Kindle Edition Þ Fierce Kindle Ú

Kindle Edition Þ Fierce Kindle Ú

Fierce [Reading] ➹ Fierce Author Clarissa Wild – Fight for your dreams Fight for your life Fight for love Nerdy girl Autumn Blakewood is the prime example of a goody two shoes She studies every night is never late for class and always follows the ru Fight for your dreams Fight for your life Fight for love Nerdy girl Autumn Blakewood is the prime example of a goody two shoes She studies every night is never late for class and always follows the rules She has never felt the need to step out of her comfort zone That is until she meets HunterHunter Bane is a cocky confident bad boy who's nothing but trouble He’s a dangerous distraction to everyone around him Sexy and strong Hunter enjoys the swooning effect he has on women Especially those who aren't used to attention like AutumnAutumn finds it hard not to give into Hunter’s advances even though it all seems like a game to him Trying to understand him is impossible because he shrouds himself in mystery What she doesn't know is that Hunter has baggage than anyone should have to carry When she discovers he's in an illegal frat club to save the one person that matters to him Autumn realizes this could mean the end of her undeniable connection to him Even their lives are at riskBut it's too late to turn back now.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 276 pages
  • Fierce
  • Clarissa Wild
  • English
  • 04 January 2014

About the Author: Clarissa Wild

Clarissa Wild is a New York Times USA Today Bestselling author with ASD Asperger's Syndrome who was born and raised in the Netherlands She loves to write Dark Romance and Contemporary Romance novels featuring dangerous men and feisty women Her other loves include her hilarious husband her cutie pie son her two crazy but cute dogs and her ninja cat that sometimes thinks he's a dog too In her free time she enjoys watching all sorts of movies playing video games and cooking up some delicious mealsCheck out my books.

10 thoughts on “Fierce

  1. Claire Robinson Claire Robinson says:

    DNF 22 %It is extremely unusual for me to DNF a book especially if I have been generously provided with an advanced copy for review However I have also read enough books to know when something is not for me and when I have written over 4 pages of notes none of which are positive I know it’s time to call it a dayAs such I will keep this brief and constructive Unfortunately I found the plot lacked direction or any real depth the characters needed development both in their backgrounds and personalities and I found them all as a whole pretty unlikeable The writing style didn’t gel at all for me some examples below –with his piercing gray eyes on me I feel like a brick wall Unmoving but breakable just from his glareI couldn’t close my eyes last night Not one second did I sleep One moment I was thinking about Hunter so much I thought I was dreaming but of course I wasn’t Sometimes I even wondered if he was awake tooI bite my lip as I almost see him think He’s staring at his table probably mulling over his words over what is happening in his lifeIt just doesn’t look good but I can’t say what it is either I didn’t see anything but I know it’s not cool But I don’t want to worry anyone without proofHunters eyes meet mine His piercing gray eyes zoom in on me and he starts to suint the moment he realizes it’s meWhen that guy passes up I pretend I’m eating some lettuce and stuff my mouth full of it As he leaves I almost choke on the huge amount of food in my mouthAs you can see I went a little highlighting crazy and this is just a portion of what I covered in the part that I read The story has potential but it’s just not for me As this is only my opinion I am sure there will be plenty of others that will love itAlso one final uestion I am from the UK and we break our school year down into terms I am pretty sure in the USCanada it is a semester can anyone tell me where school years are broken up into trimesters? I have only ever associated this word with pregnancy beforeARC provided through Netgalley I am sorry that I cannot be positive on this occasion

