Jilted MOBI Ú Paperback

Jilted MOBI Ú Paperback

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  1. Luffy Luffy says:

    Jilted the word is mentioned only once in the book The author keeps the secret of why Ellie ditched her soulmate Flynn at the altarI must say that the wait was not worth the denouement We have enough people who appear onscreen to believe in the world precisely in that small town in Australia Also I'm grateful for the common speech spoken by the populationIn all romance books the hero simply has to do something stupid to prolong the suspense and postpone the climax for another time This particular book was okay but it's forgettable At least it was good enough so I could persevere with it

  2. Sharon Sharon says:

    Ellie Hughes has come back to her hometown of Hope Junction to care for her beloved grandmother Matilda who is recovering from a broken ankle Ellie is actually hoping to keep out of sight and not bump into many of the locals but that could be a little harder than she thinks News soon spreads amongst the locals that Ellie has returned and it doesn't take long before Flynn also learns of the news It was ten years ago that Ellie left Flynn standing at the altar Can Ellie and Flynn find a way to resolve what happened or is it too late? Jilted by Aussie author Rachael Johns was a very pleasurable and easy to read book which I have no hesitation in recommending Looking forward to reading all her other books

  3. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    45 stars This was an unexpected treat My Aussie Reader friend in real life Veronica gave me this book on the day we met the lovely Rachael Johns I was impressed by this young author she was delightful and down to earth just the type of gal you'd like to be friends with Ellie and Flynn are some cool young Aussies to read about in a fast paced romantic story Rural life and contemporary real life scenarios are covered realistically with writing that is really good Loved it I read this uickly and downed the second half in a uick afternoon Very glad to have stumbled across this author I am curious about these Aussie gals from the bush that can write They know the land have good stories to tell and deliver them in style Late to the party yes but good things come to those who wait

  4. Veronica ⭐️ Veronica ⭐️ says:

    Ellie returns to her country hometown of Hope Junction to care for her Godmother while she recovers from a broken ankle It’s been 10 years since Ellie has been to Hope Junction and she is certain her homecoming will not be a joyous oneFlynn is wondering why everyone is acting strange in town this morning But it doesn’t take long for the gossip to spread and he learns that the woman that left him at the altar 10 years ago is back in townJilted is an engaging rural romance told in a uniuely Australian voiceIt’s a story about second chances and forgiveness It’s about making choices good or bad and living with those choices There is the mystery of why Ellie ran and left Flynn at the altar all those years ago A host of truly likeable country characters makes this an enjoyable weekend read The on again off again romance will have you pining for a happy ending It’s not all smooth sailing for Ellie and Flynn There is plenty of heartache that could either bring them together or tear them apart foreverI was happy to learn at the end of this book that the next book “The Road to Hope” is about Lauren Simpson I really liked Lauren in Jilted and I’m looking forward to reading her story She really deserves her HEAWith thanks to Goodreads for my copy to read and review

  5. Jenny Schwartz Jenny Schwartz says:

    Despite trying to go digital with my book buying this year I couldn’t resist buying Jilted by Rachael Johns in paper copy Not to brag or anything but I went to Rachael’s book signing and got an autographed copyAustralian Rural Romances weren’t a big part of my reading habit until this year — and boy was I missing outLike the small town romances published by Harleuin in the USA these Aussie romances tend to celebrate the relationships that keep people going in tough times They’re not all rainbows and fairydust either As with Jilted there are strong emotional dramas at the heart of the storiesI had a bit of a sniffle as I read Jilted First love second chances is one of my favourite tropes I was engaged by Ellie and Flynn’s difficult journey Old hurts aren’t magically forgotten but they have both grown and continue to mature through the story And they’re not perfect people I liked that It made them realI don’t want to give away any of the twists in the story but I can tell you that while I saw a couple of them coming I definitely got smacked by one twist in particularJilted is a celebration of life in the country that doesn’t glamorise it but does reveal a love and respect for the people who live and work on the land

  6. Janine Janine says:

    This was not one of my favourite Rachael Johns as the characters and behaviours didn't really gel for me but it was a nice easy read

