Elemental Fear PDF Ú Kindle Edition

Elemental Fear PDF Ú Kindle Edition

  • Kindle Edition
  • Elemental Fear (Surviving #1)
  • Ada Frost
  • English
  • 20 December 2016

10 thoughts on “Elemental Fear (Surviving #1)

  1. Patrycja Patrycja says:

    35 stars

  2. Michelle Michelle says:

    Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review The strike of a hand A fist to the face The spewing of hatred and vile words The fear of a monster The torment The abuse Broken bones A fractured rib A slap to the face A belt whipping across your back Endless amount of bruises and sexually abuse For seven years Evelyn Beaumont lived in her own personal hell She was trapped and living in fear by a man she once trusted who violated and destroyed her leaving her broken and shattered Can a woman who has been badly damaged and destroyed find it in herself to escape and face her fears? Will she find the strength to ask for help? Elemental fear is not a story that is light hearted This book is raw intense dark and raises an awareness on domestic abuse From an outsider we can easily say what a person should of done the first time a hand is raised It is easy to say but sometimes taking that first step is the hardest thing to do Admitting and screaming to the world that abuse is happening sometimes is hard to do when fear has been implemented And that's what happened in this book It is a story of a young woman who wanted to protect her sisters from her boyfriend because she was fearful of what he was capable of doing She was afraid that he would hurt them so she had to endure the abuse to protect them While I may not agree with Evelyn's logic I applaud the author for taking a chance and raising awareness that there are some people who are debilitated by fear Fear can definitely hold a person back but for Evelyn it took her years to find the strength and courage to fight back This book is so graphic and paints a raw portrayal of domestic abuse While the story is heavily centered on abuse Ms Frost was still able to incorporate a love story of a broken woman finding salvation strength and courage to live through the help of one man's undying love And this worthy man didn't see a broken fragile woman but a beautiful woman who is a survivor and fighter So if you are looking for a book that needs to be heard of a woman's struggle to reclaim her life back then I would give Elemental Fear a try Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages Frost

  3. Rachel Rachel says:

    Overal rating 3 starsTriggersCheating view spoiler no hide spoiler

  4. Linda Kage Linda Kage says:

    This is the kind of story that makes me appreciate my husband for being such a good guy A lot A brutal show of just how tragic domestic violence is Elemental Fear doesn't sugar coat what happens to Eve Some scenes were just so awful for the poor heroine I wasn't sure I'd have the stomach to keep reading but then a Dominic and Eve scene would come in and I kept getting sucked right back into the romance part of the story And then there was the suspense of wondering if everything was going to end up happily ever after or heartbreaking right up to the very endAnd Johanhappy sigh Have I mentioned how much I'm in love with Johan yet? Can't believe it wasn't the first thing I said If he doesn't a get book soonwell he just better get a book soon So happy for Ada Frost in completing her debut novel

  5. Debbie Debbie says:

    Elemental Fear is not for the weak or for those who can’t understand the fear and power the abuser has over their victims I’ve always had an emotional heart when it comes to girlfriendspouse abuse and Elemental Fear is the first novel I’ve read that goes into such deep dark depths of abuse For me even if I know it’s a fiction story with fictional characters it still makes me angry With abuse being a very real issue I tend to get emotional when I read a novel like this Now don't misunderstand my meaning I thought this was an amazing heart touching story with a very important message and with characters that I love It's just my anger level goes up and I want to rip off the abuser's manhood in this novel the abuser is a man when I read this kind of story Like I said I get very emotional Eve is twenty six years old and she’s been a victim of physical abuse for nine years The abuse started when she was sixteen and Eve is at that point of surrendering her mind and becoming broken—a shell of who she once was The one person who always gave her a silent hope was Dominic who’s been her secret love since she was six years old her prince her knight in shining armor but he knows nothing about the hell she lives in with his brother Elliott To read Eve's story I had to really get into her character as an abused woman Because as a woman who has never suffered abuse it's normal for me to look at Eve and say My God Eve just open your mouth You’re giving this worthless piece of sht the power to keep you in fear So yes Eve's character was a hard one for me but I was able to see from her view point and see the fear and power that Elliot easily had imprisoned Eve with Ada Frost is a talented writer She pulled me into Eve's abusive relationship with Elliott and I felt every bit of Eve's pain fear and emotion in Eve's mind and heartNow on a happy note I love Johan Johan and Eve work together at the same office and they become best friends I’m not going to spoil Johan and Eve's relationship for you I’m just going to tell you I love this guy so much And I'm begging Ada Frost to write Johan's storyElemental Fear is about abuse and it's on a hardcore level So if you can't approach Eve's story with openness and see it from her point of view the fear and shame she lives in for herself and others she loves and wants to protect then please just don't read this book Because the author deserves to be rewarded for writing about this difficult subject It’s my hope that a teen girl or woman who is in this kind of relationship may read Eve’s story and be able to see that fear should not enslave her to her abuser Elemental Fear is an emotional dark story but ends with the light of hope healing and freedom I recommend as a must read Some of my Favorite uotes you don't want me that way You mean all this time I've been wooing you and you aren't interested I've used my best moves on you woman He chuckled listen would you be asking these uestions if I had a hole instead of a pole? 'What? You knowhave you and he done the horizontal tango have you ridden the Dominic express fu I understand you I snapped before she continued her tirade Good morning sunshine it's always such a pleasure to see you He replied condescendingly Piss off she snapped stomping up the stairs Such a social butterfly He laughed My Favorite Eve and Dominic Swoon There were no words to describe how delicious his lips felt I wanted to feel to taste and the longer he held me to him the the urge became uncontrollable I parted my lips slightly and sucked softly on his lower lip His hands gripped at my skin he needed me as much as I needed him He opened his mouth; I felt his tongue teasing my lips open further I couldn't resist I opened taking him in I tangled my tongue with his licking sucking devouring his mouth I'd never felt this desire before I felt it everywhere

