Heir of Pendel A Pandoran Novel #4 MOBI ´ Pendel A

Heir of Pendel A Pandoran Novel #4 MOBI ´ Pendel A

Heir of Pendel A Pandoran Novel #4 [EPUB] ✶ Heir of Pendel A Pandoran Novel #4 ✻ Barbara Kloss – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk A 2016 RONE AWARD NomineeA 2017 Readers' Favorite SILVER MEDAL WINNER in YA FantasyDaria has fled to Orindor She's left the man she loves to accept a marriage proposal from a man she doesn't hoping to A RONE AWARD NomineeA Pendel A PDF Ë Readers' Favorite SILVER MEDAL WINNER in YA FantasyDaria has fled to Orindor She's left the man she loves to accept Heir of eBook º a marriage proposal from a man she doesn't hoping to save the people of Gaia from her tyrant uncle She needs the forces that Lord Danton Pontefract's of Pendel A eBook ↠ hand in marriage will provide and she's running out of time Her uncle's army of shadowguard have laid siege to the castle of Valdon where Stefan residesMeanwhile of Pendel A Pandoran Novel ePUB Ò Alexander Del Conte with Thaddeus and Vera in tow fights to rally what's left of a broken people in order to lead them in battle against Eris's shadowguardBut Gaia is just a piece of what Eris wants And if he isn't stopped he'll turn his armies toward Earth.

  • Heir of Pendel A Pandoran Novel #4
  • Barbara Kloss
  • 08 August 2015

About the Author: Barbara Kloss

Barbara Kloss loves adventures and Pendel A PDF Ë finds them through reading writing trekking through the wilderness and gaming—though she doesn't consider herself a gamer She just happens to Heir of eBook º like video games RPGs specifically She’s also a bit of a fitness enthusiast a classically trained pianist and she believes that maintaining balance in life is a of Pendel A eBook ↠ good thing coffee excluded Barbara studied bioche.

10 thoughts on “Heir of Pendel A Pandoran Novel #4

  1. Christine Arnold Christine Arnold says:

    This was the PERFECT final book to this amazing series The whole book is a maze of twists and surprises that keep you furiously turning the pages to find out what happens at the end You WON'T see this ending coming I promiseThis is the perfect continuation of Daria's growth as a character and I wish there was going to be another book so I could read about what she's doing after There aren't many protagonists I find myself wanting to actually be friends with and Daria is one of them I don't know how I'm going to fill the whole she's leaving in my reading lifeAs a HUGE Thad fan I can also say that I was VERY pleased at his role in this final installment I don't think I could ever have enough ThadI really can't speak highly enough of this book Fans of Sarah J Maas's Throne of Glass series need to read this one The cast of characters the twists the subplots it's all perfect The growth of these characters throughout the series is portrayed SO wellrealistically and it's fun looking back to where they started in book 1 vs where they end up in the final chapter of Heir of Pendel Read this book You won't be disappointed

  2. Michelle Michelle says:

    You know that feeling when your emotions have been put in a blender and pulverized? And then just when you start to feel the spinning stop someone hits pulse again? This book is that blender I experienced every emotion to the extreme throughout these pages I cried a lot I laughed there's a lot humor in this one than the first three I smiled I got angry oh boy did I get angry At one point I was cursing the authors name because I was so traumatized by what I thought had happened It was a ride that's for sure Daria thinks she can save her kingdom by agreeing to marry Danton Everyone is under the assumption that she'll be safe in Orinder when in reality nowhere is safe any Her story is full of unexpected allies and a journey to save a world that may not be able to be saved While she's discovering what she needs to defeat the enemy Alex armed with the new knowledge of his family must travel to earth in search of the one thing that could help him be who he is meant to be I loved seeing Vera and Thad go to earth for the first time I couldn't stop laughing at some parts when they saw things like cars for the first time There are so many parts to this book that are all leading in the same direction until they converge for the final show down Once again Ms Kloss trapped me in her own mind in a story that I couldn't get out of until I finished It was the perfect final book The kind of book that you stay up late reading because you always have the energy for just one page I don't think I've read a fantasy that has so ensnared me since Robin Hobb's books Truly a fantastic series I loved every page

