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All Saints Secrets PDF ↠ All Saints PDF or

All Saints Secrets (Saints Mysteries #2) ❰Reading❯ ➾ All Saints Secrets (Saints Mysteries #2) Author Nicole Loughan – “After her death the kids used to say her ghost haunted the plantation” The bayou holds many secrets One of them is what really happened to Lisette a beautiful Creole teenager who died on the last “After her death the kids used to say her ghost haunted the plantation” The bayou holds many secrets One of them is what really happened to Lisette a beautiful Creole teenager who died on the last All Saints PDF or day of school Everybody in Fanchon’s reclusive bayou parish knows Lisette died in a boating accident but when the police take a closer look they unearth the dead girl and find a surprise in her grave This Saints adventure takes Fanchon from New York to New Orleans for Halloween and to one of Louisiana’s most beautiful plantations Oak Alley It is highly recommended that the Saint books be read in order starting with To Murder a Saint.

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  1. Mike Mike says:

    This was the first book I've read by this author and in this series so it took me a tad bit in the beginning to get my bearings as far as the characters were concerned; from everything that happened in book 1 Once that happened I got into it a bit and the author has done a wonderful job of throwing a ton of swerves in this book There wasn't just the killer to contend with from book 1 but also a few other mysteries to resolve from a floating dead girl to a lecherous dirt bag and even Fanchon's own family I thought there were a few inconsistencies with the characters outside of the normal change of attitude that anyone would have in real life but it was still a decent read I'll also commend the author on another point; it isn't easy writing characters to speak authentically like the real Creoles so when I discovered the author wasn't from that area I was uite surprised That Creole English is a pain to understand so reading that in the book was a pain at times but the author gets credit for being able to write in that way

  2. Caroline Caroline says:

    In this seuel to 'To Murder a Saint' Fanchon's injuries and failed Broadway audition has her returning to the Bayou While she's recuperating and recovering from her serious leg injury she learns that the police are taking a second look at the death of her best friend's younger sister Perhaps her death wasn't an accident after all But to verify certain suspicions they will need the family's permission to exhume the body from the crypt and promise to have the body returned before All Soul's Day As if that wasn't traumatic enough Fanchon discovers a favorite photograph of her and her best friend Josephine have been replaced with a copy But who would want the original and why? Her search takes her out into the swamp and inadvertently helps to raise uestions about how Lisette may have died And who is that in the shadows who appears to be watching her? And why is she dreaming of a girl she doesn't recognize drowning in the water?The characters really come into their own in this seuel and the unexpected plot twists keep the tension high and the secret exposed at the end makes this a thrilling page turner

  3. Lisa Lisa says:

    You have to read book onethe murder of a saint before starting all saints secretsthis is a simple murder mysterythat is fast paced with great charactersthat are not too deep or complicated to understandNicole Laughan takes the reader into a culture that is not widely known about and gives the reader a world of characters that love protectone another in a closed in communitywhere your ancestry is a pride to wear like a badge and secrets are nobodys business but their ownThe creole family who take under their protective wingFranchon a best friend to the murdered daughter of the familythrough the two books the family find out that their oldest had also been murderedwhen everyone thought her death an accidentFranchon has to fight for her own life as she learns of herself and reveals some truths about her own familyonly to discover secrets herselfBook 3 will be published in 2014the story continues into the next phase of Franchon`s lifethe reader could stop here by reading books one and twoAs this nicely ends a phaseOr like me become hooked on Franchon and wait patiently for book 3 to be published

  4. James James says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading All Saints Secrets It's a short read but well written and thoroughly entertaining It's not often I read the middle book of a series and then want to read the others but this case will be an exception I'll not only read the rest of the Saints series but I'll be watching for books from this author

  5. Susan Susan says:

    Back in Louisiana Lisette's body is being exhumed to find out what really did happen Was it an accident or was she murdered But they are in for a surprise when they open the cryptAn enjoyable story

  6. So, I Read This Book Today So, I Read This Book Today says:

    Back in August of last year I wrote a review of To Murder A Saint by Nicole Loughan At the time I really enjoyed the book set in both the swamps of Louisiana and the City of New York There were some issues with it without a doubt Nicole is a journalist first and foremost and her first foray into a non fiction work of mystery was rough but showed exceptional promiseSince that time I have had pleasant on line conversations with Nicole and learned a bit about her as well as passing along some Cajun tidbits that I thought were appropriate Nicole being the sweetheart she is took my input like a true lady This new book set amongst the same families as her previous is far comfortable for me In a way not trying as hard to handle the patois of Southern Louisiana has refreshed her book making it realistic and easier to read than a somewhat stiff attempt at the language of the South One still gets some of the flavor of the Southern language and the world view and it is relaxed for itIn All Saints’ Secrets Fanchon is recovering in New York from the brutal attack that she suffered at the end of the previous book You get insight into Fanchon in this book learning a bit about her and what drives her as a person As with the other this isn't really a long book and the descriptions of the bayou country still aren't on the level of someone like James Lee Burke but Nicole is making great strides The language of the characters is not as stiff and she does description of the landscapes and the surroundings than she did before This is a great improvement when it comes to my personal tastes I know not everyone agrees with me but descriptions of surroundings and people are very important to my manner of reading I want to be able to close my eyes and see my surroundings when I am reading Without that a book simply doesn't hold my attention This is a rather Gothic look at the Southern Mystery genre filled with poverty isolation and a deep sense of family history It is easy for me to see what is there as that is home to me In the last book others who hadn't traveled to the area would not have been able to see the landscape as well should they have closed their eyes and tried This time around seeing Fanchon’s surroundings would be easier There is still a bit of “stiffness” to the writing but not anything that makes the book unreadable Instead I was pulled in immediately and glad to have another look at Fanchon and her story The story line is both clever and creative leaving you knowing at the end that there is a follow up but this is by no mean a cliffhanger You could also read this book as a standalone but I went back and read the first book again before I read this one as I am habitualized to do and enjoyed Secrets all the for itOverall this is a pleasant way to wile away an evening of the Gothic South mystery a hint of terror and a soupcon’ of romantic thought I look forward to the next and recommend the book to anyone who would enjoy the styleI bought this book for myself and didn't receive the first one or this one from the author All comments are my own thoughts