  2. Michelle Michelle says:

    I liked this but not sure how much mixed feelings I was actually dyin for this book after I read Fight the 05 book an I really enjoy that an this started out good I liked that Autumn was getting to start a new life after what she put with in high school she had her best friend Evie with her an her best friend Brody how is a few years older than her an hasnt seen in a while she wasn't goin to try an keep her head down an study an do well she needed a good job to help with things at home but things but a bit blurry when she meet the very sexy Hunter but she knew what he was like he had the look of a bad boy the smug grin the girls watched everything he did an he had probably slept with the lot so she normally stayed away from this types she hadnt had a good experience with them but there was something about him that just drawn her in even if she fought it so hard I did enjoy this book but I found it a lil boring in parts it dragged I was dyin to know what was goin on the middle part seemed to just drag but then when it got to a good part it was over so uick an I wanted of them parts I did like Autumn's character but god is she stubborn in this book I found that she wasn't at like she was in Fight the 05 book an I m glad she got stronger in this book but she was a lil frustrating in parts I really luvd Hunters character he is very sexy an was a great character he was into stuff he shouldn't but there was reason for him doin it an I did like that an it made me like him his character There was a few shocking moments in the last 15 10% of the book I really didn't c it coming which when it happened I couldn't believe it I actually would of luvd of this storyline the ending felt a lil rushed but overall it was a good story an I dyin to know what's goin to happen in the next books to this series xxx

  3. Laylaw Laylaw says:

    This book was pure cover lust Who doesn't love a sexy ripped cover and the hint of a fighter in the story?Well sorry but all I got from this book was the sexy hot cover The book which I set down multiple times and almost DNF it so many times In fact I gave up and then finally decided to plow through and I gave it the old Hunter Bane try and finished itI wanted Hunter Bane to be amazing and wonderful and all alpha male But instead he was a crying baby who took drugs and got into fights because is illegal frat told him to That didn't sound like a strong fighter that to me was a fool who can't think for himself and is so not the anti heroBut add on top of that Leafy aka Autumn who is the stereotypical nerd virgin who is madly in love with Hunter and wants forever She was just so stupid in what she did ie interrupting a drug deal breaking up fights etc Who does that when they are supposedly so intelligent? I rolled my eyes so much ready this book I gave myself a migraineNothing in this book worked for me the story was choppy and made no sense The plot and the reveal also was anti climatic Just nothing worked for me This honest review was done in exchange for an ARC through Netgalley from Clarissa Wild

  4. Michelle Michelle says:

    ARC received on behalf of CrushStar Multimedia LLC from NetGalleyAutumn is heading off to college looking for a new experience from the years spent being the geek in high school But when she finds herself in an embarrassing moment with the hottest guy she’s laid eyes on her thoughts that college will turn out different slowly drift away Hunter is a little dark and mysterious but there is something about this bad boy that doesn’t seem all that bad When Autumn finds herself drawn to him after a few encounters she can’t help but fall for him I was on the fence about 15% into this particular book on whether or not I would finish it I typically won’t DNF a book I’ll put it down and come back to it later even if it gets shelved for months but with an ARC I try to push through itI was looking forward to this particular story based on the cover which I absolutely loved and the blurb looked appealing But that is pretty much where it stopped I couldn’t really find anything about the characters that I could relate or connect to; there was not much in the way of their back story that gives you any real insight into who they were Being freshmen in college I expected some immaturity but the behavior of how they Autumn and Evie reacted to situations around them just seemed as if they were like freshmen in high school and completely sheltered The plot overall had potential But the story was just not deep enough to get sucked into what was going on As an example Autumn sees Hunter once has a short conversation with him at her dorm sits next to him in class and finds him in the hallway and they have conversation with a handful of words By this time she is already in love with the guy and wants to know why he won’t share his secrets I think had the characters been developed and the story wasn’t so instant everything the plot itself could have held up the story a bit But for me this just was missing the mark There are a lot of reviews out there that are giving this one high ratings so please remember we all read our own book and come away with our own opinions

  5. *P *P says:

    3 I so was hoping for starsI started this book with high hopes After all the cover is amazing and the characters were right for the type of reads I enjoy Autumn was than just the shy girl who was unsure of herself she was actually a self described nerd wore glasses and had few friends Enter Hunter who is your typical hot muscled bad boy I never really got why he fell for Autumn or his Leafy as he calls her Honestly not understanding the attraction was only one problem for me with this book There was so much crazy going on that I never could really believe half the things that were taking place Crazy drug dealing illegal fight club frats best friend but I secretly love you lesbian roomates I just became a little too much Unfortunately I never got connected to the characters either Hunter had the most potential with his background of learning disability poor and broken family but other times I found him to be a complete jerk I did not find him to be swoon worthy based on character based on his body and looks sure but that was it I don't know perhaps I am being too critical but I just didn't feel it and at some points I was ready to just start skimming As a fighter fix junkie this one just didn't knock me out Thanks to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review

