Red Hot Chili Peppers PDF ✓ Red Hot PDF or

Red Hot Chili Peppers PDF ✓ Red Hot PDF or

Red Hot Chili Peppers [Read] ➲ Red Hot Chili Peppers ➺ The Red Hot Chili Peppers – One of a kind tribute from one of the best selling bands in the world direct to their legions of fans The Red Hot Chili Peppers' performances have become legendary as much for the music and antics on One of a kind tribute from one of the best selling bands in the world direct to their legions of fans The Red Hot Chili Peppers' performances have become legendary as much for the music and antics on stage as the generous loving community of people who stand side by side screaming their approval This is a fan appreciation book from the band that puts the emphasis where it should be on the fans A vivid montage of words from the band members to their fans Red Hot PDF or it includes hundreds of photos taken at concerts worldwide and interviews with fifty of the most devoted RHCP fans around the globe The stories that emerge range from fantastic to tragic but always inspirational and life affirming Lead singer Anthony Kiedis New York Times best selling author of his memoir Scar Tissue writes about the making of this book and tells the story of the band's connection with their fans from day one in and how that relationship has evolved over three decades Designed with a DIYfanzine feel this book is than a fan tribute; it's a cultural exchange that captures the uniue connection of an iconic band as devoted to their fans as the fans are to them.

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  1. Lauren Lauren says:

    I always liked RHCP but was never the die hard fan I only saw them once or twice but they were some of the best shows I'd been to and I've been to a lot Some songs mark major times in my life This book ignited a huge desire to break out all their stuff and remember what made those shows so awesome The concept of this book is just awesome a tribute to fans that even increased the tight knit global RHCP family Anthony had a great intro Dave who was the eyes of the book does such amazing work capturing than just images essences emotions lives dreams I loved learning about all the different people who share a common thread This is the book you keep forever

  2. Ellie Mclernon Ellie Mclernon says:

    I read this in one sitting because it was so good I loved hearing the fans stories and I connected with them so much I always felt that musicians felt a bit weird about their fans and I thought it would be awkward if you met someone who you truly admired in real life but through reading the amazing experiences that RHCP fans have had at the shows and meeting the band just shows how grateful they are to be there and also how humble Chad Anthony Flea and Josh are to be playing to these people It's good to know that they too are also fans which just makes me appreciate their music even

  3. Adam Cormier Adam Cormier says:

    Really cool Fan tribute book Let's you see the passion of the RHCP fan groups from around the world

  4. Michael Michael says:

    Awesome so many great fan stories

  5. Joseph Wehmeyer Joseph Wehmeyer says:

    Red Hot Chili Peppers Fandemonium ReviewJoseph Wehmeyer Pd8 123016 Through the Looking GlassBook Info Author Anthony Kiedis and David Mushegain 284 pages 2014 Genre Non FictionThis book tells a tale of RHCP on their 2011 I’m With You world tour The book opens up with a monologue from Anthony Kiedis talking about his childhood and growing up with his father in LA and remembering specific times of his childhood or adult life with the band or without them to relate to Kiedis goes on to speak about what it really meant to him to be a fan whether that’s of a band athlete celebrity sports team or whatever you could be a fan of Kiedis’ father worked as an agent in Hollywood and knew many big name stars actors or not he worked with them Kiedis speaks of being at parties with his father at a young age when he considered himself a fan of the Beatles and how shocked he was to see two of the stars he admired so dearly Paul McCartney and John Lennon at a party when he was 5 and how that was the first time he really admired someone like a fan However Kiedis jumps around with how he felt about being a ‘fan’ throughout his life he speaks of enjoying someone a lot but never considering himself a fan as he did not feel that sense of dedication towards that person or group He speaks of many musicians he admired or who inspired him then shifts onto his perspective on what it is to be a fan Kiedis remarks about early times as a band and gaining their first fans and die hard supporters and just loyal or crazed these fans could be It was so interesting at first but began to make Kiedis feel overwhelmed by their presence he enjoyed the fame and glory at first until it began to become too much for him As later albums were released like By the Way in 2002 or Stadium Arcadium in 2006 he became to feel distant from his fans As the fame began to increase in his career as a musician Kiedis felt that people wanted to be around him or interact with him for the simple fact that he was famous and didn’t care about who he really was Kiedis has even ‘retired’ from taking photographs talks about how he’d like to be able to just have a conversation with a fan instead of having the mass attention in public for the sole fact that he’s famous Fans tend to go too far in his mind when they text his personal phone number and text him hate show up to his house reuesting an autograph or disturb one in public when eating at restaurant in peace One night when playing a summer show in 2010 however one of Anthony’s friends from LA David Mushegain a photographer was visiting the band and asked if they’d want him to take some pictures of the fans in the crowd The band replied with agreement and thus David went into the crowd with his camera and bag and photographed the fans in the crowd below When he emerged after the show covered in sweat David showed Anthony the pictures of these passionate dedicated fans in the crowd from the show they had just played Anthony was enad by these pictures and realized how out of touch he had become with his fans and how he has undervalued how much they really mean to him and how appreciative he is of them being there show after show So Kiedis asked David if he’d like to accompany RHCP on their upcoming world tour following the release of their newest album at the time I’m With You Mushegain agreed The rest of this book takes you into the perspective of dedicated RHCP fans worldwide from a wide variety of countries and continents Each fan photographed and in the book has their own story about their relationship with the Chili Peppers Children teenagers and adults tell their stories outside the venue in their own rooms which resemble a shrine to the band with their RHCP fan club in a public place or with other fans Each story has importance talking about how the lyrics a song or just the band itself has inspired these fans helped them through struggles or just why they enjoy the band so much Some talk of overcoming drug issues and how certain songs helped them make it through withdrawal or how Anthony Kiedis’ autobiography Scar Tissue also talking about issues with drugs helped them through the difficult times A certain love for the band or a certain member is shown by many fans and others telling of their tallied total of Chili Peppers concerts or memorabilia From countries all across the world these fans showed their dedication to the Chili Peppers and their stories were photographed and told by David Mushegain who helped make all of this possible With my rating of 4 this book is incredible as I myself am a pretty big RHCP fan and would recommend to anyone who loves music or shows a passion for a specific band this book is very fascinating read

  6. Dijana Dijana says:

    I've been a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan for over 10 years and it's wonderful to see a book dedicated to the fans all over the world I'm honored to be one of those when Dave Mushegain took our photos in Zagreb Croatia back in 2012 His photos are captivating

  7. Newton Wise Newton Wise says:

    Soundtrack to my life

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