  7. Audiothing Audiothing says:

    Publishers SummaryAfter her death the kids used to say her ghost haunted the plantationThe bayou holds many secrets One of them is what really happened to Lisette a beautiful Creole teenager who died on the last day of school Everybody in Fanchon's reclusive bayou parish knows Lisette died in a boating accident but when the police take a closer look they unearth the dead girl and find a surprise in her graveAll Saints' Secrets is the seuel to To Murder a Saint It is highly recommended that the Saint books be listened to in orderMy ReviewFirst things first I love the cover it's also uite a rarity as it has an apostrophe in the right placeNow for the book I thoroughly enjoyed the first in this series and had looked forward to catching up with Fanchon This is a short listen and like the first book is just packed full of action no waffling here Fitting so much in to a short space of time means that every sentence is important and meaningful so don't get distracted whilst listening as you might miss somethingFanchon is still clinging to the forlorn hope of remaining in New York the odds are stacked against her yet she insists on attending a pre arranged job interview for a pianist which everyone but Fanchon herself knew she was doomed to fail She is forced to face the reality of her situation and that reality is her inability to cope alone with the activities of daily life so back to the bayou to be cared for by Abolina Having lost both of her daughters to gruesome ends Abolina pours love and care on to Fanchon yet she tries to persuade Fanchon to contact her estranged parentsThis is just the beginning of the thrilling bayou adventures the search for Fanchons' attacker the truth surrounding Lisettes' accident and the strange mysteries surrounding Fanchons' own family For those of us unfamiliar with life in the bayou there are some fascinating facts to discover the traditions of All Souls' Day and All Saints day which serve to enrich the story This is another great book from Nicole Loughan and it lived up to my expectations I'm eager for NarratorIt's always pleasing when one narrator reads a series especially when they perform as beautifully as Suzy Lexington Consistently good she brings the characters to life Suzy connects her listeners to the characters and story when I'm listening they become real to me and as such are difficult to forget Great job This audiobook was gifted to me in return for this my honest opinion

  8. Marsha Marsha says:

    It's always wonderful to stumble upon a new book and a new series that captives your imagination That is the case for me w All Saints Secrets I will freely admit that when I first began reading this mysterythriller I wasn't convinced that I was a fan of the author's approach However after about 25% into the read I found myself mesmerized by all of the goings on down in the bayouFanchon has had a hard time since the murder of her best friend Josephine and being attacked by a crazed man with an alligator but now her focus must be on trying to heal the leg she might have to have amputated So she goes where she is loved and nurtured Josephine's mother and father's home They love her unconditionally and have filled the gap in her heart caused by her abusive mother and fatherHowever once back in Louisiana Fanchon realizes that she is still in danger Josephine's little sister Lizette's death was not an accident and Banyon the New York detective who whisked her to safety after her attack means to her than he should As the mystery and secrets begin crumbling down Fanchon uickly realizes if she is to survive she will have to embrace the uniueness that only can be found in the Cajun community and if that means psychics and Beignets who am I to argueThis book was uniue and refreshing providing me a fresh take on the Cajun culture in an fascinating way The characters are no nonsense strong common folk people with a knack for cutting through the superfluous bs and get right down to what matters I enjoyed the characters world building action and suspense uite frankly I can't wait to read the next book

  9. NaTaya Hastings NaTaya Hastings says:

    may contain spoilersI can't decide which book I liked better this one or the first one Hmmm it is a tough decision but I think I actually liked this one better The only downside to All Saint's Secrets is that if you HAVEN'T read To Kill a Saint you might be a bit lost It is not like some books in a series where you can pop in on the second book and still understand what's going on However having read the first book I was uite pleased to be able to grow with the characters and the plot This second book is a bit longer than the first which is great because it gave me time with the story Unlike the first book this one completely side swiped me with the ending The first book while not PREDICTABLE wasn't a total shocker at the end This one? Completely out of left field but not in a bad way I very much look forward to reading about Fanchon in the future and I hope I'm able to do so D

  10. Steve Prekup Steve Prekup says:

    Seuels often fall short of the original The original here was a strong one And I have to say number two in this series was even better I loved it The already likable characters got a chance to be built upon and the story itself meshed well with the feel of the first one with a bit to it making for a good solid read It was a slightly longer book than the first This is still short as far as novels go but that worked out well for me as I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and it didn't take too long to get to the conclusion 2 sittings There are some surprises and I won’t reveal any than that for fear of spoiling it for anyone But definitely get this book Highly recommended

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