brian Mounsher says:

    Excellent read kept me on the edge my seat all through the book read the novella first then very happy I bought this bookIf your Sci Fi fan this book is for you

  5. Gary Raines Gary Raines says:

    Mr Glover has an excellent grasp of both near term and far term expectations of NASA technology This is combined in a fascinating and thought provoking story of the impact of our society with an advanced society His approach is interesting in that this civilization is not necessarily technically advanced and especially it is not all knowing The conflict of a supposedly 'perfect' civilization that is supposed to be totally at peace with Earth's imperfect civilization contrasts the innate ualities of a society full of conflict versus the 'perfect' one A great ending leaves the open opportunity of an excellent follow on novel A GREAT READ

  6. Beth Olson shultz Beth Olson shultz says:

    A really good book Great story and characters Wish I could have read Mr Glover's The Last Shuttle first Won this good book from goodreads

  7. Tom Glover Tom Glover says:

    Like The Last Shuttle I wrote this one too and I think both books worthy of 5 stars

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