  3. Laura Josephsen Laura Josephsen says:

    So This book I was super excited to get to read a pre publication copy of this because I love Barbara Kloss's writing and I love the way she weaves stories And this one was a fantastic end to a fantastic series Barbara always manages to surprise me in her books there's always something that happens and I don't see it coming and I love that It's hard for books to surprise me And in this book she threw me for a loop not once but twice and it was fabulous There were so many threads and plots to tie up and Barbara wound them in and out of each other beautifully and brought the story around in a very unexpected circle Bravo to Barbara on a fun thought out and well rounded series I'm so glad I got to read it

  4. InD& InD& says:

    4550The plot set out in Heir of Pendel truly thickens with each chapter and the introduction of a vast variety of enchanting charactersRead full review in the 2015 JulyAugust issue of InD'tale Magazine

  5. Jenny Jenny says:

    I just finished Heir of Pendel and I’ve got to say IT WAS SPECTACULAR Ms Kloss painted a beautiful world that felt vibrant and alive and her character development was superb I love that Heir of Pendel was consistent with the previous book’s characters and world development; the author kept readers interested and didn’t bring in weird new things that distracted from the main story which I think way too many authors end up doing when they write a series I was really impressed with the whole Pandoran series but Heir of Pendel was my favorite for a few reasons which I’ll break down below1 Daria does a lot of maturing in Heir of Pendel She faces many challenges both emotionally and physically and she really grows into her character She’s still head strong and stubborn but she’s learned a lot from her past experiences and is both confident but also cautious when it comes to making important decisions; it’s nice to see this side of her2 Alex and Daria have an adorable relationship and I loved watching them finally be able to truly be together in Heir of Pendel There were some steamy scenes that were HOT HOT HOT but Ms Kloss definitely kept the emotions about love and didn’t get too grown up with the bedroom stuff just a bit of a bummer LOL Alex is the best male interest I’ve read in a long time He’s dark and brooding with those bright and intense green eyes and even with all that distracting hotness he still has a very well developed moral compass and back muscles I bet 3 THAD I know everybody has their own favorites but Thad oh Thad why aren’t you in my life right now? Thad was written so well I loved his witty lines and his annoying sarcasm He’s a perfect character to have in a story like this and provides the necessary comedic relief to prevent things from getting too serious4 Thad and Vera I don’t want to give too much away you’ll just have to read it ☺5 Thad Alex and Vera visit Earth and it’s HILARIOUS If you didn’t love Thad before you will totally love him when you read about him on Earth or you may want to throw him out the airplane window The dynamic of these three friends during these chapters is so well written and made me wish not for the first time that somebody make this a movie or TV series someday 6 The ending of Heir of Pendel was amazing I was worrying throughout the book about how things would end and I don’t want to give too much away but Ms Kloss ended her series very very well I was surprised to find that she totally surprised me which doesn’t happen often There’s a lot of sadness but also a lot of joy and hope for the future when you finally turn that last pageAll in all I’m so sad that this amazing series is finished I’ve enjoyed every moment of Daria’s journey starting with the first time her fingers touched the globe in the hidden room of the Del Conte’s library Heir of Pendel was the most perfect ending to a most perfect story and I’m sure I’ll re read the whole series multiple times throughout my life I LOVED this book and can’t wait for whatever comes next from the talented Barbara Kloss

