Friends with Benefits PDF/EPUB Ö Friends with Kindle

Friends with Benefits PDF/EPUB Ö Friends with Kindle

Friends with Benefits (The Vault Series: Friends & More, #1) [Download] ➶ Friends with Benefits (The Vault Series: Friends & More, #1) By Anne Lange – Can sexual exploration lead to three times the bliss Tyler had no idea his wife Angela’s desires so closely matched his own But when some unguarded pillow talk reveals her fantasy of two men at once Can sexual exploration lead to three times the bliss Tyler had Friends with Kindle - no idea his wife Angela’s desires so closely matched his own But when some unguarded pillow talk reveals her fantasy of two men at once Tyler jumps at the chance to make her happy Enlisting the help of his best friend Connor who’d shared some threesome adventures with him in the past Tyler secretly hopes exploring Angela’s fantasies will lead to his own personal desire—a permanent threesome with the two people he loves most in the world Connor can’t believe it when his best friend asks him to seduce his wife Then he meets Angela and all the women in his past fade away With Tyler’s blessing Connor sets out to melt Angela’s reserve and when Tyler joins the party the three of them set the sheets on fire Angela is floored when her husband suggests they explore some of her fantasies—things she’d only read about but never in a million years thought she’d actually do Sandwiched between Tyler and Connor she’s never felt so treasured so protected so loved But the reality proves much complicated than the fantasy She loves her husband but she finds herself falling for his best friend too That’s not normal is it What will people think.

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  1. Exina Exina says:

    First of all the time span in the story is hardly believable Tyler starts to help his wife discover her fantasies after seven years of marriage Seven And Angela hasn’t met her husband’s best friend in seven years and has never seen a picture of him either Unlikely The beginning was promising but I soon realized the characters are flat and make no progress Lots of whining and hesitation but no character development Tyler is boring and irritating at the same time with his over romanticized behavior Angela got on my nerves with her fake modesty and shyness her coy behavior and clenching wombConnor is the only one who is a little bit likeable of this trioSomewhere in the middle I was on the verge of abandoning the book But the occurring problems for the trio seemed interesting so I kept on But sadly the events became schematized I just couldn’t connect to the characters or be engaged with the storyPositively the romance development is slow but the plot is poor and the characters are one dimensional The erotica is pretty good apart from the clichés and some cheesy dialoguesI love romance but in this story the extra sugary scenes were suffocating The basic idea of the story is great the start is good but I expected a much better execution

  2. ♂♀♂ Mary& ♂♀♂ Mary& says:

    What a nice menage romance A dream came trueThink about it You are in a couple very much in love with your husband and your husband loves you back Seven years passes You know the ugly seven years leave it or break it couple kinda seven years Then after seven years of very vanilla sex your husband is pushing you to reveal your sex dreams fantasyNice Very niceBut then I wonder How come the husband waited seven freaking years to ask his wife her fantasies I guess the ugly boring seven years came along with its tentacles whispering “boooooooooooooooring” Okay Okay Maybe I do not have the same kind of relationship here But I am this kind of woman that would never wait seven years to come out of my closet and be shy to share my fantasies I do not mean putting them in real motion here but sharing them with the person I love Plus seven years to meet the in laws too That was a bit stretchy for me in this storyThis said it would be totally nice if in real life a husband would stage what one of the hero did for his wife Truth is the author described the perfect setting with the perfect actors Once the second hero came along it felt natural and I all but forgot the seven nasty years when a couple goes through it or notAll three main characters were lovable It was not about falling in love after the first orgasm with the third character and I am so thankful to the author about that It was progressive Up to a certain point I even expected a MM love story but no Did I relate to the heroine Not completely Some tiny little thing was missing for me to fall for her Do not get me wrong she was a very lovely sassy character I fell for the guys though Perfect physically perfect mentally perfect sexually perfect loversWas the story original Not really Contemporary stories have always tons in common Both heroes knows each other either from childhood or army They both shared women and enjoyed it Sometimes one married and divorced Worse boring scenario Both heroes are living under the same roof for years and searching for THE perfect woman fucking like rabbits the whole town This last one bores me to death on top of having the same boring personalities that usually goes along If you add the virgin slut then you have the cherry on top of the yucky cakeFriends with benefits avoided the above Phew The romance was nicely developed The author did not avoid the jealous ex though and I thought it was not really necessary but it permitted to build some tension to the relationship and pushed to the epilogue so it was okay One essential element was added that increased the credibility lost with the seven years the time factor I felt the relationship evolving day after day It was not a matter of hours and few orgasmsThen I did not see the cheating either which always makes me cringe It could have been but the author avoided itI also enjoyed the sex scenes They were kinky and well described I read so many of threesome sex scenes that it is hard for me to be truly interested to be honest But I liked those in Friend with BenefitsThis book is the first of this series I think the author was smart to open a door to many possiblities with the Sex Club named The Vault I have a strong feeling that book 20 will be a heavy BDSM ménage à uatre and I am uite curious to read this author Anne Lange and see if she will pass the BDSM writting test ;Overall it is a very nice contemporary ménage à trois romance and I definitely recommend it

