Tame a Wild Heart Epub ê Tame a PDF/EPUB ²

Tame a Wild Heart Epub ê Tame a PDF/EPUB ²

Tame a Wild Heart [KINDLE] ✽ Tame a Wild Heart Author Cynthia Woolf – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Librarian's note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B005JFMPYUCatherine Evans fell in love when she was three years old head over heels forever kind of love The very first moment she saw twel Librarian's note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN BJFMPYUCatherine Evans fell in love when she was three years old head over heels forever kind of love The very first moment she saw twelve year old Duncan McKenzie she told God and her pony that she was going to marry that boy He was handsome He was kind He was strong and smart and all the good things a boy should be For thirteen years she loved him with every beat of her heart And on her sixteenth birthday he walked away from her Tame a PDF/EPUB ² father's ranch and from her He didn't look back over his shoulder Not even once And from that day forward Catherine Evans swore off all men Her heart turned to stone her will to iron and her vow to God changed She'd run her father's ranch She'd succeed She'd survive And she would never ever love another man as long as she lived Duncan McKenzie left the ranch ten years ago desperate to escape temptation in the form of a budding young lady too innocent to claim for his own But Catherine's frightened father summons him home The ranch is under attack and the old man's stubborn daughter refuses to seek help Duncan left a sweet young girl behind a decade ago He returns to a defiant siren a woman whose heart is as wild as the land she would sacrifice her life to protect When Catherine's father coerces her into marrying Duncan the fire in her eyes spells trouble but it's the kind of trouble Duncan has no desire to resist Marriage is the only way he can protect her Especially when Duncan's own past comes calling in the form of one extremely dangerous and vengeful outlaw Catherine's cowardly enemies want the ranch badly enough to kill for it and his reluctant bride is very much in their way.

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  1. Tracy Emro Tracy Emro says:

    I got this book as a BookBub recommendation I had never read this author before and I don't usually read western romance However it was historical the blurb sounded interesting and it had very good reviews so I gave it a shot I won't say it was awful but I am shocked by all the 4 5 star reviews This book has so many errors inconsistencies and typos that I have to wonder if the rave reviews were given by the authors friendsI will admit to being a bit anal about the books I read and I know I couldn't write a book so I try to be as considerate as I can when submitting a review But OMG How did this book make it past the editor ? Here are a few examples of what I found wrong with this book Starting with the prologue Duncan is fighting in the civil war and saves Catherine's father James James takes in the poor orphaned Duncan who was 13 when he came to them what? Fighting I the civil war at 13? Ok we will let that slide Catherine's mother was Elizabeth she died we don't know when or how but we do know that she knew Duncan because she selected the items for his bedroom at the ranch later there is a reference to James Duncan and Catherine staying at the boarding house when they first came to Creede no mention of Elizabeth Then after Catherine has an accident and Duncan is going to wash her hair James reminisces about washing his wife Sarah's hair what? Sarah is one of the ranch hands wives Who by the way was very very pregnant at the beginning of the book and never gave birth as far as I know Then James demands that Duncan and Catherine wed on Sunday 4 days away Catherine runs away and Duncan follows they are gone for 3 days and when they return the wedding is still days away? These are just a very few examples of the holes and errors in this book It was like reading the rough draft I think with a better editor and a proofreader this could have been a great book the author does tell a good story but on paper or e paper in my case the story loses something and that is a shameI am going to read her next book in the series and hope the problems in this book were a one time thing

  2. Carol (StarAngel& Carol (StarAngel& says:

    A bunch of discrepancies in this book that took away from total enjoyment from the story I found myself scratching my head of how a doctor could tell a woman was pregnant after a few weeks in the Old West without even the mother knowing Take away time and fact discrepancies and the story was a nice escape from reality

  3. Thom Swennes Thom Swennes says:

    Well Smear my butt with butter and call me a biscuit All of the elements are there Like the classics of yesteryear by Karl May Zane Grey and Louis L’Amour this story is full of western meat with just enough spice to make a delicious literary enchilada sure to sate anyone Action love lust greed gold and the wide open spaces of an almost virgin Colorado wilderness supply all the elements of a great story When Duncan McKenzie returns after a ten year absence he knows what he wants but is at a loss as to how he would get it Catherine Cat Autumn Sun Evans is the girl he left behind but as his time away proves the only woman for him Catherine is far from your average woman of the time She has worked alongside the other hands on her father’s one day to be hers ranch 1880 is the axis of the era forever known as the Wild West and forms the perfect stage for this missive A redheaded vixen as heroine adds to the tale and serves as a beacon weaving her way through the consternationJohn Morgan finds gold on the Evan’s J bar C Ranch He is determined to get the land at whatever cost and mine the gold He hires Roy Walker to create havoc and force the sale of the desired land Weekly serials in local papers so as described in the story were common Most of Mark Twain’s novels started out this way The Wild West was always a popular subject; even in the Wild West I do however doubt that the descriptive adjectives employed by Jimmy Pennybaker aka Pennyworth aka Penny Dreadful in his epistle about the bounty hunter Duncan McKenzie would have appeared in printThis story should be classified as a Twenty first Century classic and I’m sure many will agree with me

