Forbidden Knowledge 101 Things Not Everyone Should Know

Forbidden Knowledge 101 Things Not Everyone Should Know

10 thoughts on “Forbidden Knowledge 101 Things Not Everyone Should Know How to Do

  1. Scott Scott says:

    Hm What I learned from this book? 1 How to tell if your neighbor is a zombie and what to do about it2 How to read entrails to predict the future3 How to hotwire a car 4 How to walk on hot coals75 How to write a cheeziass book JK many of these articles are fairly amusing takes on things Unfortunately short in the detail department on some items such as How to Make an Atomic Bomb So one will just have to experiment one guessesStill have 25 things left to learn at the time of this writing I am about 7 things left now94 If someone gives you the book it makes a nice coffeetableconversationstartercoaster

  2. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Thanks to this book I know now how to stage a coup make moonshine and cheat a parking meter Sweet

  3. Grace Grace says:

    This is an interesting little book that sits well on the shelf next to The Zombie Survival Guide Complete Protection From the Living Dead There are 101 tidbits of useful and useless knowledge written in a semi sarcastic and only vaguely detailed manner My favourite were #18 saw a woman in half magic trick #26 create crop circles #29 pull a practical joke in the toilet and #70 streak a sporting event This book would probably make a fun gift for a person that enjoys bits of random useless knowledge someone that is a joker or possibly someone that just likes books like these I know I got several ideas of things that I would like to try someday like being excused from jury duty It isn't written in a very engaging manner so this is probably of a book that one would flip through occasionally for prank ideas Writer's note This book has a wealth of information for story details especially for criminal acts of the modern age For instance there is information on safe cracking breaking into a car and other little things that might be of benefit

  4. Monie Monie says:

    In this book you will find 101 things NOT everyone should know how to do including my favoritesHow to hack an elevatorcomplain and get resultsstart an urban legendWho couldn't use a little danger in their life? A little edge? A little fun? With Forbidden Knowledge you will get it all This was a fun one day read Most of the information is just for entertainment but I did get a kick out of trying to convince my co workers to let me perform open heart surgery on them The introduction includes a disclaimer which states certain sections deal with activities and devices that would be in violation of various federal state and local laws if actually carried out or constructed so read this book with a grain of salt It’s perfect reading for the 20something crowd

  5. Mitch Mitch says:

    Of course you don't really evaluate a book like this You just read it for enjoymentEver have a hankering to kill your computer cheat a parking meter or place a gypsy curse? That's my point exactly you won't want to do all of these but you'll surely have wished you knew how to do some of them at one point or anotherThis book adds some genuine funny to its descriptions of how to do all of these and 98 It doesn't really recommend you do them exactly it's tongue in cheek It'll probably tell you how to do that too if you don't already know howFile under F for Fun

  6. Jen Jen says:

    Who needs medical school? I now know how to perform open heart surgery I think the first 2 or 3 times I may want the book beside me just to calm my nerves and to make sure I don't miss a step But by the time I do it for the 4th time I'll be golden

  7. Kellie Eizensmits Kellie Eizensmits says:

    was kind of funnypretty far fetched but i guess that was part of the humor

  8. Brian Sammons Brian Sammons says:

    Nowhere near as good as the title would lead you to believe with some of the knowledge not really being all that forbidden let alone practical Still it's a mostly fun and enjoyable read

  9. Miles Eaton Miles Eaton says:

    very good read loved most all the things that it talks about i could only find 2 3 things that werent exactly correct ie it was talking about if you put sugar in a persons gas tank that it will clog the fuel filter and starve the engine of airno it will accept air but little no fuel causing the engine to run lean vs rich if it had less air and same amount of fuel besides small things like that i was very much so entertained and almost cut out some of the art in the book but i just couldnt do it because i just no ill be reading over it again and again

  10. Iskreads Iskreads says:

    Most people live a rather simple life which means that the cops aren't chasing you for your illegal stash of drugsor loan sharks knocking on your door with this book you live your life dangerously and to the maximum you wanna knowhow to kill zombies? well then flip to the first page wanna know how to make an atomic bomb? flip to the 12th pagethis book will make you like living dangerouslyDimitri E

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