  3. Kaylyn Kaylyn says:

    I read a lot of ménage books but most of them just seem to skip over the difficulties of being out in society Friends with Benefits shows a whole different side and I loved that It was refreshing to see an author show the not so fun side of being with two men It made me appreciate the book so much because it felt real We saw how Angela was treated out in public and for the most part it wasn’t flattering; though I did like that there was a positive response as well My favorite by far was when Nancy stood up for Angela in the post office I wanted to mentally high five her lol This is a great book The characters are extremely well developed and I liked all three They worked together well and you could feel how much they cared for one another Angela was adorable because while she had fantasies she didn’t want to throw her marriage away for a night of fun She also felt guilty over loving another man Connor was super sexy and such a gentleman I loved how much he cared about Tyler and Angela He was willing to lose the woman he loved to save their reputation Tyler was probably my favorite because was a risk taker He could have lost it all and yet he still did itIf you are looking for a super hot ménage with an amazing plot then this is your book It was probably one of the top five ménages I have ever read because it showed the good with the bad It seems like a trivial detail but it worked for me Special thank you to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review

  4. The Book Fairy Reviews The Book Fairy Reviews says:

    This is a story of LOVE at its core Yeah there are some steamy scenes but most of all there is an amazing Love story Anne really put thought into the story of three Beginning with Tyler yes the husband that would do anything for his wife to ensure that she would be happy and felt loved A man that knew his best friend was lonely and needed him in his life But most of all he found a place where he felt companionship and complete It made sense for the three of them Angie Connor and Tyler had finally found what was missing in there lives and knew that they had made the right decision in deciding to be togetherI love the way that Anne tied the story together in a pure and loving way never steering clear of the steaminess that draws us all in I could have been raunchy but it was loving at it's core I give her book 5 stars Make sure that you add this to your library ladies it is a must have

  5. Renea Mason Renea Mason says:

    This story has everything you'd want from a sexy menage Smoking hot chemistry panty melting sex and down home relatable characters I would highly recommend this book to any Menage lover

  6. Kelle Kelle says:

    35 Stars Tyler and Angela have been happily married for seven years Some pillow talk reveals Angela's sex fantasies leaving Tyler anxious to make them come trueTyler and Connor are best friends since college Unfortunately since graduating Connor's job has kept them apart Now Connor is back and Tyler is ready for him to stayTyler decides it's time to make his wife's fantasies come true one of which is something he has wanted as wellA menageTyler and Connor were known to share women in college so it's only natural to Tyler that he would choose his best friend to help make Angela's fantasies come trueI found this story enjoyable even though I had a few eye rolling moments Like the fact Angela and Tyler have been married for seven years and she has no idea what his best friend looks like I understand Connor's job kept him away but you mean to tell me in seven years Angela has never even seen a picture of him This wasn't just some acuaintance from college this is Tyler's best friend HmmmAs for the characters Connor was by far my favorite The most realistic of the three I felt Angela could have been a bit stronger These were here fantasies after all don't get shy now Tyler is a good guy just trying to keep his wife happy and keep their marriage strongAnne Lange definitely has the talent The sex was steamy and the chemistry that Connor brought to the relationship was hotI think this would be a good starter book for someone who is looking to test the menage waters