  6. Celesha Carillo Celesha Carillo says:

       My favourite type of reads other than dark are books that rip out my soul and just leaves it hanging in a dark black hole Books that leave you an emotional wreck for days books that break your heart into a million pieces and books that you know will stay with you for LIFE So when I picked up Elemental Fear By Ada Frost I knew I had found the book I was looking for god she did NOT disappoint I actually don't know where to start with this review I'm scared I won't even do the book justice but I'm going to give it a try    We first meet Eve and Do nic Dominic from the prologue and it was just such a cute little scene I ended up falling in love with him from then So when I started reading the first chapter I realised its nine years later and she ended up with his brother Elliott I was like WHAT?? WHY Elliott is the most vilest human I have ever read about what he did to my Eve it will forever haunt me The how and why they ended up together was disgusting and evil and any man should die a nasty death for treating a woman like that I HATE HIM I HATE HIM I HATE HIM To be honest hate isn't even a strong enough word to describe what I feel about him I wish he was alive just so I could stab him repeatedly in his neck and then watch him bleed out morbid right? Once you've read this book you'll understand why I feel the way I do about him I HATE HIM He is pure evil    My beautiful strong girl Eve no body will ever understand the love I have for her she was abused mentally and physically and let me say some scenes were so hard to read they tore your heart out it was like you wanted to climb into the book and just hold her so fucking tight and not let her go I swear I needed and wanted to give her all my love just so show her love is not meant to hurt Not like that no way Some will say why didn't she just get up and leave don't get me wrong she was offered a olive branch and she didn't take it and at the time even I thought come on Eve BUT I got it Until you are in the situation you will NEVER understand the fear they have for their abuser it's not as easy just to get up and leave like people say your mind is conditioned to be and act a certain way it isn't just easy to return back to the woman you was before  And I'm glad Ada portrayed her that way you needed to see everything she went through to fully understand why she was the woman she was and to me she was so damn strong I most likely would of killed myself before i suffered what she did so that makes me weak and My Eve was far from it Certain scenes had my eyes pouring with tears sometimes it wasn't even when the evil came to destroy her it was just in little things she would say or even the way she would act had my heart bleeding for her There is one scene that will forever live in my mind and I cried for Eve so damn much it was that point you knew he had fully broke her    Dominic the white prince the saviour the man you would want for your daughter He is the man that your dreams are made up of I loved him so much he was the man Eve should of ALWAYS ended up with he was her strength when he didn't even realise it he was her life and soul and it was so damn beautiful to read The Princess became lost but her Prince was always waiting for her to become lost with him And when they got lost in each other it was just stunning to read    I need to talk about my boo Jonah let me take a minute to say he is one in a million he is the man every single girl needs as a best friend I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM What he did for Eve I can't even begin to tell you but everything he did or said was beautiful She needed him in her life than he realised I think The last scene had my heart splitting into two I wanted to wrap him in my arms and tell him everything would be okay Even though I DIDNT EVEN KNOW MYSELF I can't wait to read his book    Ada had me for a hot second I didn't know what to feel or think I was like no this can not be happening Ada draws you into the worldlife of Eve and sometimes it was hard to read and you just wanted to scream why? The other moments had me giggling and then you had the moments that filled my heart up with so much love I wasn't ready to let Eve go honestly I love her so much I'm so happy I picked up this baby Ada I applaud you lady you did an amazing job with this book and I can not WAIT to read from you 5 Magical Stars   