  7. Shelleyrae at Book& Shelleyrae at Book& says:

    Rachel Johns contemporary rural romance Jilted is a wonderful story of second chance love in small town Australia Ellie Hughes a television soap star has returned to Hope Springs to help her godmother Matilda while she is recovering from a broken ankle A decade ago Ellie fled the town leaving her fiance at the altar without any explanation Ellie's return to Hope Springs puts her at the mercy of whispered speculation than a few dirty looks and Flynn uartermaine I found Ellie a likeable protagonist despite her stardom she is grounded and authentic While at times she is insecure and vulnerable she has a core strength that allows her to face down those her shun her Her loyalty to and love for Matilda is lovely and I enjoyed their close relationship That Ellie finds the courage to confront Flynn and apologise without any expectation of forgiveness is also admirable Ellie's reasons for jilting Flynn are not immediately clear Johns hints at a deeper reason that that which she offers to both Matilda and Flynn but doesn't reveal it til near the end of the book Ellie leaving the way she did left things unresolved for both she and Flynn and its this lack of closure that has left both of them vulnerable during the interceding years I like the way in which the author shows how wary the pair are in renewing their acuaintance and the fragile process of rebuilding trust between themAs with most traditional romance leads Flynn is handsome desirable and a genuinely nice guy but he is not without his flaws after Ellie's desertion he went a little wild drinking too much and taking off Johns skillfully illustrates Flynn's hurt at Ellie's rejection his bewilderment as he discovers he is still attracted to Ellie and his pain and anger when he discovers why Ellie jilted him I appreciate that his character is as well developed as Ellie's ownJilted doesn't have the distinct Australian setting as some of the other rural romance novels I have read recently but between the weekend footy games drama society CWA functions and the odd eccentric resident Hope Springs is a charming background for the novel It takes courage for Ellie to return to the town where she is the subject of scorn for leaving Flynn in the lurch and she has to work hard to be accepted in the community It is her love for Matilda that allows Ellie to brave but it is Flynn's offer of forgiveness that gives her the opportunity she needs to regain acceptanceJilted has a surprising depth though the rekindling of the romance between Ellie and Flynn is the heart of this novel Johns sensitively explores the emotive issues of terminal illness alcoholism and rape These rather dramatic subplots complement the growth of the protagonists rather than provide distraction which is important for me to believe in the storyI have very few criticisms of Jilted I'm not fond of the town name which is a little twee and I'm not keen on women throwing their career away for the sake of a relationship but they are minor uibbles I thought the writing and dialogue accomplished particularly for what is essentially a debut novel and the pacing just rightI enjoyed Jilted as a contemporary romance and being an ex Sandgroper whose maiden name is Hughes I uickly grew fond of Hope Springs and it's residents I'm a sucker for a happy ending and Rachael Johns provides one for Ellie and Flynn that left me smiling I'm looking forward to the author's next novel likely to be published in 2013

  8. Maria Maria says:

    Jilted is a deeply emotional reunion love story Flynn and Ellie meet each other ten long years after she jilted him at the altar Ten long years in which Flynn went to hell and back and in which Ellie rose to the heights of fame as a television soap star Can this pair say hello to each other? Can they ever be friends again? It's a moot point But why did Ellie leave the man she loved so much in such a cruel manner? The compulsion to discover why will keep you reading and readingRachael Johns is a sensitive and compassionate writer who objectively shows what's going on inside the heads of the main characters without being judgmental She shows us Flynn's hurt which won't go away and his fighting against the love and attraction he still can't help feeling for Ellie She shows Ellie's love for Flynn her shame at having wronged him and the mortification she feels as the barbs of Flynn's protective circle of friends hit home We come to admire her courage at coming home to nurse her sick guardian in the face of the community which doesn't feel like welcoming her In this novel the life of a small town is laid bare the good the bad and the frustrating There are some memorable characters thronging the pages too Ellie's bohemian aunt Matilda one of the 'characters' of the town and the bitchy nurse Flynn dates to try to get over Ellie I was particularly charmed by the Australian lingo which is peppered throughout the book I would classify this story as emotional rather than sexy yet there are frank love scenes although admittedly not many and I was surprised at the way a certain four letter word made it's appearance at times right out of the blueIf you like reading emotional love stories you'll love this one You'll learn a heck of a lot about life in small town Western Australia too