  7. Robin Malone Robin Malone says:

    I received this book from the author Anne Lange in exchange for an honest reviewThe Review“Friends With Benefits” is book 1 in the new Vault Series by Anne Lange When I first read the excerpt for this book my first thought was I HAVE TO READ THIS I love Erotic Romance books and not unlike many women I have a fantasy of a ménage à trois and it just so happens mine includes two men So this book of course was my fantasy in printBut as we all know a good topic doesn’t eual a good story Thankfully this wasn’t one of those cases This book not only lived up to my expectations of a good menage story it exceeded themConnor is extremely yummy I can’t help but be turned on by him then Tyler Maybe it’s because he’s the one who seduces Angela and brings out that secret kinky side or maybe it’s because he’s the sexy construction worker that can trip my trigger But to be honest I think it’s because Tyler comes off as too passive at timesWhen Connor first meets Angela I can totally envision it and understand her reactions Then the pool scene Oh my And then when all three finally come together SSSSIZZLING HOTDeciding to cool her flaming libido she stood almost ran to the pool and jumped inFeeling safe under the surface she swam to the other side before popping back up When she turned around however she struggled to contain a tiny sueak Connor had slipped into the water He moved toward her his steps languid but purposeful as he headed in her direction He looked like a man with his target in sightGulping she slipped beneath the water swimming to the opposite end When she came up for air there he was still on the move his direction still toward her Everywhere she went he trailed along behind her always keeping a respectable distance but only the space between them created that safe zone The heat in his eyes and the hungry look on his face gave away his intentions His smirk put her at ease while making her skin tingle She knew she could end the game simply by getting out of the pool And yet she couldn’tShe’d traveled the whole length twice She didn’t have anywhere else to go without seeming obvious so she stayed in place keeping her shoulders below the water her back to the wall searching for a topic of conversation“So how long have you been interested in carpentry”Connor slowed his steps his hands playing in the water pushing back then pulling forward creating ripples on either side of him a delightful smile on his sensuous mouth“Since I was a kid My father was a carpenter I guess he passed the bug onto me”“Are you two close”“He passed away a long time ago”“I’m sorry”He shrugged “Nothing to be sorry about It happened”“What about your mother” She watched his distant look disappear to be replaced with soft warmth“Alive and well Probably tending her garden as we speak”“So you see her often”He shook his head “Not as often as I should or as I’d like The job has kept me moving around which she understands We talk every week or two”“What about siblings”“You sure do have lots of uestions”A suirrel chattered in the tree overhead and she turned her head looking up as she responded “I’m just making conver—”“Caught you” he whispered his voice deep sexyShe swung her gaze forward to find him less than a foot away Surprised a nervous flutter took root in the pit of her stomach as she peeked up at him from under her lashes“Ummyes it seems you have” she replied a little breathless“Tell me do those stories you read include any handymen” The husky uality of his voice dampened her already wet bottomsAll sound seemed to stop as she swallowed “Sure someI’m sure yes” She managed to croak the words“What about your fantasies Angela Do yours include being seduced and ravished by a virtual stranger ”“Only if they look like you”He laughed She gasped in shock Crap That was supposed to be her inside voiceHis laughter pitched lower changing to a low throaty rumble while he grinned at her like he’d won a prize He inched closer“I have to admit Angela I find you very attractive” One strong arm slipped around her waist and then he yanked her close The air left her lungs as he brought her up snug against his wall of a chest His head dipped and his mouth moved next to her ear as he asked in that same throaty tone “Would you like me to ravish you Angela Do you think your husband would mind”His other arm slipped down to grasp her leg bringing her entire body in contact with hisAnother startled sueak escaped Angela’s lips Connor had removed his shortsThe best part about this book It also has a real story going on in between the sex scenes I actually started looking towards the story then the sex after awhile Which in my opinion is what makes this book extra special Friends With Benefits is emotional heartwarming anger evoking thought provoking passionate and sigh worthyIn the midst of this story you get the sense Tyler has an ulterior motive for bringing Connor and Angela together Which although it’s for the best of intentions I don’t like the fact he manipulated the two people he claims to love so muchAnne Lange has a hit on her hands and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book of this amazing seriesRobin Book Reads and Reviews