  7. Jenn& Jenn& says:

    You fucking gutted me You ripped my chest open and shredded my heart I balled my fucking eyes out I have been dying to read a heart wrenching ugly cry book and many have fallen short But this fucking book Gah THIS BOOK Ada you fucking nailed it I could not tear myself away from this oneEvelyn Beaumont is a 24 year old woman who tries to live her life as normal looking from the outside but she hides the truth from everyone She lives her life in fear She has spent years getting abused physically mentally and emotionally My heart broke for Evelyn She is put through some horrendous abuse at the hands of a man that is supposed to love her Her boyfriend Elliot is such a disgusting fucker He is very manipulative and controlling There are some scenes which may be hard to get through for some I know I had to take a breather at times because I was crying so hard sobbing and my vision was tear blurred I took a deep breath and dived right back in”I walked in the front door humming “we are young” and froze The blood drained from my face my heart froze mid beat and my ears buzzed as the blood whooshed away Elliott sat at the dining table staring at me with a serpent’s grin ready to strike any moment”This book was so emotionally draining Ada brings us such an emotional heart touching story The story line was fantastic very well written and draws you in from the very beginning The characters are very well developed and I loved each of them Evelyn has a loving family her parents are so loving and caring her sisters are absolutely adorable and loveable and her best friends are amazing I absolutely love how her friend Johan is flirty funny caring loving and such a great support for Evelyn And then we have her best friend since she was five years old Dominic Oh Dominic He is the brother of her boyfriend Elliot but she has been secretly in love with him since she first laid eyes on him He is so caring loving funny sexy smart patient and a really great guy“There’s sunshine outside of the dark scary cave Eve you just have to believe and take that step”This is a definite MUST read Make sure to have your tissues handy It is definitely worth it

  8. Neet Neet says:

    Bloody hell I don't even know where to start I was shocked during most of it I couldn't imagine being that scared i'll admit I wanted to throw my kindle at the bloody wall because she kept uiet but I loved it

  9. Hazel *Craves the Angst Reviews* Hazel *Craves the Angst Reviews* says:

    Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst I was gifted this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review4 Fearful Surviving Stars Brutal and Heavy This Story Delves Deep Into the Struggles of Domestic Abuse but Also Shows the Power of Love Family and Friendships The Review Elemental Fear was a harrowing story of one woman's strength and determination to overcome the horrific circumstances she fell into It’s not for the weak of heart and there are some very disturbing things that happen to her throughout the story but I’m so glad I read this one As anyone who knows me can attest I love my angsts I love a dark story and the bravery that comes from the characters as they fight their way out of their circumstances They can be broken shattered and irreparably damaged in the process but if they come out in the end stronger livelier and with full hearts then I can say the journey was well worth the time spent This is very much that kind of story StoryCharacters Eve finds her life has totally spiraled out of control and all at the hands of an unstable villain hellbent on destroying her from her very core Her boyfriend Elliot berates her abuses her humiliates her breaks her in every way possible and then blames her for all of it He’s a monster posing as a man who loves her Through fear intimidation threats and outright violence he’s stolen away so much of her self respect and self worth and she believes she deserves the anger hate and abuse he unleashes on her He’s the epitome of evil covering his weaknesses and hate for himself by disguising it as a morbid warped form of love Yeah I hated Elliot with a bloody passionEve has endured this torture for nine years and she’s been twisted to believe it’s to keep her family safe Elliot has talked her down from the beautiful self assured young woman she was becoming and he’s almost taken all her will to fight But what I loved most about Eve’s character was as hard as Elliot tried to completely destroy her there’s still a spark in her crying out for a life and love she thought lost to her And it was in the form of her best friend Dominic I was captivated by her character and her story She was easy to relate to as a woman and her story was a familiar one to me so I felt for her and what she was going through She needed a good support structure to escape the nightmare she was living through and like so many normal families who love and support each other Eve’s didn’t realize what was happening until it was almost too late Dominic Elliott's brother and Eve’s best friend from childhood is the light in all the darkness and their friendship and her feelings for him keep Eve going He is totally swoon worthy with his patience love and the care he shows Eve after he finds out what’s been going on and it’s breathtaking It’s just what she needed to show her how wonderful love is supposed to be and what kindness in intimacy should feel like Not to mention the man is sexy as sinShe also makes a wonderful friend Johan who I simply adored Johan’s experience in this type of situation and their uncomplicated friendship gave her a wise sounding board and a comforting starting point for the help she so desperately needed I loved himFrom the beginning to the climatic end this read held a very real and hellish journey for it’s characters within the pages and the suffering Eve endures was extreme I wanted her to speak out and take her power back I wanted her to break free from that demon man child I wanted her to yell from the top of her lungs that she wasn’t going to take it any Elliot’s intimidation was ingrained so deep inside her the fear overpowered her most of the story but this woman is so much stronger than she thought possible I loved that she held on just a little bit even in the darkest of times This book was raw and unrestrained and scary and I loved the emotional “feel” I got from it In fact when I started it I couldn’t put it down reading straight through to the end So many women and children live this stark kind of reality and it’s heartbreakingAs a side note I also really loved the dialect and the uniuely Yorkshire lingo which was fun to decipher That grandpa was something else ;And that ending?? Totally rocked my world in all it’s gut wrenching emotion high intensity and courageous wonderment Such a great read all around The Wrap Up This is Ada Frost’s debut novel and she did an outstanding job bringing Eve’s story to life I enjoyed the writing style and her penchant for angsts was spot on I can’t wait to read Johan’s story in the near future He’s got a lot on his mind and I can’t wait to see of his back story