  4. Lady Raven RAVE! Lady Raven RAVE! says:

    for book lovers and readers45 starsBRIEF SUMMARYCatherine loves running her father's ranch in Creede Colorado However they’ve been having problems recently that has resulted in stampedes cattle dying kidnapping and revenge This has ex bounty hunter Duncan returning to Creede to the family that has raised him Catherine has loved Duncan since she was a little girl and even though she has loved him and he has returned she figures she can manage the ranch just fine without himTHOUGHTSAll the ingredients that includes a spitfire daughter a loving father a sexy ex bounty hunter great characters and rowdy neighbors produces a good old fashion historical western that was enjoyable to read The moment James Catherine's father blackmailed his daughter and Duncan to marry each other to protect his land sets the pace of the story Both characters were lovable and kept my interest throughout the story Catherine was a spitfire and could hold her own and Duncan was just your typical sexy country and western guyWith the explosion of characters good and bad that the author gave us was the added bonus needed for this book Apart from the main characters of the story I really enjoyed reading Tom and Beth’s characters I found them to be one of the sweetest couples and I'm glad they found the help they needed from James Catherine and Duncan I also enjoyed Cassie's character; she was Catherine's good friend and neighbor I also thought the epilogue was sweet and did all the characters that I love justice If you enjoy westerns with the addition of a historical feel then this would be the book to readStoryline GOODIntimacy GOODEnjoyment GOODhttpwwwromancenoveljunkiescom

  5. Dawn Dawn says:

    I don't know why I read as far as I did 50%The writing is scatterbrained immatureillogical and cliched the characters all unlikeableThe author was attempting to write angst and tension but only succeeded in making my head spin with the nonsense and lack of logic She doesn't want a husband yet caves so easily She is mad at the H for leaving her heartbroken 10 years ago yet she loves him and trusts him not to leave again and will do anything to gain his love WTF? He loves her strength and independence yet verbally beats her down to make her submissive as a woman should be We have what is supposed to be a strong heroine who is just a weak minded child paired with a hero who is a douchbag who left her ten years ago and waltz's back into her life to marry her forced to marry her She stupidly still loves him and trusts him The reasons for being forced to marry her are lame as well as his reasons for leaving her to begin with He doesn't love her and bosses her around treating her like a piece of dirt And she allows itWhy does the Indian chief care if the H loves her? Seems like it was important to him But then he does nothing about it when the H says he doesn't? He allows him to marry her? I could rattle off a list of contradictions in this books but truly I have no desire to that's what an editor is for and clearly this oneshould be given a good thrashingI cannot continue this I have been skimming for the last 20% hoping the h would grow a pair of balls and act as strong as the author is attempting her to beIf the above isn't enough the OW BS just pushed me over the edgeGlad it was free Deleted it off my kindle

  6. Nancy Steinle gummel Nancy Steinle gummel says:

    Tame a Wild Heart by Cynthia Woolf is a typical good western It was an easy read and I really liked it Duncan Mackenzie walks back into Catherine's AKAas Cat almost 10 years after he walked out taking a piece of her heart He returns to the ranch at a reuest from James Cat's father and because he wanted a change James blackmails Duncan and Cat into getting married Cat is secretly thrilled but worries what if Duncan runs off again They are being threatened by Morgan and his hired gun who already has a death wish for Duncan Can Cat's love convince Duncan to love again and can they save the ranch?

  7. J.M. J.M. says:

    This is such a fun sweet western romance The romance between Catherine and Duncan is sweet and steamy Cynthia always has a fun element of danger in her western historicals and this one is no exceptionDefinitely worth a spot on your TBR shelf

  8. Amanda Amanda says:

    Light hearted uick read

  9. Sumit Sumit says:

    Duncan and Catherine Their story is awesome

  10. Siobhan Siobhan says:

    I enjoyed this one much than I anticipatedI admit that it is far from perfect Very far in fact However the story was extremely addictive I found myself able to overlook the faults because I wanted to see where things were going I wanted to know how it would end Due to these two factors there were moments in which I felt as though I could give four stars yet at the same time there were moments in which I felt as though it needed to be dropped down to two stars Mostly it was a three star read with the occasional flicker up and downI’ll start by saying I haven’t read any western romances before I haven’t read all that many romances if I’m completely honest but I’m trying to change that In fact I’ve probably read pure romance novels in the last twelve months than I have in all the prior years of my life I wouldn’t say I’ve become a romance addict or a true fan but I appreciate the genre a lot than I once did I enjoy the genre than I once did As with every genre you get the good and the bad along with those that sit in the middle For me this one sat somewhere in the middle It’s enough to leave me wanting to read in the western romance genre but I won’t be going out of my way to do so instantly I’m also happy to read some of the authors other works After all considering how this was a free book and it wasn’t the worst read ever I’m happy to see what her other free books have to offerI’m allowing the tangent to pull me along though My apologiesI’ll start with the inconsistencies in the read as it’s best to get that out of the way They weren’t so bad as to be screaming in your face with every turn of the page but there were uite a few Enough to be noticed in short If like me you find yourself pulled into the story they can be overlooked – but it doesn’t remove the fact that they are there A good proofread and edit would have removed them The biggest thing in terms of inconsistency though was the characters I know the changes in their behaviour was supposed to cause drama – yet they seemed to be on an almost chapter by chapter bipolar mood change One chapter our leading lady was acting as though she was the strong independent woman and the next she was acting like a damsel in distress only to flip back to strong independent woman again when it suited her I know these changes were linked in with the story in some ways – yet it did bug me uite a bitStill the story was fun I would have liked a bit by way of action – it always seemed to be just out of reach then whenever it came about it was gone too soon – but the story was a fun one It kept me engaged and I was curious to see how it would endOverall a decent enough read

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