  8. Nina ~ Meleth Bookaddicted ~ Nina ~ Meleth Bookaddicted ~ says:

    Friends with Benefits is the first book of Anne Lange’s The Vault series And – wow – it is a hell of a sexy ménage love story It might not be a book for everyone but it definitely is for me I think I might have burned my fingers holding my Kindle while reading – yes it is THAT hotAngela und Tyler O’Neil have been happily married for a while Although their love for each other is truly visible with hitting the seven year itch Tyler wants to spice up their love life a bit by fulfilling his wife’s secret fantasies – even if that means bringing another man into their bedroom The man he has in mind for his plan is no other than Tyler’s best friend since college – Connor Jones They have been sharing women in the past so Tyler figures he is the perfect – and only – man for this “job” Angela has never met Connor before – a little detail Tyler intends to take advantage of to fulfill the first of his wife’s secret desires – one that does not even involve himself But this is only the beginning Angela is about to experience lust and passion that offers uneualed opportunities; feelings that only two gorgeous and sensitive men can give her And so their adventurous summer fling starts – will it tear apart Angela’s and Tyler’s marriage or could it possibly lead to something There was one aspect about this book that kept me wonderingHow come Angela does not know the so called best friend of her own husband of seven years In fact she even does not know his real name Additionally of course some couples need time than other to open up and confess their sexual fantasies to one another – but then again seven years of vanilla only Just seems a bit too long and too boring So yes the set time frame seemed arguable to meWith that said there was one issue that made the story special – realistic and honest While most ménage books skip the difficulty of leaving one’s own four walls and being in public as a threesome not so this book For the most part Angela was treated depreciatory and was called names for being with two men at the same timeBy the time that happened Connor already felt so much for Angela to be willing to let her go – only to save her and his best friend’s reputation This made me appreciate his character very much To be honest he was the one I connected to bestI liked Angela because she had compunction about acting on her fantasies and probably risking her marriage for just a few nights of fun and because she felt guilty for falling for another man But other than that I was not really warming up to herOh – then there is Tyler the mastermind behind it all The guy who pulled the strings in the whole scenario Despite the not so small chance that it all could fail and he could lose it all – his wife and his best friend – he still decided to take the risk and go for it But for whose benefit did he do it at all With being fully straight he surely was not the one who derived advantage from teaming up with another man on Angela Actually his ultimate fantasy is about satisfying his wife than himself I mean let’s face it which woman would not love a man like Tyler for herself But it he is just too good to be true – too good to appear in real lifeAlthough I couldn’t fully connect to all of the characters I enjoyed this book pretty much – and not for the well described sizzling hot and kinky sex scenes alone I did not have the feeling anyone was cheating which is an absolute no go for me – no matter how kinky a book is The relationship between the three of them develops slowly and without a rush and with that remains believable Most important in my opinion Anne Lange also shows the difficulties of this kind of lifestyle and lets her characters deal with real life issuesAll these things add up to a realistic and natural felt ménage storyI am really curious where Anne Lange will take us next with The Vault – a sex club the threesome is introduced to later in the story – as this club opens up a new world of possibilities If you’re into the kinkier side of love stories this is definitely a series to keep track of