  9. Bree T Bree T says:

    After than 10 years away from the tiny town of Hope Junction Ellie Hughes has returned She was just a teenager when she left the town and its golden boy Flynn uartermaine and fled right to the other side of the country There Ellie found work as an actress and now after a stint on a long running and successful soap she has taken a leave of absence and returned to Hope Springs in order to look after her godmother Matilda the one woman who has cared for her and supported herMatilda has broken her ankle and needs some help until the cast comes off and she is mobile again Ellie knows that returning to this small town won’t be easy for her – she ran away without a word and there are people that haven’t forgotten what she did to Flynn She faces judgement from the entire town and outright hostility from some Despite this though Ellie puts her head down and remains determined to stay in order to help Matilda in any way she can even seeking out Flynn to apologise and hope that they can perhaps attempt to put the past behind them and remain civil while she is in town After all if Flynn can be polite to her when it was he she did wrong then surely the rest of the town can tooJilted is a lovely new rural romance from Western Australian author Rachael Johns As I’ve mentioned before rural romance is enjoying a very strong resurgence in popularity recently and I’ve been enjoying uite a few new releases so I had been looking forward to this oneEllie Hughes knows once she steps off the bus into Hope Springs that life isn’t going to be easy for her She’s been living a city life for the last 10 years in Sydney but now she’s returned to the tiny rural town in order to play nursemaid to her godmother Ellie is an unlikely soap star; she fell into the work rather than seeking it out and it’s been something that she turned out to be good at and it paid the bills And most importantly it meant that she didn’t have to return to Hope Springs And face her pastEllie is just what I like to see in a main character – she’s tough strong and very loyal but with a distinctly vulnerable side and a streak of uncertainty She is well prepared for the hostility she knows she will face by well meaning local busybodies intent on ‘supporting’ the town golden boy Flynn uartermaine who she jilted at the altar all those years ago And I have to say poor Ellie Her first few days in town are really uncomfortable for her and it definitely made me form an attachment to her and give her my sympathies I know what small towns can be like and I admired her bravery for repeatedly going out there to face these people day after day when she knew she’d get dirty looks snide remarks and often outright insults to her face It would’ve been tempting to just hole herself up with Matilda and hide away from the world but she doesn’t She keeps going back out and eventually she begins to make headway earning herself a few friends and having people realise that she is still a person no matter her past actions which are mostly no one else’s business anywayThe backstory of Flynn and Ellie is extremely well explored – they were the golden teenage couple passionately in love and engaged to be married Until Ellie disappeared without a trace Flynn has never uite recovered from that rejection and it sent him into a bit of a downward spiral that only ended when his father died He’s still got his issues to work through and we see them laid bare I liked Flynn right from the start he was beautiful but he was also flawed – a nice country boy with a passion for farming and his small town but who had also managed to see a bit of our big country as well He had some deep issues some related to Ellie’s leaving him and some not so I admired the way he was able to be ‘okay’ with Ellie being in town so swiftly and it was nice to see two characters attempt to use maturity as a way to deal with their issues rather than fighting accusations and bitterness It’s uite clear that they both still have very strong unresolved feelings for each other but also that it’s not that easy There’s a lot of things they still need to work through and Ellie has been keeping uite a big secret from Flynn that she really needs to air out before they can ever take even a tentative step forward towards romance againOften ‘dark secrets’ are overrated or sort of a let down but in this case I think enough backstory was laid and the secret was good enough juicy enough that I do believe it totally justified Ellie’s flight response as being her best option Flynn is really painted as the town’s beautiful golden boy – almost perfect in every way I keep using the word ‘golden’ but it’s true He’s the sort of bloke that everyone loves He has a lovely property he’s doing exciting new things with he is handsome he is thoughtful he is kind He looks after his mother grandmother and younger sister Ellie was very much the town blow in people considered her at the time barely good enough for Flynn as she wasn’t a local Her secret plays on that I think makes her feel that she is even less worthy of him and she needs to let that go fully which 10 years ago she couldn’tRural romance is primarily about the couple but there’s also a strong emphasis on the secondary characters usually the local townspeople I adored Ellie’s relationship with Matilda and there’s some lovely foreshadowing of a secret Matilda is hiding from her goddaughter Likewise I liked Ellie’s tentative friendships with various people in town – newbies who weren’t around when she left Flynn and also her blossoming friendship with Flynn’s teenage sister taking her under her wing and helping her with her desire to become an actress Johns has created a small town that for all its judgement and flaws you can still see yourself wanting to live inThoroughly enjoyable and firmly at home on my ‘re reads’ shelf