  6. Hollye Hollye says:

    Oh wow This book was so amazing I honestly loved every minute of it There's not much I can say about what happens without spoiling anything but just take my word for it you need to read this book If you like fantasy books this series has everything you could want There's plenty of magic a wide variety of interesting species and characters betrayal and plenty of action I really can't think of one single thing that would have made this series any better for me It had everything I wanted First of all the characters are so well thought out and their growth throughout the series is wonderful The main character Daria is by far one of my favorite female characters of all time She is spunky and strong willed but still has internal struggle that makes her entirely relatable And Alex besides being totally swoon worthy is an eually well developed character He is everything that you could want in a heroic male leading character but is still entirely human I love the struggle that he and Daria both have between their sense of responsibility and getting what they want out of life I loved both perspectives eually and I was cheering them both on from page 1 until the very end Even the progression of the side characters in this series was great More than one character in this series I liked then hated and then loved It was such a great representation of the fact that very few people are entirely good or bad Speaking of endings this book definitely has some George R R Martin type tendencies when it comes to killing off characters But I felt that their deaths where dealt with in the right way and the other characters' reactions to those deaths was entirely realistic for the situation I was very happy with the way they were handled in this series And as for the ending I don't know that I could have come up with a better one myself This was one of those books where I couldn't predict what would happen but after it did it felt right The writing of this series is also wonderful It's so immersive that you really feel like you are inside the world of Gaia There weren't any points where the writing pulled me out of the story which is rare for me I could gush over this series for ages but in an effort to keep this review a manageable length I will just say one thing Read this series This is most definitely my favorite series I have read this year and while I'm sad that it's over I am entirely satisfied I was given this particular book in exchange for an honest review And this has been my very honest opinion I bought the other books in this series on my own and had every intension of buying this one before it was sent to me I love this series enough that while I have it on my e reader I will be buying it in physical form to go on my favorites shelf Barbara Kloss has earned a fan and I will be reading whatever she puts out in the future

  7. Kristine Low Kristine Low says:

    This series ends with a BANG All of the characters have intense defining journeys that add depth to the their relationships and the plot Especially with Daria you can see a gradual realistic difference in her emotional maturity and confidence from book one to book 4 Shocked by Daria's actual agreement to go through with marrying Danton and in the thick of war there really is a picture of hopelessness painted from the beginning And you wonder how in the world anything is going to be solved which had me hooked right away even so than the other books Thad adds nice comic relief to the story I couldn't get enough of him You really get to know the dark side of Danton and his family as well as the even better side of loyal Alexespecially when it comes to Daria I crave romance in YA fantasy and thankfully I was not left hanging There are some surprises but thankfully no loose ends are left untied One of the most satisfying aspects of this tale is the fact I thought I knew what was going to happen next but was truly caught off guard with some great twists Especially the ending which I completely think is perfect for this series without being in any way predictable at all Really cleverly done I was not disappointed

  8. Erin Wilson Erin Wilson says:

    What a finish I am now officially depressed that this series is over Kloss makes a strong finish in the Pandoran series with Heir of Pendel I was on the edge of my seat for this ENTIRE book Don't get me wrong all of these books are page turners But this HOP is a spectacular ending to this series that rivals some of the best fantasy series out there The character development is impeccable and the storyline is so perfectly twisted that I am sad that there isn't to read If you haven't started this book or this series for that matter RUN and get started ASAP This is definitely one of my all time favorite reads

  9. Briana Briana says:

    I really love this series The story the magical world the characters the subtle foreshadowing I've thoroughly enjoyed all of itAnd what a book this was Whew I'm normally a tad wary of alternating POVs but it works well in Heir of Pendel The story is compelling no matter who is narrating Lots of action and emotion The plot and subplots all come together like pieces of a puzzle It's obvious that careful consideration went into character development throughout the series And I think I've finally decided that Thad is my favorite Alex is a steadfast gentleman but Thad's wit and candor are incomparable Thad's experiences on Earth are reason enough to read this one He's hilarious Heir of Pendel had me hooked from start to finish If time had allowed I probably would've read it straight through without stopping A fitting finale to an amazing series

  10. Sylvi Lane Sylvi Lane says:

    The ending of this amazing series completely blew me away I loved the way you Barbara Kloss tied up your writing magic it was perfectly unseeable It isn't something I as a reader can claim and for that I thank you I feel like I got to live out all my Gaia adventures even if they were only in my head Everything about your story sucked me in and kept me wanting I loved the way all the characters grew into their roles and how your style of writing fit each of them You also did an amazing job killing off main characters and making my heart weep a little with each of them Villains and heroes were made a new Even though I wish the train ride never ended I'm happy to report it's one of the best series I've read in a very long time I'd recommend your work to anyone in a heart beat

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