  6. Kellie Maddox-Ward Kellie Maddox-Ward says:

    ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest reviewSigh I don't know how to say this I liked this book But that's it I just liked it I almost DNF at one stage Long story short? Autumn is your run of the mill nerd Spends all her time studying trying to be the best she can be for her parents and missing out on life because of it Hunter is your typical bad boy Only problem is? Autumn really is a lame nerd who whinges a lot Hunter has about 14% bad boy in him The part that sells drugs The rest of it is just a cover up and he was a bit of a normal guy The huge reveal as to Hunters past? and who the bad guy really was? Really not all that huge and kinda left me with an anti climax face Honestly I didn't really like Autumn or Hunter or Evie or Brody or Scarletand I freaking hated the nickname Leafy Just didn't work for me The characters could of used a bit character depth Autumn could of had of a backbone or a brain for a nerd she wasn't all that smart I mean who runs screaming WHAT ARE YOU DOING? to drug dealers in the middle of a deal So yeah just an average read for me I was expecting but it just didn't uite hit the mark

  7. ✿ ✿ says:

    Please don’t read my review if you don’t want a less than enthused review on this bookview spoiler 25 starsGuys I have to be honest Fierce just didn’t work for me I spent 85% of the book either doing thisOr skimming through the pagesSo basically in a nutshell I just couldn’t connect with this book or its characters Everything was slow and unrealistic to my eyes and when I found out the deal with the main guy and the “big baddie” behind his problems I was likesigh Gah I'm SO DISAPPOINTED and I was really looking forward to this one Oh well ARC copy given to me via Book Review Bay from author in exchange for an honest review hide spoiler

  8. Tori Tori says:

    My review a composite of notes book had an interesting premise Hero isn't the ultimate can do no wrong bad boy and that's unusual for this genre Heroine had potencial as did the story in general At 388 pages this could have gone so different as the author had the outline for a good book However the character development was weak Background and set up was almost non existent Various subplots weren't utilized to benefit the story and scenes fizzled before revealing A majority of the secondary character we saw where nothing then fodder The dialogue especially Autumn was bi polar She was the innocent Mary Sue one minute then cussed like a sailor the next Adjectives were abused and repeating So I'm going to give it 2 stars as it entertained enough to get me to finish it