  9. Elizabeth Carter Elizabeth Carter says:

    Friends with Benefits is as much as fascinating study of the fantasy versus the reality as it is a sexy readMost menage stories of this type are usually short stories or novellas typically involving an opportunistic encounter between the heroine and her two or lovers and a 'happy for now' endingMs Lange has taken a different approach with her full length novel by examining of how such a scenario might play out in a longer term domestic settingFriends With Benefits starts with Tyler renewing friendship with his old college buddy Connor with whom he shared a few good times as well as a number of womenIn addition to welcoming Connor back to town Tyler has an interesting proposition have sex with his wife with his full permission while he's away visiting his folks for the weekendThere is a catch though Tyler's wife Angela has no idea about the arrangement being madeConnor has misgivings but and this is a recurring theme all the way through Friends With Benefits Tyler takes the lead and assures him that he and Angela have discussed the concept of 'stranger' sex in the abstract and knows she'll jump at the chance to have sex with Connor because she gets titillated reading erotic novels featuring sexy strangers menage and as we learn later in the story BDSM fantasies as wellJust as well for all concerned the three end up very happy with the arrangement and in this there is no uestioning Ms Lange's skill as a writer of erotic fictionAs a student of human nature the most fascinating part of Friends With Benefits to me is dynamic between our three protagonistsTyler as alpha male in the relationship is highly manipulative of both Connor and Angela but as we're being constantly reassured through his inner dialogue it is with their best interests at heart However all the way through the story there are hints that his motives are not 100% altruistic and despite earlier protestations by Tyler and Connor to Angela about their staunch heterosexuality I honestly wondered whether the revelation was going to be the announcement of Tyler's bisexualityAlso for someone who has spend a lot of time thinking about a permanent polyandrous relationship for he and his wife Tyler seems breathtakingly naive about the alternative scene which has conseuences half way through the bookAngela despite having being steeped in all sorts of sexual kink through her love of erotic romances is also surprisingly inexperienced despite the fact that she has been married to Tyler for a number of years The first sexual encounter we share with her and Tyler involves mild bondage using a neck tie and it comes a bit of a surprise to the reader that this was their first time doing this considering Tyler's long held fantasies which are later exploredConnor is my favourite character and the one who seems to be most 'real' He's flattered and intrigued by Tyler's offer but he is also concerned about the emotional repercussions for himself for Angela as well as her marriage but when what is being offered is so willingly given he finds himself inescapably drawn in despite expressed reservationsEven with the 'happily ever after' which unfolded a little too conveniently some readers might be left with the lingering impression that Connor with his sense of honour may not remain content as the beta male in the relationship and that he too still yearns for the love of one woman whom he can call his ownFriends With Benefits is the first in what is to be The Vault series set around the titular sex club and during the course of this novel we are introduced to some incidental characters who are sure to be the subject of future storiesAs is the case with most erotic romances everyone is perfect physical specimen the sex club is impossibly glamorous and its patrons are enthusiastically non judgementalAs fantasy Friends With Benefits is highly entertaining and ticks all the boxes and Ms Lange deserves credit for her attempt to domesticate menage to fit a happily ever

  10. says:

    to you by OBS reviewer HeidiBeware of possible Spoilersfriends with benefits vault anne langeAfter seven years of marriage Tyler convinces his wife to start living out some of her fantasies And when his best friend Connor moves to town Tyler jumps at the chance to bring him into the bedroom with Angela and him But Tyler doesn’t want a one time thing he wants the two people he loves most in the world to be in his bed permanentlyI’ve read some smut in my day but this was my first ménage book and I wasn’t sure what to expect It definitely has its pros and cons but overall I did enjoy the book and would definitely consider reading another oneI found uite a bit of this book especially in the beginning to be pretty unbelievable Yes I know its fiction and most of fiction would never happen in real life but I like to have the belief that it could happenLet’s start with Angela I found her to be uite the contradiction She’s got all these secret sexual fantasies that cause her to read some raunchy books to get her engine revving But when it comes to sex she is timid and has to be coaxed into every little thing by her husbandI could maybe see a guy being interested in bringing someone else into the bedroom and I thought Tyler might have a crush on his buddy Connor I had a very hard time believing he’d want his wife to have sex with his buddy without him though especially when he was out of town and found it strange that he was having to force both his friend and his wife into it But by the end of the book I did feel that I understood him and understood why he was that way aboutt bringing Connor in“Yeah impress her with your carpentry skills Judging by some of the books she reads she likes big strong guys—men who do honest work to build their muscles She’s horny as hell when she comes to bed some nights I’m thinking you could offer to mend some fencing finish my deck or something Watching you work would get her juices flowing”“Is this your way of tricking me into doing your yard work” Connor snickered and raised his beer “Strange way to go about it bud”It’s a little strange when the ‘other’ man is the voice of reason with Connor trying to talk Tyler out of his plan reminding him that this is his wife they’re talking about and constantly asking Tyler what’s in it for him I found that Connor was the most ‘real’ character in this story and he was by far my favorite At times I felt like Tyler had turned his wife into a toy to share with his buddy but I never doubted Connor’s sincerity once he started having feelings for Angela I was actually waiting for Angela and Connor to run off togetherThis story also broaches the conseuences of this kind of relationship; namely the ridicule the participants receive from other people that see what’s going on between them Reactions that make them want to hide their relationship from others But the book does open your mind to alternate lifestyles and takes you into a realm of underground sex clubs and a different way of living overall which I did find to be interestingI did enjoy this story but it’s one I wouldn’t read unless you have some form of release available to youThis book just introduced us to the Vault and I’m curious to see how the rest of the series will take us further into that world This is a nice ménage story and it weaved an interesting story in with the hot sex I will definitely be reading book 2

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