  10. KC -- Reading Is My Superpower KC -- Reading Is My Superpower says:

    I received an advance copy in exchange for an honest reviewWarning this book is not for everyone There is severe domestic abuse situations that may not sit well with everybodyThis book is very different than anything else I have read It was real it was raw It was heart wrenching but it was true it was like the author had climbed into the mind of an abuse victim and plucked out all the parts that no one understands I say that because everyone thinks that there is no way they would tolerate or put up with this kind of abuse but as a survivor of domestic abuse 10 years of it I can promise you that even the strongest of woman can be found in a bad situationI loathed Elliot and I think that was the point He is cruel viscous selfish controlling and abusive beyond what most people can comprehend Eve is in love with Dominic Elliots brother She has been since she was 5 years old But in a brilliant scheme from Elliot he convinces Eve that Dominic doesnt want her and begins to weasel his way in Before she knows what happened Eve is living in a nightmare Emotionally beat down mentally broken she goes day to day trying not to upset Elliot This is where the book was so real The author was really able to capture the mind of an abused woman The thought process the fear the worry the constant battle to change and morph into the person they think they need to be The way they blame themselves and think that if they had only done something different they wouldnt of deserved the beating they had received It is a twisted reality that they live inDominic loves Eve He loves her with every ounce of his being He doesn't want a life that doesn't involve her And as he sits back and watches from the shadows thinking Eve is happy he is devastated when he learns the truth Once I started reading I couldnt put it down I devoured it and by the end I was emotionally wrung out and totally wrecked It is an emotional roller coaster that throws you to and fro because there are times you think you know the ending and then you get moved in another direction Tears were shed and hope bloomed as I cheered for Eve to get her HEA And although this is not a cliffhanger the author ended it brilliantly set up for another bookIf you are looking for fluff and rainbows you wont find it here What you will find is a story that will rock you to your core and captivate you And I warn you may of you will not believe that this is real stuff but I promise you it's as real as it gets

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Elemental Fear (Surviving #1)[Reading] ➸ Elemental Fear (Surviving #1) Author Ada Frost – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Evelyn Beaumont is a beautiful intelligent loving woman She has an adoring family a man who loves her and a best friend who is willing to do anything to make her happy Sound like a perfect life to you Evelyn Beaumont is a beautiful intelligent loving woman She has an adoring family a man who loves her and a best friend who is willing to do anything to make her happy Sound like a perfect life to youEvelyn BeaumontI hide a terrible secret one I have hidden from the people I love the most from the people that love me the most For the longest time I have hidden behind my shame silenced by an elemental fear and depravity I am bound by silence to protect them to hide what I really am In truth I can never let my family know what darkness haunts me I am the key to destroying my family And I would rather die than allow that WARNING This book is about the survival of severe domestic abuse it’s not pretty and it is fear at a level most of us cannot comprehend; women endure this life on a daily basis this is Eve’s story Contains severe domestic abuse violence and strong languageCan be read as a stand alone.

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Hi What to say about myselfI love to read and create stories for others to enjoy I've always been told I have a vivid imagination I just lacked the confidence to pursue putting it onto the written page But finally I embarked on making a single dream come true I love to read and write I only read romance any genre really but it has to have a beautiful romance I also demand a HEA even.