  10. Fiona Marsden Fiona Marsden says:

    Four and a half stars So what can I say about this gem of a story They call it 'chook lit' as the aussi version of Chicklit which reminds me of a very confused German exchange student when I was a child asking what a 'chook' was I reckon it's a great little romance and a lovely snapshot of country town living in rural AustraliaThis book had it all the footie on Saturday arvo the gossipy hairdresser the CWA crafts and cooking the local pub All very familiar to those of us living or having lived in outback AustraliaThe story of Flynn and Ellie is a classic reunion of two young people in love who don't uite know how to cope when things go wrong Ellie ran leaving Flynn humiliated and bewildered On the surface she made a success of her life becoming a famous soapie star beloved by all Australia except in her home town of Hope JunctionFlynn didn't deal so well making some poor choices in his grief and anger But all is well now to all appearances though he is still a bachelor having taken over the farm after his father's deathWhen Ellie's only real family member Matilda needs her support after an injury Ellie knows she has to do the right thing even if it means facing the townsfolk and Flynn after ten yearsWhen the two former lovers meet it is obvious that they are kindred spirits though Ellie is determined her stay is temporary and Flynn is eually convinced that Ellie is off limitsThe dangling of another woman in Flynn's life at this point was entirely too stressful for me I don't cope well with those potentially lethal plot elements and it trickled on uite a way through the book If I was Flynn's auntie at that point I would have clipped him under the ear and told him think about what he was doing in no uncertain terms Unfortunately much as I would love to live in Hope's Junction I don't and had to chew my fingernails watching helplessly as disaster seemed only a drink or two awayFlynn and Ellie really had to work for their happy ending and there were moments when I really wondered if I was reading a classic HEA romance because there was an element of Nicholas Sparkes almost inevitably doomed relationship thing happening now and then There is probably a reason why I keep my angst reading to categories under 200 pages generally The dark parts of their mutual and separate history make for some heartbreaking readingNow all this being said In spite of my angst and nail biting and stressed out hand wringing I loved this book If I hadn't been totally engaged and loving the characters I wouldn't have cared what they did and whether they got their happily ever afterFlynn is just gorgeous and Ellie is such a sweetie you want them so much to overcome the tragedies of the past They are so real you could just about touch them with flaws and fears and little uirks that endear rather than irritateThe setting of Hope Junction is beautifully and lovingly drawn and for those of you who haven't ever been there presents an accurate if rather rose coloured portrait of a town that could exist anywhere in Rural Australia

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Jilted [PDF / Epub] ★ Jilted By Rachael Johns – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk After than ten years away Australian soap star Ellie Hughes returns to the small country town of Hope Junction determined to remain anonymous while caring for her injured godmother MatildaBut word spr After than ten years away Australian soap star Ellie Hughes returns to the small country town of Hope Junction determined to remain anonymous while caring for her injured godmother MatildaBut word spreads fast in the tight knit community It isn't long before the people of Hope are gossiping about the real reason for Ellie's visit and why she broke the heart of golden boy Flynn uartermaine all those years agoSoon Ellie and Flynn are thrown back together again forced to deal with the unresolved emotions between them For Ellie is not the only one with secrets Flynn has his own demons to battle and Matilda is hiding something from her much loved goddaughterWhen all is uncovered can the ill fated lovers overcome the wounds of their past Or is Flynn destined to be Jilted again.

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