  9. Lindsey Lindsey says:

    DNF 43% Ok it is very very very RARE that I want to rage on a book I am one of those people that just reads for fun I a lot of the time enjoy books that NONE of my friends do and just allow the story to envelop me as a whole Then there came Fierce which turned me into a ragey beast woman who actually uestioned the whole of the publishing world for a moment Now I'm not anti self publishing I'm very PRO self publishing and read loads of self published authors and support share wrap them up in my own personal fangirl blanket and nourish them However I feel like there are some authors that don't listen to ANYTHING I even uestion if they hired editors because no WAY editor would let slide the type of stuff that was in this book Let me explain I was going to read this whole book Honestly if I'm gonna rage I want the full encompassing reason to rage However I couldn't I just could not waste another second on a book that was so poorly constructed Some may call this a 'bully review' Ok I'll let you have my bully review and I'll raise you head hopping poorly constructed characters and internal dialogue that sounded like I read reading Dr Seuss You can go ahead and say I'm being mean That's fantastic for you that you loved this book I thought I would too the little teaser images were very misleading As was the blurb You get this big impression that this is a story about the a typical virgin and this awesomely alpha cage fighter Um NO Most of the characters are stupid They are made even stupid when their inner dialogue sounds like No I do not like green eggs and ham I do not like them sam I am I'm really NOT playing this up I have examples I mean I've known for a long time people don't really like to sit next to me I don't really care about the reason I don't care at all that they don't want to sit next to me I like being on my own I have Evie Enough friends for me 22% Loc 791 Does she smell bad? Does she have bad breath? Does she has some sort of deformity that is repelling people? People just don't not want to sit next to you most people don't care His words make my insides broil 22% Loc 814 Broil? Really? You sure you want to use this word? But I don't come any closer I don't move one muscles 23% Loc827I do not like green eggs and ham I do not like them sam I am My groin clenches and my clit thumps 23% Loc 842I just I can't YeahI want to give them back what they gave to me and this is the only way to do it I want to help them I want to give back to them 25% loc 916 You sure? You want to give back to them I'm not uite clear you didn't uite SAY IT ENOUGH IN THREE SENTENCES I gasp Oh my God You've read Harry Potter? God it's been ages since I last saw that book 36% loc 1278Ages? Really? Since Harry Potter? The damned last movie JUST came out on free on demand and they still have a Harry Potter display in every Barnes and Noble Ages you say? What are we doing here I don't understand I was close to done at this point anyways So those are a FEW of my examples However the author likes to post on kindle boards were are all lying meanies and she didn't write these things So I made sure to include the percent and the location on my kindle I'm not done Not by a long shot So like I said we got lied to in all these fantastical teasers Hunter This highly marketed Alpha Male? HA No Hunter spends 999% of his time beat up limping into his dorm and grunting like a cave man Grunting does not an alpha male make Top that off when the other 1% when he's acting human He's just dumb Like meat head worst kind of male dumb Then we have Autumn This self professed virgin and geek Well she doesn't act like a geek She just acts like a doormat that allows her lesbian? BFF to control every other friendship she has other than her own so she can keep Autumn in her little bubble so she can secret lust after her? This storyline is there just really really poorly done The storyline is just that though You have no effing clue what is going on 999% of the time And the romance? Nope there is NO ROMANCE The characters act one way one page then totally different the other None of the secondary characters are even likable for you to give a crap about them Then the BFF is running off with this chick randomly and leaving Autumn alone then yelling at her when she finds out Autumn was with Hunter Excuse me I need to bang my head against the wall Ok I'm done if I missed anything I'm sure another reviewer will pick it up It has been awhile since I read this and to be honest I'm shocked I remembered as much as I did I think my anger kept it fresh in my brain I received a copy of this book from Clarissa Wild Via NetGalley in exchange for an HONEST review

  10. Carol (StarAngel& Carol (StarAngel& says:

    Book – Fierce Fierce #1Author – Clarissa WildPublication Date – January 25 2014Type – Part of SeriesGenre –Romance New AdultRating – 3 out of 5 StarsBook provided by Author in exchange for an honest reviewReviewIt was OK – not great – but readable till the end  I had some problems with the characters and how they didn’t stay “true to form”  For example Autumn was supposed to be a shy virgin but in turn she was getting into trouble and putting her 2 cents in left and right  While Hunter was supposed to be this big bad Alpha guywhile the only badness in him was his mood swings and his constant changing of his mindI was also confused in what exactly Hunter was involved in  It may have been me and my feeble mind but I just didn’t get it  Was it a frat?  Was it a gang? And why the hell would he bring Autumn into the middle of it?  Just to shut her up?In all actuality – to sum this up – the story needed to flow and it fell short of coming together and fitting properly  The premise of the story is good – Bad boy virgin girl dickhead old friend drugs addicts death secret love FF fighting etc  It just seemed to me to be all over the placeI hate doing these reviews and it kills me but as I always believe – “honesty is the best policy”Re CapAutumn is your typical NA shy virgin at least in the beginning of the story who has been teased while growing up for being so nerdy  She catches the attention of bad boy Hunter who instantly clamps himself to her side  Every time she turns around Hunter is somewhere close  She knows he is bad news but can’t help herself from being attracted to himAutumn must deal with an old friend who has turned into a total ass wipe and a room mate who continues to act possessive and bitchy  The Autumn gets to Hunter the deeper she falls and learns there are secrets to Hunter than what she thoughtWrap UpThis book has the ability to be a high rated read once the edges are sanded out and all the bumps are smoothFor reviews Free E books and Giveaways

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